RSS-BJP fracas

Free Thinker
Nadda ji said, “ the party (BJP) has grown from the time it needed the RSS  and now  capable and runs its own affairs …RSS is an ideological front  and does its own work … see the party has grown and everyone has got their own duties and roles…RSS is a cultural organization and social organization and we are a political organization.” (The Indian Express ).
These days many are talking about the growing gap between RSS and BJP. The chasm might have cropped up more visibly during ticket distribution and while working-out election strategy. The grumbling of the Sangh leaders might have reached the ears of the BJP top brass. Normally BJP listens to the suggestions given by the RSS in the affairs of the Party or the Government. They have a link man too to smoothen the relationship. It appears that the linkman has  lost all the vital links.
If BJP fails to do 370 ,who is to be blamed  ? BJP has 18 crore workers whereas RSS has only sixty lac cadres. BJP should take the major moral responsibility for not achieving the target - even though they may comfortably form the next government.
Many BJP leaders were once upon a time RSS Pracharaks or workers – once they enter politics they often change their thinking and approach –  it might be because of the political compulsions and exigencies. But the irony is, when they are running the affairs in the Party can there be  major differences between the Sangh and Party? If there is any it must be sorted out at the earliest before undesirable damage is done.  Once you start behaving like a stranger to your parivar  – you are entering the danger zone. It is always better to remain grounded and listen to the parivar members.
The day you start thinking that you have become more powerful than your creator – your decline is near. Mother will never curse you – she will always love you, adore you and see you rise all the time. The day you start falling – there will be none behind you except your mother and parivar. It may sound philosophical and idealistic – but it is true.
The RSS is the mother of erstwhile Jan Sangh and BJP . Whether you call it an ideological mentor or front as an observer I  feel that RSS is more than an ideological mentor to BJP. Though it is now the biggest political party in the world, its core control is still with the Sangh. It is pertinent to mention that many RSS cadres are BJP leaders. The present Prime Minister was a Pracharak . He still considers himself a Pracharak. The powerful people around him might have swayed him away from the intrinsic Pracharakism.
The torn pajamas, the worn-out chappal, the broken spectacle, the cheap bold-pen and a  jute/Khadi jhola – are associated with Pracharakism. They remain happy wherever they go and live – they die serving the people and the nation. . They normally eat vegetarian food – but they never frown upon other people’s eating habits. But they have a soft comer for Gau Mata. It seems they don’t have any problem with the nakali cows  in the Northeast , Kerala and parts of Maharashtra and Bengal . Sacred Gau Mata lives mainly in Mathura/Vrindavan/Dwarka .
In the last few months probably the bonhomie relation between BJP and RSS is on the wane. I keep interacting with the leaders belonging to both. Some Sangh leaders are grumbling that BJP big guns and top Govt. functionaries are not listening to their genuine requests. They are also not happy about the state of affairs.
I have been a keen observer of Sangh for more than 20 years or so. Earlier I was a reluctant observer but gradually I have become almost a participant observer. Most impressive thing about its carder is that they don’t expect anything in return – after rendering their service (big or small )  for the nation. They are groomed in such a way that they can do anything for the people. Yes, some selfish cadres may be found here and there – but almost all cadres and Pracharaks are very disciplined and well mannered.
It is a well known secret that every Union Minister has a personal staff member from the Sangh ; may be as OSD or APS or MTS. And it is also a well known fact that the General Secretary (Organization) in the Party is always from the Sangh. The General Secretary (Organization) is called Sanghathan Mantri. At the national level the General Secretary (O) is from the RSS (Pracharak). Even for the State BJP the general secretary (O) is from the RSS.  Despite this check and balance system, how come such a fracas occurs? Is it because of some communication gap or misunderstanding? Well wishers are pondering. And the opposition is quite eager to fish in the troubled water.
Earlier, I thought that BJP is the political wing of the RSS. Now I have realized that RSS is the cultural and social organization of BJP. Time time  ki baad hai Bhai Saab.