Liquor worth more than Rs 14 lakh destroyed

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, May 19 : The State Excise Department has destroyed 12,898.49 litres of liquor worth Rs 14,84,096 today.
The liquor destroyed at the Lamphelpat Excise Headquarters was seized by 13 excise stations between March 1, 2024 and April 30, 2024.
The liquor included 600 litres of Rum worth Rs 1,71,858; Beer (300 litres) worth Rs 76,548 and DIC (100 litres) worth Rs 12,35,690.
Notably, the order to destroy the liquor in the Malkhana of Excise Headquarters Lamphelpat was issued on May 9. The Malkhana rooms are congested due to storage of seized articles and has caused inconvenience in storing newly seized items, it said.
Excise Superintendent Th Bruslee Khuman said the liquor destroyed today were seized during March-April when Lok Sabha election model code of conduct was enforced.
As per the Excise Department, it has collected a total revenue of Rs 2032.42 lakh against a target of Rs 1800 lakh during the year 2023-24.
During 2019-2020, it collected a revenue of Rs 1164.61 lakh against Rs 1140 lakh targeted.
During 2020-21, it collected Rs 1177.15 lakh against Rs 1140 lakh targeted.
During 2021-2022, it collected Rs 1601.30 against Rs 1140 lakh targeted.
During 2022-2023, it collected Rs 1920.44 lakh against Rs 1800 lakh targeted.
Manipur has a total of 39 Excise stations. While the Department has 706 sanctioned posts, it has only 118 personnel at present. There are stations with one personnel only. Steps are being taken up to fill the vacant posts, said the Superintendent.