Manipur stands scandalised Depraved mentality

If not for the ongoing ethnic clash, year 2024 would have surely gone down as the Year of the S.. Scandal. The Sangai Express did not carry the names of the four Stars in the escapade, but already a video clip of the main accused naming the high profile personalities has gone viral on the social media, a sort of a precursor of things to come with many memes and video clips of some of the four named personalities with the main accused emerging. If most of the Imphal based media kept silent on the identities of the four personalities, newspapers published in the Thadou-Kuki-Zou language eagerly lapped it up emblazoning the names of the four personalities in their reports and in the process taking potshots at the BJP led Government under Chief Minister N Biren. Like other scandals or scams to have rocked Manipur in the past, this one too would soon fade away from public memory, but remember there is something called decorum, the way in which public figures are expected to act and behave. The S.. Scandal, the devastating hailstorm that wreaked havoc in many parts of Manipur on May 5, the sweltering days that followed with the mercury shooting up, and clearly everything that can go wrong seems to have gone wrong with Manipur. Add the ongoing ethnic clash coupled with an indifferent Prime Minister and the script that defines Manipur is playing out in all its glory. The argument that it is a personal choice stands, but then remember prostitution is certainly not legal and is a punishable crime. It is not only the service provider or those who offers sex that can be pulled up but those who are out seeking the pleasure of the flesh for money or kind. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely is a line familiar to all and the sleazy drama that has unfolded has all the ingredients of power going to the heads and other body parts of the rich and famous four personalities who have been named by the main accused. By this The Sangai Express is not saying that what the main accused said is the Biblical truth, but tough it is to believe that he would have been foolish enough to lie and name the rich and powerful and that too when the gun was literally or metaphorically pointed at his head. A shame it is and while no one expects the Government to pull up its socks and do some course correction, the people should take note of it. This is important for if what the main accused has had to say is true then it is both legally wrong as well as morally unacceptable.
Clean up. This is the two word suggestion that one would like to give to the BJP led Government at Imphal. This is not the time to fool around. For over a year Manipur has been on the boil. Buffer zones have literally  set apart the State and these are areas which people on either side of the clash divide have been tutored not to cross, if they want to continue living. Thousands continue to survive in the different relief centres set up all over the State. Prices of goods have escalated and business ventures have been pushed to the brink. Giving a new touch or understanding of the tragedy that one sees all over, are some prominent personalities who continue to live under the mindset ‘Mawa Loude, Eina Pamba Adum Touni. Si Touraga, Moida Kari Kaige’ and it is this which definitely does not go with the understanding of responsible folks. This is the time when leaders and prominent personalities of the land should be working their minds over and putting in their efforts to see if and how Manipur can be brought on the path of normalcy. Manipur has suffered enough and something should be done and the place definitely does not deserve such personalities holding positions of eminence and importance. Time for the people to rise as one to say a big no to such nonsensical drama that is being played out in the public domain. Scary it is that Manipur has reposed the future of the land as well as the people in the hands of such elements who do not think twice before misusing their position of power and influence to satisfy what one may call their baser instinct.