Start UPSC preparation after 12th, you will get success


Vijay Garg
 Everyone dreams but not everyone can pay the price to fulfill them. Dreams are fulfilled only by those who pay the price for it. One such dream is to become an IAS.
To become an IAS, the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts the Civil Services Examination. UPSC is the most difficult and prestigious examination in our country. Every year lakhs of youth prepare for this exam just for a few seats.
The success percentage in this examination is very low. in this exam Only he who has discipline and patience along with educa- tional qualification is successful.
If you also dream of becoming an IAS, then it is important that you start preparing for it at the graduation level itself. To achieve success in civil services, it is important to have a precise strategy and system. If you also dream of becoming an IAS, then you can prepare for it like this-
1) Strategy and study material- For Civil Services Examination, first of all you should take the decision that you want to join Civil Services only after your 12th studies. It takes at least 2 to 3 years to prepare for the service. You should start preparing for it from the days of your graduation.
Start your preparation for this exam by studying NCERT books. Apart from this, keep the complete syllabus of Civil Services Examination with you and prepare accordingly. Most of the candidates choose one subject of their graduation for the main stage of the examination.
This makes it easier for you because you study this subject for three full years along with graduation. Apart from this other selected alternative You can choose study material for the subjects or take expert advice.
2) Prepare for contemporary issues like this- To prepare for current affairs, study newspapers regularly. Like, apart from The Hindu, Indian Express, definitely watch the bulletins of BBC and DD News.
Last year's preliminary question papers also had a good proportion of questions related to current issues, hence it is important to keep preparing for current issues.
Apart from this you can also read about current issues.
You can also take help of books for this. For this, if you want, you can read NCERT and NIU books, these books are available online for free.
3) Keep these things in mind while selecting subjects- Study of the subject is most important in Civil Services Examination, therefore, while selecting the subject, keep in mind whether you have interest in that subject or not.
Although no subject is impossible to study, still it is beneficial for you to choose the subject in which you are interested.
Since the syllabus is huge, one has to study throughout the year. Therefore, it is important to study throughout the year following the plan.
4) Concentration is necessary for studies- To crack the Civil Services Examination, it is important that you remain focused towards your goal.
Because Civil Services exam is not a banking or SSC exam in which success is achieved by rote learning. Therefore, to prepare for this exam, you will have to make sacrifices, without this you cannot do anything in this exam.
During these years you will have to study regularly every day.
5) How much reading is necessary? Although one year is enough for the Civil Services Examination, people also take two to three years. It depends on the capacity of different people as to how much they can study. Therefore, it is important to study for at least 6 hours every day.
Many times it happens that you get demotivated while preparing, hence read motivational books. How people live around you has a lot to do with your life.It does impact. If there are negative people around you, then try to stay away from such people as much as possible. Be with people who make you feel good.
6) Is it necessary to go to Delhi ? You must have also heard from people that for UPSC preparation it is necessary to go to Delhi and take coaching. But let us tell you that you can prepare for civil services even while staying at home. You just have to bring a little change in your life and you can pass the civil services exam even while staying at home with proper study material. to go out and study.
You also have your own tensions, so you can study even while staying in your city. If you want, you can also take some coaching.
7) Along with studies, practice of writing is also important- Along with reading, you also have to practice writing because after clearing the pre-exam, you have to appear in the mains exam in which you have to write.
Try to write briefly on any topic in about 200 words. The more you try to write, the more your writing style will improve and there will be fewer mistakes in grammar. Have a plan B ready.
Millions of candidates prepare for UPSC exam, but not all are successful. In such a situation, if you are not able to pass the exam then you should keep Plan B ready. While preparing for UPSC, you must have studied world history, politics, geography, economy, moral principles, various philosophers and revolutionaries, these subjects will be helpful for your future.
Maintaining a positive attitude towards life and having clarity of purpose will always motivate you to live a good life.