“Imphal River putrefied”

IMPHAL, May 21: Imphal River which is a major source of water for the vast majority of the people has become highly polluted and unusable in the last couple of days, according to separate press notes issued by the Unique Wildlife Protection Committee Manipur and the Arambai Tenggol Unit-6.
As the water got putrefied, a large number of fishes were seen dead and floating on Imphal River a few days back.
As the water is no longer usable, lakhs of people are now facing many difficulties, they said.
A large number of people, particularly those residing within Mayang Imphal AC, Wabagai AC and Hiyanglam AC are now buying water from private tankers thereby adding a big financial burden to the people who are already reeling under severe economic woes on account of the protracted violent crisis.
With tonnes of waste materials including plastic wastes and non-biodegradable wastes brought down from nearby lakes/wetlands severely impeding the water current, many fear that the water of Imphal River would not be usable any time soon.
They then sought immediate attention of the relevant authorities into the matter considering the plight of lakhs of people who are dependent on Imphal River for their daily water requirements.
They also appealed to all the people settled along the course of Imphal River not to dispose of waste materials into the river and refrain from all activities which may pollute the river.