AMCO tests talk water with meet

Newmai News Network
IMPHAL, May 21: In a significant development, some delegates of the Kuki-Zo community and some delegates of the Meitei community came together to a table in Guwahati recently along with some Naga leaders and Tamil delegates of Moreh town to find ways for the restoration of peace in Manipur, according to some delegates who participated in the meeting.
They informed Newmai News Network tonight that the meeting was held on May 17 at Bosco Reach Out Guest House, Alubari in Guwahati. The delegates also informed that the meeting was organized by All Manipur Christian Organisation (AMCO).
They further informed that six delegates from the Kuki-Zo community and six delegates from the Meitei community participated in the meeting.
According to the delegates, five Naga leaders including the convenor of the United Naga Council (UNC) Peace Committee and eight delegates from the Tamil community of Moreh town and others also participated in the meeting. The meeting had three sessions.
“This is the first open meeting of Meitei-Kuki-Zo delegates after several discreet meetings and efforts put in by so many concerned leaders and peace activists for the restoration of peace in Manipur after the 3rd May, 2023 violence between the Meitei/Meetei and Kuki-Zo communities,” the delegates further informed.
“The participants of the meeting are looking forward to having more of such meetings in the days to come”, they added.