KIM rebuffs DIPR's statement over The Hindu's editorial

Our Correspondent
KANGPOKPI, May 21: In its rejoinder to the press release of the Directorate of Information and Public Relations, Government of Manipur, the Kuki Inpi Manipur, the apex body of the Kuki tribes, stated that the Government of Manipur's allegations in response to 'The Hindu's editorial titled "Lame excuse: On Manipur and the ethnic conflict" are "baseless" and a clear attempt to defame the Kuki-Zo community and spread misleading propaganda to incite ongoing violence while terming it as an effort seeking to manipulate public sentiment for popular support.
It also stated that 'The editorial’s critique of the Biren Singh Government's failure to rise above ethnic tensions and its call for new approaches and leadership to restore peace not only supports the view of a neutral observer but also highlights the State Government's discriminatory stance towards the Kuki-Zo community'.
It also highlighted that the alleged unsigned press release from the Manipur Government is filled with falsehoods, likely the reason for its anonymity. The Kuki Inpi also expressed its compulsion to refute the alleged "outrageous claims and arguments" as they felt it directly concerned the rights and dignity of the Kuki-Zo people.
Firstly, over the claim that "The situation in Manipur is under control, and peace has been restored", the Kuki Inpi Manipur stated that in fact, the situation in Manipur is far from under control as genuine efforts for peace are absent, with no concrete steps for relief, and tensions remain high. KIM alleged that the Government's actions have been 'biased and grossly inadequate' regarding the claim "The Government has taken all necessary steps to ensure the safety and security of all communities".
With regards to the claim that "Efforts have been made to facilitate reconciliation and dialogue among different communities", KIM stated that the so-called efforts for reconciliation have been superficial and insincere. Rhetoric on reconciliation without addressing the root causes of violence and injustice only perpetuates the vitiated atmosphere, it added.
Over the claim that "Mushrooming of as many as 996 new villages in Manipur as a result of years of illegal immigration which went unchecked and undetected", KIM highlighted that this narrative is baseless stating that the increase in the number of villages results from legitimate factors such as internal displacement and customary practices.
KIM went on to state that no illegal immigrants have objected to the Government's drives to detect illegal immigration contradicting the claim of the Government.
Over the claim that "5,457 illegal immigrants have been detected in Kamjong", KIM stated that the Chief Minister's selective use of data is misleading and dishonest. Most of the detected individuals, 3,866 out of 5,457, are from other tribal villages, not Kuki-Zo villages, it remarked. KIM further alleged that the official release of DIPR wrongly blamed the Kuki-Zo people and stated that 'Chief Minister Biren Singh must stop spreading fake news and misinformation' to curb the violence.
Further it urged the Government of India to take action against such false assertions and dehumanizing propaganda.
KIM further stated that the Kuki-Zo people will continue to fight against discrimination and persecution, demanding justice, safety, and recognition of their rights as equal citizens.