The Bleeding River

Dr Asem Tomba Meetei
Ema Sekmai River, once a crystal vein,
Now bleeds, a wound that brings us pain.
Your bones, your lifeblood, cruelly taken,
Since childhood’s dawn, your waters slaked.
Mothers drew from you, pure and bright,
For cooking, drinking, morning’s light.
But now you suffer, choked with grime,
By hands that plunder, steal your time.
Where once we danced with fish at night,
 Now shadows lurk, devoid of light.
Your children vanish, choked and few,
 A silent plea, a fading hue.
Oh, Ema Sekmai, river grand,
A jewel tarnished, poisoned sand.
Though many rivers grace the land,
You hold a place, a nurturing hand.
For farmers’ fields, your waters flow,
Life-giving essence, seeds they sow.
But now you bleed, a mournful sigh,
Can we redeem you, can we try?
Mothers rise, with daughters strong,
Against the hands that do you wrong.
 This fight for life, a battle won,
Ema Sekmai, the river’s dawn.