Election gossip & rumours

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The Union Home Minister’s last minute announcement in Imphal that Manipur’s territorial integrity will always remain intact saves BJP’s candidate despite voters' numerous grudges against Delhi. Otherwise it could have been a Waterloo for the ruling dispensation.
The poll process had started much before the 19 April 2024, i.e., the first phase polling. When the poll process was in full swing one serving Election Commissioner resigned and went away. Nobody knows the true reason and no one is seriously trying to know it.
This election is conducted for the constitution of the Eighteenth Lok Sabha . Lok Sabha has 543 seats . Elections are being held in 7 phases for these seats . However BJP has opened its account by winning the Surat Lok Sabha Constituency in Gujarat unopposed. BJP’S Mukesh Dalal has become the first candidate in the last 12 years to win a Lok Sabha election unopposed. The Opposition particularly the Congress is crying foul for this clever and crooked manoeuvre.
Many observe that the Gandhi family has abandoned Amethi . Raebareli and Amethi are considered Congress strongholds. These two seats are normally reserved for the Gandhi Parivar. Since Sonia Gandhi has entered Rajya Sabha – someone has to contest from  Raebareli and for Amethi too somebody from the family should come forward. Amethi will go easily to Irani – she will win hands down. The Congress candidate who is contesting against Irani is weak – though a Gandhi loyalist. He has more weight in Raebareli. He is compelled to fight the election  . We really don’t know whether his consent was taken or not. Amethi Congress voters may not be happy – they were expecting either Rahul or Priyanka. If KLSharma wins , that will be a miracle.
We don’t know how far it was true that Biren Singh was asked to contest the election from the Inner Parliamentary Constituency, to ensure a sure win for BJP. The undercurrent was perhaps against the ruling dispensation both in the hills as well as in the valley due to the unabated ethnic strife. The education minister was ultimately given a ticket as the central leadership still has the trust and confidence in Chaoba Singh a seasoned politician who has been with BJP since Vajpayee era.
This time it was reported that the maximum number of Kuki-Zo voters did not cast their votes due to the non-serious attitude of Delhi towards their issues. They have boycotted the election. However many had cast their votes in favour of the candidate of their choice. Those who had left the State could not get an opportunity to exercise their adult suffrage. Those we have cast their votes from the relief camps are happy to tell the local leaders that they had obliged them. Despite hardships and frustrations they had exercised their franchise.
There is a brisk Satta bazaar – not only for cricket but also for the poll results.This a vibrant betting platform – illegally run by big fishes. So, the chances of  dismantling such Satta bazaars are almost impossible. If you  conduct the raid in Phalodi  , they will start operating from Jaipur ;  if you conduct the raid in Mumbai the business goes on from Goa. Hundreds of crores are involved in this betting business. The present betting line up is 3:2, NDA vs INDIA – Party to party or candidate to candidate. It is a lucrative business but risky.
One candidate is now ready with a written complaint to be filed to the election authority for checking the EVM.  He has made up his mind that he will come either first runner up or the second. In any case he will be a runner up. As per the Supreme Court rulings first or second runner up can complain within 7 days of the result to check the efficacy of the EVM paraphernalia (five percent ).
Another strong rumour was that Varun Gandhi was offered a BJP ticket for Raebareli . He refused to contest from there. Again he was offered a Congress ticket in Amethi – which too he declined. Then he was requested to contest an independent candidate from Amethi and there will be no INDIA candidate in that constituency. There will be a tacit support from SP, Congress and left .That also did not materialize. Varun Gandhi remains adamant.  Like father, like son.
Here in the Hills of Manipur the BJP workers were unhappy because of not announcing their own candidate. The central leadership perhaps did not want to take risks . They had given the NPF candidate (NDA component) a fair chance to win . But  the local BJP leaders wanted to have a friendly contest in the hills. High command might be thinking of getting two sure shot NDA seats from Manipur .Their national ambition is too high.
This time too NDA may get around that Rifle Number – this is an estimate given by a wretched Media House . It also says, INDIAN tally will go up – and certainly Congress alone will get around 60 including Raebareli and Wayanad.
Nobody knows what will happen on 4 June 2024. For the tittle-tattle group it is 300 plus and 200 plus.  Just guess!