Oh Motherland

For the sake of her children,
She lives tolerating the many hardships of life.
Even when the greater surroundings and the world give her immense pain,
she holds no hard feelings and says still from her unblemished heart,
“I am living and enduring for you, my dear ones. I am waiting for you to grow up not wishing to leave you alone without a companion with unsatisfactory lives.”
In case she gives up on life, unable to bear all the pain,
We will become orphans.
Foregoing her happiness, the sacrifices she has made for us;
Doesn't she deserve our respect and care??

Oh motherland, forgive us for having failed you.
Oh motherland, we will do our best.
Oh kind-hearted motherland, let's hang in there,
Our daybreak will be here soon enough.
Kanglei Ema Nungshibi!