Journalism- A thrilling career

Vijay GarG
Contd from previous issue
Column writers are usually noticed by their constant focus on a single topic and it's important for columnists to develop their own voice that is recognizable by their readership. Columnist particularly writes their views about some ongoing important event, or some interesting extract or journey from their lives, some important historical event or some new technology. Usually, these articles by the writers are published weekly in a specific fixed column, or these may find a place in a magazine too.
Reviews Writer: Reviews can be stated as partly opinion and partly fact-based. Along with news, there can be views from some prominent people that may create a greater interest of the people in the news. These reviews can be about an ongoing event. For example, there can be reviews about an ongoing match by some ex-players from the same field. This creates an added interest of the general public and makes news item even more gripping. The review serves to accomplish the following two functions:
Precisely describe or identify the subject being reviewed.
To provide an intelligent and informed opinion of the subject based on research and experience.
The review can be provided by prominent people on various topics owing to their experience in the same field, which gives a clear picture of the event and also creates in an understanding of the topic quite well. To be contd