Paving victory: Army’s impact on Tamphasana Devi’s Wushu odyssey

HR Cell Leimakhong
In the verdant hills of Manipur, amidst the backdrop of ongoing community clashes, emerges a tale of resilience and triumph personified by Ms Tamphasana Devi. Hailing from the tranquil village of Saitapur in Kumbi gram panchayat, her journey from humble beginnings to becoming a Wushu champion resonates with the unwavering support of the Indian Army.
Tamphasana’s introduc-tion to Wushu at the age of 10 sparked a deep-seated ambition. Her initial training was supported by the State Government. However, the  challenges posed by the prevailing socio-political situation, posed a threat to her potential not being fully realised. However, the Indian Army recognized her talent emerged and sponsored her training with financial assistance, nutritional support and access to top-notch training facilities from Nov 23.  Tamphasana thus, embarked on a rigorous journey, honing her skills under the guidance of the Indian Army.
Tamphasana’s perse-verance bore fruit as she began clinching medals at the various levels in the 52 Kg weight category. She secured a Bronze medal in the East Zone Games held in Guwahati in Jan 2024, followed by another bronze medal in  Khelo India Senior National Women’s Wushu League held at Ranchi in Feb 2024 and a gold medal in the North Eastern games held in Nagaland, Mar 2024 showcasing a remarkable blend of grace and power.
Beyond her personal achievements, Tampha-sana’s transition into coaching underscores her commitment to nurturing the next generation of talent. Drawing from her experiences, she passionate-ly mentors aspiring athletes, particularly those from underprivileged back-grounds. Her dedication to empowering young athletes reflects the ethos of the Indian Army’s support for Nation-building and fostering a brighter future.
Today, Tamphasana Devi stands as a beacon of inspiration, not just in Manipur but across India, symbolizing the indomitable spirit of the North Eastern youth and the transformative impact of the Indian Army.
Her journey exemplifies the power of determination, perseverance and the crucial role of support systems in realizing dreams amidst adversity.
Through her story, she continues to inspire millions, transcending boundaries and instilling hope in aspiring children, even amidst ongoing