What if not IIT?

Vijay Garg
In a country obsessed with the prefix of an engineer, it is almost imperative for the parents to dream of their kids being one. In junior classes, you will get to hear all sorts of dreams from the kids. You will come across wannabe pilots, art teachers, tango dancers, and photographers. But once they reach their junior college level, you will be amazed to find them rushing to some coaching institutes for preparing IIT Joint Entrance Exam. What is such a rush all about? Why not follow your passion than to be a part of the rat-race?
But then there are students who are really passionate about getting into the premier engineering colleges and graduating from there. Many youngsters dream of creating their own unique identity in the engineering fields. The vast opportunities offered today are unparalleled. The advanced IT training prepares a student to be a torch-bearer in the IT revolution. Today graduates from Indian Institute of Technology's and several Indian engineering colleges are holding top positions in Google, Microsoft, and several IT giants. Every now and then, we come across some architectural marvels around the world. Just imagine the pride associated with the architects of Burj Khalifa! There are many students who want to share this pride and prestige. IITs allow students to bring these dreams to reality. The high quality of faculty and exposure is unparalleled. IITs were established with the motto of promoting industrial development in war-torn India. Over the subsequent years, they grew in number as well as student capacity. They began to attract the attention of companies all over the world. Obviously, the youngsters found themselves attracted towards these institutions.
But this is also a sad reality that the seats are limited in IITs. So, when the not so lucky kids fail to clear JEE, they begin to lose hope as if their world has ended. Come on kids! The world is full of opportunities.

(To be contd)