Direct attack on the people of Manipur: CM


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By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Jun 10: Stating that the attack on an advance security team of his scheduled visit to Jiribam was a direct attack on all the people of Manipur, Chief Minister N Biren has vowed that he would show very clearly there is rule of law in Manipur.
Responding to queries raised by media persons during his visit to the injured civilian driver at Shija Hospital today, N Biren stated that the State Government was restraining itself all these days in the hope of reconciliation and finding a solution.
But the armed Kukis have been acting as if there is no Government at all.
All these days, the State Government has been tolerating the repeated attacks and arrogance of Kukis. Now the State Government will not remain silent, Biren stated.
“I see the attack on the advance security team as a direct attack on the State’s Chief Minister. It was an attack on all the people of Manipur. I strongly condemn the dastardly attack”, he said.
He stated that he would do everything to restore law and order and make everyone understand that there is rule of law in Manipur.
“I went to Delhi to attend the swearing in ceremony of the Prime Minister as I was bound to attend the same being the Chief Minister but I know there is a crisis at Jiribam” Biren said.
“Although I was at Delhi, I monitored the situation of Jiribam and talked face to face with the people of Jiribam”, he said.
The Chief Minister reportedly told the people of Jiribam that all the houses burnt down by Kukis would be re-built in consultation with the Jiribam Deputy Commissioner and adequate security arrangements would be made so that the displaced people can be rehabilitated at their native villages.