'Oppenheimer' links with Supreme Science

Amar Krishna Paul
Contd from previous issue
The author is Nehru’s niece and in the book, she has written about that one phone call that was made by Oppenheimer during the time of the Non-Alignment Movement amid the battle between USA and USSR. According to Sahgal, Oppenheimer delivered a secret message through Bengali poet and academic Amiya Chakravarti. It’s also suggested that the scientist begged India to maintain its foreign policy as he didn’t want any more catastrophe after Hiroshima-Nagasaki.
Moreover, another biography, titled “Homi J Bhabha: A Life” and penned by Bakhtiyar K Dadabhoy, sheds light on an unexpected aspect of Oppenheimer’s life - an invitation to immigrate to India and make it his home. As per this 723-page book, there existed a cordial and intellectual camaraderie between Oppenheimer and Homi Jehangir Bhabha, a prominent Indian physicist at that time. The two icons likely crossed paths after World War II had concluded, forging a deep friendship. Their shared interests in culture and learning boosted their bond.
FINAL THOUGHTS: The biopic film carries a few important messages. But the hidden message is that the world does not want any more atomic destruction like the bombing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. The nuke powerhouses may be used in the reconstruction of the trouble-torn geo-political peripheries of the world these days. These powerhouses may be better engaged in electricity (power) generation. It will cut the large-scale use of coal and natural gas in thermal power plants. This will virtually help us to check the global warming situation to some extent.
That is, nuclear power is a clean and environment friendly base load source of electricity generation. It is available 24X7. It has a huge potential and can provide the global long term energy security in a sustainable manner.
Expansion of nuclear power capacity will help in the world’s energy transition for meeting the goal of net zero through a combination of emission reduction and emission removal. This is the most urgent need of the hour.
(Amar Krishna Paul is a Guwahati-based writer and analyst on Current Affairs. He can be reached at [email protected].