Aid to IDPs cut off, SDO office stormed

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Jul 9: Aggrieved and enraged by cancellation of aid given to IDPs staying in shelter homes located at Sawombung and near Sajiwa Central Jail, Imphal East, IDPs today stormed the office of SDO Sawombung.
One Thokchom Ichan who took part in storming the SDO office said that financial assistance given to students living in the shelter homes of Sawombung and  Sajiwa have not been released for the past three months since May.
With no assistance coming from the Government, the students are unable to pay their school fees, Ichan said who has been living in Sawombung temporary shelter home after fleeing from Gwaltabi Maning Leikai.
As the students have not been given any financial assistance, the parents are facing a very difficult situation and they cannot no longer afford van fares for transporting their children to schools.
Moreover, the amount given every 10 days for food supplements too have not been released regularly, she said.
Before the Lok Sabha elections, each person living in the temporary shelter homes was given Rs 85 per day as food supplement but after the election results were declared, the daily allowance was slashed to just Rs 50, she said.
With little or no room for employment or reliable jobs, the IDPs living in the temporary shelter homes have been really struggling hard to make both ends meet, Ichan said. Following heavy rainfall for a few days, the Sawombung shelter home was flooded recently.
Even though the IDPs were living in a wretched condition, the SDO never bothered to visit the shelter homes.
Water given at the shelter homes is quite turbid. Moreover, the toilets have fallen into a very shabby condition. Thus all the inmates, particularly children are being exposed to several diseases, she said.
One Dhamen from Ikou too expressed strong resentment against the Government’s treatment of IDPs.
He said that the Government should stop treating IDPs like cattle or poultry. SDO Sawombung Khwairakpam Lenin said that the allowance of 85 given for food supplement to each inmate was slashed to Rs 50 due to fund constraints. The SDO assured that financial assistance would be delivered to the IDPs once the Government releases necessary funds.