Look at it via the ground realityWhere are the leaders ?

India and Manipur should understand this and it should be seen and understood in the backdrop of the fact that the place has been literally on fire for over 14 months and over 60 thousand alive and kicking people are surviving in the different relief camps set up across the State. The longer Prime Minister Narendra Modi refuses to give primacy to the human tragedy that has engulfed Manipur for over 14 months, the more people will welcome and hail the visits of Leader of Opposition Rahul Gandhi. The more State BJP members shoot their mouth off without taking cognizance of the ground reality, the more the saffron party will get alienated from the people. If referring to a specific case, such as the dastardly nude parade of two girls in the early days of the clash, as talking about the Manipur issue then nothing could be more misplaced. Moreover the second time that the Prime Minister spoke on Manipur was some days back in Rajya Sabha but then again the picture that was sought to be conveyed was far from the reality. How can anyone say that Manipur has started the journey towards normalcy when over 60 thousand people are still stuck in the different relief camps spread across the State ? How can anyone come close to stating that situation is improving when no Meitei can cross Kangpokpi on the Imphal-Dimapur road and cannot proceed beyond Moirang towards Churachandpur ? What is normal about the hundreds of Kukis who had to leave the place they once called home in Imphal and the other valley districts, but cannot come back now ? Is there anything normal about the fact that people of Churachandpur cannot come up to Imphal to catch a flight from BT Airport ? What are the core issues that the hand picked men and women of the BJP are talking about ? If the internally displaced folks are not core issues then what could be more critical more than this, as Lok Sabha MP Bimol Akoijam questioned some time back ? And this question is being raised in the backdrop of the fact that a 36 year old man, a father and a husband to boot, took his own life inside the relief camp opened at  Kwakta Sericulture Farm in Bishnupur district on July 6. Take this fact along with the news that has gone viral on the social media that yet another inmate tried to take his own life inside a relief camp and this should jolt the senses of the Government. Has Delhi woken up to this chilling development or are the State BJP leaders going to be satisfied with just saying that the Prime Minister has talked about Manipur, a talk that said about normalcy returning to the place. Something is just not right and this is not how a human tragedy that has enveloped Manipur for over 14 months should be viewed and treated.
This is why the visit of Rahul Gandhi to  the different relief camps on July 8 gains significance and why the passionate speech of Lok Sabha MP Bimol Akoijam went viral on the social media. A fact which every breathing and kicking human being should acknowledge. Come to think about it, it is not only a case of the Prime Minister unable or not willing to acknowledge the reality and not talking about the Manipur crisis for more than year, but it is also about the failure of the State BJP leadership to bag a meeting with the Prime Minister. A case of the Prime Minister not giving an audience to the political leaders of Manipur or a case of the political leaders here not seeking an audience with the Prime Minister ? A question this is but the answer should be clear to many, given the fact that many political leaders of Manipur did go to Delhi at the height of the clash, but all returned without meeting the Prime Minister with the Centre taking refuge under the line that the Union Home Minister Amit Shah regularly briefs Narendra Modi. That the crisis has dragged on for over a year is there on record and yet it is disconcerting to note that in the more than 14 months of bloodshed and gore, no political leader from the ruling front has deemed it fit to give some serious note on why the Prime Minister has not met anyone from Manipur. A point which every professional politicians should be asking themselves and in the process acknowledge that at least Rahul Gandhi has visited the place three times. The focus of all those who have come to don the robe of political leaders should be to see how to resolve the issue and give some thoughts to the over 60 thousand people who are still surviving in the different relief centres spread across the State.