Why are workers most affected by the scorching heat?

Priyanka Saurabh
Contd from previous issue
If they don’t work, they won’t have food to cook at home. It is their only means of livelihood. Such people are often forced to live in extreme poverty. Deprived of basic amenities like clean water, slum dwellers endure sweltering heat under tin or tarpaulin roofs. Since these jobs are mostly performed in the open, these people are at a higher risk of falling ill in the scorching heat. Such workers often do not have access to health insurance, retirement benefits, or paid leave, leaving them financially vulnerable in times of illness or injury. Workers' income is highly variable and unpredictable, making financial planning difficult. Workers face harsh working conditions, including exposure to extreme weather. They are usually classified as independent contractors, depriving them of many labor protections that formal employees receive.
In such difficult times, workers need to be provided with protection and fair treatment. For social security and health benefits, it is important to provide social security benefits to workers, including health insurance, maternity benefits, and pensions.

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