English certificate courses for BA English students


Kaustov Kashyap
English certificate courses are concentrated, short-term training courses created to provide students a thorough knowledge of the English language. The subjects covered in English course certificates span from grammar and vocabulary to speaking and writing to reading, exam preparation, cultural and social facets, etc.
Students who want to begin or advance their professions in English or people who want to learn more about the fundamentals of the English language are the target audience for English courses.
Why are Certificate Courses Important?
In many universities, the curriculum tends to focus more on theoretical aspects rather than practical applications. Even if you engage in projects or practicals, the emphasis is often on securing good grades rather than gaining hands-on experience. Certificate courses, available in the market, bridge this gap by enhancing your skills across various dimensions. They expand your knowledge in areas aligned with market needs, equip you with the ability to handle real-life situations, and develop your personality to thrive in the industry.
For BA English programs students, there exists a plethora of certificate courses that perfectly complement their studies. These courses enhance knowledge and skills in specific domains, allowing students to gain a competitive edge in their chosen field.
Here are some certificate courses that are relevant to BA English students
1. English for Written Communication
The course emphasises the value of written communication in language learning and offers fundamental abilities in English reading and writing. It goes over fundamental grammar rules and exposes pupils to a range of texts and literary works to extend their horizons. The application of writing abilities will be taught to students through assignments and other activities. To increase exposure to written English, the course also offers a range of written samples in each session.
2. Advanced Certificate of Proficiency (English)
 The programme seeks to improve non-native English speakers’ language and communication abilities. To assist students use the language in social, pro- fessional, and academic situations, the course emphasises spoken English, advanced grammatical comprehension, and phonetics. The curriculum also seeks to develop students’ personalities and capacities for lifelong learning. It is a great choice for people who want to overcome language hurdles and develop in their careers by becoming fluent in multiple languages.
3. English Language for Competitive Exams
The training seeks to improve participants’ English language skills, particularly those who intend to take competitive tests that assess their language ability. The teachers will provide students with lessons that will help them comprehend grammar, writing, and vocabulary better.
4. English for Beginners
 Intensive Spoken English Course The programme is intended for total beginners who want to quickly advance to an intermediate level of spoken English. Each lesson lasts roughly 1.5 hours and includes over 77 hours of intensive spoken English language practice.
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