Continuous rain deals crippling blow on Nagaland


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DIMAPUR, Jul 4 : The continuous and heavy rain has caused widespread damages and loss of lives in various parts of Nagaland in the past one week. The NSDMA, Home Department, Government of Nagaland, received reports of loss of lives, damages to houses, roads, bridges, breast wall of roads, fishery ponds, paddy fields and jhum cultivation due to natural calamity in the past one week.
In Tuensang district, a report was received that two boys from Kejok village were carried away at Ayong nullah on June 28. The body of one boy was retrieved on the same day. The search operation continued till the third day with no sighting of the body and the operation was called off with consent from the father of the deceased and all parties involved in the operation, an official report said today.
As per the assessment report from the ground, the Engineer-in-charge notified that the road between Mangangkhi and Yangli, Tuensang, a one-way traffic has been restored, however since the land above the road is not stable therefore mud clearing is initiated with the help of the short term maintenance contract (STMC) team.
According to reports, a youth drowned in Nsonji Lake in Tseminyu district. The National Disaster Response Force was called in to assist with the search and rescue efforts. The search and rescue mission, which included the NDRF, DDMA Tseminyu, and local volunteers, was called
off after the body was successfully recovered at 4.40 pm on July 1.
In Mokokchung district, landslides occurred in several wards affecting human habitation.
In Kiphire district, continuous rains have caused damages to public infrastructure and families in Forest Ward, Medical Ward, Kiphire-Amahator road, Kiza Colony and Jail ward prompting the evacuation of several families. Several landslides/road blockages were also reported at Fakim/Tsundang area, Pungro sub-division, Tsuvong ward, Pungro sub-division and between Sitimi and Shisimi. Due to mudslide, Penkim and Fakim have broken off connection with Tsundang, Sangtsong, Vongtsuvong, the report said.
Meanwhile, another rockslide between Khongjiri and Mimi was reported. The route to Thanamir has also been entirely cut off due to landslides at multiple locations. Soil erosion at Thusangki River near Kiphire headquarters was also reported on July 2, which led to severe damage to paddy fields.
On June 29, at about 4 pm, a youth was reportedly swept away in the Dzuvuru stream in Kohima district. The DDMA Kohima, SDRF, and local volunteers conducted search and rescue operations. The search and rescue operation has reached Day 5 with no sighting of the body. The DDMA Wokha and Zunheboto have also been alerted regarding this matter. The search operation is also being carried out in Zunheboto (Lazami area) and Doyang Dam area in Wokha district. Villages located upstream of Doyang River are also assisting in the operation.
In Noklak district, landslides were reported from Punyaongan Ward 4, Punyaongan region and Sanglao village. Due to incessant rain, road damages and road sinking have been reported between Chingmei and Noklak and Nokak- Saddle road.
A report was also received from Noklak district that on July 1, a man was swept away by strong water current at Nguhaiu, between Saddle to Noklak. The DDMA Noklak and local volunteers conducted the search operation and retrieved the body around 8 pm.
In Zunheboto district, several houses were destroyed by landslides at DC Hill West, Zunheboto. Zhavame village in Phek has reported of paddy fields being damaged by flash floods.
Shamator district also reported that the Shiponger and Muksuke bridges between Chessore and Y Anner have been partially destroyed by a flash flood on July 2. Another large landslide was reported from the NAP ward. Incoming reports of landslides and mudslides at multiple locations under the Shamator district have also been reported.
Peren district also reported landslide at Tening-Nsong road. The debris clearance is being carried out by DDMA Peren and the department concerned.
The NSDMA, Home Department, is still compiling damage reports at the time of filing this report. The NSDMA requests the district disaster management authorities and the line departments to be alert and vigilant as the monsoon season approaches the State. Further, water levels of many rivers in the State are rising following continuous rainfall over the past days, therefore the NSDMA, the Home Department have also urged  the public to refrain from fishing, picnicking etc during the monsoon season.