PM ‘bola’ in Parliament

Free Thinker
People are eager to know whether ‘Manipur’ is part of the Union Government’s first 100 days agenda. The Manipur issue is a priority but it may be in that hundred day’s program.
Prime Minister Modi said in Rajya Sabha that “efforts are on to bring peace in Manipur”. He also said, “We have to rise above party politics to bring normalcy in the State”. He chose Rajya Sabha because it is less noisy – people in far flung Manipur can hear him.  Issues of the State are very complex; you see the Naga issue – everyone is trying to find a viable solution in the last quarter of a century- still waiting. The Meitei-Kuki issue is just at the nascent stage.
On 3rd July, the last day of the special session of parliament, the PM had spoken at length about Manipur  . Perhaps he chose the Upper House as it is relatively calm and disciplined – after all it is the ‘House’ of the elders. Unlike the Lower House the Upper House is quite audible. When the PM was speaking in the Lower House the previous day his voice was drowned out with yelling and shouting of the opposition. Ironically  one of the shouters was offered a glass of water by the Hon. Prime Minister. What a gentlemanly gesture!
The Prime Minister warned his Party MPs to behave in Parliament – both in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. He reiterated that one should not behave like a 'Balak' – you must behave and speak responsibly ; after all you are the representatives of this great nation. In a way he is conveying the message to the opposition parties also to maintain some parliamentary decorum . Perhaps this is the first time in the history of parliamentary democracy in Bharat that the Leader of Opposition is in the Well of the House , shouting slogans. Another LOP brought ‘Bhagawan’ inside the ‘House’. When Mahadev was invoked, the presiding officer was also helpless.
Before Bimol many had already raised the issue of Manipur including Rahul , Kharge  , Gurav and many others in the last 2 /3  Sessions. The Home Minister had responded in length. The steps have been taken to restore normalcy. While giving the reply in Lok Sabha a few months ago the union Home Minister was quite candid saying that the Manipur issue is complicated – many intricacies are involved. In fact it is not simply a clash between two communities - ST demand, judicial pronouncement, insurgency, militancy, ethnic mistrust, involvement of drug-mafia, power-politics, illegal migrants, possible international players- are part of the whole ambit.
The Prime Minister informed the parliament that in such a small State 11000 FIRs have been lodged, nearly 500 suspected persons have been arrested. Home Ministers went and the junior minister stayed there for a long time. Matter became more complicated as ethnic hatred spread like wildfire. The PM also talked about the earlier ethnic clash in the State that occurred some years ago. That time also it took almost 5 years to come back to normalcy.
The clash is more than 400 days old – bringing back to complete normalcy will take years. Relief is given to all who are affected by the feud. Rehabilitation may take time – requires a lot of money and humongous security. Restoration of trust and confidence among the two communities is the most fundamental thing for redeeming peace and harmony.
Almost everyone here and many in Parliament know the problems; issues are quite complicated. I am told that whenever our State leaders meet the Union Home Minister – he invariably asks them – what is the solution? So far no one could give a viable amicable solution .The solutions suggested are partial and biased . Meitei ‘solution’ may not be agreeable to the Kukis and vice versa. We desperately need a united solution involving all stakeholders – PMO may kindly do the needful urgently as desired by Mohan ji.
I have a solution in my mind –  people may reject it straight away saying that I am sowing the seed for balkanization of the State . I am not sermonizing our people – many of them are as knowledgeable and well read as the Professors of JNU. Why can’t we learn from the United Kingdom? Britishers taught us many things like – unite and rule or divide and rule . The United Kingdom has four regions (countries ) namely England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – at present they are living harmoniously. Yes, of course the issue of plebiscite /referendum crops up every now and then- but they handle it democratically in a civilized manner – unlike our barbarous behavior.
Mahua Moitra’s sentimental speech was missed by both Modiji and Rahulji. She requested both to stay back and listen to her - but in vain.  I am sure they might have listened to her recorded speech.  Her speech was quite emotional and she cried, “I lost my Membership, my House and my Uterus’’ towards the end of the 17th Lok Sabha . Now, she has regained her Membership and shall be getting a House soon but…Whether Modi ji or Rahul ji can do something about it.It is complicated like Manipur but not impossible i.e., restoration of peace in Manipur and transplantation in her.