Junior Girls' NFCAMFA announces 39 for trial cum coaching

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Jul 6 : The All Manipur Football Association (AMFA) has announced the names of 39 players shortlisted to attend trial cum coaching for the preparation of the State team in the wake of the upcoming Junior Girls' National Football Championship 2024-25.
The championship is due to be held from August 3 to 20 at Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh.
The players, as per a memorandum, issued by AMFA are as follows.
Goalkeepers : Sh Anika of KRYPHSA, S Silpa of ESU, Th Priyadashini of YWC-L and M Pinky of ICSA;
Defenders : Ph Eliza of KRYPHSA, Ng Binita of Manipur United FC, Tabitha of ESU, Th Babyrani of ESU, Sagarika of KRYPHSA, M Jasmine of ESU, Y Monalisha of YWc-Th, Ch Alina of YWC-L, Y Thoithoi of YWC-L, Vijeeta of KFA, S Alena of YWC-L, S Mathoi of FC Imphal, P Milky of ESU, K Reena of YWC-L, L Ereena of Manipur United FC;
Midfielders : M Kalpana of Manipur United FC,Y Babytalbi of Manipur United FC, Ch Anjali of FC Imphal, Arina of YWC-Th, W Agnita of YWC-L, Priyadashini of Manipur United FC, Ph Abema of FC Imphal, Athikhocecilia of Senapati, Anuska Rai of Senapati FC, S Silky of YWC-L, K Helena of ESU, Th Remi of YWC-L, K Helena of ESU, Th Remi of YWC-L, L Lucy of KRYPHSA, L Lakhipyari of YWC-L and N Olivia of KRYPHSA;
Forwards : L Nira of ESU, Binapani of ESU, Christina of ESU, S Anjalika of Manipur United FC and L Meneka of YWC-L.
The players should report at Artificial Turf Ground, Lamlong Thongkhong on July 7 by 7 am, added AMFA.