‘I come here as your brother; Modi must visit’


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By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Jul 8: Opposition (Lok Sabha) leader Rahul Gandhi has asserted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi ought to visit Manipur, interact with the people and try to soothe their pain.
Briefing media persons at Congress Bhavan, BT Road here this evening, Rahul Gandhi who arrived here on a one-day visit to the State stated that the Prime Minister should have visited the State and listened to the people soon after the violence broke out.
Rahul Gandhi also noted with concern that “the State is completely split in two and it is a tragedy for everybody. I come here as your brother, I come here as somebody who wants to help you. I am ready, Congress party is ready to do whatever it can to help bring peace.”
It is crucial for the Prime Minister to visit Manipur and listen to the people when the State is going through such a huge tragedy, the Congress leader further said.
Maintaining that Narendra Modi should spare at least one or two day(s) and try to soothe the people’s suffering,  the Opposition leader once again appealed to the Prime Minister to visit Manipur.
Notably, Opposition leader Rahul Gandhi, Congress MP Dr Bimol Akoijam and Mahua Moitra of TMC made scathing attacks against the Modi Government on the Manipur crisis in the Parliament a few days back.
On the next day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi who had been silent all along broke his silence and  spoke on the Manipur crisis in the Rajya Sabha.
Rahul Gandhi said that violence and hatred cannot bring any kind of solution to the protracted crisis.
“I was expecting that the tremendous tragedy might have ameliorated to some extent but I’m disappointed on seeing no sign of amelioration”, he said.
“This is the third time I’m visiting Manipur since the violence broke out. I have visited several relief camps and listened to the displaced people’s plight.
“I’m here to listen to the suffering people and exert pressure on the Government. What is of paramount importance at the moment is restoration of peace”, Rahul Gandhi said.  
Hundreds of lives have been cut short and thousands of people pushed into a sea of misery by the violence, properties worth crores destroyed and all sections of people have been affected, he said.
Such scale of destruction and tragedy has not been witnessed in any other part of the country, he remarked.
“Congress party and I will work at our best level to bring peace in Manipur. I’m here to help and work with you”, Rahul Gandhi continued.
Saying that they met Governor Anusuiya Uikey and assured her of the Congress party’s support towards restoration of peace in the State, the Opposition leader expressed disappointment on the little changes seen in the State.
Noting that the whole State of Manipur is reeling under extreme misery, Rahul Gandhi stated that relieving the people from the prolonged misery is an urgent necessity.
He also appealed to the Government of India and all the citizens of the country not to abandon the people of Manipur but take them along and help in restoring peace and normalcy in the State.
To a query raised by media persons, the Opposition leader said that he has no intention to politicise the Manipur crisis.