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Laboratory tests for Lupus

Lupus is a difficult disease to diagnose because its symptoms can be vague. And unlike some other diseases, it cannot be diagnosed with a single lab test. ..

Travelling along with cannabis

The times are changing for the illicit miracle plant, Cannabis, which now is finding the doors opening for various uses, particularly as a medicine. As the legal status is different in different countries and patients on treatment may end up travelling from one state to another, one country to another or across continents, there needs to be clarity and an international consensus, as to the allowance and the requirements, particularly the documentation. The consumers need enough knowledge to be able ..

Second Great Women’s Agitation, 1939-40

The Telegraph office was in the British Reserve. The siege continued for a number of hours till quite late in the evening. In the meantime some people started throwing stones. It was in such a situation, a platoon of Assam rifle arrived and attempted to clear riotous multitude. At this moment one of the women from the crowd repeatedly shouted Vande Matram and Manipur Mataki Jai. This raised their morale and they became more ..

The Great Cosmic Discovery V

The discovery of microwave background radiation, neutron star, pulsar; trying to understand the cosmic forces, the discovery of anisotropy of cosmic microwave background radiation, the discovery of Higgs boson ( God’s particle ), the detection of gravitational wave and black hole etc are some of the exciting moments in the understanding of the universe. In this series, we trace some of the great cosmic discovery made from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day...

Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) 2019: The construction of great constitutional blunder

However, on the other hand, a fact needs to be taken into consideration that, India is located in a rough neighbourhood surrounded by strategically hostile nations and fragile democracies ..

Christmas gifts: Then and now!

I still remember the Christmas gifts which my parents bought me, like every parents whether rich or poor presented their children during those times. Generally, the gift would always be a new dress known as "Kumhe/Kumeii von". ..

Second Great Women’s Agitation, 1939-40

During the first half of the 20th century, the British introduced free trade policy. They used Manipur mainly as a source of rice, cattle and timber and also as a market for manufactured goods of Europe and other parts of British ..

Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019: The unrest in the North East

“…….The ruling side knows why this legislation is being brought, we also know why they have come up with this legislation, the people also know… I just want to warn the government that…itihaaskiaankhon ne ..

Manipur’s Lightfoot

Disclaimer: The narration is largely based on the fact that Australian Louise Lightfoot, dancer, choreographer, impresario and scholar was a guest during her stay in Manipur in the 1950s ..

Second Great Women’s Agitation, 1939-40

The Hill areas and British reserve area was under the control of the Political Agent, which was beyond the jurisdiction of the Durbar (Reid 1997:77-78). ..

Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019: Proposal & reactions

Bringing unity in diversity by harmonizing the opposing forces of centripetal and centrifugal trends in the country for the achievement of common national goals is the purpose of federalism in India. ..

Why Citizenship Amendment Bill needs to pass Article 14 test

India recognises a person as its citizen on the basis of birth, descent, registration and naturalisation in accordance with the Citizenship Act of 1955 that draws validity from Part-II of the Constitution, namely, Articles 5-9..

Second Great Women’s Agitation, 1939-40

“When the life of the people is at stake, the administrative encroach upon individual liberties by invading human dignities, the womenfolk in Manipur do not remain as silent spectators. History is the witness that they rise up in unity against such situations.”..

Look at your daughter’s face !

Perhaps I was then in Class II or III. As I was having tiffin during recess, suddenly 8-10 of my class mates gheraoed me and ordered to accompany them to one Mrs.Nandi. Mrs.Nandi was simultaneously a teacher in Bengali(though didn't teach in our class) and an official in administrative department of the school. Though basically she was good in heart, but used to keep a very tough external appearance and a strict disciplinarian. So all students of the school used to always remain wary of her...

Habitat loss causing human-elephant conflict

The degradation of forest habitat near Himalayan foothills is a complex challenge for biodiversity conservation. It is also driven by habitat loss, land use change over time and expanding human population. The resulting damage is considerable to paddy crops, ..

Love, care, respect: The bottom line of a marriage

It’s a tribute to human ingenuity that the institution lasts A renowned and venerated anchor of a hugely popular reality show has been providing unsolicited advice on how to make your marriage work. His first principle is to let the wife do all the talking. Cultivating the art of listening is one of the golden rules of excellence in management too...

The Great Cosmic Discovery IV

The discovery of microwave background radiation, neutron star, pulsar; trying to understand the cosmic forces, the discovery of anisotropy of cosmic microwave background radiation, the discovery of Higgs boson ( God’s particle )..

Have you ever cried in the washroom?

If you have cried so much in the washroom, turning on the tap just to wall your weep, I am not different from you. If you were so scared of failing that you bothered not trying, you are more like me...

A new formulation of life-saving medicines on the anvil for children living with HIV

An easy to consume, heat-stable, fixed-dose combination of four antiretrovirals (ARVs) developed for HIV infected infants and young children between 3 and 25 kg bodyweight is currently under review by the US Food and Drug ..

CAB: Our safety valve please

Now we have learnt from the media and from our political leadership that the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill (CAB), 2019 is likely to introduce in Parliament for consideration and passing in this Winter Session itself...

Career in CAPF

Many young people want to join defence forces and serve the nation. Though many will apply and appear in selection test only limited numbers will be able to join the defence forces. ..

We cannot end AIDS without combating antimicrobial resistance

With just 133 months left to end AIDS, this year's World AIDS Day underlines the urgency to step up the fight against the epidemic. Despite unprecedented progress made in scaling up HIV prevention..

Sex education: The unspeakable undeniable

I am writing these in my own opinionand I don’t intend to disrespect anyone’s right or opinion about it. Although some basic form of sex education is a part of syllabus in schools..

Porn ban: Indians rise to the challenge by downloading virtual private networks

Despite the porn ban, it hasn’t been a dry year in India. Mobile downloads of virtual private network apps in India grew 405% to 57 million in the 12 months..

Uses of Industrial Hemp

Hemp and marijuana are from the same species of plant. Hemp, the non-psychoactive cousin of marijuana, cannot create a high. It has a low content of tetrahydro- cannabidiol (THC), the psychoactive component of cannabis...

My DSLR Journey

Can there be any excitement filled with fun and adventure? Then it’s my DSLR moment which I had come across with so much anticipation for that day. I planned to visit Himalayan kingdom with family...

Tinkle Twinkles My Way

I was in my 3rd standard when my father first bought me a copy of Tinkle digest, a comic book for children. I read it regularly including other similar books like Archies, Mandrake, Phantom until my father introduced #Teenager..

Remembering Dr BR Ambedkar; A discourse on tribal justice & legacy of Ambedkarism

While addressing to the problems of Tribal population government of India adopted three approaches namely Isolationist approach, Assimilation approach and Integration approach...

Irawat and 1939 Women’s War

It was the month of December, 1939. Early paddy (anganphou) was available at that time. That is to say that new harvests started coming into the market to improve the rice situation. ..

A father's love for his children!

How often were we told as a child the greatness of our parents' love for us? It became more like a cliche, requiring a nod every time the same was uttered. As time passed by, I got married and is blessed with 2 beautiful children. Many things changed thereafter...

Remembering Dr BR Ambedkar; A discourse on tribal justice & legacy of Ambedkarism

“Justice has always evoked ideas of equality, of proportion of compensation. Equity signifies equality. Rules and regulations, right and righteousness are concerned with equality in value. ..

Is India moving towards a dark and uncertain future?

Raghuram Rajan is indisputably a world renowned economist. His predictions on state of economy never go wrong. Therefore, his statement that “India is moving towards a dark and uncertain future ..

Are we ready to face re-emergence of vector borne disease scrub typhus?

The number of deaths on account of Scrub typhus in Indira Gandhi Medical college and Hospital has reached to 10. Many states in this season are being witnessed to the worst Scrub typhus outbreak...

Is disruption possible in Manipur politics? - II

Manipur in the past attained many noteworthy achievements through prolonged mass agitations in the past. Whether it was the statehood from being a union territory or the inclusion of the Meiteilon (Manipuri language)..

Who is saving whom? MPs talk big on reforming rape laws, but nearly 50 percent have criminal records

There are moments in every country’s history that make its people reconsider all that they and their collective strength as a nation stand for. The world map as we now know has come to so evolve ..

The fate of the Manipur Protection from Mob Violence Bill, 2018

Is it better to enact an invalid law rather than not to enact any law? Who will answer it? ..

Women’s safety is a hard battle, but we can’t give up

On Thursday night, I shared a news story on the murder of a Hyderabad veterinarian. It was a crime so chilling, not only for its brutality, but also for how easily relatable it was. The breakdown of transport on the road..

Is disruption possible in Manipur politics? - I

Is it going to be business as usual in the way politics in Manipur is played out so long for any foreseeable future? These are interesting times. Manipur today can boast of many issues to pursue, promote or confront. Whether they are in the sectors of social, culture – the arts, sports or of course the kind of life we are in where politics play a pivotal role in deciding what kind of life we lead at present and that will determine our future...

Paving the path of a new India: Modi Government 2.0

Under the able and visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Government is continuing to script glorious success stories to build a new India, which is inclusive and progressive, bold and confident and above all determined and focused to lead the countrymen on the path of resurgence. After years of inertia and sluggishness during Congress rule, the country has been experiencing a great new momentum in rediscovering its own destiny. ..

‘Kumbhakarnas’ have ‘waked up’!

The country witnessed an outrage to protest the Nirbhaya gang rape in the New Delhi bus and her eventual death. The same outrage is being witnessed today following the brutal Hyderabad gang rape cum murder. And all are asking why India has not seen any improvement since Nirbhaya days! Actually there lied no reason to see any difference...

Phenomenal six months of Modi 2.0

Prime Minister Narendra Modi led government has completed 6 months in office, in his second term, on November 30, 2019. Within this six months several historic and transformative decisions have been taken by Modi 2.0..

This is what I see in Love

Never have I ever believed in that unconditional level of love. ‘Willingness’ always based the “WHY,” for why are you willing to love that person. Finding every reason to love or finding every reason to not hate..

Supreme Court strengthens RTI Act by bringing CJI-office under RTI Act

Five-member Constitution Bench of Supreme Court headed by the Chief Justice of India on 13.11.2019 gave a land-mark verdict (Civil Appeal 2683 of 2010) dismissing appeal by its own CPIO..

Written assurance is still not tenable

Ten Commandments were written by God (not properly followed). After that He refused to give in writing, all messages were in oral form either through His trusted messengers or son. Even the Bhagwat Gita..

The Great Cosmic Discovery III

The discovery of microwave background radiation, neutron star, pulsar; trying to understand the cosmic forces, the discovery of anisotropy of cosmic microwave background radiation, the discovery of Higgs boson ( God’s particle )..

TB preventive therapy saves lives: Why is the rollout so poor?

Description automatically generatedWhen tuberculosis (TB) is preventable and curable, is it not shocking that it still remains the biggest-killer-infectious-disease worldwide? According to the latest WHO Global TB Report 2019..

Drones can be an innovative career

One of the common things that we see these days are drones which are used for photography or recording purposes during events or even weddings. Drone has become a common word and people are buying it for their usage mostly ..

Medicinal Cannabis : Few facts

Medicinal Cannabis refers to any part of a marijuana (Cannabis sativa or indica) plant used to treat a health condition. It is not used to create a euphoric state but to ease symptoms and / or prevent them...

Understanding depression

For the next few minutes sit down, close your eyes and imagine this- you are alone; you feel completely worthless and hopeless. There’s no one to lend you a hand. ..

Hogenakkal – India’s Niagara

The Hogenakkal Waterfalls is similar in two respects to the Niagara Falls, in that it is also horseshoe-shaped and is between to States. But here it is between two states – Tamil Nadu and Karnataka..

Nagaland peace process: Challenges and the way forward

Bringing everlasting peace to a disturbed state always remains a challenge. The environment is dynamic and there are many who would be happy to upset the apple cart for petty gains, with a narrow political perspective. ..

Caught in the trap; After failing to qualify for Tokyo Olympics, Indian shooters look for answers

When Kynan Chenai reached the final of the men’s trap event at Asian Championships at the start of this month, it appeared as if India’s search for an Olympic quota in shotgun events for Tokyo Games is finally over...

To fix its economy, India must first improve citizens’ appalling living standards

A toilet is cheap to build and performs a vital sanitary function. Yet, India – one of the largest economies in the world – is unable to get many of its people to use one. ..

Making linguistic landscapes

At a time when cleaners are called maintenance consultants why are Literature and Language not viewed as heritage?..

Why people are glued to their phones watching video after video on YouTube

YouTube entered our lives some 15 years ago, but has caught our fancy in a big enough way only in recent years As 2019 — arguably the longest year of all time — reaches its termination..

The mothers of Nagaland are taking it upon themselves to keep the peace – yet again

Despite being on the frontlines of peacekeeping, Naga women have been denied a stake in official peace talks. The National Socialist Council of Nagalim (Isak-Muivah) and the Indian government..

Why not carve out a future in Chakhao?

A future in Chakhao? Seems plausible? Or not? Let’s try to see this a bit deeper. In recent times, we have heard of news speaking about droughts and floods and recurrences of it..

We are one

The subject and theme of this article is to spread the oneness of the human race and to further send a message of peaceful co-existence and cooperation to my brethren in all the believers of all the faiths of Manipur State...

Facts about Naga insurgency and its impact on Manipur

Contd from previous issue 28. In 2016, National Investigating Agency (NIA) revealed the nexus between the Nagaland Government and the militant outfits. There was organized collection of money from the Government employee in their respective offices and diversion of Government funds for development to support the activities of the Naga insurgents. The State Government of Nagaland was, therefore, indirectly providing Indian Tax payer’s money to the insurgents to fight the GoI...

The Great Cosmic Discovery II

The discovery of microwave background radiation, neutron star, pulsar; trying to understand the cosmic forces, the discovery of anisotropy of cosmic microwave background radiation, the discovery of Higgs boson ( God’s particle ), the detection of gravitational wave and black hole etc are some of the exciting moments in the understanding of the universe. In this series, we trace some of the great cosmic discovery made from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day...

Silver jubilee celebration of Tingkao Ragwang Chapriak religion (TRC)

It is a great and proud moment of the native people of Northeast that the devotees of Tingkao Ragwang Chapriak, observing its 25th year ‘Silver Jubilee Celebration’ from 25th to 27th November, 2019 at Kalum Kai, the house of worship of Tingkao Ragwang, Chingmeirong, Imphal since the inception of Tingkao Ragwang Chapriak (for short TRC) as the name of the Zeliangrong indigenous religion, a religion which has been preserved and practiced by the ancient Zeliangrong community through the ages, and at ..

Facts about Naga insurgency and its impact on Manipur

Very few national news magazines, newspapers and electronic media cover the suffering of the people of neighbouring states of Nagaland due to the violence, intimidation and extortion by the Naga insurgents...

Galaxy Roy and my Sainik memories

This very heart that listens to you, might be very ignorant at times when it’s messaged with fear. Life is never a past tense nor a future tense, it’s a never ending present tense...

Give tryst a chance

1.A GLIMPSE OF THE NE: Reminiscing good old days of late 1950s gives me a nostalgic feeling. All college teams from outside Guwahati arriving for the Inter College sports Festival..

Awarded, outdated currencies & MCS/MPS saga

Bizandoo : Congratulations Sire! for Today Award for small land ; what is this reward for ? Maharaj : Thanku Thanku ! this Award is exclusively for inclusivity ; my agenda of inclusive growth for the parivar ..

Beauty essentials while traveling in winters: When the weather dips be sure to add these musts into your carry-on.

Travelling means less trouble and more enjoyment in winters .So when you are packing your bag for spontaneous week long trip to snow clapped mountains or heading for wedding destination in close relatives ,friends circle..

Joining Indian Navy as sailors

I have learned that students from north eastern region want to join defence forces. When it comes to defence most dream to join Indian Army be it officer or as soldier...

Energy security: Are we doing the right things?

Let us start our discussion on a positive note: the Australian renewable energy industry will install more than 10 giga watts of new solar and wind power during 2018 and 2019. ..

Preparing children before undergoing diagnostic tests

It is always a challenge for healthcare personnel to take samples from children for medical tests. While children usually require fewer tests than adults, there are times when children need laboratory tests. A helping hand to get them through the sample collection procedure is what is needed. It takes a caring grownup to help the child cope with any physical discomfort or pain as well as any fear, anxiety, or emotional reactions that may occur as the sample is collected. There are certain preparations ..

Boon for Indian farmers - Can it be cannabis ?

Agriculture in India is known from the time of Indus Valley Civilization and probably, even before that,in South India. India ranks second in the world in farm outputs. As per 2018, agriculture employed 50% of the Indian work force and contributed 17-18% to country’s GDP. Inspite of this fantastic opportunity, in terms of fertile land and suitable climate, easily available, skilled labor as well as an envious history, current state of agriculture industry in India is pitiful. Be it the lack of financial, ..