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What next ?A love letter for all the class 10 and 12 graduates

Janghaolun HaokipWe will make it simple, and twisted at the same time, just like how your lives would be from now on. I believe many of you already have a clear insight on what the next giant leap of your life would be like. For those of you who don't, I ..

National Education Policy-2020 : A year old crawling baby

Raghavendra P TiwariThe late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, former President of India, once opined that the aim of education is to build character, cultivate human values, develop scientific attitude with spiritual foundation, build confidence to face uncertain futu..

Sedition has no room in modern democracies, time for the law to be repealed

Abhijit SenguptaI must begin this piece with my compliments to those who have filed the recent petition in the Supreme Court challenging the role of Section 124A of the IPC, a colonial law which made sedition a crime, in democratic India.Sedition, it must..

One size does not fit all: Expanding the buffet of choices for preventing HIV

Shobha Shukla – CNSContd from previous issueWomen of reproductive age do need multipurpose prevention technology products to address two or more overlapping health risks, such as, unintended pregnancy and HIV. The dual prevention pill is an answer t..

Monitoring Social media-A necessary evil ?

TS HaokipThe Manipur government’s recent decision to monitor comments and posts on social media is a much welcome move as social media in its unchecked form has the potential to spawn communal hatred in the State causing irreparable damage to the pe..

One size does not fit all: Expanding the buffet of choices for preventing HIV

Shobha Shukla – CNSGreat strides have been made in HIV prevention, treatment and care, since the first case of the viral infection was reported 40 years ago. Thanks to the untiring efforts of the HIV community, activists, and medical fraternity, 74%..

Politics and Gender in India

Lamneivah KipgenGender issues based on social and gender equality are some fews thing that are prominent in India. Gender issues have been prevailing in society for ages. It is an issue that exists socially, economically and even politically. There has al..

Tiger, our endangered National Animal

N Munal MeiteiContd from previous issueEcotourism has been severely impacted, especially impacting tiger landscapes and decline in revenues which has a direct threat to the livelihoods of community rangers, park revenue and income for local communities.Ma..

Mirabai’s Olympic medal, and why Manipur is churning out world-class weightlifters

Shashank NairWhen one of India’s greatest moments in weightlifting was being hoisted into reality by the legendary Karnam Malleswari, at the Sydney Games in 2000, the State of Manipur was laying the ground for their own moment in the sun, albeit 21 years later. Barring the Beijing Games, the State has sent four different women weightlifters over five Olympics — a generational effort that culminated in Mirabai Saikhom Chanu’s monstrous 202-kg combined lift for the Tokyo Olympics silver ..

Life and its choices

Birkarnelzelzit ThiyamYou can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy. And yes, wars are won by fighting and not by compromising. Are you going through something heavy in your life right now ? If so then, don’t..

Kitchen gardening-a way amidst COVID-19 pandemic

Esther LalruatsangiThe second surge of the Covid-19 pandemic has been more devastating than the first with a huge number of death every day. The different States of India are taking various measures to slow the spread of the virus by imposing lockdown and curfew to ease pressure on the healthcare infrastructure. On the contrary, the Covid-19 restrictions have imposed a serious challenge on farmers of the country as it has limited access to tending of farms and unavailability of agricultural inputs ..

Tiger, our endangered National Animal

N Munal MeiteiWe must protect tigers from extinction because our planet’s future depends on it. Tiger is a symbol of beauty, bravery, strength, and nationality; so saving the tiger means saving the National pride. The beautiful, awe-inspiring tiger ..

Silver at Tokyo Olympics : Cup of joy for Manipur, India

Free ThinkerAs promised the State Government is supposed to give 1 Cr rupees to Mirabai Chanu for winning a Silver medal in Tokyo Olympics 2020 (not to be confused -Tokyo Olympics 2020, held in 2021, because of Covid pandemic). She lost 25 lakhs to China’s lifter Zhihui, otherwise she would have got a full Rs 1.25 Cr. Regarding declaring holiday, we have already approached the competent authorities and they say that it hardly matters, these days every day is holiday; they are  true and ..

War versus Battles

Dr Sumedha KushwahaPerseverance is a skill that we acquire after years of practice. It isn’t a God gift or a genetic trait passed on from your forefathers to you. So many people find reasons and give up before reaching their final destination. They ..

Typing Divas

S BalakrishnanThe girls were about to cry; it was not my fault but I was indeed the cause.  The result of shorthand intermediate exam was out and I had passed in First Class and they had scored only Second Class. The three girls, the most beautiful o..

17 years since their naked protest, ‘Mothers of Manipur’ say fight not over yet

Simrin SirurContd from previous issueNow, however, she has become cautious on account of the pandemic and her illness.“Still, if someone needs me, I am there, at whatever cost,” she told ThePrint. Last year, she said, she dropped everything wh..

Trust factor drives efficacy of pandemic forced work from home mode

Lakshmana Venkat KuchiAs we as a Nation prepare for a possible third wave of Covid, it is important to approach the situation with positivity and hope.Like in the developed west, India too had its health infrastructure under severe pressure, but now with ..

17 years since their naked protest, ‘Mothers of Manipur’ say fight not over yet

Simrin SirurOn 15 July, eight imas—or mothers in Meitei—from across Manipur commemorated the 17th anniversary of a protest that shook India and transformed the State forever. Three of them held a quiet ceremony in Imphal to mark the day, with two imas joining the event in spirit, their garlanded photos propped up on a table in a corner.The remaining two of the 12 imas who participated in the protest were too sick to join. A day after the observance, one of them succumbed to her illness.On ..

How Centre is helping North East’s Covid fight

Mmhonlumo KikonThe second wave has been brutal in many States and while there are few exceptions in the country, it was largely arrested in the North East. Researchers and scientists will work out if the current spike of cases in the North East is, perhap..

Don’t invite a third wave Higher seropositivity doesn’t preclude the emergence of another dangerous Covid variant

Gagandeep KangIndia’s latest sero survey suggests 68% of the population has been exposed to Covid–a substantial jump from the pre  second wave survey, which showed up to half of the population in some urban locations and a fifth in rural ..

The problem of dark under-eye circles

Shahnaz HusainThe under eye  is one of the thinner, delicate and most neglected areas in skin care . It has no oil glands and has a fine texture.The dark circles known as dark rings or shadows are formed due to various reasons like ageing, mental or ..

The menace of drugs in the North East region

Wada Na Todo AbhiyanThe Union Minister of State of Social Justice and Empowerment of the Government of India had released the Nasha Mukt Bharat Annual Action Plan for 2020-21 on the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, 26 June 202..

Man vs NatureMan prefers the Right while Nature apparently favours the Left

Professor Dhaneshwar MoirangthemContd from prev issueNow the question of Nature being Left-handed has gained some relevance. The combination of molecules of like nature (getting on well with one another) is not confined to chemical reactions only; it is a..

Are we hungry for change for genuinely transforming food systems?

Shobha Shukla – CNSContd from previous issueWe must continue to strengthen farmers’ movements at every level and support them in their struggles to take back and maintain control of the land-they-till and their food production.Global People's ..

Man vs Nature Man prefers the Right while Nature apparently favours the Left

Professor Dhaneshwar MoirangthemWe, human beings, are blessed with two hands- the left hand and the right hand. In terms of activities and performing physical works, both hands are not used equally. Majority of people prefer to use the right hand while a ..

Can India thrive in Tokyo?

Kamal Baruah“It’s not winning but taking part in Olympics” the motivational signage at the Sports Authority of India (SAI) Guwahati enticed lots of onlookers as there’re plenty of recreational facilities like parks and sports groun..

Personality and behaviour assessments

Kaustov KashyapUse of personality and behaviour assessments has been in existence since 1920. They were primarily used to facilitate recruitment in the armed forces and screening for mental illness. MBTI, MMPI, 16 PF and various tests based on the big ..

Are we hungry for change for genuinely transforming food systems?

Shobha Shukla – CNSContd from previous issueFoundation. So you have this brazen interlinking between the two, with Gates Foundation creeping into publics institutions and shaping policies. Also transnational corporations have benefitted from researc..

Religion aside, caste, class and patriarchy ensure that most Indians aren’t free to choose who they marry

Rama SrinivasanIn the years of 2014 and 2015, I was conducting my dissertation research at the Punjab and Haryana High Court, which involved observing countless Courtroom proceedings in cases filed by eloping couples for the protection of their fundamenta..

Is death just a ‘Number’ ?

G BidyasagarThe doctors put my friend’s brother on ventilator support with his Oxygen level rapidly dropping, tried everything they could, while my friend waited outside the ICU crying and praying to God to save his brother. But the prayers went una..

Vocational education : Vehicle for Skill India

Prabhat KishoreThe global economy today requires advanced, flexible and commutable skills. Earlier the jobs were agricultural or family occupation based and the youths used to learn it through working & shadowing the experienced elders. But now, in th..

Educators need to make learning a lifelong habitStudents no longer rely solely on textbooks which necessitates teachers to constantly upskill and reskill

Surabhi GoelEverything around us is constantly getting reinvented. The last year has forced everyone to think out of the box. The five-star hotels are sending home gourmet food, schools moved online, and even the baniya around the corner has an app and an..

Are we hungry for change for genuinely transforming food systems?

Shobha Shukla – CNSContd from previous issueThere are examples where governments of our countries worldwide have adopted policies as part of UN legally binding treaty to kick out industry interference from public policy. For example, the global toba..

The awaited reconciliation

Gaisuiliu Charenamei As 2021 passes by leaving most of us with a sense of regret, grief and maybe even a little bit of relief, a remote village in Kangpokpi district of Manipur finds itself enshrouded in an air of excitement and anticipation. This ancient village plans to hold Its Platinum Jubilee celebration over the course of three years and across the three villages it is made up of, Chawangkining, Kachuangniu (Thonglang Atongba) and Tababang (Thonglang Akutpa).The pandemic has put a hold ..

How unique is being unique

Fr Paul Lelen HaokipIntroductionWe live in an epoch of instantaneous copycat culture, severe competition and polarised ethnic identity politics. The idea of copyright, patent, DOI, etc., are all geared towards maintaining the uniqueness of something, an i..

Should learning cease with the closure of schools: Exploring the alternatives

Thangbiaklian HangzoAs the State continues to reel under the menace of Covid-19 pandemic, much of the economic activities except for health care and essential commodities have come to a standstill. Although not featured in the ‘essential’ cate..

Where there is no rule of law and lacuna in laws, Adhivakta Parishad reacts

Salam Rupachandra SinghContd from previous issueThe Chairman of the Bengal Bar Council, who is a sitting MLA of the ruling party, openly criticized the Acting Chief Justice of Bengal and wrote to the Chief Justice of India seeking the removal of Calcutta ..

Are we hungry for change for genuinely transforming food systems?

Shobha Shukla – CNSWhile the governments chant the mantra of "leaving no one behind", it is ironic that they are DiagramDescription automatically generated with medium confidenceabetting corporate grabbing of land and resources, which is pushing far..

A smile that speaks

Birkarnelzelzit ThiyamA good smile is a medicine but yes, if you smile out of time then you need medicine. So, practically if you want impossible things to happen then you have to use the possible things in the impossible ways. “Smiling after failin..

Where there is no rule of law and lacunae in laws, Adhivakta Parishad reacts

Salam Rupachandra SinghA platform for like minded advocates all over the country is in the name and style of Akhil Bharatiya Adhivakta Parishad (ABAP), headquartering at New Delhi. The man who founded it Dattopant Thengadi, an RSS Pracharakborn in Maharas..

To stand up against domestic violence, initiatives need to be taken by women

Melody Koijam Women need to change their perspective towards being a wife and a daughter-in-law. They need to step forward for their rights. Only then,  we can take precautions and stop continuing to be victims of domestic violence.It is well known t..

Skill Development for Vibrant Careers

Ranjan K BaruahContd from last SaturdayThough the list is big but few types of skills include:Ø Literary SkillsØ Language SkillsØ Vocational SkillsØ Sports SkillsØ Cultural SkillsØ Life SkillsØ Employability Skills  ..

Coronavirus doctor's diary 'Not having the vaccine is the biggest mistake of my life’

Dr John Wright As in many other hospitals, the number of patients being treated for Covid-19 in Bradford Royal Infirmary is sharply rising. About half of them had chosen not to be vaccinated, says Dr John Wright - which many now deeply regret."I was offer..

Five jewels of Manipur in medal hunt at Tokyo

Free ThinkerIf I am not mistaken five sports persons are representing Manipur in the Tokyo Olympics which is scheduled to start within a few days from now. We are a small group in the big Indian contingent but our presence is always felt by all and sundry..

Decision, destination & direction

Dr Sumedha KushwahaDecision–a word that’s avoided yet coined for all forms of life on the planet earth. “Ah! I have made a wrong decision,” commonest statement in the market. Take it–no decisions are bad decisions, it’s..

Man on the moon–A reminiscence

S BalakrishnanThe whole school had assembled in the open courtyard in pin drop silence. The public address system was playing the live radio commentary of First Landing of Man on the Moon. Probably it was Voice of America (VOA) through the Short Wave (SW)..

Collective stupidity, crowding can trigger, and accentuate third wave of Covid

Lakshmana Venkat KuchiThere are vaccines to fight Coronavirus, developed indigenously and across the world, but do we have a vaccine for stupidity and lack of commonsense ?This is the main concern arising out of videos of vacationers holidaying and crowdi..

In a mire of distress The pandemic’s second wave in Manipur has made the Centre sit up and take notice

Yambem LabaAbout 100 years ago when my grandfather returned to Manipur as the first modern medical practitioner of the State, he faced severe social ostracism and was shunned publicly as a person who handles dead bodies. So much so that the Maharajah of t..

Mount Koubru and its ramification in maintaining communal harmony in Manipur

Mathiupuang GonmeiMount Koubru is one of the highest mountains in Manipur. Mount Koubru Peak is located in  Kangpokpi District (Sadar Hills) of Manipur and is one of the most visited pilgrimage sites in Manipur. Its elevation is 2,562 m (8,406 ft) fr..

Skill Development for Vibrant Careers

Ranjan K BaruahThe current pandemic has hit the job sector directly around the world and more in developing Nations like India. Recent global data are alarming and challenging for young people as well as elders or people working with young people. Young p..

We had a One China policy for long. It’s time for a relook

Harsh V PantLast week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi set the cat among the pigeons when he did something that in the usual circumstances might be considered rather mundane – wishing Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama publicly on his 86th birthday. I..

Summer to monsoon–Traditional skin care guide

Shahnaz HusainMonsoon season is officially here. The word monsoon is derived from the Arabic word “Mausim,” which means season. The term “monsoon” describes a seasonal wind shift that brings moisture to an ordinarily dry area.Every..

Potential role of aquarium fish keeping during Covid pandemic

Bidyasagar Sanjenbam and Yumnam BedajitCOVID-19 is not only a pandemic disease but also associated with other secondary health issues like anxiety, depression and stress due to social stigmatization against unprecedented contagious disease. These could be..

Biological clock (Circadian clock) to boost the immune system

Dr M Punyakishore Singh and Dr Ng Joykumar SinghContd from previous issueWe are the subset of nature so our system also works optimally when there is a rhythm. Our 24-hour ayurvedic biological cycles are called the circadian rhythms that influence the sle..

The paradox built around Churachandpur Dist Hospital in times of Covid

C Thangminlal DoungelToday, rumours spread faster and quicker than ever. These kind of gossips spread quickly with unrestrained technology in the palm of our hands. Often, they have no base and are devoid of pieces of evidence to support the claims. Yet, ..

Biological clock (Circadian clock) to boost the immune system

Dr M Punyakishore Singh and Dr Ng Joykumar SinghAll life on earth has evolved to cope with a rotating planet which results in the transition between day and night. In animals, the central clock keeps track of night and day in the brain where it receives l..

The E-commerce arena- Customer loyalty

Kaustov KashyapIndia’s e-commerce industry has witnessed a major breakthrough in the last five years. Increasing Internet penetration, safe and secure payment modes along with aggressive marketing strategies have all played a significant role in the..

My passion for mining wisdom

Bretina RajkumariWe can see many differences between hundreds of years ago and today’s world. So many changes occurred and so many things got buried or forgotten eventually. Since childhood, I have been fascinated by old stories and magical things w..

Wise purchase of toys : A way for child’s holistic development

Manisha DhamiEvery child grows according to their own time but at the same time to have qualitative development it is very crucial to stimulate their mind and senses. Children go through various stages where brain changes also occur. There is no doubt abo..

Plants as sources of molecules for pharmaceutical drugs

Jiten SharmaContd from June 10 editionIn addition, toxicological investigations are carried out to evaluate the dose and efficiency, the interaction with human cell and bodily defence system, human tolerance and degree of potential side effects. Such stud..

Oinam lest we forget

OT RamshanThere is no such human rights abuse as that of the Oinam incident in Senapati district in the history of human rights movement in India. It belied all the beliefs and principles enshrined in the Constitution of India. The protectors of the citiz..

Fasten Your Seat Belt ! No more Excuses… No more Justifications…

Rev Fr Hans Igness SDBWelcome aboard ! It is an open invitation to everyone to fasten your seat belt ! Whether you like it or not, seat belt is your lifeline and if it’s not used, just consider you are prone to failure.  As COVID-19 cases rise ..

Tokyo Olympics re-kindle hope for Indian Hockey Team

Zafar IqbalThe Olympic Games in Tokyo is around the corner and there is excitement building up as it draws closer, with the uncertainty dissolving with each passing day. From long before my playing days, the Olympic Games have been a source of inspiration..

Nata Sankirtan Maha Jeigya in the Manipuri society A passage from the Manipuri book Nata Sankritana by Sanakshya Ibotombi Haorokcham

Yumnam SurenContd from previous issueSo, we still can see here and there in the Meitei Society the culture and customs which they believed and followed for many long years inceasantly.When the time honoured monarchy in Manipur had come to an end and it wa..

A garden treat

Kamal BaruahContd from previous issueWages are determined through collective bargaining under the Plantation Labour Act (PLA). They inherited jobs as permanent worker from one generation to the other. By the time, we’re briefed a lucid account of te..

Operation Bluebird - Justice awaited

Carolin Kasar and Osbert KhalingRemembering the Victims who were Killed,in the Hope for Justice.More than three decades have passed since the infamous “Operation Bluebird” at Oinam village, Senapati district. However, the memory is still etche..

Is the third wave that near ?

Birkarnelzelzit ThiyamThird wave ? Again ? Seriously ? – wait, "I would say that a new wave is unlikely, but even if it comes, it will be quite small compared to the second and first waves. Being alert is good, but being alarmed is not," Dr T Jacob ..

Creativity of Manipuri artistes during the pandemic

Rajmani AyekpamToday’s world  is busy fighting Covid-19. It seems all the creative activities of mankind have come to a standstill. Because, to save a human life is far more important than any other day-today activity .  All the cinema and..

Nata Sankirtan Maha Jeigya in the Manipuri societyA passage from the Manipuri book Nata Sankritana by Sanakshya Ibotombi Haorokcham

Yumnam SurenContd from previous issueThe knowledge and skill of Taal Vyavastha and Dhruva Pada etc. of Natya Shastra which are considered to have disappeared from the Indian soil are found to be used very well in Nata Sankirtan even at present.Though not ..

A garden treat

Kamal BaruahContd from previous issueThe lonely hut was covered with tea vegetation which makes the feeling of seeing a wide range of green carpet. Its trunks are thick and gnarled due to regular pruning. Our cousin was Manager and was out for morning hou..

Fear to differ

Fr Paul Lelen HaokipIntroductionThis article does not encourage people to shun from differing. If all are the same, there would not be advancement. The differences in life are useful for progress, an inexhaustible God’s gift for humanity. The psycho..

A garden treat

Kamal BaruahThey sing themselves in perfect harmony; they dance in synchronization to the beats of Madal (two-headed hand drum) while performing during the autumn. The worth noticing part of the dance form are its steps. It’s Jhumur Nach. They work ..

5 Ministers for NE amid COVID-19

Free ThinkerAt dawn an Editor of a very popular daily – WhatsApped me - expressing his worries of the unending pandemic situation of the State–what to do? Still 850 plus, death average near 10 daily , for a population of 35 lacs. Situation is ..

Freedom- the way of life

Dr Sumedha KushwahaIf you can't repair your brakes, just make your horn louder. Funny but trust me, we mostly focus more on things we don’t have by underestimating those we have. Eh ! Did I even have the skills to write ? If I didn’t focus on ..

Nata Sankirtan Maha Jeigya in the Manipuri societyA passage from the Manipuri book Nata Sankritana by Sanakshya Ibotombi Haorokcham

Yumnam SurenContd from previous issueThe Kirtan on Astakal Leela is mainly sung in Ahoratra Kirtan taking the time of a whole day. This is a grand Hari Sankirtan beginning in the morning and ending in the morning of the next day or beinning in the evening..

Cabinet reshufflePM Modi sets off a mid-term course correction ahead of crucial Assembly polls

Lakshmana Venkat KuchiPrime Minister Narendra Modi is right when he says that he is a lucky Prime Minister.And most definitely he and his Government are lucky in that the crisis he faced on multiple fronts–economy and public health in the wake of pa..

Dying tourism in Manipur and a lesson from Himachal Pradesh

Mohendro NandeibamContd from previous issueSitting at home, we sell the beauty of our culture, the beauty of uprightness, the beauty of decency and discipline, the beauty of hospitality and the attraction of humble simplicity. One of the key factors which..

The ‘New Normal’ of the Corona pandemic

Thingnam Rajshree and Rajendra KshetriContd from previous issueWhile the fourth level also known as the tertiary prevention aims at reducing the impact of the established disease by ‘eliminating and reducing disability; minimizing suffering and maxi..

Nata Sankirtan Maha Jeigya in the Manipuri societyA passage from the Manipuri book Nata Sankritana by Sanakshya Ibotombi Haorokcham

Yumnam SurenContd from previous issueof it by the Nata Sankirtan Mahayagya in which all present in the wedding ceremony could avail the benefits equally by all.In case of death, the burning of the dead body was regarded as offering of it to the fire-god w..

Plants as sources of biomolecules for pharmaceutical drugs

Jiten SharmaContd from previous issueometimes, after identification of the chemical structures, molecules are synthesized, thus contributing to precise experiments for evaluating the biological activities. By in vitro tests carried out on specific cell li..

Dying tourism in Manipur and a lesson from Himachal Pradesh

Mohendro NandeibamTourism derives its meaning from Hebrew word ‘torch’ which means ‘search to learn’.  At global level the year 1967 was declared as International Year of Tourism with 27 September being observed as World Touri..

How to use black seed–Kalonji oil for hair problems

Shahnaz HusainKalonji are produced by  Nigella sativa, a flower native to Eastern Europe, Southwest Asia, and the Middle East.Black seed oil is the fixed oil extracted by pressing the seeds of Nigella sativa, an annual flowering plant found in many p..

The ‘New Normal’ of the Corona pandemic

Thingnam Rajshree and Rajendra KshetriContd from previous issuePreventive medicine categorizes four levels prevention each categorizing certain aspects of a disease’s development with the needful interventions to deal with each category respectively..

Nata Sankirtan Maha Jeigya in the Manipuri society

Yumnam SurenTasmat Sankirtanang vigyorjagadmanglaman Mahatamapi kourvya Bindhyeikanlik Nishkritam.The above Sanskrit lines occurring in the sixth skandha, the third chapter and the thirty four sloka of the Shri Madbhagavata Mahapurana signifies that Shri ..

Plants as sources of biomolecules for pharmaceutical drugs

Jiten SharmaContd from previous issueTo evaluate the potential interest of plants and plant derivatives, different approaches can be used. The interest in novel plant molecules is dependent on many cross-linked aspects such as, availability of funds suppo..

The ‘New Normal’ of the Corona pandemic

Thingnam Rajshree and Rajendra KshetriRecalling the story of the ‘The Last Leaf’ by celebrated American writer O Henry, which many of us are acquainted with, one can recall that in the story, Johnsy’s recovery was not just the social, em..

Digital India – Where knowledge is strength

Amitabh Kant Contd from previous issueIn the hinterlands of India, gold coloured beneficiary cards are considered to be life savers for many, doing away with the various pillars and posts that one had to run to for equitable access to healthcare. The Prad..

The role of India’s NE in Regional Cooperation Architecture

Ambar Kumar Ghosh and Anasua Basu Ray ChaudhuryContd from previous issueGiven the delays in operationalising the Kaladan Multi-Modal Trade and Transit Project between India and Myanmar, Ashuganj port in Bangladesh may be used by India as an alternative to..

Plants as sources of biomolecules for pharmaceutical drugs

Jiten SharmaContd from previous issueThey play different roles within plants such as defence against soil micro-organisms, plant viruses and herbivorous animals, and in the process of reproduction by producing flowering pigmentswhich possess strong anti-o..

Plants as sources of biomolecules for pharmaceutical drugs

Jiten SharmaHuman evolution, during the course of time, has been related to continuous increases in primitive as well as advanced technological gains. Humans became capable of living in different environments, getting food and nutrients, and establish liv..

Digital India – Where knowledge is strength

Amitabh Kant About three decades ago, in the idyllic locales of Kerala, I was working in the traditional fisheries sector. In an attempt to enhance returns for fishermen who were getting a mere 20% of the market price of fish, we introduced new technology..

The expedition to Mt Bhagirathi in 2003 (15th Sept-15th Oct)

Dr Shadhana NingthoujamContd from previous issueI came to realize the importance of wearing bright color jackets for identifying us in case anything untoward happens to any of us and dark sunglasses to protect our eyes from snow blindness. The information..

The role of India’s NE in Regional Cooperation ArchitectureAmbar Kumar Ghosh and Anasua Basu Ray Chaudhury

Contd from previous issueIn Routes (1) & (2) [Kolkata-Shilghat-Kolkata] as well as in Routes (3) & (4) [Kolkata-Karimganj-Kolkata], Kolaghat in India has been added. Routes (3) & (4) [Kolkata-Karimganj-Kolkata] and Routes (7) & (8) [Karimg..

Mitigating carbon emissions through innovations in animal husbandry and dairying

Atul ChaturvediContd from previous issueThe most prominent events to showcase the efforts were held on the 2nd of October in the form of awareness generation plays (nukkad), programs on radio, articles on print media, etc. Consequently, an increasing numb..

Shyama Prasad Mukherjee : A preacher of United India

Arjun Ram MeghwalThe saga of India’s exemplary journey as an epitome of the humanist culture is the conjunction of the ideas of the visionary stalwarts raised by this holy land. When the idea of India was contextualizing in the postmodern era, Shyam..

The expedition to Mt Bhagirathi in 2003 (15th Sept-15th Oct)

Dr Shadhana NingthoujamReferring back to the Epic Mahabharata, Maharaja Bhagirathi’s heavy penance in order to liberate his ancestors from their sins paid off and Brahma allowed the Holy Ganga to flow down from Vaikuntha and after long penance and m..

Two movies to savor during the Covid pandemic

Lt Col M Ranjit Singh (Retd)Covid pandemic has been running wild since the last week of March 2020. Lock-down has been in force since then. Initially, we thought lock-down would be for a short duration. Soon we realised it is for a long haul. As a result,..

The role of India’s NE in Regional Cooperation Architecture

Ambar Kumar Ghosh and Anasua Basu Ray ChaudhuryContd from previous issueLinkages via WaterwaysBefore the partition of India in 1947, trade with India’s North Eastern region was mostly through the territories of what is now Bangladesh. Rail and river..

Mitigating carbon emissions through innovations in animal husbandry and dairying

Atul ChaturvediThe World Environment Day celebrations on the 5th of June, once again shone the spotlight on India’s role in global climate leadership. In fact, India was amongst the most prominent participating nations at the Stockholm Conference on..

#NorthEastMatters: Beyond the twitter trend !

TS HaokipA few weeks back, the hashtag #NorthEastMatters was trending on Twitter to highlight the need for concerned authorities to educate people and spread awareness about North East India. The Twitter storm was an initiative of a group of organisations..