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Why commemorate Naga Plesbicite Day, 16th May, 1951 ?

Dr Phungchamnao Ranreiphi KhareiNagas from across the world along with well-wishers like UNPO (Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization), Naga International Support Centre (NISC) joined hands in commemorating the Naga Plesbicite Day 16th May, 1951, ..

Declining moral standards in public life

Oinam Nabakishore Singh, IAS(Retd.)Recent disclosure of one Kumarjit, a fashion designer-turned pimp, while in the custody of a banned outfit on the 18th May, 2024, somewhere in Bishnupur district, which went viral on social media, of the involvement of t..

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) : In top 10 global health threats

Shobha Shukla, Bobby Ramakant– CNSYouth, as key stakeholders in combating AMR, are not only raising the awareness of the public about AMR but also promoting structural and behavioural change in prescription and consumption of antimicrobials. They al..

25 years since (L) PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s visit to RIMS : A look back on a special day

Sanjoy AkoijamThe last year of the 20th century (1999) is a significant year in Manipur’s history. In February of that year, the State hosted the 30th National Games of India- a significant achievement considering the fact that a North Eastern State..

Ukhrul's thirst : Climate change grip tightens on water supply

Addie ChiphangNESTLED amidst the serene hills of Manipur, Ukhrul town stands as a testament to nature's beauty and bounty. With its coordinates marked at 25.12°N 94.37E and an elevation of 1662m (5453ft) above sea level, it boasts the distinction of ..

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) : In top 10 global health threats

Shobha Shukla, Bobby Ramakant– CNSAntimicrobial Resistance (AMR) is already among the top 10 global health threats. "If AMR is going to impact our present and future, then we, the young people, should be most concerned. We have to combat AMR, preven..

Manipuri women in the arena of politics

Ashem ReginaEven one of the greatest Greek philosophers Aristotle excluded women as a citizen during his time. The famous John Rawls Theory of Justice gave cognizance to men who came together and agreed to accept the principles of justice, thereby leaving..

Ownership of responsibility

Oinam Nabakishore Singh, IAS (Retd)It is in full public view that responsibility of restoring peace and normalcy in Manipur is not owned by any institution or authority. This is more than evident from what is on the ground for the last one year in the Sta..

Start UPSC preparation after 12th, you will get success

Vijay Garg Everyone dreams but not everyone can pay the price to fulfill them. Dreams are fulfilled only by those who pay the price for it. One such dream is to become an IAS. To become an IAS, the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts the ..

RSS-BJP fracas

Free ThinkerNadda ji said, “ the party (BJP) has grown from the time it needed the RSS  and now  capable and runs its own affairs …RSS is an ideological front  and does its own work … see the party has grown and everyone h..

Dance of democracy, a miracle in the making!

Shivaji SarkarThe nation wants to know who is forming the government even as the country barges into the fifth phase when voting for over 350 seats would have been completed.Many say the BJP would come back as a whopping 85 percent of the Indian populatio..

National Defence Academy Examination 2024

Ranjan K BaruahOne of the best careers in life is none other than joining the defence forces as an officer and the best option is to appear in the National Defence Academy(NDA) Examination and get selected and become an officer at an early age and serve t..

Handle with care. F.R.I.E.N.D.S inside !

Ranjan Yumnam Every time I want to hear some sweet words, I would reach out to a wonderful friend of mine who has never failed to cheer me up.  Her name is the Devil's Dictionary. She defines friendship like no other. Friendship is "a ship big enough..

Why endangered species matter to us

N Munal MeiteiThe 3rd Friday of May is World Endangered Species Day observed to raise awareness of the continued plight of endangered species and celebrate those that have recovered because of conservation efforts. Globally, many Governments, NGOs and eff..

World Hypertension Day : Cut down sodium intake

Dr Chakshu ChHigh Blood Pressure – Relationship with FoodThere can be hidden sources of salt/sodium, which can unknowingly increase your BP (Blood Pressure).· These are pickles, sauces, ketchup, papad, dry fish/tin fish, cheese processed one, b..

The Lokur Committee Report of 1965 and the ST demand of the Meitei community

Ngaranmi ShimrayThe Advisory Committee on the Revision of Lists for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes chaired by Shri BN Lokur published a report on 25th August, 1965. This is commonly known as the Lokur Committee Report. It reveals several observatio..

Tips to avoid melting makeup in summer months

Shahnaz HusainIt’s summertime and to keep makeup intact in the scorching heat is a big task.With the sun blazing right upon us, the severe heatwave and sweat often lead to bad body odour, melting foundation, sticky skin and sweat trickling down your..

Famous female Mathematicians in India

Vijay GarG Contd from previous issueShe was selected as one of the initial fellows of the American Mathematical Society in 2012.8. Ajit Iqbal Singh:  Ajit Iqbal Singh is one of the women mathematicians in India with specialization in functional analy..

Patriarch subjugation on women: It is gradually diminishing though in slow pace

Ch Priscilla ThiumaiGlobal empowerment on womenThe United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs has already recognized the importance of women to play a vital role for the success of The United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) t..

Our nurses, our future : The economic power of care

Maibam Ranita DeviEach year, ICN leads the celebrations on International Nurses Day, held on 12 May, the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth, this year theme 2024- Our Nurses. Our Future. The economic power of careICN has chosen to focus IND..

Sam Pitroda is absolutely white

Free ThinkerI could not understand why Sam Pitroda was almost expelled from Congress for making a near truth statement about the skin colors of Bharatiyas. Later, he himself stepped down from the Congress’s post of ‘Overseas Head’ though..

Transformative impact of Ayurveda and Yoga on healthcare and therapeutic wellness

Rajiv VasudevanContd from previous issueAyurveda and Yoga are poised to play a strong complementary, integrative role to complete the healthcare value chain, and particularly in primary-secondary-tertiary prevention of non-communicable diseases. Further, ..

Ima Manipur should smile more

Ranjan YumnamWhat is the gender of Manipur? I posed this simple question to one academic friend, and his answer surprised me. He threw another question at me. My friend asked: “You mean locating the gender of Manipur in the critical discourse of Man..

Artificial Intelligence and Environment

N Munal MeiteiArtificial intelligence (AI) is the science and engineering of creating machines that can process large amounts of data to think like humans. The goal for AI is to be able to do things such as reasoning, knowledge representation, planning, l..

Transformative impact of Ayurveda and Yoga on healthcare and therapeutic wellness

Rajiv VasudevanOver the last 10 years Ayurveda and Yoga sectors have seen a quantum leap in awareness, adoption, acceptance, and credibility amongst all stakeholders- consumers, insurance sector, policy makers, health professionals-in India and globally. ..

Career counselling : A life guidance tool

Er Prabhat Kishore(Contd from previous issue)3. Offer guidance (group or individual sessions) on viable career options to students seeking to acquire skill, covering vocational and professional avenues, 4. Career counselling solution be available in multi..

Quest for ST status : Majoritarian approach of ‘By hook or by crook’ has its risk

Ngaranmi ShimrayA disturbing trend has emerged since 2022 in the push by Meitei organisations spearheading the demand for ST (Scheduled Tribe) status. It has become a relay race with the first runner, STDCM (Scheduled Tribe Demand Committee of Manipur), c..

Milk for hair and skin

Shahnaz HusainMilk, a common household item, has been used for many centuries as a natural beauty product. Its benefits for skin have endured the test of time.Milk consists of nourishing and moisturising pro- perties. It helps in maintaining the health of..

Career counselling : A life guidance tool

Er Prabhat KishorePresent day youths have shifted from traditional degree courses to job-oriented vocational and skill training courses. Millions of youth are being trained in a variety of skills through short-term skill training programs in India. Career..

Happy Mother's Day

Bijenti IrengbamMANY OF US don’t remember this, but a long time ago, we lived inside our mothers’ wombs. We were tiny, living human beings. There were two hearts inside our mother’s body: her own heart and our heart. During this time our..

Review of the book : Water Mimosa for sustainable development in south east Asia

BN PandeI have critically gone through the book entitled “Water Mimosa for Sustainable Development In Eastern South and South East Asia”: Authored By: Professor Dr NI Singh and Romesh SagolshemchaDetailed review as under:Section -1: The presen..

Paving victory: Army’s impact on Tamphasana Devi’s Wushu odyssey

HR Cell LeimakhongIn the verdant hills of Manipur, amidst the backdrop of ongoing community clashes, emerges a tale of resilience and triumph personified by Ms Tamphasana Devi. Hailing from the tranquil village of Saitapur in Kumbi gram panchayat, her jou..

Journalism- A thrilling career

Vijay GarG Contd from previous issueCareer OptionsFor those who are interested in this thrilling field of journalism, they can do a course in journalism right after passing the senior secondary examination i.e., 12th standard. One another available option..

African Swine Fever

Dr Terija Rajkumari & Dr Thiyam Ramesh SinghAfrican swine fever is a highly contagious viral disease of the swine population that affects all ages and breeds of pigs and has a high fatality rate in both domestic and wild boars.It has been listed into ..

Dr Giridhari’s “Dynamic library service and trend of social revolution” – A brief review

Ch Ibohal SinghContd from previous issue The author also proposed in the chapter to give more emphasis for the development of rural libraries in North East India. Library associations play a crucial role in the movement and development of libraries. It is..

Journalism- A thrilling career

Vijay GarG Contd from previous issueColumn writers are usually noticed by their constant focus on a single topic and it's important for columnists to develop their own voice that is recognizable by their readership. Columnist particularly writes their vie..

Dr Giridhari’s “Dynamic library service and trend of social revolution” – A brief review

Ch Ibohal SinghBooks on Library and Information Science penned by regional writers from Manipur are very few. Some of the professionals have contributed books in the subject but the number is countable and not encouraging at all. Dr Naorem Giridhari Singh..

Preserving Thang-ta traditions

Khilton Nongmaithem in collaboration with Dainis Jirgensons and Loyd Gore"Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire."-Gustav MahlerThe present-day teaching of Thang-Ta - and many other traditional Manipuri art forms - lack featur..

Manipur’s likely future and resolving ST issue through democratic process

LB SinghContd from previous issueMeitei realized much later the importance of inclusion in the ST list for the existence of the community and Constitutional safeguard for the protection of social practices, culture, and identity and demanded inclusion of ..

Journalism- A thrilling career

Vijay GarG Contd from previous issueHence reporters need to be well aware of the fact.Columns Writers: There is an important place for column writers in all the dailies and weekly publishing’s as well. There can be a wide variety of topics for these..

Top 5 songs to awaken your inner patriot

Ranjan YumnamPicking the top five patriotic Manipuri songs is no easy task or doesn’t even seem like a good idea. At best, it’s like trying to catch the best fish from Loktak Lake using only a Lunghup. The finest might escape and the ones that..

Manipur’s likely future and resolving ST issue through democratic process

LB SinghOver 220 people have lost their lives in the ethnic clash since 03 May 2023, and thousands have lost their homes and livelihoods and are still living in the relief camps. Everyone’s lives in Manipur have been adversely affected, and the Stat..

Article 355 of the Constitution of India

Naorem Umakanta Singh (Advocate)Contd from previous issueThe report is by a person who has held the high and responsible position of Deputy Chief of the Army Staff and is very well equipped to recognize the potential danger or threat to the security of th..

Journalism- A thrilling career

Vijay GarG Contd from previous issueInvestigative Journalism: The most important and famous form, investigative journalism aims at uncovering the true facts about a particular subject, person, or event of public interest. The investigative journalism is b..

We shall overcomeIn memoriam of the happiness we shared!

Squadron Leader Vidula Abhyankar (retd)“Manipur is like a bubble, ma’am it can burst anytime!” One of my new-found friends in Manipur had told me this a long time ago when I was praising the “positive effects of community living..

Election gossip & rumours

Free ThinkerThe Union Home Minister’s last minute announcement in Imphal that Manipur’s territorial integrity will always remain intact saves BJP’s candidate despite voters' numerous grudges against Delhi. Otherwise it could have been a ..

Career in press for freedom of expression

Ranjan K BaruahAll of us have different human rights and there are universal human rights which are applicable around the globe. One of the fundamental human rights is freedom of expression in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Freed..

Article 355 of the Constitution of India

Naorem Umakanta Singh (Advocate)Contd from previous issue“To preserve its independence, and give security against foreign aggression and encroachment, is the highest duty of every nation, and to attain these ends nearly all other considerations are ..

Journalism- A thrilling career

Vijay GarG Contd from previous issueJournalists hold the power to influence the crowds with the first-hand information that they possess. However, there can be some just sitting in their office and collecting some random stuff for the internet and publish..

Renaissance of politics in our youth

Richard PameiIs politics important?- Well, it is not, if we want to see a society decay or if we want to see a society led by a kleptocratic leader. Perhaps one might wonder why I started off with a negative tone in the article. If I may quote Plato from ..