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Facing alien isolation

Kamal BaruahAs I reported to one undisclosed location at the Indo-Pakborder, the Medical Assistant prescribed me to swallow one tablet instantly on the very first day at Field Supper Bar. While I was filled with curiosity, my colleague narrated through a ..

Mount Manipur alias Mt Harriet in Andamans

S BalakrishnanMount Manipur is the new name for Mt. Harriet in Andamans. This was recently announced by Union Home Minister, Shri Amit Shah. The rechristening is in honour of Maharaja Kulchandra Singh and 22 freedom fighters from Manipur, who were deporte..

Loneliness: The unknown effect of the pandemic

Mingyashin ShaizaWorld Mental Health day was celebrated on 10th October, 2021. The overall objective is to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and to mobilize efforts in support of mental health (WHO). As we celebrate World Mental Hea..

The National opportunities and prospects of National Security Studies in Manipur

Aribam Uttam SharmaManipur University offered the National Security Studies (NSS) subject for the first time in 2019. It is a broad subject that deals with India’s internal and external security concerns such as maritime security, international stra..

Why will millions of Buddhist tourists flock to India ?

RK SinhaDuring the past few years, India has witnessed the commencement of operations of several new airports and this trend seems bound to an upward trajectory in the foreseeable future. The Prime Minister has resolved to lay a network of more than 200 a..

Team India-Responding to adversity with achievement

Prime Minister Narendra ModiIndia completed vaccination of 100 crore doses on 21st October 2021, in just about 9 months since starting vaccination. This has been a tremendous journey in dealing with Covid-19, especially when we recall how things stood in ..

The nouveau riche

Kakai SingsitTucked inside my dingy little room away from the world outside and there was darkness smothering all around. It seems this darkness was my lone companion that never stops squinting hard at me. Burnt out with fatigue I reclined to my creaky ch..

Beauty tips and make-up for Karwa Chauth

Shahnaz HusainWith Karwa Chauth right around the corner, it’s time for you to look your best for this special occasion. Karwa Chauth is that special day which grants married women the sanction to look picture perfect from head to toe to stand o..

Why is there a sudden shortage of energy all over the world ?

Vijay Garg Almost the entire world is currently facing an energy crisis.  Lack of natural gas or coal has made meeting energy needs a challenge. In India too, there is talk of a shortage of coal in many power plants.  The State Governm..

Manipur and National Master Plan (Gati Shakti)

Mohendro NandeibamNow we have become wiser after 6 decades of economic battle. The Gati Shakti-National Master Plan of Rs 100 lakh crore, prepared on the basis of hard facts of practical difficulties, is one of the most ambitious initiatives launched by S..

Goat farming: A remunerative enterprise for rural youth

Dr Mangsatabam Norjit SinghGoat is a multi-functional animal and plays a significant role in the economy and nutrition of landless, small and marginal farmers of the country. Goats occupy a unique place among domestic livestock in North Eastern region bec..

Plastic is a blessing in disguise

Depiya ThoudamElection campaigns are going on through the length and breadth of Manipur right now for the upcoming general election. Candidates are making huge promises to the people that they will do this and that if elected. My sister sarcastically says..

Beyond NEET: Allied Health Professions - an emerging and viable career options

Vijay GargContd from previous issueThey contribute to the delivery of health related services for evaluation identification and prevention of disorders. Rehabilitation and health system management studies intimated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (M..

Every girl child must be digitally empowered

Ranjan K BaruahThis year the first medal was won by a female athlete for India in Tokyo Olympics and she is from Manipur. Four years back India got two medals in the Olympics and both were won by female athletes. We are aware that women and girls represen..

Social media, the new 'political battlefield'

G BidyasagarChange is the only constant—HeraclitusThe Greek philosopher knew what he was talking about; he had the clearest picture of the real world problems. He knew nothing was permanent, everything evolves, changes, or is lost in time.This very ..

Flower arrangement : An easy way to relax during COVID-19 pandemic

Dr Gayatri KhangjarakpamContd from previous issueSteps for preparation of flower arrangement· Harvesting : Best time to harvest flowers is in late afternoon or early morning at correct harvest stage according to the flower. The stems should be harves..

Defence manufacturing acquires wings

Rajnath Singh (Minister of Defence)“Deh Shiva var mohe ehe, Shubh karman te kabhun naan Darroon”.It takes a lot of grit, commitment and resolve for initiating and completing any major reform. Changing the status quo while meeting the competing..

My crazy thoughts

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam You are the writer of your life story. If things have not been good so far, you have the capability to change the ending. You are the director of your story, you can change characters. You are the producer of your life. You have the..

Flower arrangement : An easy way to relax during COVID-19 pandemic

Dr Gayatri KhangjarakpamFlower arrangements are an easy way to beautify and make any rooms livelier. It is the artistic display of flowers in a right manner and proportion so that the same may provide maximum pleasure and satisfaction, and create a quite ..

Mirabai Chanu-The daughter of Meira Paibis : A tribute

ZK Pahrii PouMirabai Chanu, You are the Daughter of Meira Paibis. You were born under the vigilant eyes of Meira Paibis amid the harsh patriarchal and militaristic society. You were born in the land where womenfolk had defended the land and food security ..

Our Environment

Themneivah SitlhouContd from last SaturdayRecently, UN General Assembly was held. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a grand speech. India has taken decisive actions to tackle climate change. India committed to cut green house gas emission and it is still d..

The fault in our stars : Critical analysis of health system in Manipur

Lempu RanglaWhen I was a kid, my mom would tell me, “It is already written in your stars by the Pithi*, when you will die, how and where”. Gone are the days when we attribute any events in our lives to Pithi’s predictions and the fault i..

Party manifesto and unemployment allowance

Free ThinkerI have never gone through a manifesto of any party thoroughly and seriously. When we were in the University I once tried to read ‘The Communist Manifesto’ of  Shri Friedrich Engels ji and Shri Karl Marx ji. Originally it was t..

Rabbit farming : Advantages and management

D Hiiveinai Grace, Geetapriya Kh, Praveenchandra S and Y Roshibala DeviRabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) are small mammals of the family Leporidae, order. They are often domesticated as pets and on a commercial basis regarded as livestock. Breeds like New Z..

Welcome signs of economic recovery, but must exercise abundant caution as Covid still lurks

Lakshmana Venkat KuchiFor a Nation not so long ago struggling with the pandemic and its negative impact, the current day economic situation, and few positive signals emanating from the ground are something to feel good about.Economic activity has picked u..

No Health without Mental Health

Prof Dr Ningombam Heramani Singh and Nomita KeisamAt some point in life, seeing a psychologist becomes the need of the hour for many people. People can either seek help from psychiatrists or clinical psychologists who are mental health professionals with ..

Our Environment

Themneivah SitlhouEverything around us is our environment. It is an ecosystem which compasses all living and non-living things. This includes plants, animals, micro-organisms and human beings as well. It also includes abiotic elements such as water, land,..

Reflections on the ‘quasi-federal’ democracy

Aswini K Ray Contd from previous issueWhat is operationally most distorted is the role of Governors: appointed by the Centre, it is political patronage, transforming this constitutional authority of a federal “link” to one of a central “..

Stay healthy by cleaning indoor air

Vijay GargContd from previous issueIt doesn't matter which plant you keep indoors but you have to keep the plants healthy to clean the air with the plants otherwise biological exposure can occur in the house.There is also pollution from the chemicals you ..

World Food Day 2021 : An initiative to end hunger

N Munal Meitei“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.” Mahatma Gandhi.World Food Day is observed on 16th October every year since 1979, during a UN sitting in Quebec, Canada in reme..

Chocolate for skin care

Shahnaz HusainWho doesn’t love chocolates ? Resisting chocolates is hard, no doubt ! Chocolate tastes good and it’s easy to overeat it.Well, it's not just the perfect treat to lift your mood, but a great ingredient for the skin too because you..

Commercial sweet corn production strategies in Manipur

Dr Th Renuka Devi and Prof Ph Ranjit SharmaContd from previous issueIts lutein and beta carotene levels have been linked to cognitive brain function retention.• Phytonutrients found in corn inhibit ACE, lowering the risk of high blood pressure. What..

Reflections on the ‘quasi-federal’ democracy

Aswini K Ray Contd from previous issueMyrdall’s “soft state” is reincarnated in the Pegasus era with fake videos and new instruments of mass distraction and coercion. Galbraith’s “functioning anarchy”, now has greater c..

Stay healthy by cleaning indoor air

Vijay GargContd from previous issueIf you can't afford expensive air purifiers (air filters), start planting plants that can be kept indoors.  Some plants absorb toxic particles from the air.According to R. Suresh, these plants are seen as a good sol..

Journey of Covid vaccination so far told

Dr NK Arora “The country’s existing surveillance experience in handling adverse reactions in the case of children helped immensely” The country has achieved 100 crore vaccination milestones in less than 10 months. How is this going ..

Minimising wastage : An environment-friendly behaviour

Fr Paul Lelen HaokipWe all have come across words or items like wastage, garbage, sewage, electronic waste, solid waste, biomedical waste, chemical waste, industrial waste, time waste, etc. One of the pressing needs of the modern era is ‘how to mana..

Commercial sweet corn production strategies in Manipur

Dr Th Renuka Devi and Prof Ph Ranjit SharmaAgriculture sector contributes a major share to the total State domestic product and provides employment to about 22.13 percent (according to 2011 census) of the total population in Manipur.  There are 18 (e..

Reflections on the ‘quasi-federal’ democracy

Aswini K Ray Events coinciding with the jubilee of India’s Independence draw attention to the federal structure of India’s Constitution, which is a democratic imperative of multi-cultural India, where the constituent units of the sovereign sta..

Stay healthy by cleaning indoor air

Stay healthy by cleaning indoor air..

The man with a golden heart

Kakai SingsitOn the 22nd December, 2019 a man of substance was heading home for Christmas but stopped over at Motbung Baptist Church and attended the morning service. The unannounced visit of this stranger flanked by gun-toting escorts and a host of retin..

Why are students moving from Pvt schools to Govt schools amid Covid-19 ?

Vijay Garg Many parents who face financial problems due to Covid-19 have shifted their children to Government schools from private schools. The primary reason for the same is the high fees being charged by private schools.Many parents feel that since clas..

Wildlife conservation in India: Steps taken

Smriti ChandContd from previous issue(vi) To impose restrictions on export and import of wildlife products and severe punishment to be given to those who indulge in this activity.(vii) To develop game sanctuaries for specific wild animals or for general w..

Entrepreneurship development through Mushroom production

Dr Sumitra Phurailatpam In North East Hill Region (NEH) of India mushrooms have been consumed since time immemorial. In the present diet conscious era, mushrooms are increasingly considered as a future vegetable. People used to eat a variety of edible mus..

Modi’s 77 Ministers working for J&K’s future just as for all of New India

Rajeev ChandrasekharI visited J&K for the first time ever recently in the last week of September. It is telling in many ways that for all these years – as I travelled across the country and world, I couldn’t/didn’t visit J&K. Sad..

Earthquake : Causes and precautions

Prabhat KishoreEarthquake i.e. the slightest shaking of the earth can cause immense loss of lives and properties. However, it is an indisputable truth that deaths occur mostly due to unsafe constructions. Earth’s geographical structure, variations a..

Career options in Mental Health

Ranjan K BaruahContd from previous issueSkills which are required include compassion, empathy, critical thinking, active listening, effective communi-cation, etc. Patience is a must as one needs to work in different situations which are very challenging. ..

Wildlife conservation in India: Steps taken

Smriti ChandContd from previous issuePopulation growth, the expansion of agriculture and livestock raising, the building of cities and roads, and pollution are among the many pressures on the natural habitat of wildlife. Along with illegal hunting, habita..

The steeper climb for female aspirants to civil services

Thounaojam LuwangambaEvery year female aspirants from Manipur crack the prestigious UPSC Civil services examination. The other side of this proud achievement is that many female aspirants also quit their dreams of cracking this exam and are left behind. I..

Change your mindset to change your enemies

Birkarnelzelzit ThiyamAre you going through something tough now ? Are you now at the line where you want to end your life ? If so, throw yourself in the sea, you will find yourself struggling to survive. You are not really wanting to kill yourself but som..

Career options in Mental Health

Ranjan K BaruahWhen we are hurt or feel uneasy or get fever or other symptoms then we consult doctors for our wellbeing. Physical health can be easily accessed and the cause of various health problems can be identified.  There is a challenge when it ..

Should schools be re-opened ?

Vijay GargContd from previous issueAttempts have certainly been made to address this shortfall but it has been insufficient.Research has also shown that children are going through psychological stress and impact, although adults are not immune and no coun..

Wildlife conservation in India: Steps taken

Smriti ChandContd from previous issueAs a result several species of animals have been pronounced extinct and several others are on the verge of it. Deforestation is also one of the main reasons for the loss of wildlife. Mass scale killings of wild animals..

Nobel for journalists, Wow !

Free ThinkerIt is really great to hear the incredible news that two journos have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The reason for giving this coveted prize to them is that they fought for the freedom of press despite tremendous odds and coercion. They a..

World Mental Health Day 2021

Prof Dr N Heramani Singh and Dr Seram Chaoba DeviWorld Mental Health Day is observed on 10th October every year to sensitize, prioritize and focus on important aspects of public mental health.DO YOU KNOW?1) Mental health is more than the absence of mental..

Karmayogi Modi - An inspiration for 135 crore Indians

Piyush GoyalPrime Minister Narendra Modi began his illustrious track record in governance two decades ago, from Gandhinagar during which he selflessly served first the people of Gujarat and since 2014 our Nation. He was born in Vadnagar not far from Gandh..

Three Durgas – Micro, Small & Medium

S BalakrishnanThe Dashara festivity is a pan-Indian celebration though known by various names and observed in honour of different Gods. In the Eastern belt it is more pompously observed as Durga Puja while in the North it is celebrated as Ram Leela. In So..

A half day ordeal with the world and Facebook

James MayengbamFacebook was down for 6 hours along with Instagram & WhatsApp. A helpless world turned to Twitter, Signal, Clubhouse, wechat and few other apps. Meantime Facebook took a dip in the stock value by about 4.89% and Zuckerberg lost $7 billi..

Myths about hair care

Shahnaz HusainWe keep hearing so many beauty care solutions and claims that soon we start wondering which ones are true and which are not. A time comes when you have to separate the facts from the myths, so that we can care for our skin or hair properly. ..

Ashtalakshmi: North East on the path of progress

BL VermaEight States of North Eastern Region (NER) known as Ashtalakshmi today is more peaceful than ever. Insurgency, law and order problem including extortions are things of the past. Lot of credit goes to the current regime which has built up infrastru..

'The World of India's First Archaeologist'Edited by Upinder Singh, throws light on the place of archaeology in the politics of colonial India

Upinder SinghThis book opens a third, remarkable window, revealing unknown facets of the life and career of Alexander Cunningham and the history of Indian archaeology during its crucial formative stage. In 2005, Victoria Memorial Hall, a premier museum an..

Career in Tourism for Inclusive Growth

Ranjan K BaruahThough the recent pandemic has brought challenges to the tourism industry but it can again build back better after pandemic as there would be more domestic tourist than foreign tourist in our region. We are aware that tourism is one of the ..

The new addiction of the 21st century

Vijay GargMany technocrats, such as Steve Jobs, send their children to schools in the San Francisco Bay Area where the use of technology is banned.  Perhaps they are aware of the dangers of using technology in the early years of their lives.  Ma..

World Teachers’ Day 2021: Theme, history, significance

Shailaja Tripathi World Teachers’ Day 2021: World Teachers’ Day or commonly known as International Teachers’ Day is observed every year globally on October 5. The day raises the issues and concerns related to the teachers and teaching. W..

Bring a bit of the North-East into your kitchen

Rituparna RoyContd from previous issueKnown for its high curcumin content (around 9-12%), this powerhouse of a spice comes from the farms of Trinity Saioo, who was awarded the Padma Shri in 2020 for leading the turmeric revolution in the west Jaintia Hill..

The Future of Work

Sandeep GoyalContd from previous issueMuch like my nephew.This is visible both in falling office-vacancy rates, rising residential rents and soaring real estate prices.We could also witness the arrival of a work-from-anywhere model in which employees coul..

Ashtalakshmi States : From looking to acting

G Kishan ReddyAs early as November, 2014, while flagging off the first passenger train into Meghalaya, Prime Minister Narendra Modi referred to the eight States of India’s North-Eastern Region as the “Ashtalakshmi” States. The Prime Mini..

Breeding management of dairy cows for profitable farming

Saidur Rahman; Kalyan Sarma and Fazal Ali AhmedDairying is an important source of subsidiary income to small/marginal farmers and agricultural labourers. To achieve the desired management efficiency, the farmer has to pay adequate attention to selection o..

Why BJP and why not BJP in Manipur ?

Paotinlen Chongloui (Lenn)As of 2021, the BJP is entrenched deep in the political firmament of the North East India. This is nothing new for the region which has seen parties ruling the Centre rule its capitals. It has never been a partnership of equals b..

Bring a bit of the North-East into your kitchen

Rituparna RoyOn a trip to Meghalaya in 2019, I found myself scouting the local markets for fermented bamboo shoots, native peppercorns and forest honey to bring back to my Mumbai home. My journey into the little-known, fascinating world of North Eastern c..

The Future of Work

Sandeep GoyalMy nephew was working in a pretty decent job at a large global broadcast network when the pandemic got him to start working from home.Rather than languish all alone in his small paying guest accommodation, and cook his own food, he winged his..

Are we really Independent or free?

Kaustov KashyapThis year we celebrated the 75th independence day of our country, which means that it is the diamond jubilee of our freedom. Now, the term ‘diamond jubilee’ carries weight due to its symbolic and literal meaning. Diamond has a g..

Yuva Shakti - Sports to Start-ups

Nisith PramanikSports in India have emerged as a paramount sector to showcase its youth talent and enhance the nation’s visibility among other countries. Besides focussing on sports infrastructure, management, sports talent nurturing, and internatio..

Making Indian lives easier

Amitabh Kant & Amit Kapoor2019 was a year of celebration for the women of Nandan Nagar, a locality in Agartala, the capital city of Tripura. Under the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana, LPG gas connections made their way into the kitchens of several BPL h..

5th October is World Teachers’ Day Teachers at the heart of education recovery

Ranjan K BaruahThe recent pandemic has impacted negatively amongst students as schools and other educational institutions are closed due to lock down. Students are not attending classes and teachers are also facing challenges to reach out to students in r..

Wildlife Week, the celebration of nature

N Munal MeiteiThe world is facing multifarious challenges in conservation of wildlife but still trying to protect the critical species and eco-regions for the last many decades. The 67th Wildlife Week is celebrated across India between 2nd to 8th October ..

Who are the core group of your circle ?

Birkarnelzelzit ThiyamWho matters to you in life? There are so many people whom you meet and become acquaintances with but there are few people who actually impact you. These people form your inner circle, the core group which actually has an influence ov..

Resetting reforms for a resilient and inclusive New India

Nirmala SitharamanThe Indian economy is seeing rapid changes, particularly in the last seven years, that are transformational. Time does not give us the luxury for gentle incremental changes which are less disruptive. Moving India away from debilitating s..

Night inspection of Prime Minister

Free ThinkerConventional inspection is perhaps known to all. But inspiring inspection is not known to many. In our State, inspections are being conducted by the Ministers and high ranking officers to see the position, progress and performance of anything...

To love is to let go

Dr Sumedha KushwahaWe strive too hard to find sense in things and to bring them to fruition. And this excessive need to bring about a definition and definitiveness spoils the present moment and the true essence of things. The idea of conversion of a compa..

Gandhi Account

S BalakrishnanIn Tamil there is this sarcastic phrase “Gandhi Account (Kanakku)” that links the sacrosanct name of Gandhi to irrecoverable amount/bad debt. There are two versions for this negative connotation, though the origin was well meant...

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi – The architect of transformation of India’s energy ecosystem

RK SinghContd from prev issueTo promote domestic manufacturing and reduce import dependence for RE equipment, Production Linked Incentives were launched in 2021 to promote manufacturing of high efficiency solar PV modules, including the upstream verticals..

Allaying fear of people, strengthening law and order and peace, the need of the hour

Lakshmana Venkat KuchiBy and large, North East has been relatively peaceful for the past few years if one compared it to the times when heightened insurgency afflicting many areas there.There is a direct correlation between peace and progress, the benefit..

Gandhiji : As a Journalist

Prabhat KishoreMohan Das Karamchand Gandhi was a great journalist & media crusader, not only because he was great in so many ways and his greatness was total, but because he had a great journalist's gift of expression and communication.Journalism is n..

An experience with 10 days stay in Covid Care Centre

Prof N Irabanta SinghThe first dose Covid-19 Covidsheild vaccination was received by my wife and myself on9th April, 2021 (Friday) at JNIMS Hospital, Porompat, Imphal East, Manipur. And second dose was also received on 13th July, 2021 (Batch No. 412IMC011..

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi – The architect of transformation of India’s energy ecosystem

RK SinghContd from prev issueIn COP 21 in Paris, India had also pledged that it will bring down the emission intensity of its economy by 33% as compared to 2005 levels.  We are well on our way to achieving this. Under the LED Programme (UJALA), over ..

Vitamins for beauty

Shahnaz HusainMaintaining a bright, clear and youthful complexion doesn't just come down to a good skincare routine, regular facial massage, or the right products to boost your glow. To help keep your skin looking, working, and feeling good, feed it well ..

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi – The architect of transformation of India’s energy ecosystem

RK SinghElectricity has emerged as an essential requirement – almost as necessary as air or water.  Nothing runs without it – whether it is lights or ventilators or lifts or radars.  Electricity is essential for industrialisation, gr..

Urbanisation as an Opportunity

Hardeep S PuriContd from previous issueA mandatory provision for a toilet has in one stroke addressed the security concerns of the girl child that was real but silently endured. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan announced on August 15, 2014 by the Prime Minister Shri..

Redistribution, but not at the cost of growth

Amitabh KantContd from previous issueThere has been a paradigm change since then, primarily over the past few years. A key differentiator over the past few years has been a focus on service delivery, accountability and transparency, enabled through techno..

The cowboy dream

Kakai SingsitOn Sunday morning devotion service the chaplain of the school asked each and every hosteller what our ambition in life was. The answer was monotonous and identical with IAS and IPS occupying the uno numero slot, whereas the rest wanted to be ..

Transition to organic farming : Pest and disease management

Rebecca Lalbiakngheti RalteConventional agricultural systems increase food production per acre 0.4ha but can deplete natural resources and degrade crop and environmental health. By implementing organic farming as an alternative production system, growers ..

Urbanisation as an Opportunity

Hardeep S PuriUrbanisation is universally acknowledged as a challenge confronting Governments across the world in differing forms and magnitude. By 2050, the UN estimates that India will have experienced the highest urbanisation, with its urban population..

India marches on towards Swastha, Shashakt and Samruddh Bharat

India marches on towards Swastha, Shashakt and Samruddh Bharat..

Redistribution, but not at the cost of growth

Amitabh KantContd from previous issueNow that we have established that the state of the economy is crucial in determining tax collections, we can infer that to increase tax collections, boosting the economy, i.e., increasing the size of the economic pie i..

Zeliangrong and Athuan Abonmai

PakinrichapboThe cold blooded murder of late Athuan Abonmai former President of Zeliangrong Baudi (Assam, Manipur and Nagaland) on the 22 nd of September 2021 will go down in the history of the Zeliangrong people as a darkest period in this 21st century. ..

World Heart Day Use heart to connect

World Heart Day Use heart to connect..

Probable future of learning

Fr Paul Lelen HaokipThis article will see the shift from the present learning situation and its possible near future. Learning can be knowing new phenomena or correcting inaccurate information about phenomena already learnt. Both are equally important for..

India marches on towards Swastha, Shashakt and Samruddh Bharat

Mansukh MandaviyaLast week, India achieved two major milestones under World’s Largest Vaccination Drive-by administering 2.5 crore COVID-19 vaccine doses in a single day on 17th September, the highest in a day, globally, and by crossing cumulative c..

Redistribution, but not at the cost of growth

Amitabh KantIn the years since Independence, redistribution of wealth took priority over economic growth in India. However, the redistribution policies failed to make a serious dent in poverty levels, and kept economic growth subdued. While the liberalisa..

A tribute to Padmashri Thongram Haridas Singh

Salam Rupachandra SinghThere had been a long association with Padmashri Thongram  Haridas Singh who left this world on the 15th of September  2021. Vivekananda Kendra, Imphal of which headquarters is at Kanyakumari led us to be near with Pabung...