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Tribal heritage-The traditional textiles and costumes of Maring Naga tribe of Manipur

Joymati Thoudam and Dr Ritu MathurThe tribes of Manipur have been known for their cultural and traditional vibrancy through their rich heritage of arts and crafts. Amongst the tribes of Manipur, Maring tribe possesses an eminent status for their tradition..

Feminism and India

Kaustov KashyapContd from previous issueFor example, professions like engineering, aviation, and military are considered masculine and professions like teaching, fashion designing, and homemaking are considered feminine. Stereotyping in family roles inclu..

Covid : The second visit

Yambem LabaWhen the second Covid wave came knocking on the doorsteps of Manipur, the Sarkar gave an almost knee jerk reaction. It made a Covid free certificate compulsory for every returnee, the test to have been conducted 72 hours earlier. This was indee..

Celebrate life before it's gone

Birkarnelzelzit ThiyamCut more cakes, blow more candles, say I love you to people whom you love, be kind, give more generously, help people, kiss and hug your children, talk to your parents, don’t grudge people or the life you got, put makeup, wear ..

The advent of highly infectious and deadly COVID-19 second wave

Khelsoril WanbeFor a short while, we thought normal times were going to be back again after having been under the dark shadows of Covid-19 for months in 2020. People wished and greeted ‘Happy New Year’ at the beginning of 2021. But, all of a s..

Feminism and India

Kaustov KashyapIt’s common to hear the word “feminism” in the course of our usual dining table conversations and newsroom debates. This word is one of the most misused and misunderstood words of all time. What exactly does feminism mean ..

How to prepare for UPSC Civil Services Examination without coaching ?

Vijay GarGContd from last SaturdayThis will allow you to finetune the preparation and readjust that part which is relevant. Going through PYQs will help you in mastering the art of relevant studying. So, when you actually start preparing for the exam from..

Why is there a pain in hand?

Dr KK PandeyContd from previous issueBesides these facilities of investigations, an ultramodern ICU facility must be there in the hospital  Various modes of treatmentIn majority of the cases, with pain and tingling sensation in hand, immediate surger..

Hawkers are also frontline workers

Free ThinkerYes, we do agree that journos are frontline workers. Particularly in our State they are always in the frontline and quite often beaten by both the lawed & outlawed. In addition, they are now under tremendous threat from the virus which is ..

What would mother earth say on Mothers’ Day

Fr Paul Lelen HaokipIntroductionEach year, the International Mothers’ Day celebration, falling during the spring season reminds us of the caring, nurturing, procreating qualities of mothers – humans, animals, insects, the earth. At this horrif..

Farsighted leadership

Dr Sumedha KushwahaThere was a time when it was believed that earth was the centre of the Universe. Galileo Galilei, the famous Italian physicist and astronomer challenged this theory and began publishing papers that it is actually the sun, which is the c..

Media must thank SC for refusing to impose curbs in Court reporting

Lakshmana Venkat KuchiThursday, the May 6th is the day that the Supreme Court stepped in to reiterate once and for all the right to freedom of speech and expression, especially when it came to the right of the media to report on all of the Court proceedin..

When life does not make sense !

Thangminlun HaokipOut of nowhere, life begins! Into nowhere, would life end ! This is the mystery of life itself. At some point of time, life seems so meaningless and pointless, as if  we’re falling into a deep abyss of the unknown world- where..

Why is there a pain in hand?

Dr KK PandeyContd from previous issueIf hand has pain with discoloration of fingers tooThis condition is prevalent in those people who are addicted to tobacco use or who have been smoking for many years. Tobacco has an element called Nicotine in it, that ..

Fighting the invisible enemy: MoD’s response to COVID-19 surge

Rajnath Singh (Union Defence Minister)The surge of Covid-19 cases during the last 2-3 weeks has resulted in once in a century crisis.  Sensing the emergency situation, the whole Government machinery immediately swung into action by mobilizing all pos..

Avoiding common makeup mistakes

Shahnaz HusainEverybody makes mistakes, but  make-up lovers definitely need a bit more practice as  they seem to happen at the worst possible moment like when you’re running late for a kitty party. Women have good instincts when it comes t..

Rita’s prayer and plea

Tungshang NingreichonWith death gripping the cities one can get desperate foraging for hope and stories which promise that ‘this too shall pass.’Rita Shimprui, a mother of a five-year-old daughter, works in a Delhi hospital as a Lab technician..

India's COVID-19 variant: What we know so far

Veronica Hackethal, MD Contd from previous issueIn contrast, a "variant of concern" is defined as one that has been associated with or has demonstrated increased transmissibility, increased virulence, a change in clinical disease, or decreased effectivene..

Why is there a pain in hand?

Dr KK PandeyNow-a-days you will find people frequently complaining of pain in hand. Either their wives or parents do suffer from pain in hand quite often. Sometimes people complain of both pain and swelling in hand simultaneously. Sometimes the pain in ha..

India's COVID-19 variant: What we know so far

Veronica Hackethal, MD Dubbed the "double mutant" variant and announced barely one month ago, already researchers are trying to figure out whether it could be causing the surge in cases -- and what that could mean for the rest of the world."We need to kee..

The issue of indigeneity: Who are the indigenous ?

Janghaolun HaokipThe Issue of Indigeneity has been an endless debate, particularly in the State of Manipur settled by three major groups of people viz. the Kukis, the Meiteis, and the Nagas, who firmly believe or so resolutely express that they are indige..

The Left party here need to go in for a thorough overhaul

Dr Arambam Birajit  Political parties of India including those with a presence in Manipur, at present, can be categorized into three blocs, the largest bloc-BJP and its allies, 2nd bloc – Congress and 3rd bloc-CPI- CPI (M) led Left parties. The..

Medicinal plant resources within Indo-Burmese mega-biodiversity region

Jiten SharmaContd from previous issueThey react rapidly with other compounds capturing electrons needed to gain stability. Molecules without unpaired electrons themselves become free radicals and the beginning of a chain reaction occurs. A free radical ca..

Mental stress of virtual learning: Need for change in learning methods

Vijay GargContd from previous issueThey are skipping assignments, surfing the internet during classes, and simply not paying attention.A case for playful learningThe missing ingredients? Peer interactions and a sense of belonging. Kids learn as much from ..

Sanakeithel : A haven to think through

Rekha KonsamThe movie ‘Sanakeithel’ marks the directorial debut of Maibam Amuthoi Singh. Released in 1983, the film is based on a story penned by Nongmaithem Pahari Singh and produced by Th. Doren Singh. It is one of the most memorable product..

Kali Bari Memoirs Kali Temple, books, walls & the recent Assembly election in West Bengal

Homen ThangjamI had passed through Kolkata as a transit route 14 times between 1985-86 and 1991-92 when it was known as Calcutta during my school days in Tamil Nadu. Except for one occasion in 1992, I spent my time in the noisy-ancient city either at the ..

Medicinal plant resources within Indo-Burmese mega-biodiversity region

Jiten SharmaIndia’s workforce (65% population under 35 years; Average age: 28) at 2020 as per CNBC, TCS and CREDIT SUISSE having greater demographic dividend over China (Average age 37), US (Average age 40) and Japan (Average age 44) needs to mainta..

The safer side of love

Birkarnelzelzit ThiyamShe parked her scooty outside the small restaurant, stormed inside towards him and asked him “Do you miss me even a bit”? The boy remained silent. The girl was already angry and now perplexed too, thinking - does he reall..

Listen to parents and do what you think is right

Bretina RajkumariExams are finally over and we are going to start exploring new things which interest us. I want to try my hand at writing to learn and hone my writing skills. It has never been easy for us to get whatever we wish for. There are various ty..

The Right and the Wrong

Janghaolun Haokip  Contd from previous issueThe answer thus lies in the effort to find the ‘between’ between the two. It is clear that the question of right and wrong cannot wholly rely on one individual’s perception, and nor can it..

Beauty behaviours during pandemic

Shahnaz Husain As women look for ways to spend their time stuck at home during the pandemic, beauty routines have been a focus for some. From advancing their skincare routine to giving themselves a haircut, women  have taken their beauty and per..

Pandemic pushes Manipuri artistes to the brink

Rajmani AyekpamIt is said that artistes are the mirror of the society. So, any artifact is the mirror of the individual artiste as well as the society itself where he/she belongs. Every civilized society or country encourage to develop growth of artistic ..

The big numbers that could decide whether Mamata returns

Maitreesh GhatakThe long-drawn ongoing Assembly elections in West Bengal close amidst the alarming Nationwide surge in Covid-19 cases. In about a week, we will find out whether the ruling Trinamool Congress can hold on to power for another five years, or ..

How did the second wave of Corona come and why was it not controlled ?

Vijay GargA survey by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research has revealed four key points that may help to understand the dire state of the Covid-19 in the country, perhaps to curb the ever-increasing corona.  Find a way to help.  On..

India’s problem is its romance with informality

Manu JosephContd from previous issueIdeally, all this should not surprise us, but the one dignity we offer ourselves is the right to be surprised by our country. As though we have seen far better times.We are good at following a system if the clear conseq..

Why Panchayati Raj Divas 2021 was observed as Black Day

Seram Neken India is known to be the largest democracy in the world with a large population spread across different States. The Legislators and Executives at the level of State Government do not get to know the real problems, troubles and issues faced by ..

Myanmar’s coup and violence explained

Russell GoldmanMilitary leaders’ initially restrained response to the first waves of protests, civil disobedience and general strikes has grown more forceful over time, escalating into a brutal effort to put down the movement that has so far left th..

India’s problem is its romance with informality

Manu JosephIn the end, India will contain the pandemic. In the end, all morbid curves will flatten. A day will come when there is not one Covid death in India, and that would not be because there are no Indians left. In the end, India solves all its probl..

23rd April was World Book and Copyright Day

Ranjan K BaruahContd from previous issueSince 2000, World Book and Copyright Day has inspired another initiative of professional organizations which receives the assistance of UNESCO and backing from States: World Book Capital City. Each year a city is ch..

Sailing on choppy water

Yambem Laba The United Naga Council of Manipur has declared that Chief Minister N Biren Singh’s Government is not welcome in the State’s hill areas. For some time, the CM’s programme of “Go to the Hills and Go to the Villages”..

Acceptance of life and death

Sanjoo ThangjamHow can we overcome our fear of growing old and of death ?It has become an important question in our society where the population of the elderly has been increasing. But this is not the problem that has begun now. It has been a problem sinc..

23rd April was World Book and Copyright Day

Ranjan K BaruahFrom childhood and till now one of the things that come to our mind is none other than books. Books are not only important for students but for any human being to learn new things and move ahead in life. Reading books is a hobby for many ar..

Boon or Bane ? Promoting students without examinations

Vijay GarGThe ongoing second wave of Covid-19 pandemic is changing the way the world functions.Should students be promoted without exams ?Examinations, tests, assignments are words that are probably dreaded by almost every student across the world. The be..

Exposed: Wolf in sheep's clothing - tobacco industry’s greenwashing attempts thwarted

Shobha Shukla and Bobby Ramakant (Citizen News Service)At a time when the entire world is reeling under a severe public health emergency, the tobacco industry is not leaving any stone unturned to protect and expand its markets of products that are proven ..

Be patient for sustainable career

Ranjan K Baruah Contd from prev issue The use of technology properly will enhance the employability skills. One may also think of learning another language. One of the best things is investing the time instead of wasting the time. Most of us waste the tim..

Death is just a friend

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam“I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it,” says Mark Twain. If we really think that home is elsewhere and that th..

On Covaxin, India’s own vaccine

Kamala Thiagarajan Contd from last Saturday Which other countries have ordered Covaxin?Bharat Biotech has signed deals with Ocugen, a US based biopharmaceutical company, to produce the vaccine for the US market, and Precisa Medicamentos to supply to Brazi..

What an idea KitKatji

Free ThinkerKit Kat -We are launching two new packs as soon as possible to bring to light the best of these destinations. These packs celebrate Keibul  Lamjao National Park, Manipur and Balpakram National Park, Meghalaya. We thank you for your unders..

The life of Mahavir Bhagwan

Mahavir, who was born in Kundagrama, was the son of Trishala, the queen of King Siddhartha, the renowned ruler of the Vaishali republic. He was born 2600 years ago. The occasion of his birth was celebrated with great rejoicing not only by his parents, kin..

True story of a “Magical Locket”

Dr Sumedha KushwahaYou are the finest creation of God. The supreme power who created you, supposedly could not go wrong. Since you were required on this planet, you have been designed and crafted the way you are. So, when you place even an ounce of doubt ..

On loss of RSS Pracharak Gourishankar Chakraborty

Salam Rupachandra SinghContd from previous issueIn Manipur too, the Sangh activities had stepped in the early seventies (as witnessed by the author) with the efforts of one Shri Bhaskar Kulkarni and thereafter, Shri MM Ashokan etc. Prior to it, others mig..

Be Patient for Sustainable Career

Ranjan K Baruah We have been publishing about career options and opportunities but at present our students are concerned about the pandemic situation which has come once again . We are yet to recover from last year’s losses and the fresh entry recen..

Saving lives is as important as saving jobs and livelihoods

Lakshmana Venkat KuchiHas India been caught napping on the Covid front ? And that too when one had a whole year to prepare for a second wave, especially given the experience of other Nations that have gone through the pain of the pandemic and its successi..

On loss of RSS Pracharak Gourishankar Chakraborty

Salam Rupachandra SinghRastriya Swayamsevak Sangh, RSS in short was founded by Dr Keshav Baliram Hedgewar and the lineage was immediately maintained by Madhavrao Sadashivrao Golwalker. They are known as Doctorji and Guruji in short. The aim of this Organi..

April 24th -30th is World Immunization Week Vaccines enable us to live healthy

Ranjan K BaruahThe common buzz around at present is vaccine. People are taking vaccines to protect from the pandemic. Initially vaccination started with the frontline workers and now people above the age of 45 are taking it. Soon individuals above the age..

Employment opportunities with vocational course after 10th class

Vijay GargThere are many vocational courses that can be done after ten to get on your feet.  These courses are low cost and short, which are accessible to every child.  After passing 10th, sometimes due to lack of proper counselling, children ar..

Let us take action for the Planet

Ranjan K BaruahWe are all worried as the virus is causing more issues. People have become more concerned as it has hit once again. There is no doubt that all of us are worried but at the same time Mother Nature and the planet are also under pressure. The ..

Natural facial at home for glowing skin this summer

Shahnaz HusainEvery year, summers take a toll on the skin.  The burning sun and hot winds tend to damage the natural skin glow and make it dull, rough and dark. An increase in temperatures during the summer months, combined with humidity and heat end..

Screening for common cancers-how, whom and when to do it

Dr Ayekpam Anil Meetei Non communicable diseases are now responsible for the majority of global deaths. According to estimate of World Health Organization, it is the second leading cause of death in the world. Cancer incidence and mortality are rapidly gr..

Khongjom Numit :Remembrance of the last battle of Manipur

Dr Budha KameiThe Khongjom Numit is observed on the 23rd April every year to pay rich tributes to the great warriors who laid down their lives to safeguard the freedom of the land during the Anglo-Manipur of 1891. They are martyrs. Lack of unity among the..

Board exams must be scrapped permanently

Vijay Garg  Is it really necessary to conduct Board exams ? What purpose do they serve ? Taking this year into account, Board exams for Class 10 students stand cancelled, and in some cases postponed, for two consecutive years—have there been an..

Eliminating illicit tobacco trade is a step towards #EndTobacco and SDGs

Shobha Shukla and Bobby Ramakant, CNSContd from MondayShe called on South Africa to ratify the global treaty for eliminating the illicit tobacco trade and substantially increase tobacco taxes to boost public health and to make up for the revenue loss.Dr M..

Four great plays of the tragic playwright

Dr Salam Shantibala DeviContd from previous issueFull of Pathos, the letter is heart rending. She beseeches her brother to return home and clean his blood stained hands. A blend of the stylized and realistic mode of production, the most outstanding qualit..

Politics in keeping the ADC elections pending

Kharingyo Naga ShimrahContd from previous issue1. Governor as the head of the State has to protect the tribal rights and political interest of the tribal people in the hill districts of Manipur. Please remember, I give my vote to represent my voice for 5 ..

How close is the gender gap in India (WEF 2021) ?

Sharatchandra HaobijamContd from previous issueEvery effort must be directed towards achieving gender parallelism by facilitating women in leadership and decision-making positions. Social protection programmes should be gender-responsive and account for t..

How close is the gender gap in India (WEF 2021) ?

Sharatchandra HaobijamOn March 31, the World Economic Forum (WEF) released its annual Gender Gap Report 2021.The Global Gender Gap report is an annual report released by the WEF. The gender gap is the difference between women and men as reflected in socia..

Politics in keeping the ADC elections pending

Kharingyo Naga ShimrahWhy is the Government of Manipur trying to extend ADC election in Manipur ? Why is the Governor of Manipur, who is a guardian of Article 371 (C) 1971 Act still silent when tribal people’s Constitutional rights are being denied ..

Four great plays of the tragic playwright

Dr Salam Shantibala DeviContd from previous issueIt is a new concept of expressing ones’ love for one’s motherland in which the tragedy in devotion to the motherland has been changed into a narrative of happy ending. There is a need to study B..

To get vaccinated or not …

S BalakrishnanSomeone asked a very nasty question, “Don’t you write on current/topical issues? You mostly write recalling your rotten nostalgic memories or boast about your travels or write about anything by the cut & paste technique from ..

The shades of love

Birkarnelzelzit ThiyamThe Dalai Lama says, “the greatest degree of inner tranquility comes from the development of love and compassion. The more we care for the happiness of others, the greater is our own sense of well-being.” But again, expec..

Four great plays of the tragic playwright

Dr Salam Shantibala DeviContd from previous issue At this point one thing became quite certain to me that the success of such a solo performance starts in the writing stage. But the difficulty rises when one faces the art of playwrighting regarding s..

The modern Olympic Games : Relevance in the present society

Professor Dhaneshwar MoirangthemContd from prev issueWhatever you do, you should always try to bring the best out of you. If you are able to do so, medals will follow you. I would like to remind the readers what  Sachin Tendulkar (The Batting Maestro..

Koubru & Ram Temple

Free ThinkerPeople believe that Lord Ram was born and brought up in Ayodhya and later he became the king of Ayodhya. And he was also an incarnation of Lord Vishnu – the one of the Trinity – Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswar (Shiv). You can’t q..

Vibe- Silence- Freedom : Talk less, feel more!

Dr Sumedha KushwahaGod swear, human relationships is the most complicated topic ever for anyone to write. I mean, a scientist who sends out a spaceship can calculate precisely what time it will come back to earth. But, the dynamics between two humans- com..

The modern Olympic Games : Relevance in the present society

Professor Dhaneshwar MoirangthemContd from previous issueThe world seemed to have accepted the view of the founding fathers as the Olympic movement grows over the years from strength to strength. In the 1st Olympiad, Athens 1896, only about a dozen Nation..

Four great plays of the tragic playwright

Dr Salam Shantibala DeviContd from previous issueI expressed my fear over his impulsiveness telling him how could he destroy his writings as he could improve them afterwards by working over them. He answered in all seriousness –“I dislike work..

Ramping up health infra, vaccination for all must to fight Coronavirus

Lakshmana Venkat KuchiPlease pardon me for this repeated focus on the ongoing pandemic that has India in its grip.Whenever you switch on the television or watch Twitter feed, grim news of our medical health systems coming under pressure, and in some place..

The modern Olympic Games : Relevance in the present society

Professor Dhaneshwar MoirangthemThe next Olympic Games, XXXII Olympiad, will be held in Tokyo, Japan from 23rd July to 8th August 2021. It was originally scheduled to be held in 2020, however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been rescheduled to 2021...

Four great plays of the tragic playwright

Dr Salam Shantibala DeviContd from previous issueThen this red colorTo dream 4* * * * * * * * *O! the time is long pastSince I haven’t heard the sweet melodiesOf hills, lakes and rivers,The crystal clear streams of ravine creensThe playfield where t..

Four great plays of the tragic playwright

Dr Salam Shantibala DeviBudha Chingtham (b. 7 December 1957) is one of the great playwrights in Modern Manipuri dramatic literature. He is also a highly regarded theatre and art critic, a multifaceted personality, he is a director as well as choreographer..

Be educated. Be organised. Be agitated : Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar

Dr Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’Bhimrao Ramaji Ambedkar, whom we fondly know as Babasaheb Ambedkar, the face of the Indian independence movement, Chairman of the drafting committee of the Constitution, a social reformer, an Indian jurist, an educ..

Besan (Gram Flour) for glowing skin

Shahnaz HusainBesan  or gram flour, an  extremely cheap and easily available kitchen staple has been a part of age-old beauty remedies for  gorgeous and flawless skin.Besan, an integral part of Indian cuisine, is a popular beauty remedy, so..

The Myanmar military coup council has not yet fallen, but it is failing fast on all fronts

Saw KapiContd from previous issueDetermined, the ordinary citizens of the country, especially the youth – or Generation Z, as many now call them – keep returning to the streets, refusing to bow to the unjust orders of the junta. Having experie..

The Myanmar military coup council has not yet fallen, but it is failing fast on all fronts

Saw KapiIt has been more than two months since Myanmar’s military staged a coup and removed the elected National League for Democracy Government, but the military junta, known officially as the State Administration Council (SAC), has yet to return t..

Should PM Modi enforce selective lockdown in hotspots without waiting for States’ response ?

Dr Suresh SinghIn my various articles since mid-March on this platform about the present situation, I have advocated three things–vaccine choice including more vaccine brands, vaccination for all ages (above 18yr) and 24×7 hr. services where fa..

14th April, 1944; Its significance and impact on the freedom movement of India

Mairembam Prithviraj SinghNetaji Subhas Chandra Bose was convinced that freedom is not to be begged for but to be won. To achieve this end, he escaped from his house arrest in disguise and reached Berlin on 3rd April, 1941. Except for indirect support, th..

Vaccines won’t be enough; new Covid variants have changed the game

Susan Michie, Chris Bullen, Jeffrey V Lazarus, John N. Lavis, John Thwaites, Liam Smith, Salim Abdool Karim, Yanis Ben AmorNo one is truly safe from Covid until everyone is safe. We are in a race against time to get global transmission rates low enough to..

Is the value of sports dwindling in Manipur’s educational space ?

Sanasam Yaiphaba SinghContd from previous issueTheir minds are fully concentrated towards the study of lessons mainly for scoring higher marks.It is seen that at the level of higher classes the engagement of the students in their general education as well..

A train load of memories

S Balakrishnan“Baaam!” The enchanting hoot of electric locomotive is clearly audible from my house, followed by the rhyming dhadak-dhadak rolling of the bogies/wagons. Nostalgic childhood memories of steam engine pulled train journeys well up ..

Is the value of sports dwindling in Manipur’s educational space ?

Sanasam Yaiphaba SinghManipur is rightly regarded as the sports powerhouse of the country and this is the right time to study whether the formal education as one sees it encourages sports. Under the present education system sports appears to have been kep..

Let’s clear the misconception of drug addiction

Sanjoo ThangjamWhat is 'Drug Addiction?Is it a moral sickness?NoIs it lack of 'will power'?NoIs it a crime?NoIs it a sin?No absolutely not.Then what is it ?Earlier people believed that addiction is the result of psychological disorder but now after extens..

Smile and thank them

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam“I will be home late,” I yelled to my mother as I stormed out of the house. I know the connotations of my vocal attitudes weren't as welcoming compared to other days but, sometimes ‘control’ goes away beyond t..

Cheiraoba festival : Its origin and significance

Dr Budha KameiManipur, once an Asiatic kingdom is located at the extreme eastern corner of India. With an area of 22, 327 sq. km, today Manipur is bounded in the north by Nagaland, in the east and south by Myanmar (Burma), in the south-west by Mizoram and..

Mt. Koubru : A mountain of contentious claims

TS HaokipFor the past many decades, Mt. Koubru has been a peaceful place of worship for the valley inhabitants as well as those of the hills of Manipur. If there are hundreds of pilgrimages belonging to the Valley that annually climb the 2500 M high mount..

New life to the mining sector

Pralhad JoshiContd from prev issueThis Amendment Act is set to redefine the standard of exploration required for auctioning partially explored mineral blocks for Prospecting License-cum-Mining Lease. This will boost the seamless transition from exploratio..

Getting ready for election

Free ThinkerAs  per  the  existing Laws, the term of a State Assembly is five years.  Elections are  normally held just before the term is over. The polls are conducted a month or  few days before  the completion of the ..

Choose difficult and make it easy

Dr Sumedha KushwahaThis week on 7th April, we celebrated World Health Day, globally. This day is celebrated to create awareness about health and wellbeing among people around the world. The COVID pandemic has taught us that health starts primarily with on..

Think it differently

Themneivah Sitlhou"If you look the right way you can  see  the  whole world is a  garden", Frances Hodgson Burnett. A human perspective is a view or outlook of how things are. It is how we react to everything happening in life. In psyc..

Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives

Ranjan K BaruahWe have published many articles related to management and sales and marketing. One of the areas of sales and marketing where many young people get engaged after their graduation or post-graduation is in the field of medical sales which is c..

New life to the mining sector

Pralhad JoshiBuilding a post-Covid world required grit, perseverance and a vision; precisely everything that makes up Prime Minister Modi. The world was taken aback by a global pandemic and was struggling to deal with it when our Prime Minister announced ..