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For the Love of Nature Questioning our ignorance towards our natural environment

Janghaolun Haokip Yuval Noah Harari, a renowned world historian, in his book Sapiens –a brief history of humankind wrote, “Homo sapiens held the record among all organisms for driving the most plant and animal species to extinction. We have th..

Breaking down silos to look beyond examinations

Anita KarwalAn over enthusiastic Head of an urban school that I was visiting told me that she took great pride in the fact that during school hours there was always pin-drop silence in her school. I was aghast. Taking pride in a school culture that takes ..

The Union Budget has ushered in a new era for India’s cities

Hardeep S PuriFor decades, cities in India were subjected to criminal neglect. Past Governments chose to either overlook the nightmare staring at us or looked at piecemeal solutions. In 2014, Prime Minister Modi unleashed what is now widely acknowledged a..

Paradigm ideological shift in envisaged role of the public sector

Surbhi Jain and Tulsipriya RajkumariUnion Budget, 2021-22 epitomizes a unique confluence of an ideology and vision – making a decisive break from the constraining legacies of the past. It reposes its faith in the ability and potential of Indian entr..

Sepia-tinted memories : Tamil Nadu’s enduring links with Burma

Nahla NainarAs the world trains its lens on Myanmar following a military-declared emergency, India’s Burma repatriates recall how they have kept their ties alive with the land of their birthAmerican journalist Gene Fowler’s sentiment that R..

The first step towards regulation of social media

A Surya Prakash Balancing the need for regulation to keep out obnoxious online content that promotes violence and vulgarity with the need to preserve our core Constitutional values and freedom of expression is at the core of the new rules which have been ..

Has Myanmar coup sparked rethinking on non-interference among ASEAN countries?

Nehginpao KipgenContd from previous issueFor one, they may be drawn into debates on how far they may be willing to go to back on their rhetoric, where the reality is that most have significant commercial interests in Myanmar, particularly Singapore, the b..

I was on the WHO team that went to Wuhan to study the origins of coronavirus. Here’s what we found

Dominic Dwyer, The ConversationI was on the WHO team that went to Wuhan to study the origins of coronavirus. Here’s what we foundAs I write, I am in hotel quarantine in Sydney, after returning from Wuhan, China. There, I was the Australian represent..

Less lipstick, more eyeliner-COVID-19 is changing the world of beauty

Shahnaz HusainThe ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has changed the face of beauty with people using this as a time to really care for their skin by experimenting with new products and at-home treatments.By making masks, sanitisers and gloves  ..

Has Myanmar coup sparked rethinking on non-interference among ASEAN countries?

Nehginpao KipgenIt’s no surprise Myanmar’s coup is testing the patience of the international community.Protesters have called for external intervention, following three deaths. After being sprayed by water cannons, rubber bullets and more, the..

5 days with Bhaktisvarupa (Dr) Damodara Swami

M Asnikumar Singh Bhaktisvarupa Damodara Swami, (popularly known as Dr Damodara) was one of my idols and inspirations growing up, not only because he was a spiritual leader but because he was a great man who touched the lives of many. Early years He lost his father at a very young age, grew up in hardships but those hardships were not going to deter him in his path. Persisting through the obstacles in his life, he received multiple degrees from renowned institutes in Guahati, Calcutta, New York and ..

Shifting gears with confidence

Tarun Bajaj “You cannot cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water”-Rabindranath TagoreThis quote epitomizes the endurance, resolve and resilience shown by every Indian during a tumultuous year 2020. This spirit resonated in the..

Totem of the natives of NE India with special reference to TRC

Dr Budha KameiThe term ‘totem’ is derived from ‘Ototeman,’ meaning ‘his brother-sister kin’. A totem may be a particular species of bird, animal, plant, natural phenomenon, or a feature of the landscape with which the g..

Counter-cyclical fiscal policy : Booster dose to the economy

Gurvinder Kaur and Surbhi JainUnion Budget 2021-22 has endeavored to lay the foundations of India’s mid-term growth trajectory. The Indian economy is currently at an inflection point–recovering steadily from the twin shocks of the pandemic and..

The courage to think and the spectre of dissent

Dissidents reject living a lie. That is why they come into conflict with the state, not deliberately but simply because they do what they feel they must do...

When all goes wrong

Janghaolun HaokipLife is a journey, so people say. A journey that is but a mystery of misery and ecstasy. It is cruel and it is kind, and it is colorful and it is dull. In fact, there is seldom a permanent state of life but everything around life only kee..

Seven realities of love

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam Let me not take you to one of the Feb 14s in 3rdcentury to explain how St. Valentine’s Day became our regular red-rose giving day because the origin is really dark. But, let me throw some in with all honesty that it’s hard to find healthy relationships now-a-days. Arguments after arguments, fights after fights – here, I will break it to all for why all these are happening between young to old couples. Let me break it to 7-zones and see if I can cover some to most. ..

Netaji’s DNA & INA Moirang

Free ThinkerIt is quite thrilling to espouse the cause of INA veterans and Netaji’s fans & fraternity. They really want to start a Netaji & INA study center at Moirang, 35 Km from Imphal, where INA hoisted the national tricolor for the first..

Health Budget 2021–22: A step in the right direction

Dr Rajiv Kumar & Urvashi PrasadHealthcare has taken centre stage due to an unfortunate pandemic that has devastated lives and livelihoods across the globe. Although India has performed relatively better on Covid-19 management, even compared to countri..

Career options in beauty industry

Ranjan K BaruahMany of us may wonder how beauty can be an industry. We might think it can be an industry.  If it is an industry then what is involved in it or who is associated with it, these kinds of thoughts would definitely come to our mind. If we..

The predicament of journalists and media houses

Sanjenbam Jugeshwor SinghContd from previous issueA report published by the Press Trust of India (PTI) in 2014, carried out the news that among 23 journalists killed in 2013 in South-Asia, 12 were from India alone. The report also indicated the Government..

Will Bengal vote for a poroborthon ?

Lakshmana Venkat KuchiLast week, I had taken a close look at the key State of Tamil Nadu in the South that will be witnessing a battle royal between the two Dravidian forces, but with a new element of the BJP making its serious bid to breach this southern..

The predicament of journalists and media houses

Sanjenbam Jugeshwor SinghThe safety and security of journalist has never been a matter of serious concern for both India and media industries. Despite several journalists associations, serving journalists deployed in the areas of conflict and crisis acros..

Aspergilloma of lung Cause of coughing out blood even after a successful treatment of tuberculosis

Dr KK PandeyContd from previous issueThis white ball is called in medical terms as ‘Fungal ball’ meaning thereby a ball made up of fungal germs.How to recognize Aspergilloma of lung ?1. Multiple episodes of coughing out either frank blood or b..

A day of stardom for Ksh Thoiba Singh at Seoul Olympics 1988

Sanasam Yaiphaba SinghContd from previous issueThe Indian players were Rajinder Singh, Pargat Singh, Ashok Kumar, Mohinder Pal, Somya Meneypanda, Vivek Singh, Surjit Kumar, Baladalaiash, Mohammed Shahid, Sebastian Jude Felix, Balwinder Singh, Mervyn Ferna..

Can BJP strategy help it breach a seemingly impregnable Tamil Nadu ?

Lakshmana Venkat KuchiAfter a week-long focus on budget and its impact, the attention of the Nation has once again turned to electoral politics as fascinating battles are lined up for five States.I had a couple of weeks ago shared few pointers on what can..

Colour your hair, limit the damage

Shahnaz HusainHair colouring is the mantra of the day. But, however glamorous it may look, hair colourants and dyes can cause a lot of hair damage. Once the colour wears off, one wants to have the hair coloured again. It is this kind of repeated colouring..

Aspergilloma of lung Cause of coughing out blood even after a successful treatment of tuberculosis

Dr KK PandeyIn our country tubercular infection is rampant. The TB infection is gradually acquiring an epidermic form. Every year 30 lacs new cases of tubercular infection come to light in India. The number of deaths occurring due to tuberculosis every ye..

A day of stardom for Ksh Thoiba Singh at Seoul Olympics 1988

Sanasam Yaiphaba Singh2nd September 1988 was a fateful day for Kshetrimayum Thoiba at Seoul Olympic Games. It showcased the glimpse of a life history of a distinguished Olympian. It was an eventful match between India and South Korea in which India won th..

Education, governance in Mother Tongue will strengthen India’s linguistic, cultural diversity

M Venkaiah Naidu, Vice President of IndiaOur ancient land has always been a crucible of linguistic and cultural diversity. Over centuries, India has seen the efflorescence of hundreds of languages and dialects which have coexisted in our colourful cultura..

Law in Motion : Basics of Law

Rupin Sharma (IPS)Although it is almost impossible to discuss provisions of all the laws on crimes and all the nuances associated with them, I intend commencing a series of write-ups where certain degree of legal advice can be imparted to ordinary citizen..

Stop killing curiosity of children

Debapriya Mukherjee and Arnab ChatterjeeContd from previous issueIn a finding critical to tackling the stubborn achievement gap between poorer and richer children, disadvantaged children had the strongest connection between curiosity and performance.Keepi..

Restored Wetland : Yaralpat

Rahul Ashem Contd from previous issueDegradation of wetlands releases certain amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere leading to the rise in temperature, precipitation and humidity. During the monsoon season, flooding is a common sequence in Imphal v..

Stop killing curiosity of children

Debapriya Mukherjee and Arnab ChatterjeeIn one tutorial center, we observed that young children were gossiping in low voice among themselves sitting on the mat as their teacher prepares to teach them about the germination of seeds and growth of plants, eq..

The burning issue : Farmers protest

Nivedita K Farmers in India are  in the news. One way or the other, troubles and tragedies always seem to find their way to them. Their lives are so much harder than we think we know. Farmers constitute about 100 million of our population, very small..

Restored Wetland : Yaralpat

Rahul Ashem Fortunately, Yaral-pat is one good example of wetlands restoration in Manipur. The pat is famous for the bloom of indigenous flower ‘Kombirei’ (Iris Spp), the mauve blue coloured flower.Folklores link a close connection between the..

Ownership and protection of tribal land in Manipur : A review

Kachui Timothy Zimik, IRS Contd from previous issueConsidering the fact that, in hill areas of Manipur, the tribal people own the entire lands including the forests, the implementation of this Act or any other such forest acts in Manipur will not be in th..

Ownership and protection of tribal land in Manipur : A review

Kachui Timothy Zimik, IRS With a view to understand the ownership and the protection of tribal lands, the Constitutional provisions and laws applicable to STS of Manipur are briefly discussed here.The Manipur Land Revenue and Land Reforms Act, 1960 ( MLR ..

A tribute to Saheed Madhumangal on his 26th martyrdom

Laimayum Bashanta Sharma Saheed Madhumangal was born to Samurailatpam Ibohal Sharma and Uttarani Devi on October 22, 1938 at Khurai Chingangbam Leikai, Imphal, Manipur.He was the first Mining Engineering Graduate from Manipur. He retired as Additional Dir..

A budget for V shaped recovery, V for Vindication

Gajendra Singh Shekhawat Since the past few days, a phrase that had caught the fancy of many people from both sides of the political fence was “V shaped recovery”. If I jog my mind, the last time, the alphabet V had found itself amidst such an..

Budget to build Better India

Arjun Ram Meghwal  Contd from previous issueThe decriminalization of the Limited Liability Partnership Act, removal of restrictions on one person companies relating to paid-up capital and turnover and amendment in the definition of small companies wi..

Productivity revolution of small farmers in Manipur An Imperative for doubling farmers income

Professor N Mohendro SinghWhen the whole world talks about fourth Industrial Revolution, and when the whole world talks about new Agriculture Revolution as engine of growth, basis of industrialization and as potential provider of environmental services, w..

Budget to build Better India

Arjun Ram Meghwal  The new decade’s 1st budget presented by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is a vision document for the Nation to embark upon the post Covid world. The six pillars envisaged under the budget are a clear signal for further e..

Facets of human trafficking in Manipur

Ajailiu Niumai  Contd from previous issueI found that trafficking is about the neglect of girls and women from marginalised tribes and from a State considered important only because of it’s strategic international geographical border with Myanm..

Child Marriages : Stigma for a civilized society

Prabhat KishoreContd from previous issueThey are five times more likely to die during delivery than mothers aged 20-24 years. Risks of health related difficultlies such as low birth weight, pre-mature labor, mal-nutrition, anemia and pre-eclampsia are con..

Manipur Budget 2021-2022: Perspective on Gender Budget

Prof. (Dr) Binota MeinamThe inclusion of Gender Budget for the first time in the post 1972 political history of Manipur by the current BJP-led Government under the Honorable Chief Minister Shri N Biren Singh, which was presented on 05 th February 2021 in ..

Facets of human trafficking in Manipur

Ajailiu Niumai  IntroductionHuman trafficking is not only a modern day slavery but is a pathway to the total destruction of humanity. It is a situation where the trafficked victims are caged like birds and animals for making surplus gain in the capit..

Child Marriages : Stigma for a civilized society

Prabhat KishoreIn most of the countries, marriage before 18 years is strictly prohibited as it violates the natural rights of the children. It is a malpractice, as it denies the children from attaining health, education and other opportunities exploring a..

Economy : Staying on track

Rajiv MishraContd from previous issueHowever, the global liquidity glut caused by advanced economies trying to pull themselves out of pandemic induced slowdown prevented the capital flight. In fact, the growth promise seen in emerging market economies, pa..

Economy : Staying on track

Rajiv MishraTimely containment measures, sizeable monetary expansion and protracted fiscal stimulus prevented the economy from slipping into recession in FY 21The Economic Survey chapter on State of the Economy (SOE) 2020-21 – A Macro View, is a flu..

Myanmar coup : A fresh spell of uncertainty awaits NE India The histories of Burma, North East India and Bangladesh have always been intertwined

SamratIn the early 1800s, the Ahom kingdom, the most powerful one of what later became North East India, was crumbling from internal strife. A rebellion had sapped its strength, and a war of succession between contenders to the throne had split the army a..

Oxford and Aatmanirbharta

Free ThinkerA few days back I read somewhere that  our Prime Minister’s  pandemic  catchword “Aatmanirbhar“ has been picked up by an expert panel of Oxford dictionary and declared as the Hindi word of the year 2020. Accord..

BASAK: A dying art form

Rekha KonsamContd from previous issueIt makes one wonder how these emotions have been employed in the musical tradition and more specifically how they are expressed in the Sankirtan traditions and what implications, if any, does it have along the gender l..

The subject of film : Is it a medium or an art form ?

Meghachandra KongbamContd from previous issueThe Cine Policy does not reflect any methods for earning large revenue of the State Government from the FILM sector in the form of entertainment taxBesides non-implementation of policies and programmes of the f..

A budget that lays the foundation for growth in the new decade

Lakshmana Venkat KuchiCriticism is that the Modi Government too has used the Union Budget to target key poll-bound States of Tamil Nadu and West Bengal with huge allocations. Besides, the attention to North Eastern States continues and the States in this region have received an increased allocation of Rs 14,000 crore this time around too.Yes, these States have received favourable treatment, as had earlier Governments bestowed to regions that faced elections, but what remains the focal point of the ..

BASAK: A dying art form

Rekha KonsamOn the 17th of January 2021, I was fortunate to witness a Basak (Utkantha) performance by a group of women, the Kongpal Nupee Ishei Marup, an organization that has its roots as a neighbourhood group or ishei marup.The occasion was my first time attending a full Basak performance. Reference to such performance goes back to childhood days, particularly the kang (rath) festival, but at the time it always seemed to go together with khubak ishei and I never could distinguish the two neither ..

The subject of film : Is it a medium or an art form ?

Meghachandra KongbamContd from previous issueThe next meeting of the Executive Committee held on 18 December 1980 saw the removal of the two members who had put up a fight against the wrong decision and they were supplanted with two new members."DIPR prop..

The God Lainingthou Thangching Koylellai

Dr Mangangcha Thoudam Laiba Contd from previous issueIt is called, Yai. The place is called Kanglei Pungmayol, because of it, being the residence of the two Supreme God and Goddess; it is called Mayai Sumtong Pal Kangla Thon Talet Thollangmei (They are th..

Valentine’s Day beauty tips : Looking to go glam on Feb 14 ?

Shahnaz Husain For couples in love and hopeful singles, February is the Paris of all months. Valentine’s day is  the most awaited time of the year, whether you've been together three months or three decades. Valentine’s Day is the pe..

The subject of film : Is it a medium or an art form ?

Meghachandra KongbamContd from previous issueThe Department of Information & Public Relations, Government of Manipur produced six Manipuri documentary films, one reel each in 16 mm namely: 1). Events in Manipur 1971-2, 2) Events in Manipur-1973, 3) Ev..

Financing burden of non-communicable and lifestyle diseases in Northeast India

Laishram Ladu SinghHealth is often considered by many scholars as the  nation's capital stock by virtue of its reciprocal relationship with development. Most of the developed countries viewed health as a means to enhance economic development and devo..

Aatma Nirbhar Bharat and Modi’s budget

K R SudhamanThe general Budget in India is a difficult exercise and this year’s budget in February is no different. With the objective of minimizing the impact of the unprecedented COVID19 pandemic on the economy, the Finance Minister will have to d..

It is India’s journey that will decide the future of democracy, not US

Shyam Saran A sigh of relief manifested across the world as Joe Biden succeeded to the US presidency, presaging a more predictable and ‘normal’ conduct of domestic and external affairs, under an experienced and professional administration. Bid..

Understanding panic disorder

Dr Meesha Haorongbam  IntroductionHave you ever had an overwhelming sense of fear lasting for minutes ? Perhaps you felt your heartbeat racing with a pounding sensation, your limbs feeling jiggly, with butterflies in your tummy-like sensation, gaspin..

Covishield vaccine : An account of post-vaccination events

Prof L Ranjit  SinghI received my first Covishield shot on the 19th January, 2021 at 11.13 am and  became one of  1111 lucky people from the State who received it. In the true sense, it was much less painful than I expected and I would say ..

Equal to all, less than none Bringing Equality for Women in Armed Forces

Dr Ajay KumarWhile the entry of women in Indian Defence Forces has been there to different degrees since British India days, their roles were more related to nursing and Medical Officers, or to look after the troops, families and public during deployment...

How much longer must the Nagas wait for the country’s oldest armed struggle to end ?

Veio PouI grew up in the small town of Senapati in north Manipur. This was in the 1980s. The busy shops on a 200-yard stretch parallel to National Highway 39 (now renamed NH 2) were all that marked it as a town. But Senapati was abuzz, and was even made d..

The journey of an entrepreneur

Birkarnelzelzit ThiyamEnterprises are created with a big heart and a strong mind. Money, manpower, infrastructure, logistics and time are just the ingredients to a perfect recipe. The proportions of these aspects are less and more for different entreprene..

Benefits of balanced fertilization in cultivation of broccoli

Naorem Arunkumar Singh, Om Prakash, Santosh KumarBroccoli (Brassica oleracea var italica) is a winter season vegetable crop. The word broccoli from the Italian plural of broccolo refers to ‘the flowering top of a cabbage’. It is an edible gree..

Was Netaji really in Manipur?

Free ThinkerA few days back I stumbled upon an article “Netaji’s last visit to India” written by Meghachandra Kongbam (former Director DIPR) which was published in the “Sun” Magazine of May, 1989. It is a very interesting wri..

Fragile- Handle with care!

Dr Sumedha KushwahaI am not gold- you cannot melt me!I am diamond-  test me under pressure, I will shine and sparkle more!I wrote these lines a few weeks back. Still a contrary statement you might find in the next line- Fragile, Please handle with ca..

Inclusiveness of women in sports is key to making India a sporting superpower

Kiren Rijiju‘Khelega India Toh Khilega India’ - Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji’s simple mantra for the youth of the country, has been the driving force behind transforming the perception of sports in India in the last few yea..

Education as career

Ranjan K Baruah One of the popular subjects in higher studies for the students of arts or humanities is education. This course or subject is available in more or all colleges in the region. Most of the students ask me what they could do after studying edu..

The idea of Netaji, Manipur and the INA

M Asnikumar SinghContd from prev issueThe acquisition of the original INA Headquarter in Moirang Konjengbam Leikai by the Government and a subsequent complete redevelopment of the complex to a world class State is something whose time has come.And perhaps..

As we step into an election year, the game of poll surveys has only just begun

Lakshmana Venkat KuchiAs we step into an election year, with key elections to the States of Assam, West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry due in less than four months, it would a good idea to take a look at what the early trends indicate.A leading..

Vandalism on the cultural heritage of Manipur

O Kumar  SinghCulture is the symbol of human behavior passed through generations by way of learning. This symbol of human behavior is expressed either in tangible or intangible forms. Tangible culture includes buildings, monuments, landscapes, books,..

Emerging as a hero from the struggle–Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

Prahlad Singh PatelNetaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s life is a story of struggle. It is the story of a young dream that tells the saga of consciousness, struggle and success in every eye; one who has the power to rip the ground through his arms; one who ..

The idea of Netaji, Manipur and the INA

M Asnikumar SinghContd from previous issueThe southern part of Manipur from Churchandpur and Pherzawl district to Ningthoukhong covering an area of 15000 sq. km was under the control of the INA with its Headquarters at Moirang for 3 months till July 15, 1..

Beautiful Mother-to-be

Shahnaz HusainBeing pregnant changes every inch of us. A woman’s body goes through physiological, hormonal and glandular changes during this time, that’s because of the joy and excitement one goes through. Pregnancy brings mixed feelings. Alon..

Education makes life self-reliant

Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’  "Make self-reliance your occupation... Exert yourself to gather the wealth of knowledge" These are the words of Savitribai Phule who has not only been the first female teacher of India but is the lady who had f..

The idea of Netaji, Manipur and the INA

M Asnikumar SinghI was born and grew up 3 miles from the place where the Indian Flag was hoisted by Colonel Shaukat Malik of the INA on 14 April, 1944. My late grandfather being contemporaries of our State’s own figures like Koireng Singh (friends w..

Girl Child : Marching towards a new horizon

Prabhat KishoreContd from previous issueWhen girls are educated, their countries become stronger and more prosperous. Special emphasis on girls’ education have been given in Centrally sponsored educational schemes like District Primary Education Pro..

Life and culture in North East India : Dipti Bhalla and Shiv Kunal Verma

A book review by Lt Gen (Dr) Konsam Himalay Singh (Retd)It is with great delight that I navigated through the mystique of North East India, yet once again, courtesy  pages of the book “ Life and Culture in North East India” authored by my..

Girl Child : Marching towards a new horizon

Prabhat Kishore“National Girl Child Day” is observed in India on 24th January every year since 2008 with the objective to raise awareness about the rights of girls, the importance of education, health & nutrition as well as  to highli..

Questions over commissioning Mapithel Dam

Jajo ThemsonContd from previous issueThus, commissioning of the dam during pendency of forest issue is a violation. The case lies pending before the said Court till date. Inconclusive R & R programOne of the most important and serious issues of a dam ..

Discussion on Koubru Chinggoirol

Dr Mangangcha Thoudam LaibaContd from previous issueThe six peaks are Meiwai Langba Ching, Malang Nongphai Icham Ching, Inga-Kumdam Ching, Kouba Ingen Nongphaiching, Eeshing Thembi Nonghou Ching, Koubru Yairel Salailen Laimaru Laiphamlen etc. A big bamboo..

Questions over commissioning Mapithel Dam

Jajo ThemsonIt’s good news for public of Manipur that the long chronic Mapithel dam of Thoubal Multipurpose Project has been officially inaugurated on 27th December, 2020 Sunday. The same was achieved after long exhaustive efforts of the concerned D..

Racism at its worst

Kajal ChatterjeeRecently lot of hue and cry is being raised revolving around racist abuses hurled upon the Indian cricketers by the Australian spectators during the Sydney Test. While the ugly incident indeed deserves the strongest of condemnation, the In..

Discussion on Koubru Chinggoirol

Dr Mangangcha Thoudam LaibaContd from previous issue“A flower that supplements both internal and external worlds,A flower that can beautify seven generations,A flower that lasts along with seven lines of grandchildren,A flower that can do away evil,..

Adverse impact of rampant use of plastic

Dr Mudra IngawaleHave we ever thought about the amount of plastic we use in our day to day lives and its adverse effects on the environment that include us “human beings”? It’s high time that we paused for a moment, look around us and ac..

Signs of cervical cancer

Dr Th TomchaCervical cancer, also known as Womb Cancer, is the fourth most common cancer in females worldwide and the third most common in both India and Manipur. Approximately 1 lakh new cases are diagnosed worldwide every year. Luckily, the disorder is ..

Making of a General : A Himalayan Echo by Lt Gen Konsam Himalay Singh

Col Reji KodubathCongratulations to the author for a well written book with the aim of motivating our youth–an aspect that very few military leaders have  attempted. The journey of life of a young lad from Charangpat (Lake of the Dragonflies)-a remote hamlet in Manipur–‘the Switzerland of India’, who was, in his own words, physically weak, shy, scared of heights and the darkness, –to becoming a General in the Indian Army and on hanging his uniform, choosing to return ..

PMKVY 3.0: Inverting the skill development pyramid

Dr Mahendra Nath PandeyContd from previous issueThe next and third phase of Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) has been uniquely designed to boost demand for job roles at the regional level. Adopting a demand-driven approach, PMKVY 3.0 is aimed a..

In the name of entrepreneurship

Birkarnelzelzit ThiyamI still remember my first Micro-Economics combined class with University of Ottawa students and University of Toronto students – Prof. John threw the first random question, “Raise your hands for those who want to be entre..

Saving Manipuri pony & polo

Free ThinkerToday we can’t revive the Manipur  Royal Cavalry which was once feared by the Burmese (Awas) and other neighboring countries including Takhels and Ahoms. But we can still maintain and promote our ponies (horses) and Sagol Kangjei (t..

Jesus, markets, state,and the silenced dialogue

Dr Jeebanlata Salam“How then is perfection to be sought? Wherein lies our hope. In education and nothing else”. Immanuel KantBorn into a poor landless peasant family, Jesus never attended a formal school, but had full academic authority. Jesus..

Logistics as career option

Ranjan K BaruahWe are publishing about an option which is yet to be popular in the region. Well, logistics is generally the detailed organization and implementation of a complex operation. In a general business sense, logistics is the management of the fl..

Becoming mommy- Yes or No?

Dr Sumedha KushwahaMotherhood is a beautiful feeling. However, it is a known fact  now that a lot of Gen X and Gen Z girls feel uncomfortable talking or even thinking about  having a  child. I  write  about  this  issue&..

PMKVY 3.0: Inverting the skill development pyramid

Dr Mahendra Nath PandeySharrufuddin  Ahmad  was  working as  a labourer  in a big city in Assam  when the  pandemic struck, forcing him to return to his native village in Assam’s Darang district. Unable to find liv..

Unsung and unwept, President Trump to leave the White House in ignominy

Lakshmana Venkat KuchiReaders of Saturday Musing will bear with and pardon me for continuing with the State of the Nation – of the United States of America that witnessed historic political development with President Donald Trump walking into the hi..