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Joydev Thongam: Story behind the muscles

If life was to narrate a story about sprouting through an unwelcoming earth, this very episode will water the believers and the other halves too. If worst was the lowest, you probably haven’t seen the depth of the beyond...

Next VC of Manipur University

Today we don't have a Vice Chancellor of Manipur University. For quite sometime the University is run by a highly able administrator appropriately appointed by the Manipur High Court...

On public speaking & side-effects of verbal diarrhoea

Public speaking is not a forte for everyone. Some have the knack for it and are so good at it that they can pull a huge crowd with their impeccable oratory skills. Clear articulation, grabbing the attention of the audience with a powerful ..

How smoking and alcohol affect beauty

Pollution in the air can lead to a build-up of toxins in the system. Our lifestyle and habits compound the problem further. One of these is smoking, a habit that is difficult to quit...

More options @ food technology

We have published information related to careers in food technology. Many students asked about more options related to food technology. In today’s edition we are giving few more ideas and options which can be opt by our young people ..

India must urgently transform its economy to get to green frontier

The forces of liberalisation and globalisation have transformed the Indian economy in the past three decades. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has accelerated these trends by implementing a set of far-reaching reforms..

Development of new laboratory tests and putting them into practice

We often see and hear in the news about new laboratory tests that have been developed to detect or manage conditions or diseases that affect our life or that of someone we know...

Cannabis and human genetics

Cannabis has been used since centuries for the various experiences,that it is capable in producing in humans, by it’s ability to change the mood. It can make one sleepy, happy, change one’s perception of the world..

CRT TV - Our travelling companion

Once upon a time, Television set wasn’t so flat and as thin as nowadays. Have today’s generation ever wondered what difficulties were facing by families of transferable job for carrying a TV set while moving on posting..

From Japan to Britain, why the world loves hosting US troops

The U.S. has a global military footprint that is second to none, and one of the most visible aspects of that footprint is a worldwide network of bases. From Japan to the U.K., America’s overseas installations allow it to shape events ..

Maha Shivratri – Brahma Kumaris concept

Introduction The institution (Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vidyalaya) was founded in 1936 in Karachi (now in Pakistan) when Dada Lekhraj, a wealthy jeweller, was chosen by God as the corporeal medium to convey to the world..

India's 'extraordinary' laws need to be revoked, not revamped

When it comes to the UAPA, National Security Act, Public Safety Act and the sedition law, the problem does not end at misuse...

Solophok Shivalaya in Sikkim

On this sacred Maha Shivratri occasion, let me take you on a trekking pilgrimage or pilgrimage trekking to a Shiva temple at Solophok in Sikkim. In Sikkim, the Land of Buddha, one might wonder! Yes, indeed. ..

We can’t lose more Boa SR

According to the 1961 census, India were hosting 1100 living languages at that time. However a 2017 study carried out by the Bhasha Research and Publication Centre in Vadodara, under the title “People’s Linguistic Survey of India”..

SC ruling in favour of women officers in Army is pathbreaking, extends arc of equality

Article 14 of the Constitution has been pressed into service as prescribing “a right to rationality” that forbids any “blanket” and “absolute” prohibition...

How women are shaping political outcomes in India

From steering Kejriwal to victory to supporting Modi’s initiatives, women now have an independent voice..

Gaps in toilet revolution

Recent interaction with many people residing in rural area with a access to subsidized toilets still practice open defecation though Prime Minister Narendra Modi, through Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (SBA)..

Containing an epidemic: Here’s why we may have to wait 18 months before we have a Covid-19 vaccine

Vaccines have historically taken two to five years to develop. This time, it might be quicker...

A Kambala race and Usain Bolt comparisons: Why talent scouting via social media is problematic

Srinivas Gowda, who became a social media sensation after his Kambala race video went viral, was invited for a trial at Sports Authority of India...

The $5 trillion arithmetic: Even the history might not be enough to get Indian economy there in time

The five trillion target is in dollar terms. Typically, if India has higher inflation than the US, the rupee would depreciate vis-à-vis the dollar to account for that...

A remarkable journey of a Thang-Ta exponent and teacher

Bob HijamFrom the Shangoi (Work Shed) of HULA Sindamshang at Imphal to the hallowed stages of various International Centres, the act of demonstrating and teaching  Thang-Ta is a philosophical task for Nongmaithem Khilton. For Khilton and Thang-Ta Exponents, it is not just an art, but a way of life. A philosophy that explains the Macrocosm and Microcosm of the Universe, a philosophy that is as old as mankind and described as Nung-Pan in Meiteilon. This is the story of Khilton an exponent and torch ..

Food is where the heart is!

Anshuman BhargavaThe cuisines of Madhya Pradesh are as varied as the cultural diversity of the state. People from far and wide celebrate the food of MP and do not tire of repeatedly coming back here just to taste its food. Several dishes and preparations ..

Coronavirus - A grave threat

The deadly outbreak of viral pneumonia in the city of Wuhan, China caused by a novel coronavirus designated COVID 19 by the World Health Organization (WHO), also known as the Wuhan coronavirus..

The life I want to fall in love with

These thoughts and feelings about life keep coming to me. Life was never on my side, I have always had a feeling thatlife is really just a “game of try,” a game where you are given unlimited attempts as long as your “WILL” ..

Once in a billion

Billions of years have been passed and millions of years, perhaps, billion years are ahead of us while in between those counts of centuries, we emerge to appear only for a stipulation of dot in a billion of dots...

Speaker Sir SC is divided on defections

These days it is really interesting to take note of the Apex Court Judgements on defection cases. On 21 January 2020 it was held that the Speakers of LoK Sabha and Legislative Assemblies ought to decide disqualification ..

Ways to use garlic for long, lustrous locks

In your home and right there on the kitchen shelf are some of the most powerful natural ingredients for hair care. From a quick fix to long term treatments, beauty care and remedies are so easily available to us...

Career in food technology

Food is integral part of life as we cannot live without having food. From basic needs of self cultivating or producing it has moved to commercial spaces and now food industry is one of the leading industries in the country...

A single vote won’t change much. But here’s why you should still take part in elections

For far too long, the accepted wisdom among scholars of politics has been that the interests of the individual and the interests of society are not in harmony when it comes to voting. The American economist Anthony Down..

Cannabis in epilepsy

In India, Cannabis has been used as a medicine since ancient times. In fact, it’s use has been mentioned in homeopathy and ayurveda, for treatment of epilepsy. ..

Eyes moist, heavy voice: Atal Bihari Vajpayee was helpless after meeting 10 Kashmiri Pandits

Former IAS officer Jarnail Singh writes in his book 'With Four Prime Ministers' about the meeting former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee had with Kashmiri Pandits...

What lessons the Opposition should learn from AAP’s Delhi victory – and what it shouldn’t

The verdict shows that neither Modi nor Shah is invincible as long as their opponents devise their electoral strategy intelligently...

For the love of Valentine

St. Valentine must be a proud man to know that his birthday is so divinely revered by love birds all around the world. Not satisfied with a single day, now we have valentine's week; starting with a rose day. ..

Exploring horticultural avenues of Manipur

The state of Manipur fulfils all the basic requirements to be a premier horticultural state of India when one considers its agro-climatic situation, topography, natural resources and its inherent strength of horticultural biodiversity. ..

Accelerating progress on sexual & reproductive health & rights is key driver towards SDGs

The SRHR programmes in Cambodia, as well as in many other countries of Asia Pacific region, require increased and sustained funding in order that SRHR relevant SDGs be achieved by 2030...

Understanding dementia

Next comes the important issue of management. As much as we would like to believe otherwise, there is currently no cure for dementia. Yes, reversible dementia such as those caused by intoxicants or nutritional deficiencies..

Warmth of selfless heart

Since childhood we read about various humorous tales revolving around Mullah Naseeruddin or Birbal. Also we read about educative anecdotes about historical characters like Buddha Prophet Muhammad or Guru Nanak...

Understanding dementia

“In a way, dementia is like going through the torture of drowning- again and again. Just when the victim has lapsed into unconsciousness, he suddenly succeeds in finding his way above water to snatch a breath of reality. ..

Ocean environments in danger

The world has been a witness to one of the biggest threats to our oceans on account of man-made pollution despite knowing the fact that ocean is the heart of the planet covering more than two-thirds of the Earth’s surface...

Accelerating progress on sexual & reproductive health & rights is key driver towards SDGs

Improvements in the health sector, as well as in other sectors such as infrastructure development, economic growth and poverty reduction, play a major role in improving not only health and life expectancy of the people..

Coronavirus poses a challenge to China’s place in global affairs, its political leadership

The scale and impact of the current crisis in China triggered by the spread of the new coronavirus has raised questions about its political implications. If the epidemic turns into a pandemic, as some analysts bet..

Building, giving and receiving nice words

It is relatively easier to comfort someone than to practically endure the pain oneself. How do you console a person who has just lost someone very dear to him? Even the best motivating words in the world could sound just a shallow..

Resourceful small banks: Operational soundness a must

Spiraling prices of essential commodities are currently leading to spurt in food price inflation, fluctuating liquidity in the system alongside lower-than-expected credit off-take, topsy-turvy industrial recovery...

Ocean environments in danger

For centuries, we thought that our vast ocean was limitless and immune to human impacts. Upon death of 100,000 marine mammals ( whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals and sea lions ) and 1 million seabirds per year globally ..

Historic Bodo Accord: Beginning of an era of peace, progress & prosperity

Achinta BorahIt has been a long wait for the people of Assam and the Northeast, particularly the Bodo community, for a peaceful settlement to the nearly half-a-century old demand for a separate Bodoland state.And when the final agreement was signed on Jan..

The Great Cosmic Discovery IX

Prof H Nandakumar Sarma              The discovery of microwave background radiation, neutron star, pulsar; trying to understand the cosmic forces, the discovery of anisotropy of cosmic micr..

Has Government overlooked bipartite settlement?

Kamal BaruahContd from previous issueBesides Payment Banks for alternative channel after Internet and Mobile Banking, banks have been the primary source of funding for the infrastructure sector. The Global Financial Crisis 2007-08 has hit our country too ..

The Bodo Accord and after

The North-eastern Region of the country has undergone certain never-before experiences in the past five years or so since India had attained Independence. Very few across the country know exactly what kind of losses the North-east ..

RK Alex : The painter who just got his biggest break

For the walls are meant to get cuddled not for laddering up. But hindrances seem to have favoured and fueled this inferno. Left too early by his parents, but cocooned and weaved well by his granny. ..

Wetlands and biodiversity: Promote actions to reverse its loss

Small wetlands found in Manipur are on the verge of extinction. People often view the wetland as wasteland and they are filled and converted for other purposes ..

Has Government overlooked bipartite settlement?

Finance Minister rose to present the Union Budget 2020-21. 30 Lakh Crore Expenditure Budget is tabled in the parliament for India’s aspiration towards economic development for its caring society...

Maddening power of Dili

We all agree that Dili is the dil of the Country. But it acts more like a brain rather than a heart. The feeling of love and romance is lacking and it behaves like a pragmatic politician believing in control and dictates...

Valentine’s Day beauty tips

Love it or Leave it, Valentine Day the holiday of love is right around the corner. Valentine’s Day is one of the most special days of the year and it's time to look your prettiest best...

Career options in textile industry

One of the basic needs for any human being is clothes. From basic need to luxury, clothing has changed over the years. From tradition to modern age, textile has been important parts of our lives and an important part in our society...

A world away in Wuhan

Almost all the coverage about the crisis in China has been about containment and management. But it is a mixed story The most sobering images coming out of China are stills of doctors, who are working on shifts of up to 12 hours..

Wellness and developing basic health competency

Nowadays, people are beginning to take a more active role in healthcare they and their loved ones receive. Needless to say, taking more responsibility for understanding one’s care and communication with the healthcare provider can extend one’s healthy years...

Cannabis in Parkinson’s disease

With medicinal Cannabis now being legalized in most parts of the western world, there is much discussion about it’s use in many illnesses, including in patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease...

Bodo agreement, rehabilitation of Bru-Reangs in Tripura have placed the region on the path to development

Even as the false narrative about the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the agitation seeking its withdrawal continue to be flamed by a minority of individuals, the Narendra Modi government has been silently ..

Why India must resist facial recognition tech

In the 21st century, an Aadhaar number, a mobile handset’s IMEI number, and the unique network address of a wifi adapter in smartphones, for example, can locate users in the digital world. ..

The quest for regional connectivity

India has made progress in deepening integration in South Asia. But several challenges persist In just six years, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made 13 official visits to neighbouring countries..

Save ocean environments for humanity

For centuries, we thought that our vast ocean was limitless and immune to human impacts. Upon death of 100,000 marine mammals ( whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals and sea lions ) and 1 million seabirds per year globally..

Urban India must prepare for the climate crisis

Shift to a co-benefits approach. This can enable greater energy access, better waste management, and cleaner air Australia’s recent bout of bushfires, sparked by an extended drought, has devastated its local flora and fauna. ..

Why India must resist facial recognition tech

Facial recognition has become a cause for concern in western democracies. The European Commission is considering imposing a five-year moratorium on the use of facial recognition technologies in the European Union (EU)...

India’s sedition law is just another colonial hangover and has no place in a democracy

Gandhi famously called section 124A the ‘prince’ among IPC sections that suppressed citizens’ liberties. When charged with sedition by the British colonial government in 1922 for his articles published in a local ..

Investment on research & development

When it comes to investment, the economic capital seems to be of great concern while the research element is almost conveniently given a lower berth. Economic, intellectual, social and political growth come from systematic ..

The virtues of virtual marketing: Trust but verify

Today, a one-minute video is about 52 seconds, considered too long. Microsoft has found that, since 2000, the average person’s attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to eight seconds. Research supports the so-called ‘goldfish effect’..

Pseudo-morality at its "best"!

When Bengali actor cum Trinamool Congress MP Tapas Paul uttered that "rape" threat in 2014 directed at opposition parties; not only did a huge hue and cry reverberate from Parliament to media to the streets, his career both..

Why India’s plan to introduce the African cheetah into its forests is a case of misplaced priorities

The Asiatic cheetah is the only large mammal to go extinct in the country since Independence...

Political will to solve the climate crisis

he total area burned stands at more than 10.7m hectares as at 8 January. Smoke plumes posed a significant health threat even to those living miles away, as the wind carried heavily polluted air to Sydney and Canberra..

The virtues of virtual marketing: Trust but verify

“Ingredients sourced locally” or “banking with care” or “our supply chain is green” don’t tend to create buzz as much it did back in early 2000s.Essentially, it all comes down to trust. People tend to trust and judge what others have to say..