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Skin problems that arise during monsoons

Who doesn't like the rains? Lush green landscapes, romantic drives, and cosy evenings with loved ones. Can’t get better than this, right? Monsoon showers have arrived to give us respite from the sweltering summer heat and hope..

50 years of Nationalization : India’s banking sector marches ahead

At the very outset let us have a close look at what the latest Economic Survey and the budget reflect. Accordingly, the performance of banking sector has improved as bad loans declined and credit growth accelearted in the last ..

Europe to Africa, Australia to America to Asia

An Irishman. A South African. A New Zealander. A man from Barbados. Another boasting of Pakistani parentage! And these 5 form part of a playing 11 in a cricket match! Oh, that means it is a composite World XI team playing in some sort of an unofficial charity match!..

Takeaways from the Kulbhushan Jadhav case ruling

Kulbhushan Jadhav, the former Indian Navy officer, who was allegedly abducted by Pakistani intelligence from Iran and sentenced to death on charges of espionage and terrorism by a farcical military court in Pakistan, has been given a glimmer of hope by the ruling of the International Court of Justice (ICJ)...

How I missed my best friend wedding

I was on my way to the university when the phone was frantically buzzing in my pants. ..

Your attitude will help fighting stress post exam failure

India’s most aspired Civil Services Examination tests lakhs of candidates every year on their competency and suitability for the highly responsible Administrative Services and only a handful are selected for the same. ..

Reminiscence of Pre-matric, Post-matric, UG and PG days of an aerobiologist of NE India

The writer was born on 11th February,1950 as the second siblingout of three (3) children (1st male and the third female) of Nameirakpam (L) Amusana Singh and Nameirakpam (O)(L) Maniton Devi of Kongba Uchekon ..

Understanding lynchings: With silent consent for mob violence, society is outsourcing its guilt

Jewish political philosopher Hannah Arendt coined the phrase “banality of evil” to refer to the crimes committed by Lieutenant-Colonel Adolf Eichmann, who she argued was neither a “monster” nor an anti-Semite but acted from the..

The many hurdles in proving citizenship

Apart from the floods in Assam, an annual event affecting thousands of families, another humanitarian crisis awaits the State this year. The date is already set for it. It is July 31. On that day, the final list of the National Register of ..

Manipur killings, 1987: Charges against Assam Rifles disposed of – though evidence has gone missing

The force has been accused of serious rights violations in Operation Bluebird. Justice has not been done, says the lawyer who fought the original case...

Role of education in promoting economic development

The 2017 Indian general elections was a landmark in the nation’s political history, as the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) secured a record win and came to power. The electoral process for the 17th Indian general elections lasted ..

Sitharaman's story marks one of the swiftest ascents in Indian politics — she had joined BJP only in 2006

During her tenure in the ministry, she had delegated a lot of power to the service headquarters and the three chiefs as well as to the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), a premier government agency that undertakes military research and development...

India's foreign policy needs rework in the next five years

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has maintained a frenetic pace, renewing contacts with world leaders ever since the results of general election 2019. He was the cynosure of all eyes at the G-20 meeting in June, in Osaka...

Ecological perils of discounting the future

In a report last year, the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) called the Chennai floods of 2015 a “man made disaster”, a pointer to how the encroachment of lakes and river floodplains has driven India’s sixth largest city..

Skill training for sustainability

Skill training or skill development is a common word amongst Indian youths or youth around the globe. It is more common where employment is government is a challenge for millions. Everyone wants to be employed and live a life with dignity...

Is this why Congress is struggling to find its next president ?

Sitaram Kesri Sitaram Kesri was another loyalist of the Gandhi family who fell out of favour after becoming president of the Congress. Kesri had succeeded Rao as the Congress president after having served the party as national treasurer for a long time...

Charity begins at home, so should conservation of water

We realize the value of time when we miss the bus in the nick of time. We realize the value of health when we are on a sickbed. We miss the sun when it begins to rain. We never know the true value of water until the pond is dry...

Board exam toppers are not your biz ambassadors!

Let me take you back on my writing which is now a calling topic for the difference between brand ambassadors and board exam toppers are walled down. I never knew, 10th position holders are not just viewed as a mark of academic ..

"Age" --- What a great "leveller"!

"Oh, East is East and West is West and never the two shall meet/ Till earth and sky stand presently at God's Great Judgement seat/ But there is neither East nor West, Border, nor Breed, nor Birth/ When two strong men stand face to..

Is this why Congress is struggling to find its next president ?

Who will be the next Congress president? There is no easy answer to the question as the seniors in the Congress have not been able to find a "willing" candidate to take the baton from Rahul Gandhi and "be ready" to hand it back to "the family"..

Retirement age at 65 or 70 or 55?

According to the latest Economic Survey India’s demographic growth is likely to grow under 0.5 % during 2031-2041 as a result of decline in fertility rate and increase in life expectancy. “Since an increase in the retirement..

On Yahouthengbi Monsoon & the politics of Cheng Superfine

This year’s ‘Yahouthengbi Award’ conferred by Mahousha Lairembi Foundation is reportedly bagged by Miss Monsoon. She was on a long slumber and forgot to wake up to pay her annual visit in Manipur. Apprehensive farmers ..

Career Option as Air Hostess

Some of us are fond of flying especially when we see birds in the sky or any other flying objects like planes. People have dream to travel by air though many can’t make it as it is costly than other mode of transport...

India’s defence planning has no clear strategic direction

India’s new national budget accentuates its stagnant defence spending. India’s defence spending figure of $46.3 billion contrasts starkly with China’s $177.5 billion, underscoring the yawning power gap between the two..

The adjective called- Biren

Call it adventurism or pork-barrel largesse as our Chief Minister unleashed a slew of sobs and subventions in the wake of his elevation tothe Chief Minister. On the first day of his elevation he had proclaimed his intention of ..

Modi 2.0: How PM, Amit Shah picked the Union Cabinet

Newly sworn-in Prime Minister Narendra Modi and cabinet ministers stand with President Ram Nath Kovind after taking the oath of office at Parliament House in New Delhi on May 30, 2019. (Photo: Chandradeep Kumar)..

Struggles of parenting teenagers

5. Love Affairs/ Dating Teenagers are known for their short-lived crushes and are often labelled “boy crazy or girl crazy” by their parents. Most of the teens will have long or endless phone conversations with their friends. They start discussing a new ..

Rebutting what The Sangai Express said !

On July 9th, the Sangai Express published my first article in its paper, for which I am very grateful. It was an article on the recent demands of the NSCN (IM) (hereinafter IM) to protect the integrity of their claims in Manipuri ..

Taking charge of your health with home testing

If you’ve been to the drugstore lately, you may have noticed an increase in the number of medical tests that you can use in the privacy of your home. ..

Struggles of parenting teenagers

Identifying Teens Problems Parents usually observe their children closely, and they tend to know when something is beyond the range or ordinary. And yet, many hesitate, because they do not know the signs by which to identify potentially serious..

India's water crisis caused by misallocation, mispricing than actual scarcity

The myth of water scarcity in India was shattered a few weeks ago, when the Central Water Commission (CWC) finally released a report that was kept under wraps for some time (Reassessment of water available in India using ..

Santanu—An Education

As soon as the tall bespectacled boy of impeccable personality joined the office, he caught my imagination and attention for the wide smile always gracing his face, humility and work ethics...

A road journey from New Delhi to Imphal: (3 Days, 3 Nights, 3 Guys)

Let us start by re-affirming that ‘Life is a Journey’. Indeed the road journey from New Delhi to Imphal would be a life time achievement in a way. In this piece of writing we will try to share information which might be interesting to those who are planning to undergo a similar trip like we did...

Important & insightful: A recent book called Understanding India’s Northeast a Reporters’ Journal by Rupa Chinai has put forth thought provoking questions on issues concerning the region

As a North-easterner from Manipur, I realised after reading Rupa Chinai’s Understanding India’s Northeast a Reporters’Journal that there is so much to know about my neighbouring states and the region as a whole...

Are Christian-run educational institutions minority in Meghalaya ?

The application of numerical test with reference to religion in states like Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir and Nagaland makes Sikhism, Islam and Christianity, the majority religions in those states respectively.”..

Of engaging rural youths gainfully by NABARD: A nice economic initiative for Manipur

A handsome youth is not necessarily a productive worker. The new hybrid of Ignorance and Arrogance is, perhaps, a new edition. Rural Manipur remains a classic example of small family farms, micro-enterprises and household ..

Are Christian-run educational institutions minority in Meghalaya ?

Being committed to the ideal of pluralism of the Indian society, the framers of the Indian Constitution of India were conscious of the need for the protection of the rights and privileges of the minority communities..

Why does Nagaland want to draw up a list of all indigenous inhabitants ?

The Register of Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland, seen as a localised version of the National Register of Citizens in Assam, will be the first official master list of Nagaland’s indigenous inhabitants...

Naga National Movement and AFSPA

This piece of write up gives a brief historical background of Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA) and its connection with Naga National Movement. ..

Insiders and outsiders in India's Northeast

Ironically — or perhaps tragically — the most beautiful parts of our country are also those most ridden with conflict and violence. They include the vale of Kashmir, the forests of Central India (and of Bastar especially), and the states of northeastern India...

Of engaging rural youths gainfully by NABARD: A nice economic initiative for Manipur

Of all organisations, organisation of mind is most difficult, but most important. Unorganised minds produce unorganised society punctuated by syndrome of terrible troubles arresting the economy into the shackles of stagnation..

Manipur a mirror of Nagaland

It is disappointing, but not surprising, that the newly elected member of the Lok Sabha for the Outer Manipur constituency, Dr. Lorho S. Pfoze, in his maiden speech before the members of the Lok Sabha on June 25th, made clear that he intends to represent only the Naga members of his constituency, and no one else...

What’s right for me?

Sometimes the tree which can bend the most passes through the toughest storms, sometimes the laziest person invents the most efficient objects, sometimes your best friend turns out to be your worst enemy, sometimes your toughest days ..

One Nation, zero election

Lately there has been too much debate — totally misguided, in my opinion — over this super idea of One Nation, One Election. Regular readers of this column would know I don’t use words like ‘misguided’ lightly. So when I say..

Fair reporting demands appropriate words

Some issues tend to keep surfacing, no matter how many times you address them. On August 20, 2018, I wrote a column, “Why context matters”, to explain why news reports use the term ‘Dalit’. When the Information..

Choosing the long view

The first Budget of the new government in the 17th Lok Sabha powerfully recommits to the vision guiding the last term emphasising continuity, individual empowerment and infrastructure for nation building, fiscal consolidation..

Budget according to common man

Whenever a budget is presented either in Parliament or the State Assembly the general tendency of the laity is to see its impact on his or her pocket ( personal income-expenditure relation)..

To sign or not to sign: What do Nagas think about Indo-Naga peace talks?

While the Modi once again formed new Government at New Delhi, Naga is expecting from the crucial and protracted peace talk which kick-started in 1997, which are expected to be a fierce intellectual battle..

Crack CDSE and join defence services

If you want to serve the nation and its people then the best option is joining the defence forces as an officer. An Indian defence force which includes Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force provides opportunities for men..

Nirmala Sitharaman’s first budget: It is different

The eagerness to see what the First Budget of (a) the second term of the Modi Government, and (b) of a First Full-Fledged Woman Finance Minister would be like was aroused while reading the latest Economic Survey..

Marriage rituals of the natives of South East Asia with special reference to Tais

1. Introduction The turning points in the life cycle of an individual are the critical transitions of birth, marriage and death. These rites of passage, as Van Gennep called them, are practiced universally through their number and stages of life selected vary from society to society. ..

'Bangla' - Cultural right of Bengalis

Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Junction -- "Yes Sir"! Prayagraj -- "Yes Sir"! Bangla -- "No Sir"! Hardly surprising from such an outfit or power group which shamelessly tarnish Bengal as "Kangal" and "land of ..

When pandemonium will stop in Rajya Sabha

Unfortunately the Upper House of Parliament is acquiring a typical characteristic of a House of disorder and pandemonium on ‘point of order’ the motive of some Members is to create disorder..

The Jewish connection to AIR tune

I felt really elated all of a sudden at hearing the familiar tune. Many would remember that two minutes tune in their lives, at some moment or the other. It was the AIR Signature that came out from the other room..

Doubling agri-exports by 2022 - Difficult but not impossible

The target set by the Government of India is a good one – doubling agri-exports by 2022 – matching well with thje target of doubling farmers’ income by 2022. If it really happens everyone will be glad - the same is not impossible..

Myanmar: Current developments – Analysis

The unilateral cease fire ordered by the Army ends Sunday and there is as yet no sign whether the ceasefire will be further extended by the Army. ..

No home even a decade after the war

A recent order of the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court, directing 65 refugees from Sri Lanka to apply for Indian citizenship, has again brought into sharp focus the need for the two countries to resolve a long-pending problem...

Why policemen kill themselves

On May 11, 2018, senior Maharashtra IPS officer Himanshu Roy committed suicide in Mumbai. He was suffering from cancer and resultant depression. Another IPS officer, Surendra Kumar Das, committed suicide in Kanpur..

Why I did not renew my driving license?

Because I realized (better late than never) that it is government’s responsibility to provide safe, convenient, affordable, accessible and humane ways of commuting for all its citizens..

Congress facing certain death if Gandhis hang on to power, refuse to let meritocracy take over through credible process

Not even in 2014, when the Congress suffered the worst drubbing in its history, did the Grand Old Party look so purposeless and adrift. With each passing day, the party falls deeper and deeper into a quagmire...

Are our journalists safe & secured?

Sanjenbam Jugeshwor Singh The safety and security of journalists have never been a matter of serious concern for both Indian Academy and media industries. Despite several journalists associations, serving journalists deployed in the areas of conflict..

We are human beings first

It was the 6th day of December 2017. In the evening a group of colleagues left our Central Kolkata office for the wedding reception of another of our colleague's son in the suburbs..

Man in White (MIW) surrounded by few wise men

Storytelling is an art that gives joy and imagination to children. That could be true or imaginary but it promised to entertain and educate young mind..

Mitigating hunger is the only choice of a poor

One side of the path was covered with a thick jungle where mostly the poor fishermen were residing and at the other side; there was a big lake..

It’s time to act, not do more research

In its first 100 days, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s second government has begun yet another rethink of higher education policies through the draft NEP (National Education Policy) and EQUIP (Education Quality Upgradation and Inclusion Programme)..

Judicial administration of Manipur under King Bhagyachandra : An overview

Stealing of things and animals Stealing of things, animals like cows, buffaloes and horses were recognized. ..

Judicial administration of Manipur under King Bhagyachandra : An overview

Introduction Bhagyachandra, the second son of Shyamjai Khurailakpa and Wahengbam Chanu Chakha Loikhombi was born in 1749 at Moirangkhom, Imphal. He was the grandson of Meidingu Pamheiba. Bhagyachandra..

Call for co-ordinated involvement of all in the management of harmful weed, Parthenium in Manipur

Introduction Parthenium- the toxic weed is spreading at an alarming rate throughout Manipur Valley specially 0n either side of National and State highways including inter village roads. All parts of the weed at any stage of its growth are toxic ..

The war of perspectives

The more you go through, clearer will be this concept for you – ‘it’s all in mind.’ Never did I really pour my cent attention to know that four worded sentences until I stopped searching. Well! Without making you more confused ..

Maharaja Bodh Chandra: The last ruler of Manipur

To return to the argument for and against Irabot’s stand on merger question, it should be clear in one’s mind that just because Irabot did not articulate in writing that he denounced merger, cannot lead one to derive the inference that he countenanced it. One must consider the fact that he was indulging in an act of waging war against the Indian state from 1949-51...

Are we inviting “Pyaar” & poll

It is learnt from a highly erratic source that a prominent central leader is conducting a hearing of some chosen state leaders to find an amicable solution to the present political imbroglio ...

An incidental adore

The bleat of a goat that can easily be heard is the distance of BhabitDa’s home from our drawing room. He is a socially butterfly person who is so simple and sober in nature...

Data entry as career options

Whenever we come across news paper advertisement or advertisement related to job vacancy, one of the common advertisements is work part time or full time and earn money. Most of these jobs are related to data entry...

Maharaja Bodh Chandra: The last ruler of Manipur

That Irabot took the extreme step of committing suicide, ending his own life out of sheer frustration when things appeared to reach a point no return for him, when an eerie sense of hopelessness tore him asunder and tormented him apart is an earth shattering account..

Watermelon beauty benefits

Believed to have originated in South Africa,Watermelons are best during summer months .Watermelon , the coolest fruit needs no introduction. It has been on our list of favorites since we were kids, and it will continue to remain ..

A new dawn for banking

It was on this day, July 1, 1955 the Imperial Bank of India was reconstituted by an Act of Parliament to create State Bank of India to perform the functions of a commercial bank. This marked begin of a new era of banking in India. ..

Fatal blow to the idea of India

Just a feeling of pain or sadness would not do. Mere verbal expression of such personal emotion by Narendra Modi will not alter the situation a bit for the better. Since 2014, this menace of lynching absolute innocent individuals in the name of "Gomata" ..

Maharaja Bodh Chandra: The last ruler of Manipur

By calling for armed rebellion across the nook and corner of India, the Communist Party of India realized that it had certainly punched above its weight. The party, then, obviously underestimated the scale and magnitude of retaliatory crackdown, that would be resorted to, on the part of Indian state machinery in order to neutralize their armed revolt..

Maharaja Bodh Chandra: The last ruler of Manipur

Contd from previous issue When one takes a comprehensive view of Hijam Irabot’s time and his relations with the Communist Party of India, the party was ridden with ‘inner turmoil’ (to quote A.B. Bardhan, former General Secretary, C.P.I., see his article On C. Rajeswara Rao’s birth anniversary, dated 14 June, 2014, ..

Let us make schools better : The current initiative

Well, we will have to wait for 2020 results to find out whether the trend continues or is maintained. However, some high schools of both the hill and valley districts are showing small gains, no gain or even some poorer results..

Cultural relation among the ethnic groups of Manipur

Manipur, once an Asiatic Kingdom is located at the extreme northeastern corner of India. Manipur literally means the city or the land of gems. In the past, she was known by different local names such as Kangleipak, Poireipak and ..

Maharaja Bodh Chandra: The last ruler of Manipur

Contd from previous issue However, before he proceeded to Burma in May 1950 and in between the interlude of 21 September, 1949, when the merger agreement was signed by Mahara Bodh Chandra in Shillong and when the same came into effect on 15 October, 1949..

Health for justice : Justice for health

Amongst all the crimes in the world drug abuse and illicit trafficking are common in many countries. Drug abuse is a serious concern as many people died at early age due to uses of illegal drugs. Like drug abuse another crime around the world in illicit trafficking...

Let us make schools better : The current initiative

At the backdrop of School Fagathansi Mission or Let Us Make Schools Better Mission to be launched by the School Education Dept of Manipur as notified a couple of days ago, what is of utmost importance is first to focus on schooling and learning..

How Chennai lost its water, a story that should worry you

Chennai has lost huge areas earlier covered by water bodies to development projects and illegal encroachments over decades. Chennai is practically the first Indian city to have gone dry with the Central Water Commission reporting a rainfall deficit of 41 per cent in Tamil Nadu till June 13 this year...

Security studies in Manipur University: Prospect and challenges

In a welcoming academic development and for the first time in North East India, the Manipur University (MU) is likely to introduce the Department of National Security Studies for higher education and research activities..

Maharaja Bodh Chandra: The last ruler of Manipur

It needs be stated that while social fibre in Manipur was grossly steeped in feudalism in Churachand Maharaj’s time, the events of 1939 Nupi Lan and the Second World War had greatly shaken off the backwater syndrome ..

An evening with Manipuri dance

The evening had lot of chit-chat among family members like between grandfather / grandmother and grandchildren, between aunt and niece, between father / mother and their children about day’s dance performance after the programme..

Maharaja Bodh Chandra: The last ruler of Manipur

Contd from previous issue Born a natural leader, pursuing a streak of independent line, untrammeled by any conditions that lie on his path, ran in Hijam Irabot ingrained in his spirit...

My tiny world

A life well lived is better than a life, long lived. This is a world where clarity is the believed perspective, this is a world that’s happening inside you. Until the day you close your senses, this world will keep seemingly grow..

Yoga, overdraft & stability

I asked Google Sir, what is the most important thing in Yoga ? Sorry ,I stand corrected I asked Google Madam , what is the most significant aspect of Yoga ?..

Growing career opportunity at Yoga

On December 11 in 2014, the United Nations General Assembly declared June 21 as the International Day of Yoga. This day is observed around the world with different activities...

Political vendetta and prejudice

Bengal — the latest “hotel topic” in national sphere right from Centre to media! If the sorry picture of rest of India gets cleverly swept under the carpet and all focus get directed towards the state of affairs in Bengal by the Who’s Who..

Maharaja Bodh Chandra: The last ruler of Manipur

Contd from previous issue A week after independence day, on 22 August, 1949, houses of as many as 18 active members ‘suspected to belong either to Communist Party of Manipur..

Melting of Himalayan glaciers has doubled in recent years

Jun 22: A newly comprehensive study shows that melting of Himalayan glaciers caused by rising temperatures has accelerated dramatically since the start of the 21st century...

Maharaja Bodh Chandra: The last ruler of Manipur

Undemocratic conduct coupled with imperious behavior of Manipur State Congress leaders ultimately created pandemonium in the meeting venue. Apart from the clique of Congress leaders who spoke in the meeting viz. Lalit Madhab Sharma, Laishram Jogeswar, Salam Ibotombi and Kunjabihari Singh, no one from the gathering public,..

Yoga: Not Asan, but the ultimate connection (RajYoga) for healthy and happy life

"Health is the supreme foundation of virtue, wealth, enjoyment and salvation. Diseases are destroyers of health, of good life, and even of life itself"...

Eat for beauty

Beauty is a sign of health.You are what you eat. The key to looking beautiful lies in your daily diet .Our skin reflects our diet almost immediately...

Unfortunate/inappropriate misundertanding within the Zeliangrong community

tribes of the Zeliangrong. But as a contradict on 10th June 2019 through a local newspaper Shri. Heera Malangmei Kabui, President,..

Unfortunate/inappropriate misundertanding within the Zeliangrong community

The President of Manipur Kabui Union (MKU), Shri. Heera Malangmei Kabui on 10th June 2019 misquoted and condemned Amu Kamei, President Zeliangrong Union (Assam, Manipur & Nagaland) in the local newspaper over the Kabui communities stating that “It reflects the elements of disregarding his own original custom and tradition and he should clarify in connection with the misleading statement as it may create hatred and disintegrate among the communities” based on the discussion programme on Gaan-Ngai broadcaste..