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Reading between the lines Does the burning of a private school in Manipur reflect a larger malady ?

One of the oldest and popular Catholic institutions in Manipur, St Joseph Higher Secondary school situated in Sugnu, about 70 km south-east of Imphal, went up in flames on the night of April 25. Two leaders of the Kuki Student Organisation (KSO) Gunpi Block, namely, David Jamminlen Baite and Thangkhanlal Haokip were immediately arrested by the police. Later on May 2,Peter Mangkhohao Lhungdim was arrested from Imphal. The three were placed under IPC section 436/447/506/34 and are in judicial remand. ..

Difference between standing in queue for gas booking and standing in queue for examination form at Manipur University

Joyce Paveine “ How long are we to keep on walking?” “ I have no idea either. Its taking forever isn’t it? Perhaps he will know...” replied Nancy frowning at the innocent scorching sun and hurrying towards a girl who was hastening as though she was about to miss her flight. “Excuse me...”..

The rise and fall of glorious Cachari kingdom

Yangsorang Rongreisek This writer is first fascinated by the striking activities of the newly floated Manipur Peoples against Citizenship (MANPAC) when its strong delegation toured all the Seven Sisters States of the North-East Region of India with the exception of Sikkim in the recent past in connection with Citizenship Amendment Bill, (CAB), 2016/19. ..

The trunk that life of a soldier moves on

Scoring hundred is always a milestone for anybody from childhood to professional career. They are crazy about a ton and a century. Now netizen posted their success at social networking. We’re in cloud nine after our daughter scored full marks - hundred in Maths. Even 95+ is inferior in mark-sheet. I wonder how little Ayush set a target while gaming on YouTube. So here I’m, without a milestone. Oh well, such is our life. Today my favourite word for writing is ‘Posting’. It’s another dollar word that ..

“An alarming stay in a hotel”

Rabin Prasad Kalita Tarjinder, Imtaz and I were in New Delhi to attend a cricket camp organized by our employer CAG for a period of one week. It was just after a few days of Nepal’s deadliest tremor occurred on 25th of April, 2015. The shiver was felt even in Delhi and beyond. A room was booked for us in the hotel Rama Inn which was at Paharganj, Arakashan Road. ..

Summer special: Try these easy-to-make mocktail at home

Nita Mehta The wrath of the Indian Summer has intensified in last few days .With school holidays just round the corner , you must be looking forward  for your hill station trip but what until then ?..

MCS/MPS through lottery?

Free Thinker Bizando : Eigya, how is hand ? Maharaj : Hand is fine with the lotus ? Bizando : Hujur ,I mean your own personal hand ? Maharaj : It is perfectly alright by the grace of Apollo . What is up?..

Paramedical courses as career options

Ranjan K Baruah Career in health is not only limited to doctors as many other people are associated with health sector. If we look at the health sectors then we could find that there are other professions apart from doctors or nurses. In this regard one of the important part of the health care profession is paramedics or paramedical. The paramedic is a healthcare professional who works in emergency medical situations. A paramedic may be more formally defined as a medical professional who provides ..

Summer beauty tips and tricks for busy moms

Summer is our favorite season for obvious reasons. Come summer, and we think of colors, cool drinks and sheer clothes...

Sharmila moves on but Manipur’s struggles remain

Sudeep Chakravarti Remember Irom Sharmila? You had probably forgotten until you saw photographs of Manipur’s former protest icon cradling her new born twin daughters alongside her ‘non-resident’ husband, Desmond Coutinho. The photograph taken in a Bengaluru hospital earlier this week is far from the image she was known by for more than a decade: nasal drip that force-fed her, unkempt hair, tortured expression, fierce eyes...

Manipur Traffic : A game of fast and furious

Ashwini Sunil Traffic in Manipur is nothing less than a game to get to the finish line before the rest. Roads in the state are not yet up to the mark and large portions of roads in certain areas aren't fully developed. This doesn't seem to curb the increase in the number of vehicles that traverse on these paths...

Bamboo charcoal processing as one of the remedies for bamboo flowering in Manipur

Introduction Bamboo flowering is a natural phenomenon occurring once in every 49 or 50 years. It signals the end of bamboo life span. After a bamboo plant has flowered, it will dry up and its fruit would ultimately fall on the ground which then is eaten by rodents. These bamboo fruits increase the fertility of rodents. Consequently, the population of rodents get multiplied within a short time. ..

Manipur : A woman’s world

Women of Manipur are nothing less than the torchbearers of the society. They play a significant role not only as homemakers, but as breadwinners and bread bringers of the family. Women have been found to be predominant in all fields of society. The concept of a gender specific occupation is not accepted and followed in Manipur. ..

Arrival of Fall Armyworm (FAW) in Manipur : A concern

Mohd Mustaque Ahmed Recently there was news about the recent infestation of FAW (Fall Armyworm) in Manipur. The worm is commonly known as American wormand it is a moth like other caterpillars. It was originated from American countries. Escaping from there it landed in African countries in the year 2016. Then onwards it started showing its impact in the production of corns in Africa and now in Europe and Asian countries. ..

Amazing folk-tales of the Koireng tribe

Yangsorang Rongreisek Before retelling two Amazing Folk-Tales of The Koireng Tribe, the background of this small community may be summarised. The present Koireng Tribe of Manipur is very rich in custom and culture which has been preserved on for ages. After encountering a great deal of confusion over the nomenclature of the TRIBE here and there, this may be clarified. ..

Manipur : The unsung fashion capital

Ashwini Sunil A casual stroll in Manipur is like witnessing a live fashion show with the streets as its runway. Basic pants paired with vibrant floral tops and summer dresses over turtleneck sweaters, Oh it’s an absolute gala to behold. The streets are filled with people in chic and preppy outfits, men and women alike. ..

Traditional village administration of the natives of North East with special reference to Zeliangrongs

Contd from previous issue Divorce (Noumumei): Divorce is the complete division of a marriage tie and that permits remarriage. In the opinion of William j. Goode, divorce may be seen as a personal misfortune for one or both spouses in any society, but it must also be viewed as a social invention, one type of escape valve for the inevitable tensions of marriage itself. In every society, divorce takes place although the prevailing rules or social norms discourage it. ..

Changing face of the North East

Nava Thakuria Once known for separatist militants’ disruptive activities, the region has emerged as a land of peaceful electorate with full commitment to the electoral process. As news of electoral violence is relentlessly breaking from various parts of the country, the North East has showcased National fervour through responsible participation in the polls, something found rarely in the region’s States, dominated as it is by a number of banned militant groups fighting the Union Government in New ..

Traditional village administration of the natives of North East with special reference to Zeliangrongs

Dr Budha Kamei Contd from previous issue Marriage with another man’s wife (Langdai Noukasoumei): If a man gets married with a woman whose husband is alive, such a marriage is called Langdai Noukasoumei. This kind of marriage does happen sometimes in the society. Such marriage is considered a serious crime in the society and a sin in religion as marriage is a sacrament. ..

Significance of Nurses Week celebration

International Council of Nurses (ICN) is operated by Nurses and leading Nursing internationally. ICN works to ensure quality Nursing care for all and sound health policies globally. ICN chooses a theme each year to celebrate International Nurses Day. Their 2017 - 2019 campaign, Nurses : A VOICE TO LEAD, focused on the need for Nurses to become more active and vocal in policy development and implementation. The resources and evidence deal with critical issues of the time and highlight the many ways ..

Traditional village administration of the natives of North East with special reference to Zeliangrongs

Contd from previous issue Colonel McCulloch says that the Zeliangrong observes several gennas like, crop, deities, animal, food gennas and many others. In Zeliangrong society, Neihmei for good paddy (Napchang Lingpui Nei) and crops (Loidui Boumei Nei), safety from rats and rodents (Pu-Pok Mong Thingmei Nei), pests and birds (Thaoroi Mun Thingpui Nei), animals and beasts (Su-Jou Mun Thingpui Nei) and genna for rich harvest (Nap Thuipui Nei) etc. ..

Traditional village administration of the natives of North East with special reference to Zeliangrongs

Introduction Fortes and Evans-Pritchard (African Political System) have divided the societies into two groups; one group has government—central authority, administrative machinery, and judicial institutions—in which power does correspond with wealth and status. ..

My franchise for mom’s primary

I was waiting in queue thinking Plato’s warning – if you don’t vote; you’ll be governed by idiots. Aristotle believed that the most intelligent men should rule a nation. And I was determined to franchise democratic right for our republic. It has always been pleasure of participating on polling day but there is another reason why I like it so much. While I queued for my turn at the booth, an old isolated signboard caught my attention that indicating ESTD 1890 which I’ve never heeded so far. It’s my ..

Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming, Here is a chance for us to please mother if we haven’t. Mother means a lot to everyone. In order to honour the mother’s love, second Sunday of May is observed as a Mother’s Day all over the world. Though respect for mothers run deep through centuries the idea of setting aside a special day to honour them never struck until one devoted daughter, Anna Jarvis by name, took upon herself the responsibility of showing her gratitude to her mother two years after her mother’s death. ..

Respect for a mother

Celebration of International Mother’s Day is not just to honour mothers but to instil the virtue of respect in persons who are not mothers. The sense of satisfaction to be a mother will differ greatly depending on one’s family atmosphere, financial soundness, societal acceptance and religious adherence. In some religious traits, motherhood may be considered more meaningful only when she gives birth to a male progeny while in another tradition motherhood is respected in toto. Motherhood is a gift to ..

Career option in Veterinary Science

Ranjan K Baruah In one of my recent career counselling programme, I have come across many students asking me about career in healthcare. Many students have appeared in National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) and few will make their way towards medical colleges through their score of NEET while many will not get admission in medical colleges whether it is government or private. ..

Benefits of Laboratory Information Systems

The increasing demand for quality healthcare services ensures that clinical diagnostic laboratories are always looking for tools that can improve their efficiency and minimise costs. Although the concept of Laboratory Information System (LIS) is not new, advances in technology have made them more sophisticated than ever before, offering a host of clinical and non-clinical applications, customisable configurations, web-based connectivity, scalability and modules that offer data handling for the most ..

Mother’s Day

May is finally here and Mother's day falls on 12 th May this year . ..

Academic excellence is not everything

Once upon a time, a child out of school was considered to be a child with no hope for the future. Therefore, everyone, including parents, activists, teachers, etc. encouraged every child to be in the school. The state emphasises on the right to education for all. While everyone talk about sending all children to school, whether the right kind of education is imparted in the school or not is hardly questioned. And today, a child in the school but without academic excellence (understood as securing ..

The amazing beauty benefits of coconut oil

Shahnaz Husain Coconut oil has been part of the Ayurvedic system of healing for centuries. Coconut Oil, the holy water of beauty world has power to smooth dry, damaged hair, fight off bacteria,burn fat,seamlessly remove makeup and work as a whitening toothpaste. Popularly called as "miracle oils" is multitasker which has one of the highest concentration of fatty acid among the different types of oils. These fatty acids, which are antimicrobial and antibacterial, also help hydrate and soothe ..

The integrity of Manipur

L Bimolchand Singh The Meiteis and the Manipuri tribals co-existed harmoniously for hundreds of year till the Meiteis converted themselves to Hinduism about 300 years back. The Meiteis became orthodox Vaisnavs and started treating the Manipuri tribals as untouchable. Till about 50 years back they were not allowed to enter inside the house of the Meiteis and the meals were served separately in different utensils. Meitei insurgency against the Hinduism started in 1930 and “Meitei Marup” was formed ..

A spooky night that left us shaking

Rabin Prasad Kalita It seemed like a mega carnival all around the Maniram Dewan Trade Center (MDTC) complex. The heads of human being were seen all over with a bag pack or trolley with each one of us. Mr. Bharadwaj, Panditji , Rejaul and I got assembled at the Trade Centre at sharp 8 am on last 22nd April, to carry out the parliamentary election duty, which was held on 23rd April, 2019. It was deliberated over phone by all of us, the day before so that, we could reach well in time. Everyone looked ..

Bamboo based industries in Manipur and entrepreneurship marketing

Entrepreneurial marketing is a new concept . It needs both entrepreneurial skills as we as marketing skills for success of any venture. This concept needs a marketer to be innovative, risk taking and proactive in performing managerial responsibility. Entrepreneurial Marketing is gaining significance and popularity because of inadequacies in conventional marketing to address the needs of the Organization operating in competitive landscape. In this article , the writers will try to Identify the..