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Cramps in legs and feet : What to do ?

Dr KK PandeyVery often you would have heard your relatives and acquaintances complaining of cramps in legs and feet. Some people often complain of leg cramps and mild pain during night time. Old and elderly people generally do suffer from problem of leg p..

Perfumes and their care

Shahnaz HusainAre you someone who loves to buy perfumes every now and then ?  Scents elicit emotions and offer a sense of comfort.Entering a room with your signature fragrance is the best feeling. But how long will the new fragrance last ? We like to..

Wetlands : Nature’s kidneys

N Munal MeiteiWetlands play a very important role in maintaining the ecological balance. They harbor and prevent plants and animals from extinction. They are the sponges for floods, purify, filter and recycle organic wastes and regulate and replenish the ..

The argument for why the West should change course on Ukraine

Ishaan Tharoor with Sammy WestfallContd from previous issueThis is an argument that has been made before — including by Henry Kissinger, a venerable fixture of the US foreign policy establishment. But the RAND report marks perhaps the most systemati..

It’s time for Wetlands restoration

M Asnikumar SinghThe World Wetlands Day is celebrated every year on 2nd February. The Convention on wetlands was adopted on 2 February, 1971 in Ramsar, Iran. The Ramsar Secretariat’s main objective is to raise public awareness on the importance and ..

Citrus marcoptera : A rare citrus species in NE India

S Romen Singh, L Wangchu, N Devachandra, Barun Singh and BN HazarikaHatkora also known as Satkara is one of the most important underexploited and endangered species among the Citrus species found in North East India. It is tight-skinned, belonging to spec..

The argument for why the West should change course on Ukraine

Ishaan Tharoor with Sammy WestfallThe war in Ukraine, at least for some policymakers in Western capitals, can be measured in deliveries of weapons. Their response to the brutal onslaught unleashed by Russia last February has been a parade of armor and ste..

The 2nd anniversary of the military coup in Myanmar

Dr Arpita HazarikaContd from previous issueWe honor the lives lost over the previous year, especially those of women, children, humanitarian workers, human rights advocates, and nonviolent protestors, on this second anniversary of the coup. We vehemently ..

Review of the book Wild Edible Fleshy Fungi of Indo-Myanmar hot spot region

BN PandeThis book (published by LAMBERT Academic publishing, Germany), presents extensive information on the “wild edible fleshy fungi of Indo–Myanmar Hot spot region (2022) that covers Value Addition to selected genera for food and sustainabl..

Motivating youth towards agri-entrepreneurship in Meghalaya

Lakshmi Dhar HataiAgricultural development is possible only with motivating youth towards effective entrepreneurial skills as well as optimum utilization of resources. Agri-entrepreneur has the ability to take account of the factors of production-land, la..

Why Bank Employees seek 5 days week?

Vinod Chandrashekhar DixitRecently Sunil Kumar – General Secretary of FBOIOA and Advisor of AIBOC  who is a  good orator & blistering speaker with broad knowledge of disciplinary proceedings in Banking has twitted that Government and I..

The 2nd anniversary of the military coup in Myanmar

Dr Arpita HazarikaToday is 1st February 2023. The daring military takeover in Myanmar two years ago on February 1 will be remembered as the start of the most oppressive administration in recent memory. The situation in Myanmar has deteriorated drastically..

Biological control of insect pests in NE India

KI Singh and SM HaldharContd from previous issueThere is extensive evidence that the destruction of natural enemies by broad-spectrum insecticides leads to reduced biological control and the subsequent resurgence of some pests. Insecticide overuse is most..

YouTube as a Career Choice

Ranjan K BaruahWe have seen a new career choice amongst students. When I ask about dream professions and career choice amongst school or college students then one word which could be heard is YouTuber. We are aware that one of the popular activities in th..

Mai Bpen rai (do not worry)-A Thai phrase

Bijenti Irengbam“Mai Bpen rai”,a Thai  phrase which loosely interprets to “do not worry,” on the first effect we’ll assume that it is for the maximum good of all. The Thai people are known for their warm hospitality and ..

Whither women's reproductive health in Asia Pacific

Shobha Shukla – CNS (Citizen News Service)While the world has made many advancements in healthcare, millions of women and girls in low- and low-middle income countries are still far away from having bodily autonomy and are not able to make informed ..

Biological control of insect pests in NE India

KI Singh and SM HaldharThe economy of the North Eastern States is mainly rural and agrarian. The region offers scope for cultivation of a wide variety of agricultural crops because of its diversities in topography, altitude and climatic conditions. The ma..

Couch surfing!

S BalakrishnanCouch Surfing?! Never heard this phrase before! Of course I am familiar with the phrase ‘Couch Potato’ (which I am not) and coast surfing (which I dare not) but not Couch Surfing. It is a jargon of the Travel & Tourism Sector..

Indispensable e-Governance but

Free ThinkerManipur is almost shifted to e-services and e-governance. We are following the national and global trends; it is important, progressive, and futuristic. In the ’90s the Andhra Pradesh Government started e-governance first with their reve..

Enabling economic development in G20 context for India

Ms Rupa DuttaContd from previous issueIt is important to shape the future of GVCs in a sustainable and inclusive way to enhance economic growth and improve business competitiveness.· Ways to create employment at scale aligned to the jobs of the futur..

Hazardous chemical contaminants found in fishes

Ch Basudha, Arati Ningombam, L Kanta Singh and Anand WakambamFish is among the healthiest foods on the planet, and contains important nutrients, a good source of easily digestible proteins.  Fish is rich in vitamins A and D. Fish is also a great sour..

To invest in people, prioritize education

Ranjan K BaruahPromotion of and ensuring education means we are ensuring a sustainable future. Though there are challenges to achieving universal education, it is a must and we must ensure the same. We are aware that education offers children a ladder out..

As a war rages...

Yambem LabaManipur Chief Minister N. Biren Singh’s much-flouted campaign on War on Drugs took a nosedive on 16 January. That was the day when personnel of the Kakching District Police waylaid a Gypsy carrying five Commandos belonging to a unit of it..

National Tourism Day 2023

N Munal MeiteiIndia is a treasure trove of exquisite vast beaches with glistening sand, magnificent mountains covered in snow and adventurous forests boasting of rare and beautiful flora and fauna. Every waterfall, mountain peak, desert or forest is uniqu..

Enabling economic development in G20 context for India

Ms. Rupa DuttaManufacturing presents one of the biggest and the most transformative opportunities for India to reach the ambitious, yet achievable, target of becoming a USD 30-trillion economy by 2047. India’s massive and skilled workforce, an emerg..

Dealing with peer pressure: Tips for students

Dr Rajkumar Ranjan SinghPeer pressure can be understood as the push experienced by an individual from a peer group to follow the standards and expectations set by them. Since adolescence is a critical developmental stage where children undergo various cha..

Critical analysis of reservation system

Moirangthem John SinghReservation system enshrined in the Constitution of India under which certain identified sections of the people are given favourable opportunities whether in getting education, jobs etc. in Government run institutions is one of the m..

Looking unto Jesus eases sorrow and suffering

Lunminthang HaokipContd from previous issueIn ancient days, in front of the royal throne, a stool was kept as royal foot-rest on which the images of all the enemies of the king are painted. That’s a symbolical practice to drive the message home that..

History of Diabetes

Dr Chakshu ChandelDiabetes mellitus which is more commonly known as diabetes comes from the Greek word diabetes, meaning ‘siphon - to pass through’, to explain polyuric state that means excessive urination and unquenchable thirst, and the Lati..

Looking unto Jesus eases sorrow and suffering

Lunminthang HaokipWHAT DO WE LOOK FOR ? : Different people look for different things. World class actors and actresses hone their talents, make faces before the camera to the best of their grimaces, put their emotions on switch-on/switch off mode in turns..

Sholas of Ootacamund

Akham Bonbirdhwaja SinghContd from previous issueThe Nilgiris, like Manipur and North East is a haven of biodiversity having a number of unique and endemic species (it was declared a biospehere reserve uncer MAB programme of UN in the past). Here in case ..

How to deal with smartphone addiction in children

Malem ElangbamContd from previous issueSet a phone password to avoid the usage of the phone by children in our absence.14. Be a great role model: Children learn more from our actions than our words.They are great observers, and they mimic the habits of pa..

Keep your hands soft and smooth this winter

Shahnaz HusainHave you ever struggled with dry and peeling skin on your hands every time it gets a little too cold ?When winter sets in, your hands begin to show neglect and ageing sooner than most parts of the bodyDry, chapped hands are one of the most c..

Empowering adulthood through sex education

Dr Ashwini Sirapanasetty KaracheContd from previous issueor through restrictive laws and policies related to age of consent to sexual intercourse and access to services) (WHO). Pregnant adolescent girls are more likely to drop out of school and discontinu..

How to deal with smartphone addiction in children

Malem ElangbamJuly 31 marks the day the first mobile call was made in India. This took place on July 31, 1995 and the call was made by the then West Bengal Chief Minister Jyoti Basu to Union Communications Minister Sukh Ram. The first mobile call in India..

Empowering adulthood through sex education

Dr Ashwini Sirapanasetty Karache“Comprehensive sexuality education needs to be understood by different stakeholders, such as parents, community members, religious leaders & politicians, in order to promote comfort & understanding of what can..

Namami Gange : A Nirmal and a viral testimony of the country's will power

Gajendra Singh Shekhawat7th August, 2021 was a momentous occasion for India. A javelin from an athlete named Neeraj Chopra made us proud by fetching us the gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics. A small act in the epilogue of this story didn’t make it to..

New year traditions and beliefs

Bijenti IrengbamJanuary 1st is supposed to be the most important day of the year, the day that will set the mood and energy for the remaining 364 days of the year. Although different cultures may celebrate the New Year on different dates, the point is tha..

4th January is the World Braille DayReaching blind and visually impaired persons is must for inclusive development

Ranjan K BaruahWe are fortunate that we are able to read this article but there are many around the world who cannot read the way we can read. There are people with disabilities and one of them is the visually impaired. Even under normal circumstances, pe..

Nongmaithem Tombi Singh’s contribution to the making of Hijam Anganghal a Mahakavi

Surjitkumar LoitamContd from previous issueregarding National Seminar to be organized by the Sahitya Akademi on the theme, ‘The Epic Tradition and Contemporary Indian Literature’ at any time and date suitable to the Akademi to honor and rememb..

Welcome New Year 2023 : New Year service in Shillong

Lunminthang HaokipOLD THINGS PASS AWAY: The world celebrates a NEW YEAR in a big way. Youngsters think that on New Year’s Eve, they can get sozzled, get befuddled and drive their mobikes, and make the new year sizzle with their reckless top-gear phi..

Transaction of budget and financial business...In the 2nd session of 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly

Prof (Dr) Nimai Chand LuwangThe 2nd session of the 12th Manipur legislative Assembly was held from 25th July 2022 to 5th August 2022. It was the main session to pass the full budget for the financial year 2022-2023. There were eleven sittings. Presentatio..

Nongmaithem Tombi Singh’s contribution to the making of Hijam Anganghal a Mahakavi

Surjitkumar LoitamContd from previous issueAs agreed upon, they jointly took up the translation work for some time. At that time Oja Tombi had no idea of the joint venture. As told by Oja Khagendra, Jodhachandra started translating himself individually at..

The 108 Divya Desam Temples

S BalakrishnanThe Vaishnavaites consider 108 Vaishnav Temples as the most sacred among all the temples dedicated to Lord Shri Narayana. Hence these are known as 108 Divya (Sacred) Desams (Shrines/kshetram). It is so because these 108 temples have been sun..

Work like Hiraba’s son

Free ThinkerModi ji’s  Maa passed away at the age of 100(running). Everyone wants to pay last respect and homage to the departed soul and join the ultimate ritual in person. But, Narendra Bhai didn’t allow doing so; only Adani ji and a fe..


Dr Sumedha Kushwaha‘Attraversiamo’ is an Italian word which translates to”Lets cross over”. The year ends and we all cross over to another new beginning, I am still asking myself,can one rotation of earth bring about so much differ..

India as G20 leader can guide the world in fighting Covid reemergence

Lakshmana Venkat KuchiAs Covid-19 threatens the world again, what with rising numbers of cases in China, Japan, and the USA, the Indian model of fightback against the pande-mic–extensive vaccination covering the entire population and strict discipli..

Confronting school dropoutAddressing skill aspirations among adolescent youth

 Dr Jeebanlata Salam, Jagdish Londhe, Vishal Kumar and Shiva MukhiTo study the phenomenon of widespread dropout tendency among secondary students in Odisha and Assam,  a team of researchers from National Institute of Advanced Studies, IISC campu..

Goat farming and management

Gaanpuilu Rwangmei, Nadia Pukhrambam, SM ZulekhaIntroduction : Goat (Capra aegagrus hircus) are small ruminants of the family Bovidae . They are known as poor man’s cow as they are the key in ensuring the socio economic sustainability in villages of..

Nongmaithem Tombi Singh’s contribution to the making of Hijam Anganghal a Mahakavi

Surjitkumar LoitamContd from previous issueThus, the intellectuals of this land, since early times, including the family members, had been supportively working for Anganghal. But Oja Tombi’s contribution was an integral part of the efforts to make A..