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Nobel Prize from the poor

Today in the world nearly 3 billion people out of 7 billion live in poverty. And more than 1.3 billion live in extreme poverty . The World Bank also gives a similar figure of those people living in extreme poverty. ..

Statistics: Better data, better lives

Like many other days , 20th October is observed as Statistics Day by different members states of United Nations. Statistics happens to be one of the popular and common subjects in senior secondary, graduate level and beyond...

Modi Govt vowed 100 smart cities in 5 yrs, 9 months to deadline, only 30% funds released

It may be recalled that development of smart cities was considered a key player in the direction of comprehensively developing physical, institutional, social and economic infrastructure of cities, all important in improving the..

Cannabis - A new beginning

Ancient Indian culture and modern pop culture don’t always mix. However, the unlikely thing that unites them both, surprisingly, is Cannabis. Be it in modern films or the ancient Vedic scriptures, Cannabis..

Indo-Naga peace talks: Waiting for the anti-climax

The Indo-Naga peace talks are back in the headlines. The scramble started on 17 August when the interlocutor of the Indo-Naga talks– and now Governor of Nagaland – RN Ravi disclosed that the Prime Minister has asked him..

Rahul Gandhi must reflect on why grandmother Indira called Savarkar a patriot

The ghost of Veer Savarkar is back to intrude in contemporary politics — this time in the electoral fight in Maharashtra, even as the clamour for a Bharat Ratna for him grows...

Corporations that abuse human rights are a threat to SDGs and our planet

One of the major processes at the United Nations (UN) that gives hope for a better tomorrow where "no one is left behind" is the UN binding treaty on transnational corporations and other business enterprises with respect to human rights...

‘Police Day’ Story

To be frank, we all have an inbuilt fear for the police, so much so that we hesitate to approach them even in an emergency. It is ingrained in our mind set that it is a dishonour to enter the portals of a police station..

Healthy diets for sustainability

One of the paradoxes is that while over 820 million suffer from hunger, even more people suffer from overweight and obesity. In one side we are talking about making right to food for all so that no one remains unhealthy or under..

Why young boys should not be told to ‘man up’

According to the BBC, men are three times more likely than women to commit suicide in Australia, 3.5 times more likely in the United States, and four times more likely in Russia. According to the National Institute of Mental Health..

Why Tangkhul Nagas are protesting the commemoration of the ‘Anglo-Kuki War’

The Nagas have taken objection to memorial stones being erected to mark the centenary of the conflict...

Nobel Economics Prize 2019 Development economics has come a full circle

This year’s Nobel Prize in Economics has been awarded to three Development Economists working in evolving policy interventions for reducing poverty. The three scholars have been working both collaboratively and individually. ..

Anglo - Kuki War 1917 -1919

The concentration camps were unhygienic and the innocent Kuki inmates suffered from diseases like malaria, Cholera, small pox etc. resulting in the death of many Kuki inmates. Horrendous torture of inmates, beating, rape, starvation ..

Puja shines through humanity

As the land got purchased by the local promoter Mohammed Sirajuddin where Durga Puja gets conducted since years and a four storeyed house was scheduled to be constructed there, the perturbed organisers approached him for ..

May all the roads lead to Ukhrul for Shirui Lily Fest 2019

The much awaited Shirui Festival 2019 is starting today and it will go on till 19th Oct. Besides the indigenous games and performances by local artists of Ukhrul, there will be various troupes from different districts who will be performing culture programs in the festival - Maring war dance, Tang Ta, Bamboo Dance, Maibi Jagoi, Mao Dance, Khullang Eshei, Shumang Leela etc; there will also be Miss Shirui Lily beauty contest with contestants from various districts. As a part of Shirui Festival, there ..

Framework Agreement II Last lap with formation of Pan-Naga Council, time for our hill and valley brethren to unite and fight together

Ho Iril turel...chingi heinam...pamyallibi magi...nungsi wari...tamna cellakpabu...kari.....

A lodestar to steer the economy

Instead of critiquing Nehruvian socialism, the BJP should embrace the Rao-Singh economic architecture..

Anglo - Kuki War 1917 -1919

Contd from previous issue “Kache langin Jang huivan kamaovin, Kahung lang in mun nelkhaije. Tonglam eidot mantin pibang kimma Laija vakul va ge bang in kanem e” Meaning :..

Framing “Nattaba Lamchat”, the mob trial of women’s morality

Few civil society collectives in Manipur punishmen and womenfrom time to time for committing nattaba lamchat. What is nattaba lamchat? It does not have aname; we do not call the supposed “offender” a rapist, a murderer, a drug peddler, a hacker, and so forth...

Rural women and girls building climate resilience

Most of our population still lives in rural areas. There are many countries where rural population is more than urban population. In rural areas we could see that man migrates more to towns or metros in search of jobs or livelihood opportunities. We could see more women stays in rural areas as they have to take care of their families. Women and girls have contributed towards sustainability of their rural households and it has been recognised and seen in many parts of the world including India. Women ..

Anglo - Kuki War 1917 -1919

10 Pu Leothang Haokip, Chief of Goboh 3 yrs 11 Pu Lunkholal Sitlhou, Chief of Chonjang 3 yrs 12 Pu Semchung Haokip, Chief of Ukha 3 yrs TERMS OF IMPRISONMENT FOR CHIEFS IN TAUNGYJI JAIL IN BURMA (MYANMAR)..

Global Handwashing Day

Global Handwashing Day is an annual global advocacy day dedicated to advocating for handwashing with soap as an easy, effective, and affordable way to prevent diseases and save lives. Global Handwashing Day was founded by the Global Handwashing Pa..

Bioinformatics, computational and system biology: Future perspective for North-East India

Bioinformatics derives knowledge by Computer analysis the biological and molecular biology data. It is a rapidly growing branch of biology, highly interdisciplinary, from. It uses techniques and concepts from informatics..

Something from my pocket

I know darkness is not the absence of light but not losing the hope that light will return. The light that waters your smile is what I call ‘rush’ for it crumbles the hope to not make you get stuck in waiting...

Anglo - Kuki War 1917 -1919

Contd from previous issue (2) That he came to Imphal after the arrest of is uncle by Mr. Higgins and after being detained for a day or two was released in order that he might call in other recalcitrant chiefs, which he said he was able to and willing to but failed..

Climate change, land degradation & agricultural deceleration in Manipur: Combined action of Land Use Policy & Environment Policy: A pioneering strategy

When the whole world is facing onslaught of aggressive climate change, Manipur cannot remain mere onlooker. The state is not sacrosanct. It has its own share of sorrow...

Beauty tips and make-up for Karva Chauth

Karva Chauth , a special occasion dedicated to married hindu women is round the corner . Karva Chauth is that special day which grants married women the sanction to look picture perfect from head to toe. ..

Green entrepreneurship as career

This Gandhi Jayanti was unique as it was 150th birth anniversary of our father of the nation. This year 2nd October also marked end of single use plastic. It is a big move from the government to ban single use plastics like the carry ..

Anglo - Kuki War 1917 -1919

NORTH EASTERN SECTOR (AISAN) Aisan territories comprised Kanjang, Akhen and Meluri areas of present day Nagaland and Chingai sub-division of Ukhrul District of the Present day Manipur to Somra tract of Burma...

Know your test: Uric Acid

Uric acid is a natural substance produced in our body which has both good and bad side effects. Under normal concentrations, it is a very potent antioxidant which accounts for more than 50 percent of the antioxidant activity..

World Mental Health Awareness Week 2019: Working together to prevent suicide

I begin with a confession today. I am a suicide survivor. This deadly modern pandemic has taken over our homes, our families, work-places......... the young, the aged, the naive, the seasoned.............. Nobody seems to be spared...

It is still an amber light for road safety

The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2019 passed by the Lok Sabha on July 23 and by the Rajya Sabha on July 31 has 63 clauses with the aim of reducing road traffic fatalities and injuries in India...

Difficult days ahead for Muivah

Yambem Laba..

World Habitat Day : A celebration for home

World Habitat Day : A celebration for home..

The lady who was weak in English by choice

The lady who was weak in English by choice ..

Strictures in the name of security

The curfews, detentions and lockdown in Kashmir have only made the border, and our forces, more vulnerable The Narendra Modi administration has used a number of arguments — security, economic and welfare — to justify..

Emotional intelligence : A yardstick for life skills

Emotion is a state of any conscious experience that are characterised by strong mental process and the way we response to our inner instincts and our outer surroundings. According to some theories, emotions are the feelings..

Write what should not be forgotten, leave an inheritance of thoughts

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.” — Robin Williams..

Arbitrage funds : All that you need to know about this investment fund

Tony is a clever shopkeeper. He sells milk and bread early in the morning and paan and cigarette late at night. He has made the front portion of his home a convenience store, and the back his small kitchen garden. ..

After war of words at UN, protests in Kashmir Valley, curbs back

Soon after Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Pakistan PM Imran Khan finished their speeches at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), protests broke out in several parts of Srinagar, prompting authorities to re-impose restrictions on Saturday morning. ..

Are you that lazy to even be lazy?

Laziness is a sickness that makes you think that, “you still have plenty of time.” It’s a sickness of living in the moment forever; it’s caused by over motivation of, “I can do it one day.” But ‘one day’ is not the first day but the last day of ..

"Sunday Closed Law" and the aftermath

On the 30th May 2019, the Autonomous District Council Churanchandpur has passed a law directing all shopkeepers and business establishment owners within the town area of Churachandpur District to close their respective shops and business establishments on every Sunday. ..

Toward exploring a better future for the youth of Manipur: Touching people’s lives, Changing people’s livelihood

I feel exceptionally privileged to address this august gang of youth and distinguished guests. It is most appropriate that this Youth Conclave is being organised at a time when the youth of Manipur are at cross-roads. ..

Ganja economics, Jai Bholenath!

Our Chief Minister loves ganja, I mean he wants to try ganja-business for economic upliftment of the people. It is not a bad idea. Bibek Debroy (economist) former member of Niti Aayog, has also invoked the same idea of commercialization of cannabis..

Peace and conflicts studies as a career

North Easter region has been witnessing conflicts for many decades now. Though conflicts have reduced yet we can’t say that it has completely ended. Conflict leads to violence which results in loss of live and properties...

Rice for beauty

Can't do without rice in a day? If you are a regular rice eater like me, then you simply can't deny. Like many other kitchen shelf ingredients, rice can also be used for beauty care...

Inside out: Climate change induced migration

Climate change greatly impacts the lives of migrants in different parts of the world. According to the United Nations, by 2050, up to 1 billion people could be driven away from their homes due to the worsening impacts of ..

The advantages and disadvantages of screening tests

Diagnostic tests are done to find out what is causing certain symptoms in a person. They are done to confirm, or determine the presence of disease in an individual suspected of having the disease. ..

In the land of bandhs: Run beyond its reach

Causal explanations backed every Bandh, thereby valid reasons supporting many of these acts. Keeping this fact in mind, it couldn’t be considered thoughtful to bluntly critique bandhs as pointless...

After Assam NRC, troubles may visit ‘sister’ Tripura

The National Register of Citizens (NRC) continues to prove its incendiary potential for politics and ethnic unrest alike in North-east India...

World Heart Day 2019 : My Heart - Your Heart

“Cardiovascular Disease is Public Health enemy number one” “Each year 17.9 millions people die of cardiovascular disease in the developing world”..

The meaning of oneness in ‘one Nation’

It is the oneness independent of the language we speak or the religion we practise..

Greta Thunberg is done with making friends

Greta Thunberg had two choices — being a celebrity and making speeches or opting for increasingly radical rhetoric that will put her outside the mainstream...

It’s alright...everything will be okay. You just think too much

“How can a family be the solution, when the family doesn’t support or hear me out?” Was her response every time someone tries to embolden her. ..

Steadying hand for adrift souls

Hit rock bottom and feel there is no way out now? Try an occupational therapist...

Reminiscence of attempts made for Technology Transfer and Academic Entrepreneurship at Manipur University

In another project entitled “ Biological control based integrated Parthenium Management for saving environment health and biodiversity in North-East India” funded by DOB/GoI (22nd June , 2015 to 21st December, 2018)..

The attack on agroecology

Powerful lobbies with vested interests see agroecology as a threat to their influence on farming systems Agroecology is recognised worldwide as a system that enhances fertile landscapes, increases yields, restores soil ..

It’s alright...everything will be okay. You just think too much

“ think too much.” think too much” the four words rang out inside the echolalia of a tiny head. They poured in remarks of tranquillity with hopes to steady a storm which is beyond the reach of its own calm. ..

Reminiscence of attempts made for Technology Transfer and Academic Entrepreneurship at Manipur University

Introduction Technology transfer can potentially generate revenues for Universities, create research connections between academia and industry and enhance economic growth and development...

Reject false solutions to climate crisis: Manila initiative on rights of climate migrants gives hope

The writing is on the wall: rich countries, whose wealth and progress is at the cost of resource exploitation of conquered nations and the unabated combustion of fossil fuels for energy, must bear the onus of climate action...

The Nationalist hindrance to climate actions

The UN Climate Action Summit is likely to hand out hard lessons about climate politics in an era of nationalism Can global diplomatic jaw-boning backed by an upsurge of popular youth mobilisation shift the hard economic..

Finding on clans/Yek of Meitei/Meetei and Hao tribes

DANLAsub clans; (Mangang/Ningthouja) 1.Thanga Danla, 2. Laino Danla, 3.Thanglen Danla, 4.Popa Danla, 5.Tuithai Danla, 6.Tubong Danla, 7.Neikhum Danla..

One people, many countries

The Indian American gathering in Houston will be an unlikely reminder of the futility of the claims of ultra-nationalism..

Around India in 60 days

By the time our India Tour as part of IAS training had hit 45 days, I was so exhausted that I had caught a fever (which paranoia convinced me was malaria till I got myself tested). However, looking back, reflecting on all the ..

I tried saving her

She came in, never thought her beauty could be disturbed by the scars; unlucky her. Her charming face was blanketed by scars. Surprisingly; behind the scars, there was a scarcity of fear in everything, happiness bubbled her...

Finding on clans/Yek of Meitei/Meetei and Hao tribes

HaoMee Research Guild, Manipur a non-profit Organisation is please to land out our finding on Clans/Yek of Meitei/Meetei and Hao Tribes. The Clans names prevailing among the family/families were the taboos and ..

Alexa is learning Hindi

Amit Shahji said if we are to learn a second language we should learn Hindi. It is always beneficial to learn more number of languages ; it is not about knowledge but also about better survival. Without proper communication and interaction with others we can’t progress. ..

Alzheimer’s awareness month

BUSTING A FEW MYTHS 1. Dental procedures, certain food items or medicines cause Dementia 2. Memory loss is a normal part of ageing 3. Being forgetful means that you have Dementia 4. It happens only to the elderly 5. There is no point in showing a doctor as there is no cure 6. And the worst one, there is no point in caring for or visiting a person with Dementia because they won’t remember you anyway!..

Career in Mass Communication

In our last edition, we have published on career in journalism. Courses related to Journalism and mass communication are being taught together initially but later there are specialisations which differs both. In simple, mass communication is the process of exchanging information through mass media to large segments of the population...

Beauty benefits of banana

Banana, one of the most popular fruits, packs quite a punch in terms of health and beauty benefits. It is one of the richest sources of potassium and also contains Vitamins A, C, E and B6. It also contains powerful antioxidants and helps to delay visible ageing signs. Bananas are beneficial for both skin and hair treatments. Its potassium content helps to soften both dry hair and dry skin, while its amino acids content help to promote hair growth. ..