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What is the background of NRC and Immigrants (Expulsion from Assam) Act, 1950?

What is the background of NRC and Immigrants (Expulsion from Assam) Act, 1950?..

State-breaking is not Nation making

In the J&K demotion, every code, principle and constitutional sanction protecting federalism has been violated In India most linguistic and ethnic groups aspire for a State of their own...

Allergen-specific blood test for allergies

Blood test for allergies helps to diagnose allergies and to monitor the effectiveness of immunotherapy treatment. An allergy test is done when one has symptoms such as hives, dermatitis, nasal congestion, red itchy eyes, asthma..

Yogurt based DIY packs to try this weekend

Yogurt, or “dahi” is very popular in India and is easily found in most homes. Yogurt, fermented food is widely used in kitchens for cooking, desserts, soups , cuisines and adds flavor to a lot of dishes...

Zero budget natural farming - A complicated proposition

Finance Minister announced to promote “zero budget natural farming (ZBNF)” in the first Budget speech of the 17th Lok Sabha, calling for a “back to the basics” approach in view of reducing the cost of production of farmers..

The sugarcane crisis

The price of sugarcane is soaring high with time. Earlier, a dozen of sugarcane stick costs around 130-150 rupees (select ones). Now the price falls within the range of 250-300 rupees per dozen...

Shri Krishna Janamasthami : A festival with splendour for world transformation

The main festivals celebrated in Bharat with great zeal and enthusiasm, pomp and gaiety are Shiva Ratri or Shiva Jayanti, Holi, Raksha Bandhan, Shri Krishna Janamashtami, Navratri, Dassehra and Deepawali..

The road that halted us by earthfall

Flood, rain & landslide make life miserable in North-East. This is a story about a journey where I adventured into road through woods. There’re National Highways that exist only on surveyors’ map...

Laying foundation of School Fagathansi Mission : A noble venture

News of launching of School Fagathansi Mission by the State Govt of Manipur on the 17th August, 2019 must have been a great relief for parents/guardians who have no other sources of income in the state with the hope that the..

Strategies to adopt while preparing for IAS Exam

IAS is the profession that most of Indian students adore. Inspiration, hardwork, proper guidance and right strategy with an appropriate study material is the key to start your preparations with. Before you should opt for IAS..

River rights as legal person

Our mother earth has been severely wounded due to un-thoughtful human actions ever since its evolution down to civilization at different stages till modern age. Among the precious free gift of nature, rivers are the most essential..

India made a bold move on Kashmir

In protest, Pakistan suspended bilateral trade between the two nations and shuttered transportation services. India revoked the special status granted to the state of Jammu and Kashmir under Article 370 of the Indian ..

PM's landmark decision on decision after Independence

The announcement by Prime Minister Narendra Modi from the rampart of Lal Quila on our 73rd Independence Day to appoint Chief of Defence Staff is a decision in the right direction to further strengthen our Forces..

Is universal health coverage an opportunity to end AIDS and TB?

There are heath emergencies happening all the time in most places. For example, I am speaking from Thailand where it is rainy season. ..

Leg pain : What to do?

Other reasons of leg pain Sometimes in old age ,legs develop ”muscle cramps”especially during night time and sometimes severe pain. Sometimes due to osteoarthritis or inflammation of covering membranes of knee joint such as synovitis cause leg pain..

Leg Pain : What to do ?

Quite often you would have heard your friends, neighbours and relatives complaining of pain in legs and feet. Pain as they would say used to start as soon as a person started walking and it did disappear suddenly the moment he..

Happy for no reason

If there is something that distinctly stands out as a unique expression of human existence, it has to be constant pursuit of Happiness. The whole of humanity is driven by this single most empowering desire to find happiness..

Hanging : Suicide or homicide?

Hanging is the suspension of body with the help of the ligature tied around neck. Ligature tied in such a manner that the weight of the body or a part of the body weight like head acts as a constricting force...

Is universal health coverage an opportunity to end AIDS and TB?

At the United Nations General Assembly in September 2019, a special United Nations High Level Meeting (UNHLM) will be held on Universal Health Coverage (UHC). 193 countries have promised to deliver on UHC by 2030 by committing to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)...

The Indian media in conflict

BBC back in Kashmir It is just as well that the BBC has decided to expand its shortwave radio service in Kashmir to beat the communications blackout...

Another voice from my desk

Just like we hang our achievements on our wall, we should also start hanging our biggest failures for they give not just the lesson but also an encouragement that you do tried. And all the failures that you experienced while trying never go ..

Dignity and divinity

An evening of a week ago. Standing in front of a roadside stall in my neighbourhood for making a purchase. Just beside it, a key maker has a makeshift bench. Urdu speaker. Everyday he comes with an Urdu newspaper to read it in free time...

Livelihoods and climate variability in Phalee khul, Ukhrul district

Climate variability and change is an issue for all. Both male and female are equally affected by its impacts. Providing environmental services to the hill people is one option to enhance the socio economic livelihoods and reduce vulnerability ..

Pradhan Mantriji’s ‘Leirum Lengyan’

On 15th August, last Wednesday, did you see the ‘leirum lengyan’ ( muffler) of the Hon. Prime minister standing on the rampart of Red Fort built by Shri Shah Jahan , addressing the nation on the occasion of Freedom from British..

The unsung freedom fighters from North East India

On September 20, 1942, at the height of the 'Quit India' movement, Kanaklata Barua was shot dead by the British forces in present-day Gohpur, Assam. The 17-year-old was trying to unfurl the tricolour at a police station...

Healthy and active lifestyle: A healthier Manipur?

Physical activity is any bodily movement, low or high intensity, that involves the expenditure of energy.Sports is another formof physical activity, but with certain rules and regulations. What about Physical Education (PE)?..

A quisling generation unmaketh Manipur in 1949

An election campaign time, as envisaged by the founding fathers of the constitution is a hectic and jam packed schedule for organizing public meetings, holding rallies and door to door canvassing in order to spell out the policy..

Beauty benefits of mint

Mint or Pudina is a refreshing herb with a lovely fragrance which is widely used to flavor dishes all around the world .Mint possesses many therapeutic qualities which are extremely beneficial for your skin and hair. ..

A soldier speaks over the timeline of Kashmir

The silent valley is unpredictable and catastrophically unsafe. You never know when a bullet from AK-47 or a rocket launcher could come down travelling at double the speed of sound...

Tamenglong should not be used as a money earning field

Tamenglong has been used as a mining field of money by many contractors, businessmen, the officers and the politicians for a long time. These people include those from both the valley and the hill districts of Manipur..

My memories of Manipur’s first photojournalist, Santosh Phanjoubam

Manipur chief minister N Biren Singh while condoling his sudden demise had described Santosh as a friend and in his demise, ‘Manipur has lost an experienced, courageous, energetic and upright photojournalist.’..

Freedom of press : An essential part of freedom of speech & expression

The land where we live is not Myanmar or North Korea but India—that is upholding democratic principles and values for the well-being and growth of the people of the land. And it is all because of the free press running..

A quisling generation unmaketh Manipur in 1949 Wahengbam Pathou

A man of humble origins, Sinam Krishnamohon was born in Keishamthong Sinam Leikai, near the present day Irom Pukhri Mapal. After his marriage to princess M.K. Tamphasana, he was allotted a vast swathe of land..

13 August A day to remember the heroes of Manipur

While his two steps were not successful, Mr. Quinton became desperate and determined to use force to arrest Tikendrajit in his house at crack of dawn on the following day, 24 March, 1891...

Why return of Sonia Gandhi wrecks Rahul’s plans

On May 25, two days after a massive Narendra Modi wave humiliated the Congress consecutively for the second time — it was reduced to 44 seats in the 2014 Lok Sabha election and only managed eight more in 2019..

A quisling generation unmaketh Manipur in 1949

In educational qualifications, Sinam Krishnamohon was a Master of Arts (M.A.) and B.L. (law graduate) and he married Churachand Maharaj eldest daughter Maharaj Kumari Tamphasana in 1929 (just after passing B.A...

13 August: A day to remember the heroes of Manipur

“When we can’t see ourselves in our history, we begin to think that we are disconnected and suffering alone. Historical ignorance always precedes cultural imbalances and individual despair.”..

A quisling generation unmaketh Manipur in 1949

One can hardly miss the fact that Quit Gaddi movement provided effective prelude and pretext for abolition of monarchy, reduce legitimacy for continuance of age old Meitei kingship in body politics and worst of all..

Lets us preserve indigenous languages

We are aware about the term indigenous and when we add people with it then it becomes indigenous people. It is important for us to know indigenous people and their challenges and how they live and cope up with modern day..

Reminiscence of experience gained out of adjudicating MPhil/PhD theses (Life Sciences &Allied fields) of fifteen Indian Universities

Introduction The writer joined Manipur University as Associate Professor of Life Sciences in 1984 after working as Lecturer in Botany, St. Edmund’s College, Shillong, Meghalaya (1972-81) and Assistant Professor in Microbiology at the..

Life from my window

Any failure is an extra work to get up again, but people keep avoiding the lesson learned instead they carry on with memories of the pain like its melancholy. I have been lost into my own perspective about life for what I see is always ..

A quisling generation unmaketh Manipur in 1949

When a historical reviewer revisits the Quit Gaddi Movement of July 1949, one will unfailingly take notice that Manipur went into an utterly self destructive mode just to satisfy self-gratification urges of a horde of some valley ..

A quisling generation unmaketh Manipur in 1949

5. No communist activity amounting to blood shed, agitation, clash and firing etc., takes place since the beginning of the present popular government except the one attended with murder and firing which occurred during the inefficient Congress Government of the Interim period run by the Manipur State Congress..

Career in youth development

Do you take pleasure in working with young adults? Are you passionate about helping young people to develop good character and life skills that will help them succeed in their life? Then, you may consider a career in youth ..

MOBC scholarship and the Govt school students

Dear Sir, I would be immensely pleased if I am given a little space in your esteemed daily to share a very simple but a strikingly heart piercing and attention drawing phenomenon of giving large amount of MOBC scholarship..

Food intolerance – Diagnosis and tests

Food intolerance, also known as non-IgE(immunoglogin E) mediated food hypersensitivity or non-allergic food hypersensitivity, refers to difficulty in digesting certain foods by some people...

Amazing beauty benefits of sea salt

Sea Salt is naturally found in sea water and accounts for about 3.5 percent of the world’s oceans. Originally, it is colorless, odorless and translucent , having a distinct and characteristic taste..

A quisling generation unmaketh Manipur in 1949

The enraged, exasperated mob who gathered at Rupmahal premises, thereafter, staged a walkout with sheer incense and disgust leaving behind a only ‘handful of Congressmen who could not therefore finish their meeting and arrive..

Sense and sensibility: How the police in Manipur are adapting to the evolving challenges posed by trafficking

Ravi Singh was part of one of the teams that rescued128people just before they were about to be trafficked to Myanmar en route Moreh, a dusty border town in Manipur. Having been part of quite a few anti-trafficking ..

Of colours and sunset

Hoisting of National Flag represents the hopes and aspirations of the people of India. I pondered two flags of what logic to fly for that occasion. In defence, it contains the national flag in the first quadrant along with its ensign at the..

A quisling generation unmaketh Manipur in 1949

It is also amply clear from the foregoing words of the aforementioned the Hill MLA’s resolution that they were fundamentally opposed to idea of some valley based political parties like the Manipur State Congress masquerading..

Sushma Swaraj was like Rahul Dravid, always indispensable to BJP — until now

Sushma Swaraj wasn’t a typical BJP ‘mahila’. In her dignified departure, the BJP will miss an Indian woman politician with many enviable firsts...

Dynamic groundwater resources, the alternative measure to tackle water scarcity and drought like situation in Manipur

Water conservation means using our water wisely and caring for it properly. Since each of us depends on water for life, it is our responsibility to learn more about water conservation and how we can help keep our water pure and ..

A quisling generation unmaketh Manipur in 1949

And it is as abominable as hell that a quisling generation was deliberating misguiding some frenzied mobs in patches and batches from certain localities of central Imphal to work to the detriment of sabotaging and subverting..

Modi’s Kashmir move is biggest test for Indian democracy – and for the silent liberals

BJP is so convinced about the lack of support for its move in Kashmir that it has brought in even more troops to maintain ‘law and order’...

Hepatitis and pregnancy

Hepatitis means inflammation of the liver. It may occur without symptoms, although jaundice is the major manifestation of hepatitis. In jaundice, the serum bilirubin (liver enzyme) level increases beyond 2 mg % causing ..

A quisling generation unmaketh Manipur in 1949

Along with the stoppage of this popular paper, an agitation has to be started to vindicate the cause of the people for removal of the ban on this nationalist paper. The present tirade against this people’s organ is a challenge thrown..

Fifty dynamic days dedicated to Sabka Vikas

In the first fifty days of his second term, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has shown that SabkaVikasremains his top priority. Through a series of pivotal decisions and major policy actions, PM Modi’s government has rapidly ..

A quisling generation unmaketh Manipur in 1949

To reiterate once again, one may recall that a new form of elected government was sworn into office in November, 1948. A popular government, duly chosen by the mandate of the people, was functioning in full swing. ..

Congratulations, you are a terrorist!

Every non-violent dissenter is a terrorist in spirit if not in act I’ve spent the last few weeks reading about life in prison. I must say it’s time well spent. Advance preparation always helps. Tomorrow I could be carted off to jail. So could you. In case you’ve been too busy stealing hotel ..

Dzuko - A piece of heaven on earth

To the valley: Before trekking down, we filled our water bottles from the tap water having been convinced that this water from the tap is the real mineral water by my two companions. By 7 am, we were off trekking down to the ..

The rhythms of my thoughts

Blamed on something gone – something I thought I was the responsible driver, something I thought happened just because of me. We are stations from the other perspective for some stays just to leave us. Not all problems are hurdles..

A quisling generation unmaketh Manipur in 1949

There exists a strand of opinion contending that merger was an inevitability, an inescapable fate of sorts, a sure thing certainly bound to happen for Manipur given that the then newly emerging Indian nation would not entertain ..

Ground report from Northeast: New strategy by India and Myanmar to flush out separatists

“We are in constant touch with our counterparts across the border. We provide real-time satellite imagery to them,” says the Brigadier, whose designation in the Assam Rifles is that of a sector commander or DIG...

Dzuko - A piece of heaven on earth

I had often heard of Dzuko valley, yet never could get a chance to see this fairy tale valley inspite of my fairly adventurous habit of trekking since school days. Yes, I have seen and trekked several places in Uttarkhand ..

Carry more money, expensive motor laws on the way

Within a few days from now the entire country is going to have almost a brand new law on motor vehicles. The revamping of the old law is almost complete; the top boss will sign when it is placed before him...

Agriculture and skill training

We have different dreams and aspiration when it comes to our future and our career. I have experienced that most of the students do not want to be in agricultural area when they are asked about their career choice. I have seen only few..

Ground report from Northeast: New strategy by India and Myanmar to flush out separatists

After the NSCN(K) abrogated the ceasefire with India in 2015, interactions between the armies and intelligence establishments of the two countries was stepped up. “It was a lot of work and the Tatmadaw required some hard ..

The issue of illegal mining of minor minerals in India

Illegal mining of minor minerals specially river sand mining is the biggest environmental challenge, India is facing today. There is hardly any state in India which does not face illegal sand mining problem. Although, authorities ..

Nourishing homemade body wash

Pampering yourself every now and then is a must. .A recent study shows that 80% of women lacks information about the right products for their hair and skin because they do not precisely understand their skin type and its ..