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Financing burden of non-communicable and lifestyle diseases in Northeast India

Laishram Ladu SinghHealth is often considered by many scholars as the  nation's capital stock by virtue of its reciprocal relationship with development. Most of the developed countries viewed health as a means to enhance economic development and devo..

Aatma Nirbhar Bharat and Modi’s budget

K R SudhamanThe general Budget in India is a difficult exercise and this year’s budget in February is no different. With the objective of minimizing the impact of the unprecedented COVID19 pandemic on the economy, the Finance Minister will have to d..

It is India’s journey that will decide the future of democracy, not US

Shyam Saran A sigh of relief manifested across the world as Joe Biden succeeded to the US presidency, presaging a more predictable and ‘normal’ conduct of domestic and external affairs, under an experienced and professional administration. Bid..

Understanding panic disorder

Dr Meesha Haorongbam  IntroductionHave you ever had an overwhelming sense of fear lasting for minutes ? Perhaps you felt your heartbeat racing with a pounding sensation, your limbs feeling jiggly, with butterflies in your tummy-like sensation, gaspin..

Covishield vaccine : An account of post-vaccination events

Prof L Ranjit  SinghI received my first Covishield shot on the 19th January, 2021 at 11.13 am and  became one of  1111 lucky people from the State who received it. In the true sense, it was much less painful than I expected and I would say ..

Equal to all, less than none Bringing Equality for Women in Armed Forces

Dr Ajay KumarWhile the entry of women in Indian Defence Forces has been there to different degrees since British India days, their roles were more related to nursing and Medical Officers, or to look after the troops, families and public during deployment...

How much longer must the Nagas wait for the country’s oldest armed struggle to end ?

Veio PouI grew up in the small town of Senapati in north Manipur. This was in the 1980s. The busy shops on a 200-yard stretch parallel to National Highway 39 (now renamed NH 2) were all that marked it as a town. But Senapati was abuzz, and was even made d..

The journey of an entrepreneur

Birkarnelzelzit ThiyamEnterprises are created with a big heart and a strong mind. Money, manpower, infrastructure, logistics and time are just the ingredients to a perfect recipe. The proportions of these aspects are less and more for different entreprene..

Benefits of balanced fertilization in cultivation of broccoli

Naorem Arunkumar Singh, Om Prakash, Santosh KumarBroccoli (Brassica oleracea var italica) is a winter season vegetable crop. The word broccoli from the Italian plural of broccolo refers to ‘the flowering top of a cabbage’. It is an edible gree..

Was Netaji really in Manipur?

Free ThinkerA few days back I stumbled upon an article “Netaji’s last visit to India” written by Meghachandra Kongbam (former Director DIPR) which was published in the “Sun” Magazine of May, 1989. It is a very interesting wri..

Fragile- Handle with care!

Dr Sumedha KushwahaI am not gold- you cannot melt me!I am diamond-  test me under pressure, I will shine and sparkle more!I wrote these lines a few weeks back. Still a contrary statement you might find in the next line- Fragile, Please handle with ca..

Inclusiveness of women in sports is key to making India a sporting superpower

Kiren Rijiju‘Khelega India Toh Khilega India’ - Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji’s simple mantra for the youth of the country, has been the driving force behind transforming the perception of sports in India in the last few yea..

Education as career

Ranjan K Baruah One of the popular subjects in higher studies for the students of arts or humanities is education. This course or subject is available in more or all colleges in the region. Most of the students ask me what they could do after studying edu..

The idea of Netaji, Manipur and the INA

M Asnikumar SinghContd from prev issueThe acquisition of the original INA Headquarter in Moirang Konjengbam Leikai by the Government and a subsequent complete redevelopment of the complex to a world class State is something whose time has come.And perhaps..

As we step into an election year, the game of poll surveys has only just begun

Lakshmana Venkat KuchiAs we step into an election year, with key elections to the States of Assam, West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry due in less than four months, it would a good idea to take a look at what the early trends indicate.A leading..

Vandalism on the cultural heritage of Manipur

O Kumar  SinghCulture is the symbol of human behavior passed through generations by way of learning. This symbol of human behavior is expressed either in tangible or intangible forms. Tangible culture includes buildings, monuments, landscapes, books,..

Emerging as a hero from the struggle–Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

Prahlad Singh PatelNetaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s life is a story of struggle. It is the story of a young dream that tells the saga of consciousness, struggle and success in every eye; one who has the power to rip the ground through his arms; one who ..

The idea of Netaji, Manipur and the INA

M Asnikumar SinghContd from previous issueThe southern part of Manipur from Churchandpur and Pherzawl district to Ningthoukhong covering an area of 15000 sq. km was under the control of the INA with its Headquarters at Moirang for 3 months till July 15, 1..

Beautiful Mother-to-be

Shahnaz HusainBeing pregnant changes every inch of us. A woman’s body goes through physiological, hormonal and glandular changes during this time, that’s because of the joy and excitement one goes through. Pregnancy brings mixed feelings. Alon..

Education makes life self-reliant

Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’  "Make self-reliance your occupation... Exert yourself to gather the wealth of knowledge" These are the words of Savitribai Phule who has not only been the first female teacher of India but is the lady who had f..

The idea of Netaji, Manipur and the INA

M Asnikumar SinghI was born and grew up 3 miles from the place where the Indian Flag was hoisted by Colonel Shaukat Malik of the INA on 14 April, 1944. My late grandfather being contemporaries of our State’s own figures like Koireng Singh (friends w..

Girl Child : Marching towards a new horizon

Prabhat KishoreContd from previous issueWhen girls are educated, their countries become stronger and more prosperous. Special emphasis on girls’ education have been given in Centrally sponsored educational schemes like District Primary Education Pro..

Life and culture in North East India : Dipti Bhalla and Shiv Kunal Verma

A book review by Lt Gen (Dr) Konsam Himalay Singh (Retd)It is with great delight that I navigated through the mystique of North East India, yet once again, courtesy  pages of the book “ Life and Culture in North East India” authored by my..

Girl Child : Marching towards a new horizon

Prabhat Kishore“National Girl Child Day” is observed in India on 24th January every year since 2008 with the objective to raise awareness about the rights of girls, the importance of education, health & nutrition as well as  to highli..

Questions over commissioning Mapithel Dam

Jajo ThemsonContd from previous issueThus, commissioning of the dam during pendency of forest issue is a violation. The case lies pending before the said Court till date. Inconclusive R & R programOne of the most important and serious issues of a dam ..

Discussion on Koubru Chinggoirol

Dr Mangangcha Thoudam LaibaContd from previous issueThe six peaks are Meiwai Langba Ching, Malang Nongphai Icham Ching, Inga-Kumdam Ching, Kouba Ingen Nongphaiching, Eeshing Thembi Nonghou Ching, Koubru Yairel Salailen Laimaru Laiphamlen etc. A big bamboo..

Questions over commissioning Mapithel Dam

Jajo ThemsonIt’s good news for public of Manipur that the long chronic Mapithel dam of Thoubal Multipurpose Project has been officially inaugurated on 27th December, 2020 Sunday. The same was achieved after long exhaustive efforts of the concerned D..

Racism at its worst

Kajal ChatterjeeRecently lot of hue and cry is being raised revolving around racist abuses hurled upon the Indian cricketers by the Australian spectators during the Sydney Test. While the ugly incident indeed deserves the strongest of condemnation, the In..

Discussion on Koubru Chinggoirol

Dr Mangangcha Thoudam LaibaContd from previous issue“A flower that supplements both internal and external worlds,A flower that can beautify seven generations,A flower that lasts along with seven lines of grandchildren,A flower that can do away evil,..

Adverse impact of rampant use of plastic

Dr Mudra IngawaleHave we ever thought about the amount of plastic we use in our day to day lives and its adverse effects on the environment that include us “human beings”? It’s high time that we paused for a moment, look around us and ac..

Signs of cervical cancer

Dr Th TomchaCervical cancer, also known as Womb Cancer, is the fourth most common cancer in females worldwide and the third most common in both India and Manipur. Approximately 1 lakh new cases are diagnosed worldwide every year. Luckily, the disorder is ..

Making of a General : A Himalayan Echo by Lt Gen Konsam Himalay Singh

Col Reji KodubathCongratulations to the author for a well written book with the aim of motivating our youth–an aspect that very few military leaders have  attempted. The journey of life of a young lad from Charangpat (Lake of the Dragonflies)-a remote hamlet in Manipur–‘the Switzerland of India’, who was, in his own words, physically weak, shy, scared of heights and the darkness, –to becoming a General in the Indian Army and on hanging his uniform, choosing to return ..

PMKVY 3.0: Inverting the skill development pyramid

Dr Mahendra Nath PandeyContd from previous issueThe next and third phase of Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) has been uniquely designed to boost demand for job roles at the regional level. Adopting a demand-driven approach, PMKVY 3.0 is aimed a..

In the name of entrepreneurship

Birkarnelzelzit ThiyamI still remember my first Micro-Economics combined class with University of Ottawa students and University of Toronto students – Prof. John threw the first random question, “Raise your hands for those who want to be entre..

Saving Manipuri pony & polo

Free ThinkerToday we can’t revive the Manipur  Royal Cavalry which was once feared by the Burmese (Awas) and other neighboring countries including Takhels and Ahoms. But we can still maintain and promote our ponies (horses) and Sagol Kangjei (t..

Jesus, markets, state,and the silenced dialogue

Dr Jeebanlata Salam“How then is perfection to be sought? Wherein lies our hope. In education and nothing else”. Immanuel KantBorn into a poor landless peasant family, Jesus never attended a formal school, but had full academic authority. Jesus..

Logistics as career option

Ranjan K BaruahWe are publishing about an option which is yet to be popular in the region. Well, logistics is generally the detailed organization and implementation of a complex operation. In a general business sense, logistics is the management of the fl..

Becoming mommy- Yes or No?

Dr Sumedha KushwahaMotherhood is a beautiful feeling. However, it is a known fact  now that a lot of Gen X and Gen Z girls feel uncomfortable talking or even thinking about  having a  child. I  write  about  this  issue&..

PMKVY 3.0: Inverting the skill development pyramid

Dr Mahendra Nath PandeySharrufuddin  Ahmad  was  working as  a labourer  in a big city in Assam  when the  pandemic struck, forcing him to return to his native village in Assam’s Darang district. Unable to find liv..

Unsung and unwept, President Trump to leave the White House in ignominy

Lakshmana Venkat KuchiReaders of Saturday Musing will bear with and pardon me for continuing with the State of the Nation – of the United States of America that witnessed historic political development with President Donald Trump walking into the hi..

Empowering women through sports

Prof (Dr) Meinam BinotaSports is an avenue where the masculine identity is being questioned and recreated. Sports provides an opportunity to redefine the masculine identities as strength, aggressiveness, competitiveness. It makes us reconsider attributing..

Startups from the NE region of India that will be worth watching out for in 2021

Kunal Doley Contd from previous issueThat, combined with our newly-forged partnerships with local communities and authorities, sees us poised for exponential growth in the coming year.”Runway NagalandRunway Nagaland started in 2012 as a platform to ..

Startups from the NE region of India that will be worth watching out for in 2021

Kunal Doley Recently, Jitendra Singh, the Union Minister for Development of the North Eastern Region (DoNER), said the North East will be one of the favourite business destinations of India post-Covid. Unarguably so, as the region has immense potential, w..

Herbal beauty tips

Shahnaz HusainQuestion 1-How to identify good natural coconut oil ?Shahnaz Husain -Pure natural coconut oil should taste and smell of fresh coconut. It should be white in colour. Check if it is cold-pressed, since nowadays cold-pressed oils are available...

Bhuban cave: Holy place of the TRC people

Dr Budha KameiContd from prev issueAll Gods saw a possible way to bring peaceful settlement of the issue. Therefore, Kouja and Tairong (Kapu-Kana), presiding deities as marriage negotiators were sent to the residence of Bisnu to finalise the marriage prop..

Bhuban cave: Holy place of the TRC people

Dr Budha KameiIntroductionThe Tingkao Ragwang Chapriak people are one of the natives of Northeast India. They are found in the districts of Tamenglong, Noney, Churachandpur, Senapati, Imphal West, Imphal East, Jiribam, Thoubal and Bishnupur; outside the s..

5 years of Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana

Narendra Singh TomarIndia is an agrarian country and any losses to the livelihood of farmers due to weather vagaries during the crop cycle, makes it almost impossible for farmers to protect their crops against unforeseen natural calamities. In such circum..

Too much too good ?

Nehashree WahengbamWe  all  have  had  regrets and complaints. What for ?  In  most  cases, it’s rather  always  because of ‘shortage’ and ‘not enough’.   I, for  on..

Pandemic can’t bog down enthusiasm of LFCA’s children

Rajmani AyekpamOne interesting thing during this great pandemic was that artistic activity for children of Lianda Folk and Classical Academy (LFCA) even continued. It is said that to do nothing is the most boring thing in the life. As an artiste without a..

Death defying bear hug : Major (Dr) Laishram Jyotin Singh, Ashoka Chakra (posthumous)

Lt Col L ManongbaContd from prev issueTwo of the terrorists then entered the neighbouring guest house. The third terrorist (whose ‘Joridar’ had blown himself up with the car bomb) rushed into the Noor Guest House. All the four terrorists wore ..

Death defying bear hug: Major (Dr) Laishram Jyotin Singh, Ashoka Chakra (posthumous)

Lt Col L ManongbaIn this article, the author, narrates the story of a young martyr from Manipur, who was trained twice over to save lives – One on the Hippocratic oath as a Doctor; the other as a Soldier with a formal promise & covenant for loya..

Technical know-how for using herbicides in rice

L Nabachandra Singh & Punabati HAmong the agricultural pests causing crop loss, weeds rank first with a loss value of Rs. 2000 crores annually in India. Annual loss of nutrients due to weed amounts to a staggering 4.5 million tons. Although the extent of crop loss due to weed competition might vary from 20-50 percent depending on various conditions of rice culture, the damages caused by weeds are not so visible to create a sensation or alarm as in the case of an insect pest or disease incidence. ..

Majuli – India’s 1st& only river island district

S Balakrishnan“Majuli! Majuli! I am dying to meet you, Majuli!” I must have poetically muttered during my siesta. That was enough for my wife to smother me with the pillow. Recovering, I explained Majuli was not my paramour but a riverine isla..

Tungjoy re-visited

Moirangthem Lakshmi KumarWhile going through the Sangai Express (Eng) edition of 31st December in the front page, I came across the column - one company of  IRB stationed at Tungjoy. Suddenly,  it invoked an interest in me to go through the news..

The elderly should be seen as a blessing, not a burden

Dr Satyavan SaurabhIn the changing environment, single families are  keeping the elders away from the threshold of the house. The children have started liking Pabji rather than the story of dadi and Nani, the elders have loved talking to their childr..

Leap of faith

Birkarnelzelzit ThiyamLife is a journey not a race. Making this journey beautiful or an ugly experience is totally up to us. Not knowing the direction before starting the journey is okay or to know the entire map but not starting is foolishness. Starting ..

Rajkumar Jhalajit Singh’s (1924-2021) contribution in the historiography of Manipur

Kakchingtabam Ruhinikumar SharmaContd from prev issue The theory of Manipur having a connection with Aryabrata has been severely criticised and rejected as a mere concoction by later scholars. This model of history writing too was followed by later schola..

Dzuko ‘the Nagmani’

Free ThinkerWe all know Dzuko valley; it is partly in Nagaland and mostly in Manipur or vice versa. Even the Centre treats it like that. The Union Home Ministry calls both the State authorities to douse the fire in and around Dzuko, of course with the ass..

Rajkumar Jhalajit Singh’s (1924-2021) contribution in the historiography of Manipur

Kakchingtabam Ruhinikumar SharmaThe ultimate curtains down has arrived for Rajkumar Jhalajit Singh (1924-2021), historian, teacher, poet, literature and above all a social and political activist, firm believer in Gandhian philosophy of simple living and h..

Bereavement Grief reaction

Dr Mona NongmeikapamHave you ever lost someone very dear? I recently did. The heavy numbness in the heart and the angry denial in the mind that comes with the passing away of a close person is, unfortunately, an emotion all of us are familiar with.Bereave..

Trade hate for love : Blissful 2021

Dr Sumedha KushwahaLove is what is required more in this world. It is not just mere energy, it's a force that can create ripples across continents. Love is a power that can create a world full of human beings who can co-exist without conflict.We read in t..

American democracy repels coup through mobs attack on joint session of US Congress

Shocking visuals from Capitol in Washington DC presented how right-wing monsters launched an assault on democracy in the United States of America. What is more shocking is the ease with which the ‘domestic terrorists’..

New Parliament: Need for new India

With the dawn of January, we have entered the 21st year of the 21st century. It marks a significant moment in India’s growth prospective to become the 21st-century leader...

Tulihal - Our sweet old local airport

Every city owns an airport, some more than one. And quite amazingly, I could never develop a bond with all the airports at huge cities. Despite being so well-equipped, well-connected and loaded with facilities..

Fish and animal husbandry can change our economic picture

With the view of livelihood at the center of poverty alleviation programs, this region can become Brahmastra. A study by a food and agriculture organization has shown that investing one rupee in the livestock sector can lead to a profit ..

Dzuko - A piece of heaven on earth

Clay KhongsaiI had often heard of Dzuko valley, yet never could get a chance to see this fairy tale valley inspite of my fairly adventurous habit of trekking since school days. Yes, I have seen and trekked several places in Uttarakhand extensively, Meghal..

Bedtime beauty hacks to look young

Shahnaz HusainQuality sleep  helps revitalize  body , mind  and improves our  mood . Sleep is key  to feeling and looking youthful.Sleep  does wonders to feel refreshed,protecting health , immune system to look  &nb..

Life goes on!

(and remember, there is always beauty to see)Janghaolun HaokipLife, like time, always goes on, and  I believe that’s their very essence. There is no force or neither human invention that is powerful enough to go back to time or to a time of lif..

Private sector should be an ally in India's big vaccine push

Mihir SharmaThe Indian state faces one of the world's most formidable challenges: rolling out a Covid-19 vaccination program for 1.3 billion people. To succeed, many things have to go right in a country that usually gets a lot wrong. The government would ..

Water education for sustainability and food security

BC KusreWater  is  one of  the  most vital resources in Agriculture that plays role in enhancing food production to meet the demand of growing population. As per the national water policy 70% of the water demand comes from  agricu..

Transforming economy of the kingdom of God

ZK Pahrü PouAt the time of Jesus many people in Palestine were suffering economically, politically and socially. One of the main reasons of economic problem of the masses was ruthless exploitation by those who are politically and economically powerfu..

Reopening of schools should not be fatal

Priyanka SaurabhContd from prev issueNow when students and teachers return to school, with their incomplete education, the school will have to be ready to focus on the health and well-being of the communities. It will be a different challenge. It will be ..

Pronoia- The sociological antidote to corona

Rocky WahengbamPronoia is considered to be a new and contagious cultural virus that has infected this younger generation. Pronoia can be defined as the opposite of paranoia. A person suffering from paranoia suspects that persons or entities (e.g. governme..

Imperative of countering a false narrative

Hardeep S PuriContd from prev issue Furthermore, we have clearly stated in the laws that such acquisition or leasing of land of our farmers will not be allowed in any case. Our farmers are the stewards of land, soil and forests and land is truly like..

Reopening of schools should not be fatal

Priyanka Saurabh(Giving 'Corona Certificate' to students from large classes of colleges and schools without exams is not a good move. In the Corona era, virtual classes have made the Internet an important link for education, but we have also learned that ..

Farm Acts need of the hour

Naveen P Singh (PIB)Every crisis provides opportunities to move needle on pending reforms. Perhaps for us Covid 19 comes as an opportunity to sequence distorted policy levers in agriculture in a more pragmatic and meaningful way.  It is evident that ..

Bitter truth

Bretina RajkumariIt’s not that we always get  to be happy, yes! We  have sad moments and happy moments as well. We can’t decide to be happy all the time even though some have strong choices towards happiness. We are humans and we liv..

Another message for another year

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam Are you ready for 2021? Another year – another you. I wish all the very best to my readers. Let me take you on an enlightened ride from one of my old diaries today. The best and the worst is yet to floor you – so, keep p..

Popular careers in Psychology

Ruchi Shrimali Contd from previous issueAs a clinical psychologist, one can work independently or join a clinic, health center or hospital. In India, a clinical psychologist will have to do a MA or MSc in Psychology or Applied Psychology followed by a two..

Popular careers in Psychology

Ruchi Shrimali Contd from previous issueThey access a school or college student, or a professional willing to change his or her job objectively; analyses his or her personality, skills, aptitude, interest, intelligence level and related socio-economic fac..

New year resolution & complication

Free ThinkerOld wisdom says, take a New Year pledge for good. It is easy to make a New Year promise though difficult to keep it. Still we take resolutions and try to implement as long as we can. At the individual level or at the State level or at the Nati..

Bidding goodbye 2020 with a toast of corona: Cheers!

Dr Mona NongmeikapamCORONA AND MENTAL HEALTH:Continuing in the lighter vein, we the Mental Health workers have much to be grateful to the Mighty Novel Corona! Never in our wildest dreams did we think that our ‘Minor’, ‘allied’, ..

Events and celebration as career

Ranjan K Baruah We have experienced a year with lots of challenges due to the pandemic. The best part is we have entered another year which shall bring lots of challenges and opportunities. Most of us have enjoyed the new year celebration and now reading ..

Gita–An antidote for life in Kali

Radhamohan DasContd from previous issueThe question raised is whether action or renunciation of action is better and it concludes that action is better. The Gita is therefore a mandate for action. Whereas, the Samkhya, which is another name for wisdom (jn..

Manipur's super cops

Yambem LabaManipur Police is undergoing a sea change. Even as Nongpok Sekmai Police Station in Thoubal district bagged the Nation’s best police station award, a new breed of police officers, armed with PhD degrees and technological know-how, has com..

Fight the freeze ! How to protect your lips in winter

Shahnaz HusainWith the cold winter weather gripping much of the country, many people are experiencing dry, cracked and painful lips. The cold air, the chilly wind and the centrally heated air  inside  strips the moisture away from your lips leav..

Gita–An antidote for life in Kali

Radhamohan DasContd from previous issueThe Gita gives a comprehensive yogasastra : large, flexible and many sided, which includes the soul’s development and ascent to the spiritual world’s abode. Yogas such as jnana-yoga or the way of knowledg..

Time for Modi-Shah duo to ink the final pact

Dr Th Suresh SinghThis  65 yr-old problem has given a lot of hiccup in the past. Now and then  hope followed by despair is the craft of this parley. In the meantime, we the people, are hoping  against hope that the problem is nearing a solu..

Gita–An antidote for life in Kali

Radhamohan DasContd from previous issueMaya is derived from the root, ma, to form, to build, and originally meant the capacity to produce forms. The creative power by which God fashions the universe is called yoga-maya. Krishna said, “He in Reality,..

Gita–An antidote for life in Kali

Radhamohan DasOn the day of Gita Jayanti, Lord Sri Krishna preached the virtues of the Bhagavad-Gita to Arjuna on the battlefield at Kurukshetra about 5000 (3000 BC) years ago. But unfortunately many a modern scholar has claimed that the context of the ba..

The cry of a disgruntled citizen

C Thangminlal DoungelContd from previous editionThey are not paid their remuneration for months and months and left to beg and survive from hand to mouth. Their dreadful situation has proliferated the sufferings of their families. All these are prominent ..

Going absolutely screen-free may not be a possibility in today’s time... But parents must take preventive measures to reduce child’s exposure to screen

Manisha DhamiDigital technologies are ubiquitous in the 21st century. Technologies  support our autonomy by connecting us to persons, contents and services independently of time and place constraints. Digital opportunity gives the promise of connecti..

The cry of a disgruntled citizen

C Thangminlal DoungelI am affirmative, that, the financial packages announced by the State Government a few days ago, to aid all meritorious students passing from Government schools must have brought a lot of cheers; not just amongst the parents, but the ..

Scope for processing fruits and vegetables grown in NE region of India

Chingtham ChanbisanaContd from previous issue5. Pickle : They are processed products preserved and flavoured in a solution of salt and vinegar with spice or oil. Eg mango pickle, cauliflower pickle, lime pickle, chilli pickle etc.6. Fruit chutney: It is p..

Christmas 2020: Pandemic time Choice

Introduction The promise of Christmas is the birth of a “Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace”(Isaiah 9:6). While the COVID-19 pandemic is still here, in the second week of December 2020, a new SARS..

Land Commission critically essential before the extension of Sixth Schedule

Both the Nagas and the Kukis would quote paragraphs from the above book to prove the other was the subject of Meitei King. ..

Biocontrol of Parthenium for regenerating lost biodiversity

Seed germination inhibition of 88% under the influence of 9 day leaf leachate of Cassia tora was reported (Singh and Riti, 2002). ..

Chronicling pre-Statehood days through the prison diary of Lamyanba NK Sanajaoba

Maybe because specific charges could not be framed against them, Tomchou and some four/five of them remained as ordinary undertrial prisoner. It had been lived so till the end of March 1970. Sanajaoba and others, who have been ..

Land Commission critically essential before the extension of Sixth Schedule

The ethnic conflicts among the Meiteis, Nagas and Kukis mainly stemmed from the land and identity issues. In most of the States in India, the people from the majority community live in the vast area, whereas the Scheduled Tribes ..

Biocontrol of Parthenium for regenerating lost biodiversity

Under these circumstances, the concept of biological control means of controlling Parthenium offers a potential alternative. In Manipur also, it is now seen growing gregariously in wasteland, National and State highways..