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Review of Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment & Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (DEPwD)

Press Information Bureau The vision of the D/o Social Justice & Empowerment is to build an inclusive society wherein members of the target groups can lead productive, safe and dignified lives with adequate support for their growth and development. It ..

Being a Chow-Momo Indian; The dark reality!

TS HaokipContd from previous issueThe fact that perpetrators of this whole menace involved supposedly respectable and educated people makes one wonder as to whether it is the frustration of India lacking behind China in many ways or the blooming growth of..

India’s largest power producer wants nitrous oxide emission norms for coal plants relaxed

Bhasker TripathiIndia’s power industry, led by its largest producer National Thermal Power Corporation or NTPC, is pushing to water down the norms for lethal nitrous oxide or NOx emissions, saying pilot projects of technologies to cut down emissions..

Of bibliophile and Imphal Book Fair 2020

A regular annual (read winter) event that I always made/make it a point to not miss (whenever I am in and around the state capital) is IMPHAL BOOK FAIR...

Feminists are males dressed with female tissue

“If boys can, why girls can’t,” this is one of the most positively set but negatively explained statement of the last decade. Feeling proud in doing something what’s beyond your orbit is always something to fill your diary..

Let the light lead to growth

My frequent visit to native village named Moutorh in Purulia district (West Bengal) to promote science education through practical demonstration among the students from V to IX ..

Being a Chow-Momo Indian; The dark reality!

I'd just started having my lunch, which was chowmein, a special dish of that day ( Every day a special dish is served in addition to a regular Thali) when the person seated next to me smiled and said, "Chinese foods; nice nah"..

The benefits of CAA

Those who are analyzing, discussing, dissecting and speaking about CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) in the tv- studios, public- fora, seminar rooms, rallies etc., - have failed miserably to highlight the overwhelming benefits of CAA...

Nail care tips

Winter is the season when we experience dry skin, rough edges and brittle nails .When it comes to taking care of your nails, getting a manicure is not the only option. In fact, you must take care of your nails on a daily basis ..

Conservation initiatives of Hornbills inTamenglong & Noney districts

The above folk tale is also among the Rongmei and many other hill tribes as well. In some tribe’s folk tale the son had become hornbill because of the cruel treatment of his step mother...

Medicinal cannabis in palliative care

As the aging population of India grows along with increase in life-expectancy, so is the incidence of cancer increasing. Also, better treatment options in cancer, are prolonging survival, there is a need to focus on issues ..

Conservation initiatives of Hornbills inTamenglong & Noney districts

Forest Department, Government of Manipur shall be organizing Hornbill Festival at Tamenglong from this year. The idea for organizing Hornbill festival was first mooted by Hon’ble Forest & Environment Minister Th. Shyamkumar ..

Year end review Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER)

7. North Eastern Regional Agricultural Marketing Corporation Ltd (NERAMAC) –The major activities of NERAMAC from 01/01/2019 to 15/12/2019 are given as under...

Stepping back from the brink of war

Trump’s order to kill General Soleimani is one of the most reckless acts taken by a president, who once again has put his personal political interest above the nation’s security...

A get-together to banish the boredom

On a chilly winter’s day, there is nothing better than taking a picnic to the hills and falls. In our younger days, we swam and went on picnics. The tradition of going picnics is very common in our society. ..

The Great Cosmic Discovery VII

The discovery of microwave background radiation, neutron star, pulsar; trying to understand the cosmic forces, the discovery of anisotropy of cosmic microwave background radiation , discovery of Higgs boson (God’s particle)..

Year end review; Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER)

Major Achievements of the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER) during the calendar year 2019 are as follows: 1. NLCPR/NESIDS/Special Packages/SIDF/HADP..

Trump’s empty Iran threat: Why militaries are bound by international law to protect heritage sites

The concept of cultural property protection has a long history in military law. But why the fuss? There was a horrified reaction around the world when US president Donald Trump tweeted..

Nirmala Sitharaman should use the Budget to come clean about Government’s finances

At a time of spiking inflation low GDP growth, the government needs to provide transparency and honesty instead of more creative accounting...

Year end review, 2019, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy  Renewable energy sector makes rapid strides in 2019

9. Payment Comfort Opening of LCs by all DISCOMs/ distribution licensees for all producers Ministry of Power has issued an order regarding opening and maintaining of adequate Letter of Credit (LC)..

Disaster management apps have had limited reach in India. How can this be fixed?

The preparation of National Disaster Management Plan in 2016, in line with theSendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015–2030, affirmed the country’s strong determination to effectively counter the growing frequency..

Cancer at advanced stage can also be cured

In a breakthrough in research, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Bombay scientists have developed technology to leverage a patient’s immune system to cure cancer, using CAR T cells, which can be made available for Rs 15 lakh..

Year end review, 2019, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy  Renewable energy sector makes rapid strides in 2019

Press Information BureauAs a part of Nationally Determined Contributions as per the Paris Accord on Climate Change, India has made a pledge that by 2030, 40% of our installed power generation capacity shall be from non-fossil fuel sources and also by 2030..

Can people of North-East blame the Centre alone for CAA?

Since CAA became a controversial issue, so much have been spoken or written about it that commenting anything on the issue may sometimes appear stale and repetitive..

Niagara Falls with Devaz

“Bro, are you awake,” Devaz from Sekmai shook me up. He lives in an amazing heart call Scarborough or to make it sound international, somewhere in Toronto. My eye-lids were even struggling to open..

Being a chow-momo Indian; the fun side!

It was the year 2017 when Mr. Tez Bahadur of BSF, who was posted in Indo-Pak border made headlines. His video shared on his Facebook account regarding complaints on the quality of food served to the jawans of BSF..

It isn’t just this year – India’s economy is going to be stuck in a jam for a while

It is clear to everyone now that India is going through a severe slowdown, with Gross Domestic Product growth this year likely to be a woeful 5% – far below the expected 7.4%. But it is only beginning to become clear..

Swami Vivekananda; The forgotten elixir for the youths of Manipur

Even year, in India, the 12th day of January is observed as the "National Youth Day", commemorating the priceless contributions of the great Hindu monk Swami Vivekananda in the nation building process...

Go natural with home made scrub

Homemade body scrubs are cheap and can be prepared easily in the comfort of your home .The right application of the scrubs exfoliate your skin and clean your pores providing you radiant and flawless skin tone ..

Career in Fashion Communication

We are aware about the importance of communication in our life and in our career. Communication is must for every one of us and at the same time it has connection with fashion too...

Death of over 100 infants in Kota hospital points to a pan-Indian problem

While 83% of community health centres had a newborn care corner, 59% did not have a stabilisation unit for newborns, showed the 2018 Rural Health Statistics. Community health centres in all 13 states except Kerala..

Coping with anxiety and discomfort before undergoing laboratory tests

Nobody particularly enjoys having blood drawn for a laboratory test.Nevertheless, a laboratory test conducted on a sample collected from one’s body can give the healthcare provider important information that can help improve..

Chemistry matters – Know the cannaflavins

Cannabinoids and terpenes are relatively well known constituents of the Cannabis plant. The plant also contains a considerable amount of less known constituents, the flavonoids. Flavonoids, also called as color chemicals..

Reducing air pollution : Impact and prevention

The monetary quantification of the damages associated with pollution is a very controversial issue due to technical, political and ethical issues. Furthermore, the determination of environmental damages in monetary terms ..

Death of over 100 infants in Kota hospital points to a pan-Indian problem

Since December 1, 2019, over 500 infant deaths were reported from just six government hospitals in Rajasthan and Gujarat...

Voices from the labour strike; Why workers across India observed a ‘Bharat bandh’ on Wednesday

In a nationwide strike announced in September 2019, ten national trade unions observed a “Bharat bandh” on Wednesday, to protest against government policies on labour. Across the country, workers from organised..

What Australia’s bushfires mean for the country’s most enduring tourism icon, the Koala

In 1936, Evening News in Austrailia’s Rockhampton wrote: “The time has arrived when Australians must decide whether or not they will accept responsibility for the perpetuation of the koala…..

Reducing air pollution : Impact and prevention

The pollution level in the city of Delhi has reached to alarming proportion over the years and winter haze is a regular visitor in northern India. In an effort to clear the hazy skies, the government declared a public health..

How China impacts security dynamics in Northeast India

China is one of the five countries which share a border with the Northeast region of India (NE), increasing its strategic significance to the nation. NE has great potential for utilisation of its large amount of natural resources and tourism...

Banknotes for sale

The mild bleak winter wind curled across a sanguine pouted face as one ambulated its way on a dusty roadway leading from one’s doorstep to a SBI branch. Dusting off the roughly buttered dirt relentlessly..

Constitutional concessions and protections to specific groups in India

Despite separation of powers, the increasing judicial intervention on the actions of executive and legislature shows the power driven politics and breakdown of democratic consensus. The overburden judiciary, delays and large..

A critique of the Manipur ILP Guidelines 2019

(5) Exemption Non-Manipuri: Clause 8 of ILP Guidelines stipulates a list of “category of persons exempted from Inner Line Permit.” A question can be raised in this regard. Will it be a big burden if ILP card is either obtained..

A canal to augment Imphal City, a must !

Manipur is a blessed land. The local people call it Sanaleibak, the Golden Land! Jawaharlal Nehru, the late prime minister of India, described it as ‘Switzerland of the East’. Rice, the staple food item of the people, tastes as good..

Constitutional concessions and protections to specific groups in India

A Constitution is the written fundamental law which governs a modern State. It acts as the guiding values and principles for the governments and the citizens of the State. The elements of a State (leibak ama) -territory..

A critique of the Manipur ILP Guidelines 2019

Introduction On 31st December, 2019 the Government of Manipur issued a Manipur Inner Line Permit Guidelines, 2019. The Guidelines was issued to comply with a promise of Chief Minister N. Biren to implement an Inner Line Permit ..

For I will live not leave

Are you still hiding in the shadows? Thinking hiding means avoiding. Hiding means nothing but holding, and the only option to let go is to face it. Life was never meant to make you live at ease..

Go develop the Hills From slogan to action : A live case study

1. Urbanization Purul a non-nonoperational Block until now will be operational once the road quality is good as the Govt officers/ staff posted will have no more excuse and will the first enabler of slowly turning purul into a town. Office goers can..

Cocktail of CAB, CAA, NRC & NPR

At the outset, let us understand what a cock-tail is. It is a drink usually made from a mixture of one or more spirits – strong alcoholic drinks. The mixture may be of any kind – it can be Rum plus Whiskey plus Beer ..

Beauty benefits of meditation

Modern day beauty solutions come in the form of potions, lotions and lasers.But, there’s a lot more to skin care than potent face serums and anti-wrinkle creams..

Career in fashion industry

Many students dream to choose fashion as their career. When we talk about fashion it is not only limited to fashion shows but it is one of the most creative professions. When we talk about fashion as career ..

Go develop the Hills; From slogan to action : A live case study

Under “ Go to Village’ the Chief Minister has initiating a few measures to reach out to the hills neglected since the foundation of statehood on 21st Jan 1972. But it is more of cosmetics like personal grievances platform, gracing some..

Chemistry matters – Knowing the terpenes

When referring to medicinal Cannabis, the conversation revolves around the mainstream cannabinoids, THC and CBD. However, terpenes are now the new buzzword in the industry, as their effects are known more and more...

Year ender review of the Ministry of Rural Development

Achievements of Shyama Prasad Mukherji Rurban Mission (SPMRM) · 9 Empowered Committee meetings were organized under the guidance of Joint Secretary (PP&M) · 56 nos. of Integrated Cluster Action Plans (ICAPs) from 17 States and 2 UTs were presented before the EC ..

Climate change : Biggest challenge in 2020s

Environmental crises particularly climate change have become depressingly familiar in the past decade. Based on scientific evidences it is expected that 2020 would be the year when the planet will start to feel the heat..

Gaan-Ngai festival of the Zeliangrongs : Its socio-cultural significance

Raangpatmei: The last day is called Raangpatmei, gate opening; (Raang means village gate and Patmei, to open). In olden days, the village gates were closed during the festival to secure from enemy attack or raid. ..

Year ender review of the Ministry of Rural Development

c. Celebration of Awaas Diwas: Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi released the Framework For Implementation (FFI) of PMAY-G and formally launched the scheme on 20th November, 2016 in Agra, U.P. ..

Gaan-Ngai festival of the Zeliangrongs : Its socio-cultural significance

Dr Budha KameiIntroductionThe Zeliangrong are one of the natives of Northeast India belonging to the Tibeto-Burman family of the Mongoloid racial stock. It is believed that the ancestors of Zeliangrongs emerged out of a cave recognized as Mahou Taobei, wh..

Year ender review of the Ministry of Rural Development

Press Information BureauContd from previous issueCurrently DDU GKY is being implemented in 27 States and 3 Union Territories and with 641 training partners in 1624 active training centre across the country. Training is being imparted in 52 sectors coverin..

The art of turning benevolence into malevolence

A very secret message was broadcast from Delhi to Islamabad in early 1950. The message was sombre, yet anguished in tone. The message read, “I feel that it is urgently necessary that both Governments..

Reminiscence of assignment and recognitions for a legendary aerobiologist of NE India after getting pension

On 19th June, 2017 Shri. T.N. Mannen, IAS (Rtd), Chancellor, the Global Open University, Nagaland, Dimapur released writer second edited book “Microbial Resources of Indo-Myanmar (Burma) Hot spot Region..

Bidding farewell with a new hope, it's the time for Twenty-Twenty!

We are only a day away from the first day of a year in modern Gregorian calendar as well as Julian calendar. It is time for us to wish for happiness and prosperity, again; the same wishes we'd prayed for at the beginning of the year..

Year ender review of the Ministry of Rural Development

The mandate of Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD) is sustainable and inclusive growth of rural India by increasing livelihoods opportunities, providing social safety and developing rural infrastructure...

Suu Kyi chooses to be a National hero, not International darling

On Dec 11, Myanmar’s State Counselor-cum-Foreign Minister Aung San Suu Kyi (pix) stood at the podium of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at the Hague and defended her country against the accusation of violating the ..

War against the English language

Recently I have been getting into comments where people are very ignorant with the medium they use since the first day of school just to prove that they have a waving flag of respect for their mother tongue. ..

Reminiscence of assignment and recognitions for a legendary aerobiologist of NE India after getting pension

The writer became a pensioner from the service of the Manipur University with effect from 1st March, 2015. After that he receives an assignment as honourary consultant, Forestry and Environment Science Department..

Year end review: Department of Atomic Energy

The major policies and programmes by the Dept of Atomic Energy (DAE) during the year 2019 are given below i. Nuclear Power Programme: * Kaiga Atomic Power Station (KGS-1) has set the world record of 962 days of continuous operation...

Lipstick mistakes to avoid

Lipstick has cast a spell over cultures throughout history. Lipstick is the easiest and quickest way to change your look. Lipstick application seems easy enough: you just swipe the little tube of colour, oil , wax and go...

Happening and good cheer as career

This is the last week of the year and there are partiers and happenings all around this weekend and also in coming weekend. Year end means time to relax and say adieu to the year and welcome another year. ..

The spear is born for the Zulu

It was a chilly December evening and the auditorium was sparingly occupied. I was engrossed in thought, taking a short nap, listening to the anchor to introduce the program. The Commissioner of the Directorate of Cultural ..

Blood test for Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a family of compounds that is essential for the proper growth and formation of teeth and bones. The vitamin D test measures the level of vitamin D in the blood...