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PM's 9 pm diya deciphered

Free ThinkerOne senior respected  leader of the State rang up and asked me the significance of lighting up a Diya or Candle at 9 in the evening on 5th April at home. I told him, I really don't know but it seems to me that it is to show our united fig..

Coronavirus shows the way to clean environment

Debapriya MukherjeeContd from prev issueWe need hope, and trust in each other, to tackle the climate crisis. World political leaders strongly advocate to follow the stipulated actions to prevent coronavirus epidemic but  the same politicians attack s..

What is wrong with the world today ?

Dr HH MateWe are living in the 21st Century World. This century is the age of computer age or electronic age or scientific age. Many changes take place in the world in the fields of Politics, economics, social, education, medical, etc. Change, as we know,..

How to choose the perfect fragrance for summer

Shahnaz HusainWith the temperature soaring, Choosing the right fragrance can alter your mood, trigger memories and enhance your individuality . When it comes to fragrance, seasonality is an important factor and your perfume needs to compliment your lifest..

Together for mine action

Ranjan K Baruah During war time or even in armed conflict areas, there is a question related to mines which are being used by different parties. In simple, a land mine is an explosive device concealed under or on the ground and designed to destroy or disa..

Coronavirus shows the way to clean environment

Debapriya MukherjeeThe novel SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus that caused a large scale COVID-19 epidemic and spread to more than 150  countries is the product of natural evolution, according to findings published in the journal Nature Medicine. The scientists..

COVID-19: Unity for survival in India Arlene J Schar and Dr David Leffler

Arlene J Schar and Dr David LefflerAs the COVID-19 virus pandemic impacts peoples' lives worldwide, society shuts down in an effort to contain it. People find themselves isolated at home, seemingly powerless. Unity is needed during these difficult times. ..

Refugee Relief Stamp

S BalakrishnanContd from prev issue“ Then we went to the nearby Billyground area (billy=cat in Hindi). It is also called Hari Nagar. As the bus was proceeding, the misty view of Padmanabhapuram, a Keralitesettlement, caught my eyes. From Hari temple..

The razor that inherited from my father (Real story)

Rabin Prasad KalitaMy father always dressed up neat and tidy. After finishing his daily morning ablution, he had his shave done but kept a sharp pair of striking pyramid like moustache. He maintained this regularity without fail. He tried to shave even wh..

Coronavirus: A resilient supply chain is need of the hour

Amitabh Kant &Kowthamraj VSCoronavirus has impacted millions and killed over thirty thousand people already across the globe since its emergence in Wuhan, China, in December last year. It has forced people to quarantine, socially distance themselves a..

Stop discrimination and fight the virus

Nehginpao Kipgen The Coronavirus (also known as Covid-19) pandemic has changed the world in many ways. Of the several implications on humanity, the issues of health concerns and the rapid decline of economy have undoubtedly taken centrestage. And with man..

Refugee Relief Stamp

S BalakrishnanRefugee Relief Stamp!? The 2K kids may not have heard of this; why, for that matter even the 80s kids may not be aware of it. Postal stamp, revenue stamp, service stamp and court fee stamp, yes, but what is refugee relief stamp? Was it issue..

Ignorance and discrimination amid coronavirus outbreak

Walter misaoWith the uncertainty surrounding the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) some stories based on fiction are doing the rounds on social media. The coronavirus outbreak is thought to have started in a food market in Wuhan, China. There is no p..

Unique treasure in danger

Debapriya MukherjeePrime Minister Narendra Modi urged people to preserve and conserve the biodiversity of India describing it as a "unique treasure" for the entire humankind. In this context he referred the discovery of a new species of fish that is the l..

Live and let live all together

Kajal ChatterjeeIt is often being commented in various quarters that with the fangs of dreaded virus looming large over the India and world with cases of infection and death increasing each passing day; people have stopped religious bickering with temples..

I wish what’s happening is just to say “April Fool”

Lourembam Devraj Singh ([email protected])In movies and dramas, we often hear the line, “The history is going to repeat itself”. Today, in reality, the history has already started repeating with the onset of the year 2020. In the history of g..

Defeat or victory : The choice is ours

Moirangthem Dolly ([email protected])“We are broken, that’s how the light gets in”- Ernest Hemingway. The world seems to loose its control. People everywhere talk about the deadly COVID-19. Everyone is panic-stricken thinking what if s..

Crisis is an opportunity to build leaders

Abhilash BorahWords like “lockdown” and “quarantine” have suddenly stormed out of the dictionaries. The most developed nations as well as the not-so-developed ones are fighting. Global community has come to a standstill. No sports...

Scared of corona, children forgot to smile

R K SinhaContd from prev issue If you want to talk to your child on the corona issue, keep it brief and always positive. Surely by doing all this, the results will be better. Since parents and children are together at home these days, it would be better f..

Racial prejudice against people of North-East amidst corona crisis

John S ShilshiThe deadly virus COVID-19 had engulfed the entire world and brought inexplicable misery to mankind, and India is no less traumatized by this pandemic as we hopelessly stare at a future that is so uncertain. However, as optimistic Indians, we..

Is the earth healing or dying right now?

Birkarnelzelzit ThiyamIn the midst of these dark times, little will this article help you in lightening up your day but trust me, I will try to change your mood when you reach the last line. You know what, let me take you all away from corona today. I kno..

Drug users during the times of COVID-19 pandemic in Manipur

Gay ThongambaThe present condition of the nation is in a total lock down due to the wide spread of pandemic COVID- 19 (coronavirus). One of the main reasons of the current lock down is to mitigate and minimise the spread by staying at home with minimal mo..

Scared of corona, children forgot to smile

R K SinhaWhen the entire world has been facing the threat of deadly coronavirus, it has also shaken the school and college going students badly. They are confined to their homes like others. Their normal routine has also been completely affected. The scho..

How to save the Nation sitting at home

Kancha Ilaiah ShepherdWe are all house arrested now because of Coronavirus for our own safety. We do not know how to live like this. In India and in many countries during lockdown period people do not know how to spend time at home and use it for personal..

Corona and population exploitation

Free ThinkerWhen the Covid 19 vaccine is about 18 months away and a reliable & effective medication is yet to prop up  the most rational thing to do is to buy time. Modiji's national lockdown is a very logical thing to do at this juncture; it wil..

Technological skills for careers

Ranjan K Baruah We are all concerned and worried for Corona Virus or COVID 19 as all of us home locked. We have realised how important it is to be inside home because if we are inside home and stay away from the virus then we are safe else we bring proble..

Why disease and xenophobia go hand in hand

David FicklingPandemics have always been fellow travelers of globalization. A third phenomenon stalks in their shadow: racism.That’s worrying. The global threat of Covid-19 seems to be leading not to a unified global response, but to an American pre..

Lockdown means complete breakdown of economy

RN MalikKarl Marx wrote in 1870" Even children know that a nation which ceases to work even for few weeks would perish very soon. " Now after a period of 150  years we have the possibility of seeing a similar spectacle again because of complete lockd..

Nothing spreads like fear

Kamal BaruahAs humans spread across the world, infectious diseases have been a constant companion since hunter-gatherer days. Those Communicable diseases are being carried with agrarian life of humankind around 23000 years ago. Even in this modern era, ou..

Has Myanmar been in denial over COVID-19 outbreak all this while?

Dr Nehginpao KipgenMyanmar confirmed its first two cases of coronavirus late on Monday (Mar 23) after weeks of maintaining the claim the country was free from the virus.  The news sparked panic buying in the commercial capital of Yangon with shoppers..

What a respect to the caregivers!

Kajal Chatterjee  Far from questioning what concrete action is being taken to stop the march of the dreaded virus, why our health infrastructure is in such a mess with allocation being even lesser than 2% of the GDP, why adequate preventive measures ..

We are descended for success

Babu PukhrambamContd from prev issue  The thoughts you make are with the conscious mind, and there won’t be any memory in it. The conscious mind can make only one thought at one time. It may be a positive thought or a negative thought, but cann..

The old king is dead, long live the Hungpung King!

Mutum YoirembaContd from previous issueHe exists not as an artefact of a proud historical past but as shameful memory of historical injustice, of pushing them away as the untouchables by the Hindu King. One cannot help but blame the rule of religion that ..

We are descended for success

Babu PukhrambamAt the outset, I am very impressed to lay down some innovative ideas before the public domain particularly the students who are aspiring to build successful careers for themselves and also for all those enthusiastic readers and entrepreneur..

COVID 19 and Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897

S Nongpoknganba MeiteiAs on today,  COVID 19 has affected 184 countries, killed more than thirteen thousands world wide with more than three lakhs confirmed cases and still counting and in India the confirmed cases has risen near to nearly four hundr..

Janata Curfew- ‘Go corona’ festival

Vikram YengkhomIndia celebrated one of the biggest festivals yesterday with thousands of people Nationwide ringing bells, beating drums, plates and clapping in consonance with the magic mantra “Go Corona, Corona Go” to scare off the virus that..

The old king is dead, long live the Hungpung King!

Mutum YoirembaContd from previous issueThe government of India has failed to take the importance of this claim and is anywhere but near to solving the 71 years old conflict.While the unprecedented move to give Rajya Sabha seat to the titular king can be s..

Rose for beauty

Shahnaz HusainRoses are known as the symbol of love and beauty since ages.Rose water is something we all use on a daily basis .  Rose water commonly known as "Gulab Jal "is created by distilling rose petals with steam  . Rose water is a skin car..

We will get by. We will survive

As we sit tight at our homes to protect ourselves from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on a ‘Janata Curfew Day’ today, or any other day during the last one week, let us also remember those brave women and men here in India and across the globe, who are treating the people infected with COVID-19...

Trying to connect dots that never does easily

No matter how dark the washroom may be, when nature calls for emergency, the darkness is just a situation and no longer a problem that scares you. No matter how bright the sun may be, you always have the choice to close your eyes ..

The old king is dead, long live the Hungpung King!

In recent developments that led to the Titular king of Manipur becoming a candidate for the Rajya Sabha member, the public discussions and discourses have been divided into the support and condemnation of his moves...

Sociology of Coronavirus

A phrase doing the round in social media following the Corona Virus outbreak in the world is “social distancing”, as a precautionary measure...

Cure for COVID

Through the social media many suggestions have come to deal with the new Corona virus. According to my wife the best advice circulated is the one which says "stay at home for 15 days without social contact" ...

By failing to scale up testing coronavirus, India may have lost crucial time

Let’s hope it doesn’t happen, but if a mass explosion of coronavirus is upon us, it will be because of the Indian government’s refusal to test a large number of suspected patients...

Career option in Geomagnetism

We are aware of geology, applied geology or even astrophysics. Today we are introducing another subject which is purely for the students of science having Physics and Mathematics in graduation. Let us understand geomagnetism ..

Coronavirus: As numbers swell, Indian authorities are struggling to enforce home quarantine rules

Municipalities have turned to enforcement squads and even mobile phone tracking to ensure people follow home quarantine rules...

Fatigue will be the carrier of the second coronavirus wave

Humans simply aren’t able to sustain a state of high vigilance. They falter. Drastic global measures to keep populations apart and slow the spread of the coronavirus could remain in place for months...

"Nothing is stronger than an idea when its time comes"

Two big ideas in energy sector are doing the rounds in print media these days. A. Generate enough green power (hydro, solar, wind) to replace all thermal power plants and meet future energy needs without them. ..

Coronavirus: India is not even testing all those it considers suspect cases

The country’s conservative testing approach could lead to community spread being missed, say experts. India has among the lowest testing rates for coronavirus in the world – at least that’s what the last available data..

What India can learn from the deadly 1918 flu

All interest in living has ceased, Mahatma Gandhi, battling a vile flu in 1918, told a confidante at a retreat in the western Indian state of Gujarat...

Tip of the iceberg : Is our destruction of nature responsible for Covid-19?

Yet human health research seldom considers the surrounding natural ecosystems, says Richard Ostfeld, distinguished senior scientist at the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook, New York...

India could be next coronavirus hotspot with ‘avalanche’ of cases

Containment measures successful elsewhere in Asia may not work in country of 1.3 billion people, experts warn. Large population crammed into tight living conditions poses major challenge in battle to limit outbreak..

'Tip of the iceberg': Is our destruction of nature responsible for Covid-19?

As habitat and biodiversity loss increase globally, the coronavirus outbreak may be just the beginning of mass pandemics..

Spread thinly: COVID 19 and lessons for Indian cities

India houses some of the densest cities in the world where people live cheek-to-jowl and cram themselves into packed metros and buses every day. With novel coronavirus (COVID 19) cases on the rise..

How a resilient public health system will save us from the next pandemic

Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) is now officially a pandemic according to the World Health Organisation. India currently has around 110 confirmed cases, 17 of whom are foreign nationals...

The other side of Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Covid-19 that is suspected to have originated from China Wuhan has cost thousands of precious lives. Thousands of people are getting affected every day and the death count continues...

A geospatial approach to assess health coverage and scaling-up of healthcare facilities

Using a travel-time grid with maximum duration of 60 min, accessibility of the existing healthcare network to the local population was analysed for two districts in Manipur, viz Imphal West (valley district) and Ukhrul. ..

Nanu-Ngai: Ritual festival of TRC

Dr Budha Kamei Nanu-ngai, one of the ritual festivals of Tingkao Ragwang Chapriak devotees is celebrated for two days in the lunar month of Nanu-bu, which usually falls in March; (Na means child, Nu, ear-boring and Ngai, festival). It is a sort of the reg..

A geospatial approach to assess health coverage and scaling-up of healthcare facilities

Oinam Bakimchandra, Joymati Oinam & RK KajalContd from previous issueAccording to the ‘Rural Health Statistics 2012’ report under the Division of Statistics, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India (GoI), there is a shor..

When push for Naga peace deal turns to shove

NSCN(IM) is the largest rebel group holding back from signing a peace deal with govt The squeeze on the largest Naga rebel group just got a little harder...

“Corona Pyaar ra hein”

Not being satirical or ironical or being pointy but slogans from the present government like, “Go Aruna, Aruna go,” is the definition of our country’s seat in ‘Gobar-lisation?’. ..

Can dogs get coronavirus? And should pet owners be worried for themselves?

People have been panicking after a Pomeranian in Hong Kong was reported to have been infected last week. A Pomeranian dog in Hong Kong grabbed the international media’s attention last week after scientists found traces..

A geospatial approach to assess health coverage and scaling-up of healthcare facilities

ACCESS is defined as ‘the ability to secure a specified set of healthcare services, at a specified level of quality, subject to a specified maximum level of personal inconvenience and cost, while in possession of a specified amount of information...

Manipur Maharaj & House of Lords

Manipur Maharaj is entering India's House of Lords if elected on 26 March by the electoral college consisting of sixty MLAs (including defectors) of our Assembly. If elected he will be the first Manipuri Monarch to become a member..

Will summer heat bring coronavirus to a halt? Here is what we know so far

There is no confirmed data yet on the correlation between warm weather and the spread of new viruses. Will the onset of Indian summer arrest the march of the novel coronavirus? ..

‘Getting your workplace ready for COVID-19’ - II

3. Things to consider when you and your employees travel • Before traveling o Make sure your organization and its employees have the latest information on areas where COVID-19 is ..

Entrance exams after 10 + 2

One of the challenging periods in our academic life is after appearing class XII finals as we need to appear in different entrances for admissions in to different courses or institutes...

‘Getting your workplace ready for COVID-19’ - I World Health Organisation

In January 2020 the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak of a new coronavirus disease in Hubei Province, China to be a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. WHO stated there is a high risk of the 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) spreading to other countries around the world. ..

My mind keeps talking

Hope fractures when faith tricks you, brightness was never the hunger for light but how well you can avoid the dark. There is never an exit door of the past, history will never die but fears and bad memories are to get used to not left..

Fasting for beauty

Fasting is not a new thing in Indian Society. For centuries, the practice has played a key role in several religions and cultures. ..