Letters to Editor

Effective Unified Command and conflict resolution

Sir,The violence following the sinister Solidatory March is now over 14 months with no sign of abatement.. The seventy thousand odd internaly displaced persons living in the so called relief camps are frustrated and disheartened. Most agonisingly one youn..

Paradox of arming and disarming citizens

Sir,The above editorial on June 25, 2024 could not have come at a more appropriate time. It has been in the mind of every intelligent person and they are wondering why the commanders of the security forces are putting the cart before the horse. Those of u..

Rebutting news under the caption, ‘Myanmar Nationals found illegally settled in Tengnoupal’s Maring area; Cross border movement seen more near AR post’ dated Jun 18

Sir,The article “Myanmar Nationals found illegally settled in Tengnoupal’s Maring area; Cross border movement seen more near AR post” published in The Sangai Express on 18 June 2024, regarding the alleged influx of illegal immigrants fro..

An open letter to the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi

Dear Prime Minister,In view of the NEP 2020 Mission, I would propose the above subject for your early intervention and implementation, if possible, during your 100-Day Programs. Now, such a provision is regulated by the UGC for teachers in university and ..

Rebuttal to the article ‘Heavy military presence makes Kamjong jittery’ on May 19

Sir,  A recent article by the Sangai Express on May 19, 2024, "Heavy military presence makes Kamjong jittery" paints an unduly alarming picture of Kamjong but overlook the critical role of the Armed Forces in maintaining security and stability in thi..

Online submission

Sir,People are finding it difficult to make online submission of PHOTO FOR LIFE CERTIFICATE  by newly purchased smart phone as the "App is not available in the device because it was made for an older version of Android".  I therefore request the..

Assam Rifles refutes, clarifies

Sir,The Sangai Express had published an article dated 24 Apr 2024 'Sealed Borderfails to keep out Infiltrators.’ The article stated that ‘There has been an influx of Myanmar Nationals at Yangoubung Village located between Indo-Myanmar Border P..

Clarification on the article ‘Legalised and institutionalised discrimination of Meiteis in Manipur’

Sir,An article, 'Legalised and institutionalised discrimination of Meiteis in Manipur' published on 29 February 2024 has been circulated through Sangai Express casting aspersions on border guarding capabilities of Assam Rifles in the region. The false and..

When will there be recruitment for Library professionals ?

Sir,I am writing as an unemployed youth and, most importantly, a concerned citizen of Sanaleipak. Through this esteemed paper, I express my concern over the sad cause and effect of increasing non-employment in our State. This is one of the most serious pr..

Rebuttal for news article titled ‘Six steps Union Government needs to take for ensuring Manipur’s return to normalcy

Sir,This is with respect to the article titled “Six Steps Union Government Needs to Take for Ensuring Manipur’s Return to Normalcy”, published in your newspaper on 25 Jan 24.The article has presented the opinions that:(a) ‘This par..

Call for dialogue : A pragmatic approach

Sir,Apropos the news item ‘Dialogue is the way forward…..’ (TSE 25.12.23.) the people of Manipur sans some hot headed Kuki Mizo Leaders are deeply disappointed at the failure of Central and local Governments to take any concrete step to ..

For Whom the Bells Toll ?

Sir, In today's social media landscape, it stands as an unappealing reality but both conflicting factions fiercely cling to their entrenched beliefs, leaving minimal space for a nuanced exchange...This so-called war of perception breeds ceaseless cycle of..

Urgent concerns regarding the lack of internet access in ManipurDear Honourable Chief Minister,

I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. I am writing to you today with a deep sense of concern and urgency regarding a pressing issue that has been affecting the residents of Manipur for the past six months. This issue pertains to th..

Rebuttal to article titled ‘WMC Decries’ published in Sangai Express on 2 November 23

Sir,1. Article titled ‘WMC decries’ published in Sangai express on 02 Nov 23 brought out statements of the organization ‘WMC’ unjustifiably accusing the Assam Rifles.2. Upon reading the statements of the subject organization which ..

Rebuttal to the article titled ‘The political conflict, Why AR is here?’ published on 01 Nov 23 in The Sangai Express

Sir, 1. The Sangai Express has published an article on 01 Nov 23 titled ‘The Political Conflict: Why AR is here?’. The news article carried a statement that “Moreover, what did the Assam Rifles do ? Can a conclusion be drawn that they ju..

A call for internet connectivity in hill colleges of Manipur particularly in Senapati District

Sir,I am writing this letter to highlight a critical concern that holds immense significance for the educational progress of our State, Manipur. Despite the recent turbulent times caused by outbreaks of violence and subsequent mobile internet ban imposed ..

Rebuttal to 'Ground report from Moreh : How Manipur's multicultural frontier became a homogenized centre of the Kukis', published in the Swaragya and carried by TSE on 23rd August 2023

Sir,From the perspective of Assam Rifles and the security forces  in the region, it is important to clarify a few points regarding the situation at Moreh:a) The portrayal of Moreh, a thriving semi-cosmopolitan town traversed by the trans-Asiatic road..

AR rebuts news item under caption ‘Locals demand withdrawal of AR from Pallel’

Sir,We wish to address the article published in "The Sangai Express" on 06 August 2023, which discusses the activities of the Assam Rifles in the Pallel area. While we hold the media's role in informing the public in high regard, it is of paramount import..

Burning since May 3, but still so many unanswered questions

Sir,I’m a young soul, an indigenous resident of Manipur and a citizen of India. The return of BJP Government as a “double engine” under the leadership of Pabung N Biren Singh as a single majority in the 2022 Manipur State Legislative Ass..

An open letter to the Hon’ble PM of India, New Delhi

Hon’ble Sir,The people of Manipur expected high hopes from your speech on the 19th July, 2023. The mass believed that your words will be a shower to the peoples & extinguish the flame of hatred among the Kukis and Meiteis. On the contrary, we ar..

Open letter to RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat

Sir,On 3rd May, 2023, in the Kuki inhabited Churachandpur district, Kuki intruders, illegal immigrants, drug smugglers started burning houses and killing the innocent Hindu Meiteis, and other than the houses of the Meiteis many houses and properties of Ta..

Clarification to LB Singh's "Letter to the Editor" dated 28-07-2023

Sir, Shri LB Singh had mentioned in his "Letter to the Editor" two "inaccurate statements" appearing in my article titled "Resolving Kuki-Zo-Chin and Meitei Conflict" which appeared in your esteemed newspaper on 24th July, 2023. The alleged inaccurate sta..

Inaccurate statements in the article ‘Resolving Kuki-Zo-Chin and Meitei conflict’

Sir,I would like to bring out the following two inaccurate statements in the article ‘Resolving Kuki-Zo-Chin and Meitei conflict’ by Home Raikhan published in The Sangai Express on 24 July 2023:1. Not being clear on how to proceed with the imm..

“Accusations aimed at maligning the image of Assam Rifles”Subject: Rebuttal: Article published in The Sangai Express on 21 Jul 2023, ‘MPP EEFAM, CFJM condemn act defiling modesty of two women.’

Dear Editor,The Sangai Express in its 21 July 23 publication presented an allegation made by General Secretary (Media) , Manipur people’s party, that  “Assam Rifles and Central Security Forces personnel have been accused of killing innoce..

Rebuttal to 'Stop the partisan conduct, COCOMI advises'

Sir,The Sangai Express has published an article dated 14 Jul 2023 titled 'Stop the partisan conduct, COCOMI advises'. In the article published, COCOMI has presented a series of baseless and hostile claims regarding Assam Rifles and its alleged inaction in..

An open letter to the Prime Minister of India

Sir,In democracy, more specifically Indian democracy which is called the largest democracy in the world, mutual respect and honour is the guiding principle of command and confidence not based on the post one holds but based on moral principle of equality ..

Open letter to the Chairman Unified Command, Manipur

Sir,While congratulating your taking over the most challenging job as Chairman of the IAUC, Manipur and expressing our firm belief that you will do whatever is possible within your official, legal and discretionary powers to do justice with an iron hand t..

Manipur's Integrity (Open letter to Stakeholders)

Sir, Suspected (Burmese Kuki) militants spearheading violent attacks on native Manipuris (May 03, 2023 onwards) sent a ripple of anger and fear throughout the State. Demand for a separate (hill) administration added fuel to the fire. Central security forc..

Request to provide Broadband internet service for home-based employees

Sir,Most humbly I would like to draw the attention of the Government that many like me had been working as a home-based Medical Transcriptionist (Healthcare Industry) for US doctors or other employees working in IT/ITes companies where for even one day le..

Welcome move by Consumer Affairs

Sir, The Department of Consumer Affairs will tighten the rules and regulations for people (influencers) who influence people's thinking in the health and beauty sector with their advice and ideas. Health care and beauty products are a rapidly expanding bu..

Disappointed with the DMU doldrums!

Sir,This piece is written in a mood of serious concern and dismay over the rather unsavoury incidents and issues rattling Dhanamanjuri University (DMU) recently. Several newspapers including your own had been covering DMU’s student grievances, perta..

Alarming climate change

Sir,Earthquakes are one of the many dangerous and destructive natural disasters that can occur anywhere in the world, and as the recent quakes in Turkey and Syria demonstrate, they are definitely cause for concern. To begin with, there is no link between ..

An open letter to the Hon’ble Chief Minister, ManipurRef :- The editorial column of The Sangai Express dt. 31/01/2023

Hon’ble Sir,I would like to quote a few lines from the editorial referred above --- “Here is a case of concern and even alarm being raised over renaming a certain locality to suit the ethnicity of a people who came later to the place and such ..

Environmental damage in Bengaluru

Sir,The Bengaluru peripheral ring road project, which has been under scrutiny for over 16 years for the environmental damage it may cause, is back in the news. The Bangalore Development Authority has issued new tenders for the road's construction, despite..