You are born to make not get made

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam
Do you know why you are scared of telling your parents, friends or society what you want? Do you know why you never trust yourself? Because you have forgotten that your talent which makes you happy is a unique gift, you keep comparing your unique gift with somebody’s gift. When you start falling in love with singing or dancing, you start comparing yourself with someone having same talent as yours just to convince yourself or force yourself to wrongly believe that you are good for nothing. Stop comparing with others right now.
Because of this comparative feeling, this society made you feel that success is all about kicking down others, making others fail and so on. Because of this stupid notion, you started believing that only when you score more marks than your friend, you should be happy.
I remember my friend coming with teary eye with his result sheet in his hand asking my marks. He only stopped crying after he knew that I failed in 2 subjects. You know what he said? “Bro, I failed too.” Then both of us started laughing. This society has taught us that our success depends on someone’s failure.
Most of the people try to inspire their young ones by referring it to someone’s success, like if they see some successful doctors, they will all tell their kids to be doctor defying the gift of their child. You never realize that a dancer can be born in the family of doctors. Stop! Just stop feeling low when you fail, never quit. One day, when you are successful, someone will ask you about how you reach your level. Are you going to inspire them if you tell them that you never failed? Nope. Your failing stories will make you not only a successful person but a leader who will inspire millions.
Don’t cry for quitting, just cry for not giving up. You have put in so much, just a little more to go, trust me, get the damn reward for what you worked for.
You got to start doing what you love to do, not what people will love you to do. Do that thing which you fall in love with not just what you are good at. Being good comes with practice but becoming a legend will come from doing what you love to do. People will keep telling you or making you feel that you are nothing. Do you know why? Because they can’t see you walking closer and closer to your destination each day. But when you reach on top, when you stand on top, those people who tried to pull you down will have no place to hide as you are on top rather than falling at your feet.
Those people who are jealous of you will tell you about your looks and make fun of you. But one day, your picture will be the best selling picture for Multi-national Companies because your face will be printed in every shirt, every book, every bag they produced which will inspire millions. Stop telling me that you don’t know what you want to do in life; because you never tried. Try writing, try singing, try dancing, try most of the things and look for the thing which catches your heart.
The one whom you are very scared of does not pay for you when you are hungry; they do nothing for you except talking bad about you. The moment you give them your attention, you are pulling yourself down, just don’t get distracted by these people. Stop looking up at people or down at people, just put them in the same level as yours, you will no longer be afraid of anyone or laugh at anyone.
You need to show the world what you are capable of, stop confining your dreams only for daydreaming, you need to fall in love so much with your dream. When you are extremely hungry, you do anything possible to eat, like that; just be so hungry about making your dream into a reality. Everybody is great, no one is less or more, it’s all about who is more hungry in chasing their dreams.
You need to stop thinking and start working on it, stop wishing and start doing. You know what, stop waiting, stop being a donkey who is afraid of this world, stop giving a damn about this world, stop thinking too much, give yourself a moment, make yourself really angry for once and shout out loud that, “I CAN DO IT.” Sometimes you kill your shyness when you are angry, because people speaks truth when they are angry, so just be true to yourself once and fulfill what your heart wants.
Keep trusting yourself and believe that, YOU ARE THE BEST. Because when you feel that you are the best, all the whispers that tell you that you can’t do it will make you stronger and you will start moving forward by saying, “WAIT! IDIOTS! THE MOVIE IS NOT YET STARTED.”
(The writer is based in Canada. And can be reached at [email protected]; Facebook – Birkarnelzelzit – Young Thoughts; Twitter – Birkarnelzelzit, INSTAGRAM – Birkarnal)

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  1. I always love your article’s. Thank you for expressing your experiences and thought into words. Please continue to write…because it inspire me not to give up easily. I hope other readers feels the same. God bless.

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