Waking up at night Sanjoo Thangjam Ever since the Meitei rebels started targeting the police nearly 40 years ago and later the Border Security Force, Assam Rifles, Central Reserved Police…

Before you further go into my article, get up and ask your father or mother for how they feel about working under somebody for fulfilling their boss’s dreams by giving up theirs. Some crazy poets have made us feel that life is beautiful, life is unlike what they see for they write sweets to sell not wrote what they saw. It’s a world where the fans are used by the self lovers, it’s a world where dreamers are paid to dream for others, this is a world where ‘benefit’ is the motto of getting or giving love.

Non – Governmental Organisations (NGOs) are non profit voluntary organizations formed by a group of people with an objective to render certain services to the people. A very popular definition is also given by Willets (2006) which defines an NGO as “an independent voluntary association of people acting together on a continuous basis, for some common purpose, other than achieving government office, making illegal money or illegal activities”. Similarly, NGO Global Network defines a non-governmental organisation as “any non-profit, voluntary citizens’ group which is organized on a local, national or international level. Task-oriented and driven by people with a common interest, NGOs perform a variety of service and humanitarian functions, bring citizen concerns to Governments, advocate and monitor policies and encourage political participation through provision of information. Some are organized around specific issues, such as human rights, environment or health”.

As the nation celebrates Paryatan Parv between 5 -25 October under the aegis of Ministry of Tourism, Govt of India, getting into the spirit of the objectives of the festival become important. Though travelling and tourism plays a great role in boosting up the economy, its spiritual aspects in evolving a human being are to be more cherished and raved about. Tourism has a soul stirring and exhilarating experience over people which help widen their horizons.

On the first (our) FIFA U17 match against America, at the entrance, a security chap asked me, “Which team are you supporting?” I said, ‘Manipur’; my daughter yelled and corrected me from behind ‘India, India’. The same security person told me to leave all my belongings at the entrance as I could carry only the mobile and wallet inside. He didn’t allow me to carry even the coins in my pocket. Perhaps the coin collection on the first day itself might have crossed many thousands (number of spectators 46 thousand).