Maharaj: Bizandoo, what is your intellectual understanding about FA? & please enlighten me all about it.
Bizandoo : Eigya, FA stands for many things, Field Assistance, Football Association, Film Academy, Federal Attorney, Friendship Association, French Ambassador , Fried Aloo etc etc.

Insurance is a common word for us but in spite of that we have less knowledge about insurance and why it is important for us. It is important for us to know about insurance which is not only linked with life but also others like general insurance or health insurance. All vehicle owners have insurance of the vehicle but most of them may not have their own health policy.

Battling and controlling all types of crime – be it traditional crime or actual crime, in best of times is a challenging task. Elimination of crime in society of any hue and color is a utopian situation, one which all security agencies and communities aspire to achieve. But in reality this state is “rarely” if ever achievable. The situation in relation to cyber crime is no different. Add to this that this a technology based crime and the nitty-gritty of this technology is difficult for most citizens to understand, it becomes clear that tackling cyber crime is an even greater challenge than real world crime. This technology also changes with numbing regularity and this multiplies the challenges for containment (leave aside control)! This is the single largest factor which inhibits effective containment of cyber crime by the security apparatus in place today to do battle with this menace. But this by no means is the only factor. Let us analyze other important factors.

Winters can make your skin look very dull, dry ,lifeless and make it feel stretch as we often forget to keep ourselves properly nourished and hydrated. Winter time actually becomes as skin problem time for most of us due to less humidity . Going for a facial every time you feel your skin unattractive is not a healthy practice as the salons are expensive , time consuming and use nothing but harsh chemical products.

First, the Framework Agreement. Now a new term called Peace Agreement apart from Peace Accord/Final Accord. Beautifully crafted, of course. The details of the Framework Agreement are not disclosed to the public and when the public asked why, it has been cleverly blended as an agreement with NSCN(IM) and Centre as not a full-fledged palpable and conclusive agreement but a Framework for ‘Framework’ refers to an outline or structure. Nice word which is exactly suitable to culminate into an excuse for not making the contents of the agreement public.

When Ed Armstrong, the manager of the USA team sent out an invitation to interested polo players for the 11th Manipur Polo International, 2017, Kelly Wells insisted on her son, Brennan Wells, applying for it, as she was very keen on seeing the birthplace of polo. This is not surprising at all, as it is the wish of every polo enthusiast and player with any sense of history of the game to visit the place from where the game originated.

If your son makes friendship with the difficult and longtime enemies of your own family/clan then how do you describe him and how do you feel about your future? Will it not be likely to open the door to countless tragedies? But in India, such thing is now being openly celebrated.

Bob Geldof! He recently hit the news headlines for calling Aung San Suu Kyi ‘a handmaiden to genocide’; and he returned his ‘Freedom of the City of Dublin’ award. He did it all in protest over the Myanmar leader’s accomplice to the recent ethnic cleansing in her country that resulted in the genocide and fleeing of 600,000 Rohingya Muslims from their homes in Rakhine State to neighbouring Bangladesh where they live in pathetic makeshift refugee camps today.

The RTE Act, 2009 focuses on Continuous and Comprehensive Education (CCE), which is an important landmark in ensuring all-round educational attainment. Continuous evaluation implies that evaluationshould be a continuous process. It should be built into teaching and learning. Comprehensive evaluation implies the evaluation of not only academic abilities but the aspects of personality like interests, attitude, values, outdoor activities etc. The objective of CCE is also to improve the learning through diagnosis by providing remedial measures.

We are born as human, but we are entitled and recognized as Naga, KUKI, Meetei, Pangal, Loi, Bhishnupriya and so on. Men’s tradition of nomenclature gives us different names and in the similar way, we are again made existing in different rooms; Manipur, Nagaland, India respectively, but if we look at our home by standing on our courtyard or from a particular distance then we would see only one common home called motherland earth.