An old English proverb says, ~ “Give a dog a bad name and hang him.” It rips a very sinister design open. Generally, social terrorists adopt this design to vilify a victim as a criminal. It helps those terrorists who are the real criminals, look like the champions of morality and social order. The modus operandi of this design can magically turn a helpless tribal widow into a witch ~ a lover into an intruder ~ a cobbler into a cattle smuggler ~ a person with non-Aryan features into a chinky/ drug pedlar/ cannibal etc. It is more often than not, “hang him” gets replaced by “lynch” him. After the first act of giving the victim a bad name on the khap/ kangaroo stage, the mob starts lynching the victim on the pretext of witch – hunting, honour – killing or cow – saving.

With due respect and humble submission the undersigned have the honour to submit this representation for your kind consideration and necessary prompt action. That SSB organisation was established in the year 1962 while Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was the Prime Minister of India with the aim and object of promoting the backward people of Border States of India to build a strong India through binding love and attachment of one-ness.

In my last writing regarding STDCM demand to include the Meitei tribe in the schedule lists of the fifth schedule of the Indian constitution and the subsequent reaction coming against it especially from ATSUM, I have proposed to ATSUM that if they have genuine issues with STDCM then dialogue would be the only way to solution.

The tripartite talk between the UNC and government representatives had ended on the expected line. In fact there was nothing to talk if the UNC wanted to dictate the agreement without any discussion. It was an  exercise in futility. What however, most disturbing is the presence of three Cabinet Ministers of the Manipur government in a meeting chaired by an official of the rank of a Joint Secretary of the union government.

After a thorough and passionate discussion with many experienced and thoughtful doctors, we find that most of the complaints from the medical fraternity stem from the fact that they are not given sufficient resources:

Mr Heikrujam Naba-shyam has naively posited in his letter to the editor under the banner “Imprudence of ATSUM” that the stance taken by ATSUM on the controversial demand of inclusion by the Meitei community into the Schedule Tribe of the constitution as ‘STUPID’. The semantic use of the word stupid to a monumental organization like ATSUM which holds sway over the whole tribal community residing in Manipur is rather callous and insensitive on the part of the writer who should have been more prudent before writing articles based on fallacious polemics.

The press statement of the All Tribal Students Union of Manipur (ATSUM) that came out in the media on Oct 5, 2017 saying that “ it will fight to the end against the inclusion of the Meiteis in the ST list ” of the Indian Constitution, is stupid.