GoI-NSCN(IM) political dialogue Solution should not undermine other communities’ interests: Kuki groups

IMPHAL, Dec 16: The grim prospect that hangs over the horizon of Manipur in the event of hammering any solution between the Government of India and NSCN-IM which lacks consensus or is not amicable to all communities of the State is becoming more and more lucid.
Like other communities, Kukis are also determined to fight back in befitting manner in case any solution reached between New Delhi and NSCN-IM takes care of only the interest of Nagas while ignoring the interests of all other communities including the Kukis, Meiteis, Meitei Pangals etc.
Some Kuki militant groups which are currently under the Suspension of Operation pact with the Government of India and the State Government told The Sangai Express that the situation would be very ugly if any solution to the protracted political dialogue between the Government of India and NSCN-IM infringes upon the interest of Kukis in any manner.
There is no harm in working out a solution to the protracted political dialogue but it should not overlook the interests of Kukis and other communities.
The Government of India must ponder and examine all aspects before coming out with a final settlement to the Naga issue, the sources said.
New Delhi and NSCN-IM has been engaging in political dialogue since 1997 and the greatest breakthrough came on August 3, 2015 when the two sides signed a Framework Agreement.
“If the culture and history of the Nagas are unique, are the history and culture of the Kukis not unique”, they asked.
Among the Kuki militant groups which are currently under Suspension of Operation pact, there are a few groups which worked together with NSCN-IM at one point of time.
It was political alliance but now they have parted ways with the NSCN-IM. The separation is also political.
There is nothing wrong when the Nagas fight for their political future and no one should meddle with their political affairs. Likewise, no force or element should meddle or try to jeopardise the political struggle of the Kukis, they asserted.
NSCN-IM steering committee convenor Rh Raising issued an order on November 10 in consultation with the Ato Kilonser whereby Deputy Kilonser K Shimreingam and Tatar Markson Zimik were assigned a political mission of holding dialogues with Kuki organisations based at Moreh and surrounding areas.
“Subsequently, a meeting was convened at Chassad, Ukhrul district where Kuki village chiefs were invited but we prohibited the village chiefs from attending the meeting”, the sources said.
Wondering if NSCN-IM has ever spoken a word of reconciliation after massacring hundreds of Kuki people in 1993, the sources alleged that the Nagas’ policy is aimed at annihilating the Kukis.
Even though there is no killing these days, NSCN-IM cadres come to Kuki villages and slaughter poultry as well as pigs for consumption and they behave as haughtily as ever as if the Kuki villages are their lands.
A few days after the Framework Agreement was signed, a joint team of the Kuki umbrella organisations, UPF and KNO met NSCN-IM Ato Kilonser Th Muivah.
During the meeting, Th Muivah purportedly told the UPF and KNO leaders, “We have boarded a bus and you may board the same bus if you wish.”
The UPF and KNO leaders replied, “We don’t need or ever wish to board your bus for we have our own separate bus”, conveyed the sources.

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