Illegal migrants concern IM

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DIMAPUR, Feb 1: The NSCN-IM has expressed deep concern on the issue of illegal immigrants and refugees.
Rh Raising, Convenor of Steering Committee, the highest decision making of the NSCN-IM, said, “History says illegal immigrants and refugees are agents of colonial powers”. He also said that one must know how they were used by the colonial powers in the past in colonizing other peoples’ lands and how many indigenous peoples and Nations were marginalized and swallowed by the colonial powers through immigrant and refugee politics.
According to the NSCN-IM leader, the Governments of India and Myanmar are playing the same game. He also said that the spectre of the illegal immigrants and refugees is already looming large and added that Rohingya refugees and “illegal Chin-Kuki immigrants and refugees from Myanmar; a large number of Chakma refugees and illegal Muslim immigrants from Bangladesh and illegal settlers and non-indigenous people from the Indian sub-continent have flooded the Naga country”. Raising added that they are like time bombs waiting to explode one day or the other “if we do not take necessary steps to deal with it at the right time”.
The NSCN (IM) leader then stressed on the need for agreements with the Governments of India and Myanmar, and that, “strong laws should be enacted to protect our people, our identity, our rights and our land from these impending dangers”. On the “doctrine of co-existence of peoples and Nations”, Rh Raising said that “all things are so created by the Lord that they are closely interrelated and interdependent on each other and that nothing exists in total isolation”.
He said that the NSCN-IM “stands for the doctrine of harmonious interdependent relationship with other peoples and Nations in all fields”. According to him, coexistence with others on the basis of mutual respect and recognition of rights and identities is the law. “Maintaining harmonious relationships with others is a political necessity, not a choice. NSCN looks forward to having good relationships with our neighbors on the basis of this principle,” he added.
On the “Principles-the foundation of our Nationhood”, Rh Raising said that NSCN-IM “understands that everything comes and exists on its own principle and nothing exists outside it.” According to him, NSCN-IM was built on the foundation of Naga National principles.
“And the objectives of the manifesto of the National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) is mainly to safeguard and maintain the fundamental principles of sovereign independent Christian socialist democratic republic of Nagalim founded on the solid ground of our centuries-old social system and modern socio-political scenario”. He also said that the NSCN-IM “understands that as everything comes and exists on its principle, so do the peoples and Nations”. Rh Raising added that sovereignty is not something to be borrowed from or granted by others, but it is an inherent right of every people.
“We should be aware of the fact that sovereignty has the power to make and unmake things”, he said.
According to him, the Naga people are also a sovereign people by right. “The Nagas must be able to exercise their sovereign rights independent of others, so that they may grow into the fullest human size and develop materially in all fields,” he said, adding, “Physical, mental and spiritual developments of free individuals or free people are chiefly driven by the dynamic spirit of right to self-determination, not dependent on others. “Exercise of one’s sovereign power independent of others through the spirit of self-determination is inbuilt and this is the principle of survival politics,” the NSCN-IM leader added.

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