Kind act of forgiveness

Snigdha Anand
Mistakes and misdeeds are unavoidable part of the karma whether committed knowingly or unknowingly but to some guilty yet sensitive souls, escaping the agony of repentance becomes a terrible task ever. They rue their wrongdoings, desperate to undo the past and wish they could prove themselves right. To such a regretful person, unanticipated kindness in the form of forgiveness is like offering water to a dying person. To forget and forgive the transgressions of such repenting souls is like opening a new lease of life to them. To such dispirited and the guilt-ridden, the forgiving and the merciful seems to be not less than the incarnation of God himself.
As they say, “To err is human, To forgive is God”. Forgiveness is simply related to godliness. The forgiving person naturally reflects purity and other virtues of soul like kindness, humility, generosity, sensitivity, non-violence, peace, endurance etc. and is a reflection of great souls like The Christ , Lord Buddha, Guru Nanak, Paigambars, Mother Teresa etc. On the other hand, people on the receiving end of kindness also become more generous, thankful and thoughtful than before.
Our sweet childhood have definitely our grandparents to thank to who used to be our only refuge showering unconditional love and affection , shielding us from the pain that our parent’s scolding and slaps got us after the mischief . Their love kept no record of the blemishes and blots upon us and therefore they will always be revered by us. But the question arises that isn’t it easy to forgive a child’s peccadilloes than to the person indulging in irrational and heinous acts that damage the hard-earned reputation of others and is shameful to the mankind. We all feel a gust of anger for such perpetrators in question but we must always remember that nurturing and feeding on anger for long only devastates the life than defining it. All of us surrender to our basic instincts of anger, ego, greed, lust, selfishness and act unsaintly sometimes in life. How can we always expect from others otherwise…and once we do the infallible, we always wish to be forgiven, we wish that the time should reverse itself so that we could correct ourselves. If a person is really guilty of transgressions …is trully repenting and is desperate to clean and purify oneself, forgiveness will be the greatest favour to him. Punishment is hardly helpful as it does not produce morality but only approves of violence, threat and fear. All brethrens are not endowed with the same mental strength and the week are the most vulnerable lot to satanic forces playing with them. With passing time, even criminals have low feeling of the act and it kills them to brood over the past. Seclusion and bitterness work as slow poison for them. Desperate, they tend to hide from the eyes of world, inflicting injuries upon themselves, pushing themselves towards brink of death turning into a non-existent body. Letting go of the past helps us deal better with the past and flow freely with life and move ahead. There are a number of factors behind a person behaving the certain way. One of the factors can be the faulty genes of which even he/she is unaware of. We must put ourselves in circumstances and then see the events through their eyes. For this, non-biased wisdom and a heart full of love is required. Carmelite sisters in our school days used to pray “O God….forgive us as we forgive those who sin against us”. Thus if we want others to forgive us, we must learn to forgive others.
Kshamaayeshu Dharithri inspite of being trampled over and uncared by humans, mother earth shows boundless love and care for each innocent tiny creature. The saying goes that the responsible people such as parents, teacher, king must be merciful and show the kind act of forgiveness. They must act with patience which will prove effective in taking decisions and it is very much possible that meanwhile the guilty has some repentance and beg pardon for the wrongdoings. Repentance and forgiveness both exhibit the higher inner tendencies of man. A person conscientiously admitting his mistakes is justifiable but the person who shows the kind act of forgiveness to the repentant is more revered one and all eulogies are less for such ones.
(The writer is principal in-charge of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Churachandpur)

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  1. Interesting ideas. As a supplimentery idea I want to mention here is that the supreme personality of Godhead has the full right being an absolute Authority to forgive or punish a living entity or a person depending upon his Karma or deeds whatever right or wrong. I may forgive a person for his unwanted crime in the name of humanity but God may not forgive him. So what is the use of forgiving him by me as I am not the authority. The idea is that no one is greater than God.

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