Puyas set for English translation

IMPHAL, Aug 12: Chief Minister N Biren has announced that ancient Puyas written in Meitei Mayek (script) would be translated into English so that the younger generations can learn them.
The Chief Minister was speaking at the first foundation day celebration of Manipur University of Culture at the auditorium of Manipur State Film Development Society (MSFDS), Palace Compound here today.
Altogether 15 aged distinguished personalities were honoured at the gathering by presenting them gifts.
Governor Dr Najma A Heptulla too attended the function as chief guest.
It is a matter of pride that the Government of Manipur has set up a cultural university with a vision to preserve and promote the rich cultural heritage of Manipur, she remarked.
She exuded confidence that Manipur University of Culture (MUC) would certainly help Manipur occupy a prominent place on the cultural map of India.
Manipuri culture is determined by the rich cultural ancient elements of both the hills and plain. Manipur is known to the world for its rich cultural heritage.
The world knows that there is a State called Manipur in the North Eastern corner of India for the famous Manipuri Dance. Manipur Dance is now a key component of Indian art, Dr Najma stated.
Development of Manipuri culture is essential for development of Indian culture, and MUC is expected to play a pivotal role towards achieving this goal, said the Governor.
She further exuded confidence that MUC would serve as an effective platform for reviving the ancient tradition of deep love, care and respect shared between Gurus and disciples.
In his presidential speech, Chief Minister N Biren stated that Manipur is the first State in the North East region to have established a cultural university.
MUC would go a long in reviving the many beautiful but dying traditions of Manipur. With a vision to enable the younger generations and the international community learn Puyas, these ancient texts would be translated into English. The Government would earmark certain amount for this project.
A special committee would be formed to look into the matter so that the translation project can be initiated at the earliest.
“I feel ashamed on discovering that there are roads in some corners of Manipur where even Shaktiman trucks cannot move even though it has been 70 years since India achieved independence”, Biren stated.
Referring to the recent incident where many people of Henglep sub-division, Churachandpur district had to struggle for days to reach Churachandpur district headquarters for medical treatment when they were infected by diseases recently, Biren stated that his Government took up the initiative of ‘flying doctors’ in view of such harsh realities.
People wanted change and they elected the BJP-led Government. The Government would always keep this in mind and act accordingly, he pledged.
He went on to claim that his Government has been working relentlessly to eradicate corruption and bring about transparency.
He then appealed to all the people to understand the value of time and money.
He further asked all Ministers to cultivate a new tradition of attending public functions on time.
“If such flaws should be rectified, it should be started from me and you”, he added.
Deputy Chief Minister Y Joykumar who attended the function as guest of honour expressed keen desire for MUC to do intensive research works on the different aspects of Manipuri culture and traditions.
Arts and Culture Minister L Jayantakumar acknowledged that MUC which has completed one year is in full of wants and needs.
Nonetheless, the Government has started looking for a permanent campus of MUC. Financial and manpower requirements of MUC would be tabled at a Cabinet meeting soon, Jayantakumar added.
Education Minister Th Radheshyam and MUC Vice Chancellor Prof N Khagendra were also seated on the dais.
Later, MUC students presented different cultural dance and music programme in the evening.


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