ST demand

The Scheduled Tribe Demand Committee,Manipur has submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister appealing the State Government to take up necessary steps to recommend the inclusion of Meitei/ indigenous Meitei in the ST list under the Constitution of India to the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India by the end of this month.
A press release issued by the president of the committee today stated that the inclusion of Meitei in the ST list is necessary to provide Constitu- tional safeguards to the Meiteis and to create a cohesive and peaceful State.

2 thoughts on “ST demand

  1. Survival of the fittest an adage. Let us forget the abhor among the tribes living in Manipur by converting ST. Then, there will be no discrimination between the hill and the plain people. We are a human being having two legs and two hands with one head. Why still we adhere to separate administration and addled the political heads? Otherwise, there will be a clash between the have and have nots very soon. Aside, neighbouring states are pointing stick to the beehive, while they could not control and manage their state properly. Let us forget faux-pas. We should not welcome a fresh turmoil again in Manipur.

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