What were the suggestions and the measures put forward by the five intellectuals of the State when they met Centre’s Interlocutor to the Naga peace talk, RN Ravi during their meeting at New Delhi on December 13 ? Tough to say, for the suggestions, per se, have not been spelt out in details to the media and one understands why. Given the sensitivity of the issue here, it will be tough to disclose the finer details of what were discussed during the two hour meeting at New Delhi and again remember, save for one, who has stepped into politics, none of the others are involved in politics.

This may not be the first time that Interlocutor to the peace talk between the NSCN (IM) and the Government of India, RN Ravi is meeting eminent personalities from Manipur to discuss the ongoing peace parley. More than sure that RN Ravi must have also met eminent personalities from Nagaland and eminent Naga personalities from Manipur too. What however makes the December date between Ravi and five personalities from Manipur significant is the timing of the meeting.

In the news for all the wrong reasons and negligence and money seem to be central to the news worthiness of it all. Registration cancelled of Max Hospital at Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi for wrongly declaring a new born child dead, but later found to be alive and kicking, thereby raising serious question on the credibility of a health centre to declare someone dead or alive. Two First Information Reports, including one of culpable homicide, registered against the renowned Fortis Hospital, Gurugram for the death of a 7 year old child from Dengue and then serving a Rs 16 lakh bill to the parents of the deceased child.

It is a calendar event and yet another Nupi Lan is here. Manipur continues to observe Nupi Lan in remembrance of the women heroes who rose as one against the British Raj and their policies and the spirit of the day continues to highlight the identity of Manipur to the outside world. Maybe it is not the day, Nupi Lan, alone which identifies Manipur to the outside world but in many ways it is the women who have been the flag bearers of the place and the people and the history of Manipur can never be complete without a reference to the numerous women centric attributes in Manipur. A description of Manipur without referring to the Ima market will never be complete and so will be her history without a reference to the Nupi Lan,

A demonstration of the deep divide that the Framework Agreement has spawned. While in the valley area it is the Congress party which has been spearheading a series of public protest demanding that details of the pact signed on August 3, 2015 be spelt out, the Tangkhul Mayar Ngala Long has lined up a human chain at Ukhrul town on December 13 to showcase their support to the Framework Agreement. The funny thing is, no one knows what the Framework Agreement is all about, and so while the Congress has been airing their deep apprehension that the final pact to be inked on the basis of the Framework Agreement may sow the seeds of fragmenting the integrity of the State, the TMNL has announced that the human chain has been planned to show their solidarity and support to the said pact.

Promises galore. Rs 50 lakh assured for setting up a Cold Storage, Rs 13.75 lakh assistance for setting up rural markets in Tamei and other suitable areas in Tamenglong district, Rs 12 lakh assistance for primary processing unit for the farmers. This was how the 14th State Level Orange Festival kicked off at Tamenglong district headquarters on December 6 and obviously the question is how successful has the Orange Festival been in promoting the fruit across the North East region or more importantly how successfully has Tamenglong reaped the fruits of its orange or more particularly from the Orange Festival ?

One may choose one’s friends but one cannot choose one’s geographical neighbours. This is a truism that should not be lost on the people of Nagaland and Manipur and Chief Minister N Biren should capitalise on the feel good factor that has been generated. The feel good factor was aptly summed up in the presence of Chief Minister N Biren at the Hornbill Festival at Kisama on December 5 and this is something which had never happened in the previous 15 years.

The BJP led Government has its hands full. On the one hand is the pressure mounted by the Congress and other political parties vis-a-vis the Framework Agreement signed between the NSCN (IM) and the Government of India more than two years back and on the other is the deadline served by the Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System (JCILPS) to draft the Bill/s to regulate the inflow of non-locals into the State before the winter session of the Assembly begins on December 20.

The stake is Manipur and the people. Certainly the BJP and the Congress should acknowledge this, after all it is the future of the land and the people and this should override all other considerations such as gaining political mileage out of the situation. By being the party in power at the Centre and at Imphal, the BJP is certainly at the backfoot and it is this chink which the Congress is leaving nothing to chance to hit out at.