Hiyangei hosted a series of festivals and took leave with a promise to come back next year. Poinu barged in at the seasonal door. And like an old lady, it puts on a pomfee to stay warm in such a freezing weather. Mr. Winter is on full time duty for the ne

Imphal is presently preparing itself like a bride-to-be which makes it obvious that the annual Sangai festival is not so far away. Another Sangai festival is around yet Sanjenthong is still inaccessible to the public. Manipur Masala presents an exclusive

Any talk which pertains to the demand of pre-merger status of Manipur is purely branded as anti-India, which seems yet another attempt of the so called Indian agents to confuse our masses and to permanently tag them as the wisest fools (read amambada adum

The phrase ‘tongaan chabi’ traces its origin from a joint family system where siblings who earlier lived with their parents/ grandparents under the same roof sharing the same chakhum and various provisions of the family tend to run their own homes after m

It took more than 40 days for the government to finally say YES to the demands of the JCILPS. Perhaps awaangba thaaki strategies (in consultation with the Soraren ministry) were discussed for all these days/weeks which is why the government took so long t

It seems one has to pay a hefty price to bring back normalcy in our state. More than 40 days of agitation as a part of the demand for the implementation of the ILPS in Manipur, a disastrous flood that submerged many villages and apprehension about the cov

The demand for the implementation of the ILP System in Manipur is gaining its momentum day by day. Though it is spearheaded by the JCILPS, it has now become people’s movement. It’s a good sign that such a cause is winning solidarity of the people irrespec