Javadekar puts blockade onus on State Govt

IMPHAL, Feb 12 : Union Minister for Human Resource Development (HRD) Prakash Javadekar has stated that the protracted issue of UNC’s economic blockade could not be resolved as the 17,000 paramilitary forces sent by the Centre have been confined to the barracks at the behest of the State Government.
He was speaking at the flag hoisting ceremony of BJP candidate in Langthabal AC Okram Joy at Kakwa Moirangpokpa premises today.
If the State Government can feel the misery of the masses, it should work sincerely to get the economic blockade lifted.
In case the economic blockade is not lifted within the next couple of days, the Central Government would start airlifting supplies to the State in order to address the plight of the people, Prakash Javadekar said.
BJP Manipur Pradesh general secretary Th Biswajit asserted that the Congress Legislature Party’s decision to urge the Centre’s BJP Government to declare the United Naga Council (UNC) as an unlawful organisation has testified that BJP never works together with the UNC.
BJP Manipur in-charge Prahlad Singh Patel, former Chief Minister Radhabinod Koijam, BJP Manipur Pradesh president K Bhabananda, BJP State election management committee convenor Th Chaoba and BJP candidate O Joy too participated in the flag hoisting ceremony.

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Apex CSOs join hands on Sadar Hills, Jiri issues

IMPHAL, Nov 15: Apex civil society organisations of the State, namely AMUCO, CCSK, JAC Sadar Hills, KIM, KSO and UCM have joined hands on the twin issues of creating Sadar Hills and Jiribam districts.
Even though a joint team of the apex CSOs held a meeting with the Chief Minister, they did not receive a satisfactory response.
A 17-member delegation of the five CSOs held a meeting with Chief Minister O Ibobi and his Council of Ministers on the twin demands for creation of Sadar Hills and Jiribam districts and the resultant economic blockade.
Later speaking to media persons at the office of KIM, AMUCO president Ph Deban remarked that the twin demands for Sadar Hills and Jiribam districts are unlikely to see the light of day if what the Government leaders stated was any indication.
Moreover, the Government has so far shown little concern even as all sections of people have been suffering extreme misery on account of the indefinite economic blockade called by the UNC since November 1.
The delegation of the five CSOs appealed to the Chief Minister and his Council of Ministers to upgrade Sadar Hills and Jiribam as full fledged districts before the State Assembly election and re-organise district boundaries in such a manner that there is no boundary dispute, Deban conveyed.
He then asked the Government if it had initiated any measures to address the suffering of the masses as a result of the UNC’s economic blockade.
Notably, a meeting of the five CSOs was held today at the office of UCM in two phases yesterday and the meeting decided to take up the issue with the State Government.
The delegation asked the State Government whether it was the fear of President’s Rule which had been restraining them from fulfilling the decades old aspirations of the people of Sadar Hills and Jiribam.
Even as the delegates pointed out that the Government would be highly appreciated by the masses if Sadar Hills and Jiribam districts were created, the Government only asked the delegates to wait for some time.
With regard to the economic blockade, the Chief Minister only stated that his Government would wait for the outcome of the meeting between the Centre and the UNC. But he said nothing about opening the highways with security forces. The State Government was not serious with the Sadar and Jiribam district demands nor with the ongoing indefinite blockade nor with the resultant extreme misery endured by all sections of people, said the AMUCO leader.
He added that people could expect nothing from the State Government.
On being enquired about what their next course of action would be, Deban said that the issue would be discussed at a joint meeting in the next couple of days.
“Even though representatives of Jiribam District Demand Committee (JDDC) were not present at the meeting, we have communicated with JDDC leaders”, Deban said.
“The economic blockade may go on but what worries us more is the State Government’s complete indifference to the misery of the masses”, he continued.
The Chief Minister did not give a clear answer when the delegates asked if the Government had decided not to upgrade Sadar Hills and Jiribam as full fledged districts.
Deban went on to say that the five CSOs would go together in the future too rather than restricting their collective efforts to the current issues only.
JAC Sadar Hills convenor Nehkhothang Kipgen pointed out that demand for Sadar Hills district was 45 years year.
As communicated by the State Government to officially announce creation of Sadar Hills district on October 31, names of Chief Minister O Ibobi, Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam, IFC Minister Ngamthang Haokip, MLA Nemcha Kipgen and MLA Yamthong Haokip were engraved on a granite plaque.
People were expecting the arrival of Chief Minister and his Cabinet colleagues from Jiribam with the hope that they would officially announce creation of Sadar Hills district after doing the same for Jiribam, Nehkhothang Kipgen.
He went on to question the indifference of the State Government to the plight of Jiribam which is 222 Kms away from Imphal East district headquarters.
People of Sadar Hills always support Congress party. All the three MLAs belong to Congress and they voted for Congress party in the MP elections too.
Congress party got absolute majority in the ADC election too but the Congress Government has failed miserably to uphold the people’s confidence. The party would definitely get a befitting reply from the people of Sadar Hills in the forthcoming State Assembly election.
KIM president Thangkhosei Haokip said that the issue was not about creation of districts alone. It also evoked a serious question on who was actually in charge of governance and administration.

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45th foundation day of RIMS Guv expresses displeasure over reference to Pvt hospitals

Imphal, Sep 14: Governor Dr Najma A Heptulla has expressed strong displeasure over referring RIMS patients to private hospitals and clinics for different reasons, both founded and unfounded.
She stated that health is priority and all social and economic activities are closely inter-linked with the health parameters of the people.
She was speaking at the 45th foundation day celebration of RIMS, and it was her first official function since she took over her gubernatorial assignment.
Governor Dr Najma A Heptulla, Health and Family Welfare Minister D Korungthang, RIMS Director Prof Ch Arun Kumar, RIMS Medical Superintendent Prof M Amuba, RIMS former Prof of Obstetrics, and Gynaecology Dr N Saratkumar, reception sub-committee of the 45th foundation day celebration chairman Prof A Mahendra graced the function as chief guest, president and guests of honour respectively.
Speaking on the occasion, Governor stated that RIMS has been rendering humanitarian service to the people of the North Eastern Region and also striving for academic excellence apart from carrying out a number of research activities.
She appealed to all the medical professionals not to ever forget that their duty is a yeoman’s service to mankind and they should serve the sick with all the care and ability they can muster.
One should not think of profit  while entering the room of a sick person. Selfish motive should not mar the sanctity of this noble profession, she added. Further the Governor stated, “It really disturbs me to read in newspapers that patients are being referred to private hospitals from RIMS on account of some malfunctioning equipment or due to some other reasons. RIMS, being the number one Govt hospital should ensure that no patient is referred to other hospitals and it should provide the best medical care to all the people.”
She stated, “In some horrifying news reports, we have read that due to non-availability of a stretcher, a child died on the shoulder of his father or a man had to carry the body of his wife himself. This not only saddens me but makes me feel ashamed that while we are sending satellites in the space, we are, on the other hand, encountering such incidents.”
On account of its hilly terrain, the task of providing medical aid to the people in far flung  areas of the State is a challenging one. Yet,  all modern technologies and means of communication must be explored to overcome these challenges, stated the Governor.
For Manipur and other States where railway and road communication infrastructure are not good enough, the concept of ‘flying doctors’ can be experimented by using small planes or helicopters in order to reach far flung areas and provide healthcare facilities.
Dr Najma stated that she discussed with the State Health Minister on improving the healthcare sector of the State. She assured that she would talk with the Prime Minister on augmenting the State’s healthcare facilities.
Health Minister D Korungthang said that the Central Govt sanctioned Rs 15 crore to develop a Trauma Care Centre in RIMS.
Recently, there have been some cases of conflicts between doctors and patient parties in the State, and doctors are blamed for all the wrong reasons.
He urged all the people to rethink before blaming doctors for unexpected diagnosis or treatment results. The State Govt has already passed a Bill to protect doctors and hospital properties from such disturbances.
At the same time, the Health Minister appealed to all the health care providers specially doctors to be more accountable and make themselves available during office hours. He said that the State Govt is determined to stop private practice by Govt doctors during office hours.
The function culminated with distribution of prizes to meritorious students of the institute.

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December love

Much lonelier this time

Heart warmer amidst breezy winds

More dreamy as every thought

Of mine are all about your memory

Wakeup every morning like returning

From just meeting with you

Every moment after

You, in my midnight dreams

I lie back on my bed again

Hopping to see you the same way

With those summer’s memory

As December’s wintery breathe

Vapours condense on my mirror

I wrote “with you again in 2016”.

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On the Banks of the River

It is still dark outside

And the world is still fast asleep.


The immediate reality

The immediate future is the morning

When the sun shines

Birds sing

Dew-clad flowers dance

In the light breeze,

It is hard to see what lies beyond.


I have begun to feel my age

But the quality of life does not improve;

It is so poor

The finality of life does not sink in.


I dream

And my dreams are more real

Than what I have been doing so far:

Living my life.


My wife and I!

We are not talking to each other right now.

In the eyes of the world

We are a happily married couple.

My wife who hailed from Russia

Talks in Russsian in her sleep

And I in Italian –

The cacophony reverberate around our bedroom

And here the rivers do not flow down

Into the sea.


I have many friends

Quite successful in life

But not proud of their lives,

Men who know they will die one day

But do not want to die,

Men who do not want to die

Not because life is great

But because life is

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Encounter with Nothingness

At dawn

The world gradually evaporates

Before my very eyes

And there is something magnetic about it.


My place in the cosmos!

I wish I were a large telescope

That could peer into the cosmos.

Did the members of the Jarawa tribe feel

The oncoming of a Tsunami

And hitting their golden land

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands?

Why bother asking

If I am conscious of my limitations?

An owl can hunt in the dark,

I cannot.


Come back!

Please come back, my friend.

The cry of a soul

Living all alone

In the heart of a dark jungle

Without colours

Without Shakespeare

Without gods and goddesses!

The laughter of children playing

In the green park nearby

Ah! It is a chorus of praise

Of the world

Inhabited by angels and evil spirits.

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A Romantic Conceit

The yellow leaves dance in the breeze

Their hearts burning with hope and desire.


Do I feel a change

A great change

In the rhythm of the times

We live in?

I take a shower in the morning

And it sprays me with blood

Red and warm blood.

When I open the newspaper

Folded up and delivered by the hawker

A hand grenade

And parts of human body

Fall onto the floor.

For a moment

The words dance before my eyes.


I am here

As if nothing has happened.


I go back in time

Still green leaves!

I go ahead of time –

There is no death,

After sunset

The moon shines in the sky.

The spiritual part of myself

And the other part have drifted apart

But I am still alive

Forgetting I am growing old and dying.

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The Beauty of the Sunset

I met her at sunrise

And she magnified the beauty of the sunrise.

Was it love at first sight?

She exuded femininity

And it gave a little tickle to my ego.


The day was still young

And the relationship died young.

Dressed in virginal white

She went her way

Through the thick vegetation of the jungle

And paired off with a man

After her own heart.

Misplaced optimism!

For a moment

I was not happy

The way things turned out.


At sunset

We – my wife and I

Walked along arm in arm.

Wearing a green scarf

My wife laughed merrily

And became one with the fertile field.

I was excited –

The field around was ploughed

And planted with seeds

That would sprout in the ages to come.

We were happy

And we knew

Our love had mellowed a great deal

Since our romantic days.

Ah, Love of my life!

My sunrise dream

Appeared as a dot on the horizon.

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“Coz it’s you; and you alone…..”

Yeah! It was just yesterday when I first met you and now see; you’ve become the meaning of my soul

I never could had ever imagine how wonderfully faith and destiny would join their hands together; to help us meet in this way

As they say “everything happens at the perfect time”; no wonder how perfect ‘am feeling right now to be yours’.


Every single moment which I’ve experienced with you so far, makes me want you more than ever

The first stare on your eyes makes me want to dive myself inside the deepest core of your soul

And caress every single part of your being; with my soft lips and pressed away all your ever suffering pains

Embracing with the warmth of my never-ending love; and take you all the way to a life which you’ve always wished for.


The journey of my life with yours’ have just started and ‘am left with mixed feelings

Wondering whether I will be loved by you or whether you’ d be loved by me

At this point when ‘am in a dilemma; I can see your pure heart which you’ve covered in your arrogant self

Wanting me to leave all my doubts behind; and take a chance to see life as you want me to.


‘Am ready to hold your hand but you’d need to promise: never to leave me

Never ever leave me in the darkest pain of my life: when all I will need is you

‘Am ready to accept the worst path and the brutal truth but ‘am ready coz ‘am ready with you.

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