Javadekar puts blockade onus on State Govt

IMPHAL, Feb 12 : Union Minister for Human Resource Development (HRD) Prakash Javadekar has stated that the protracted issue of UNC’s economic blockade could not be resolved as the 17,000 paramilitary forces sent by the Centre have been confined to the barracks at the behest of the State Government.

Much lonelier this time

Heart warmer amidst breezy winds

More dreamy as every thought

Of mine are all about your memory

Wakeup every morning like returning

From just meeting with you

Every moment after

You, in my midnight dreams

I lie back on my

It is still dark outside

And the world is still fast asleep.

The immediate reality

The immediate future is the morning

When the sun shines

Birds sing

Dew-clad flowers dance

In the light breeze,

It is hard to see what lies beyond.

I have

At dawn

The world gradually evaporates

Before my very eyes

And there is something magnetic about it.

My place in the cosmos!

I wish I were a large telescope

That could peer into the cosmos.

Did the members of the Jarawa tribe feel

The oncom

The yellow leaves dance in the breeze

Their hearts burning with hope and desire.

Do I feel a change

A great change

In the rhythm of the times

We live in?

I take a shower in the morning

And it sprays me with blood

Red and warm blood.

When I open

I met her at sunrise

And she magnified the beauty of the sunrise.

Was it love at first sight?

She exuded femininity

And it gave a little tickle to my ego.

The day was still young

And the relationship died young.

Dressed in virginal white

She wen

Yeah! It was just yesterday when I first met you and now see; you’ve become the meaning of my soul

I never could had ever imagine how wonderfully faith and destiny would join their hands together; to help us meet in this way

As they say “everything happ


He is an old man

Who thinks he was

A twenty-five-year-old man

Newly married

And with a secure job.

He lies down on the soft grass

Of his garden full of life

And sees butterflies flying

All over the place.

Does he see

Butterflies flit

Where shall I go

Leaving such a lovely place behind.

Like a calf taking its fill of the cow’s milk

Pressing itself to her bosom of a cradle,

Playing hide and seek in the hive of life

Filled to overflowing with honey

And getting lost in a moment of

Red Red Beauty of her, enchants all of THEM;

Red Red Redness of HER lips,

lights burning desires in THEM;

Red Red Rushing of hot blood,

pumps fiery love in THEIR hearts;

Red Red Droplets of virginal blood,

triggers waves of pride for THEM;

Yet R

All the lights are out

And I am left in the dark;

I look out of the window

And see nothing.

What a night!

The feeling of restlessness

Deep in my soul!

Where is the light?

I see nothing

But layer upon layer of darkness.

What endless nights!