Living in the realm of reality will kill fear for it will defame your imagination of third person. The secondary response weighs over the primary for you supplement the weight of the secondary with your attention and affection. You are scared to try because you are scared to get scared thinking you may get scared, so you submerged to stay safe under the surface of sub-conscious game of SHOULD I? THEN WHAT WILL?

Your dreams in your diary should mould your future not handwriting

Success is not all about obtaining best results but conquering the will to try everything your heart wants. Failure is not about getting less or falling down, failure is just all about giving importance to your fear of trying. You can’t be a failure in life if you don’t give up, and you can’t stand in the middle of failing and winning, either you win or lose. If you don’t give up, you are 100% proven that you will be a winner. Success is not a prize or a trophy, it’s a feeling, same goes to failure, it’s too a feeling, it’s all decided by whether you have the feeling to try or stop trying.

Talent is a free gift from God which is so easy to find out but we are surrounded by unsuccessful talented people. Hunting talent is just as easy as writing diary before sleeping but making the talent feed you is where the point lies. Life is not all about looking for what you love to do but having the courage for surviving with what you love to do. If what you love to do is not related with what you love to be, it will just take your time away. You love to sing and you want to be an astronaut, what you love to do will keep distracting you.

It’s indeed the ultimate truth for if you want to change the world, start off by making your bed. When someone makes their bed as soon as they wake up, they feel a little pride in them for completing a task which gives them the excitement to follow the next. Try completing small task everyday, because it’s easy, makes you do faster, and makes you do big things in the small great ways.

Hello daddy, I am not weak, am just … not so strong. I just want to write something to you today. Ever since I knew you are my dad, I have been guided by fear, fear everywhere. If I cry at night just because I am hungry, Mom or both of you kept telling me that an old owl will come and suck my tears to death if I didn’t stop crying. Please know this, I did stop crying not because I was strong, just because I was so scared, you used FEAR to guide me. Nobody told me to do good things, even you, in the name of God but just in the fear of going to hell for if I do bad things then God will punish me.

If a man gets kicked by his wife then he becomes a laughing stalk but if a woman gets kicked, he will be charged with violence against women. If a girl whistles at a boy, she is called a brave girl but if a boy does it, he will be charged for molestation. If a boy touches a girl in anyway he wants during Holi festival, the girl enjoys the festival of colours but if he does the same in off festival seasons, he will be charged as a rapist, and the girl will say one thing, “Ei gi ejat mang nge.” And I wanna say something here, “Nupi gi ejat sey yaosangdadi discount leibra.”

This world is so good with synonyms and antonyms but they never realised that they are different. Waiting for the right time or you are afraid to start due to the fear of failure? The truth is trapped because of the social unrealistic tunes due to unstable comforted-ability. Social point remains true because it is something which everyone follows. Tears of rectification is playing hide and seek with the law makers and the fool followers like me.

You never realise that your biggest fans are those who speaks bad about you. They are the ones who wakes you up and gets you to work when you are lazy, seriously love doesn’t motivates as much as hatred do. You never drink and smoke not because you don’t want to disappoint your parent’s love but just because you hate those drunkards and smokers around you.

Those who have ‘dream destinations’ will reach on top someday but those who smile with their passion and enjoy its failure will stay on top forever. The strength of the tree is not recognised by how less it moves when the strong wind blows but how much it bends and still retains; life is all about how much you withstand the pains not how less you get the pain. Never stop trusting yourself. It’s natural for humans liking to write with the pen bought from other countries even if the same pen is sold in the shop next to his house; trust me, don’t go searching for your gift, it’s inside you.

Dustbin’s pouring out the scrambled papers containing mega dreams written on it, just scared for if people might see it and see you being unable to get your dreamy aim. I know you are tired of doing what people want to see you doing. How many days are you going to shout in the shower? Yelling and wishing if you are little stronger to show the world who you really are. How many times your parents have scolded you for waking up late because they didn’t know that you slept damn late thinking and wishing if you could have a little courage to tell them what you want to do in life?

The real women empowerment will come when we stop empowering them. The best way of giving space and priviledge for them is to stop talking about these things. This must be hard but let me throw this, “They are perfect human beings not retards.” 99.9% of the women don’t like boys helping them, because it’s not just a help but marking that women are weaker than men. If you women think that women and men have equal rights then stop shouting the slogan that, “Men and women should have equal rights.” If it should have then it had not been having but in my opinion we have been having equal rights until you said you want to have an equal right.