No doubt about it. In as much as the National Food Security Act is about the efforts of the Government to ensure that people belonging to eligible households get the right to receive food grains at subsidised rates under the Targeted Public Distribution System, it stands that the State Food Commission, set up all over the country, is the mechanism to ensure that the food grains do get delivered without the same lining the pockets of some unscrupulous elements.

It is on record. The 2010 decision to sever all political ties with the Government of Manipur still stands. Not that this will alter the approach of the BJP led Government to the issues besieging the hill districts of Manipur, but it is still interesting to note that the UNC continues to stick to its stand even after a lapse of seven years and a change in the Government.

The barely three months old BJP led coalition Government seems to be right on track and it has to be admitted that the recently held Shirui Lily Festival, Barak Festival, Hill People’s Day held on the 10th of every month and the Meeyamgi Numit held on the 15th of every month have gone down well with the people. One just hopes that throwing its door open to the common people does not end as an exercise in populism but ensures something good and concrete for the people, otherwise opening its door to the people will mean nothing.

The choices are immense and obviously good for the young students. However like everything else, nothing should be taken at face value and it is here that parents, guardians, elders of the family and yes the young students themselves need to be very, very careful while choosing the institution of their choice as well as the subject concerned. Not all students will get into the Government sponsored professional courses such as engineering and medical courses and invariably parents have to focus on the other alternatives available and this is where many enterprising people have got together to set up educational institutions and so today students have a vast choice.

Defeating the spirit and essence of the 10th Schedule of the Constitution of India. The BJP led Government here is certainly going great guns, particularly in reaching out to the hills, but a look at its composition should give food for thought to everyone. The BJP did the right thing in going along with the Naga People’s Front and in reaching out to the other political parties such as the NPP, but its honeymoon with some rogue Congress MLAs certainly goes against the very spirit and essence of the strict anti-defection Bill passed and later enacted during the first NDA term under the stewardship of Atal Behari Vajpayee. It is rather late in the day but nevertheless this should give some food for thought to all the readers and the keen political observers in the State.

It is that time of the year again and with the Council of Higher Secondary Education, Manipur and Board of Secondary Education, Manipur, announcing the results of the Class XII and Class X examinations respectively, educational institutes have gone to town, highlighting the performance of their students.