It is that time of the year again and thousands of students are appearing for their Class XII board exams. Whether the students are appearing for the exam conducted by the Council of Higher Secondary Examination, Manipur or the one conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education, should make no difference, for ultimately all the universities place equal footage on all the recognised boards/councils. The same thing goes for those appearing for the different entrance tests to professional courses.

The truth may lie somewhere in between. It was not so long back, to be more precise before Manipur went to polls to elect the 11th Assembly, that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh took pains to assure the people of Manipur that the Framework Agreement signed between the NSCN (IM) and the Government of India does not contain anything that can harm the territorial integrity of Manipur.

Finally the United Naga Council (UNC) has lifted the 139 days old economic blockade. This is a welcome development and in as much as credit may be given to the BJP led coalition Government and the UNC for coming to a meeting point, it cannot be helped but ask what are the meeting points that have been reached that enabled the UNC to lift the economic blockade ?

Now that the two phased election is over, many ‘experts’ have started emerging at all the leiraks and leikais of the localities all over the place, each working out which party or which candidate will win. Tough to say what methodology the ‘experts’ employ to reach their decision, but it is nonetheless interesting to see them holding fort, arguing and counter arguing to get their points across and such rounds of discussion have the potential to impact on the minds of the listeners.

In the din of the Assembly election, today silence hangs over the ongoing economic blockade imposed by the United Naga Council since midnight of October 31 last year. This is in stark contrast to the days ahead of the election when the BJP and the Congress went hammer and tongs against each other over the blockade, with none seriously trying to resolve it.