The first three months or to be more specific the first hundred days of the BJP led Government has been rather smooth, thus far. Not that there is no room for improvement, and perhaps the first room for improvement would be to ensure that the BJP does not lose sight of its priorities. To be fair, the BJP led Government has done exceptionally well in breaking the ice with the hill people remarkably seen in the manner in which the Churachandpur JAC agreed to be convinced that it would be better to claim the bodies of the eight people which have been lying in state since the uproar against the three Bills passed by the State Assembly on August 31, 2015.

Maybe it is a little too early, but this calls for a reality check. Nothing much surprising about the report that the inter-district bus and city bus services which have been re-introduced by the State Government on June 25 amid much fanfare are running on huge losses with the expenditure far outweighing the earning and here is hoping that the BJP led Government has something concrete to make up for this.

It should be obvious to all. 100 days in office and the BJP is holding nothing back to publicise what it deems are the achievements of the BJP led Government here in Manipur. Just how seriously it has taken the task to be in the limelight can be easily gauged from the manner in which reporters from the Department of Information and Public Relations (DIPR) have been assigned to the 12 Cabinet Ministers and the Parliamentary Secretaries.

Giving a new dimension to the understanding of militarising a place, to borrow a phrase which has been used extensively by some Naga student organisations and Naga civil society organisations. How else does one explain the rationale of opening an Assam Rifles camp plumb inside the campus of Manipur University ?

No doubt about it. In as much as the National Food Security Act is about the efforts of the Government to ensure that people belonging to eligible households get the right to receive food grains at subsidised rates under the Targeted Public Distribution System, it stands that the State Food Commission, set up all over the country, is the mechanism to ensure that the food grains do get delivered without the same lining the pockets of some unscrupulous elements.

It is on record. The 2010 decision to sever all political ties with the Government of Manipur still stands. Not that this will alter the approach of the BJP led Government to the issues besieging the hill districts of Manipur, but it is still interesting to note that the UNC continues to stick to its stand even after a lapse of seven years and a change in the Government.