Funny witty Chitreshwar no more

At the dawn of 8th March, my wife received a message from one of my closest friends saying that ‘Pabung has just passed away’. As soon as she saw the message she informed me that Pabung Chitreshwar is no more. I sprang out from my bed and made a call to confirm the sad news.

For the last two-three days, I have been into quidnunc (news mongering) with my friends to gauge the general feeling about the possible outcome of the state assembly election. Most of them say it is not going to be a cat walk for the Congress as it thought to be a month ago.

Modiji proclaimed that ‘there is nothing harmful in the accord’. He contemplated and wanted to rescue the people of Manipur from 10% syndrome. He enunciated that “maintaining law and order is the sole responsibility of the State government which includes dealing with the blockades; and no one has the right to rule if unable to maintain peace”. He also hinted an IIT for the State, promised irrigation for agriculture, jobs for youths and treatment for elderly people. The crowd was mesmerized and workers energized.

Political leaders are busy in election hustings for the approaching polls on 4th and 8th March. They are criticizing one another; blaming one another for the sorry state of affairs of the State. It has become an open competition for polemics and tirades.

We all agree “health is wealth”. But, making cigarettes costlier will have more effect on the wealth. A fish-eating community of the country will be impacted more. Again, poor people of Manipur and a vast majority of Northeast population who are largely dependent on khaini and Zarda will have to spend more. This is an indication that now-a-days tobacco lobby is no more very strong in the country. Hiking the price of tobacco products will not reduce consumption of tobacco. We have the experience with liquor; prohibition does not stop drinking. Instead it induces a kind of lucrative business beneficial to a few daring personalities.

Once upon a time in Rome the gladiators used to ferociously fight and die within the arena in the presence of thousands of expectators in the amphitheaters; it was an extremely crowd-pleasing sport but now it is extinct. In early modern period fox-hunting was a very popular time-pass (game) in England.

The most enchanting part of independent candidates is that they do not need to apply for any Party ticket and run from pillar to post for getting it. Such aspirants also do not need to contribute money for Party fund, works or activities.

It is indeed a great loss for the country particularly for the State of Manipur when Prof Gangmumei Kamei passes away. He was not only an outstanding teacher of history but also an excellent guide and guru to many people. I was not a student of Prof Gangmumei but certainly I was one of those who had the rare privilege to interact and argue with him on many crucial issues of the people on many occasions.

Bizando: Eigya ! valley people are elated and almost half of the hill people are also excited despite empty ATMs , petrol price is at 200/300 rupees a litre, non-availability of cooking-gas, aloo at 40/50 rupees per kg, tomato at 60/70, ngari is made costlier, non-affordability of fish/chicken etc.

As far as the demonetization is concerned it has the moral high ground because this is an attempt to blast the black money, castrate corruption, kill counterfeit money and of course beget a cashless economy for more accountability & transparency. Fighting a war against the evils will certainly cause some collateral damages and people will understand it. If they don’t what can be done?

Cho is no more and we have lost a precious member of our community. The satirists and applesauce writers of the world pay our deepest heartfelt condolence to ourselves in this moment of grief. It is a humongous lost for all of us. When a political leader passes away all the politicians across party lines pay their last respect and tribute to the departed. My goodness! It was amazing to see the lavish coverage of the death of a legendary lady of Poes Garden. Whenever you switch on news channels, all of them carried the same.