1. BJP led government or simply the Biren Singh government in Manipur has completed 100 days. According to my myopic & squint assessment the performance of this government is so far satisfactory if not outstanding.

Few moons ago there was a large scale employment drive. Due to paucity of time in many of the cases the written tests were done away with and only the deserving candidates were called straightaway for viva voce. The screening for selection of deserving candidates was done on the basis of the class VIII score , Matric mark , PU/PUC percentage , Degree quality , MA performance etc. etc. Accordingly cut-offs were decided on the basis of convenient ratios (vacancies : candidates), many a times it was 5:1, sometimes 7:1, other-times 10:1 and rarely beyond that . In fact there was no uniformity of convenience.

As a concern citizen of this great country I would also like to join the national debate on this very crucial issue, “whether peacock and peahen do have sex for reproduction or whether their procreation is done when the peahen consumes the tears of the peacock”. For the last two /three days many TV channels and newspapers carry this story. Even the social media has become wild to find out the truth?

If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed and if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed(Mark Twain). Anyway it is the right of the readers/listeners/viewers to question the world’s crazy incidents and indolent ideas. Nobody can confiscate this right. Even if they are bashed up or locked up they will keep doing so .

These days religious-men, spiritualists, agnostics, atheists, scientists and even fundamentalists talk about “peace”. But what exactly it is? Nobody knows. Socrates once said, “if you don’t have a word to describe something, then how can you think about it? If we go by the dictionary meaning of ‘peace’: 1. it is a situation or a period of time in which there is no violence or war;2 the state of being calm and quite; 3 the state of living amicably without feud and argument etc.

My daughter asked me whether the Prime Minister or the Chief Minister can avail LTC (Leave Travelling Concession). I said, “most probably they can, they are also government employees”. She further asked whether they actually claim. I told her, “not sure whether they claim or not, but years ago I read in the newspaper that one PM was in Kerala on a vacation”. Again, not very sure whether he avail LTC or not.

Manipur is not merely a political, territorial and demographic expression but it is also an expression of a history, a culture, a tradition, and an idea (which is beyond the comprehension of many). Oriental traditional values and beliefs are inseparably linked with the socio-politico-economic-cultural-patriotic strand of the people which are different from the occidental concepts of nationalism, sovereignty, independence and liberalism. The basic problem today is the continuing clash of philosophies & ideas. And to some extent we are also entangled in this conflict and confusion.

At the outset, I render my apology (profusely) to my notorious and intellectual (type) readers for taking leave without notice. Actually, I was busy in the exams and don’t ask me whose exams? Most have failed but somehow procured the degree; again, don’t ask me what degree? Once the Chancellor has allotted the degree by verifying the pass mark, what is the fun doing post-facto horse trading?

Funny witty Chitreshwar no more

At the dawn of 8th March, my wife received a message from one of my closest friends saying that ‘Pabung has just passed away’. As soon as she saw the message she informed me that Pabung Chitreshwar is no more. I sprang out from my bed and made a call to confirm the sad news.

For the last two-three days, I have been into quidnunc (news mongering) with my friends to gauge the general feeling about the possible outcome of the state assembly election. Most of them say it is not going to be a cat walk for the Congress as it thought to be a month ago.

Modiji proclaimed that ‘there is nothing harmful in the accord’. He contemplated and wanted to rescue the people of Manipur from 10% syndrome. He enunciated that “maintaining law and order is the sole responsibility of the State government which includes dealing with the blockades; and no one has the right to rule if unable to maintain peace”. He also hinted an IIT for the State, promised irrigation for agriculture, jobs for youths and treatment for elderly people. The crowd was mesmerized and workers energized.

Political leaders are busy in election hustings for the approaching polls on 4th and 8th March. They are criticizing one another; blaming one another for the sorry state of affairs of the State. It has become an open competition for polemics and tirades.