Maharaj: Bizandoo, what is your intellectual understanding about FA? & please enlighten me all about it.
Bizandoo : Eigya, FA stands for many things, Field Assistance, Football Association, Film Academy, Federal Attorney, Friendship Association, French Ambassador , Fried Aloo etc etc.

According to you, who should get the highest salary in the world? The winning reply was “mother should get the highest salary”, for taking care of the whole family and nurturing & moulding the children. After listening to this sapient reply of Miss Chhillar I have considerably changed my opinion about these beauty contests. Normally I do consider such contest a rat race in futility also and a show of pomp and vanity which is highly commercialized and exploitative. In my second thought I have a strong feeling that given a chance this platform of beauty pageant can be a wonderful medium of preaching powerful ideas for bringing about positive changes in the society.

His Excellency the President of India congratulated Mirabai (& Manipur) for winning the Gold Medal in the World Weightlifting Championship held in the USA. It was simultaneously followed by the felicitation messages from the Honorable Prime Minister, Her Excellency the Governor of Manipur, Honorable Chief Minister of Manipur, Honorable Minister of Sports and a series of Very Important Persons.

Sometimes I feel we have milked ‘Sangai’ (brow antlered deer) in all possible ways. The government, private parties, private companies and even private individuals use and reuse the name of this beautiful exotic deer for promoting their purposes and achieving their cherished goals. There is nothing wrong in doing so, as long as Sangai gets something in return. But there is a big but.

On the first (our) FIFA U17 match against America, at the entrance, a security chap asked me, “Which team are you supporting?” I said, ‘Manipur’; my daughter yelled and corrected me from behind ‘India, India’. The same security person told me to leave all my belongings at the entrance as I could carry only the mobile and wallet inside. He didn’t allow me to carry even the coins in my pocket. Perhaps the coin collection on the first day itself might have crossed many thousands (number of spectators 46 thousand).

Perhaps the entire population of Manipur might have watched (on TV) the India vs. USA match played on 6th October, at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi, if the power supply was in place. Many Manipuris ( Nagas ,Kukis, Meiteis, Pangans of the State) who are in Delhi witnessed the game live inside the Stadium. There were about 46 thousand spectators inside when the Indo-US soccer clash took place.

It was not a great news for Bengal, Kerala, Goa etc., but for us that Amarjit Singh Kiyam from Manipur is selected as the captain of the Indian soccer team for FIFA U-17 World Cup to be played in India, starting from 6th of October. Everyone says that Amarjit plays like a professional player with great skill and confidence. Someone says he plays like Platini; others say he plays like Zidane.

Now, I am more interested in the loan part more than the speed of the Bullet train. Hurray! it is only 0.1% interest on 88000 crore, that too to be paid back in 50 years. Here in the middle of Imphal city the interest rate per month is 5% on loan with security like gold or land-pata or pension paper etc; without security it goes up to 10% and beyond . If Abe sab gives a loan of only 1000 core at the same interest rate and term as he has given to Modiji I will become a crore pati in no time. No doubt Gujaratis have great bargaining power (Gandhiji with Britishers). Moreover in lending-borrowing business we all know the borrower is the King (e.g., Kingfisher).

A man is peeing in a deserted area behind a tree and if another man comes and perform a similar act under the next tree, whether it amounts to violation of privacy? This question was put on me when I was at the Bar. I told him frankly that now the Apex Court has to decide on case to case basis.

Chairman: Sorry for calling you in the evening. I have seen your resume’, your academic record is not bad; Class VIII first class, Class X position holder; XII 88%, Graduation topper division, MA gold medalist.

I have a very bad habit of wasting time by watching news for one/two hours every evening with a can (liquid) in my hand till my honourable wife yells at me for dinner. In the evening of 22 August ,2017 I was hit by a news from a local channel reporting that ‘Rishang Keishing the grand old man of Manipur Politics has just passed away at RIMS at around 8 pm’ .I requested my wife and children to carry on with their grub and I skipped my dinner that night. What a great man? What a great political inning? What a brisk long life? I kept pondering the whole night.

A few years back our officers both civil and non-civil grumbled as they had to be on their toes almost every week for arranging facilities, feasts, festivities, ferries, forces, frisking, fund etc., for the VIP visitors. Today after 3 years they are quite used to the repetitive programmes, practice and procedure and now even in short notice they can make wonderful arrangements for any high-ranking visitor. It has become a routine affair to handle the visits of Central Ministers or Leaders. A system is now in place. Only a message and little bit of co-ordination is required, that’s all.

This is great news for all of us to know the fact that the National Sports University Bill has been introduced in Parliament on 10th August 2017; though inadvertently it was reported that the Bill was introduced during Zero Hour in Lok Sabha. Please remember that government Bills cannot be introduced in Zero Hour which is not bound by any Rule; transaction of formal Government business is done either before or after Zero Hour. Anyway it seems that the BJP government is going by the promises it made during the Election hustings. Blockade lifted within days of assuming power though the Frankenstein (Districts) is still haunting. The martyrs of Lamka had been put to rest though the MOU is yet to be fully fulfilled. The primary focus of this National Sports University will be on developing and promoting sports science, sports technology, sports management, high performance training etc. It is also for creation of a high standard infrastructure for the development of sports and training of athletes, apart from providing Bachelors Degree, Master’s Degrees and Research and Training in various areas related to sports. It will also adopt the best international practices followed by the best sports universities in the world.