Our lifestyle and perspectives are changing when it comes to advancement of technology. We cannot compare many things with the past because there has been a change in last few decades from technological perspectives. The advancement of science and technology has changed the world. There was a day when there were few gadgets and there is no day now when we can live without mobile phones. Technology has been changing and it shall change more in near future. In today’s’ edition we are publishing about robotics as career options.

Photographs or photography have been integral part of one’s life. But with the progress of science and technology there have been changes in photography. Now it has become easy for many to click easily and save the photographs for a long period of time or publish it according to their need. Right from a function at home or campus of society or even something big like international events or some events, photographers are in demand if they are capable of clicking good pictures. Photography is a unique and creative medium of self expression. A hobby that can be made profitable by going professional by the talented individuals is none other than ‘photography’.

Life style diseases are increasing in many parts of the world including India. Our life style is not like before. Most people are busy in daily life. Work pressure and new trends of employment are indirectly bringing challenges to our health. In this juncture we are concerned about diet and more importantly balanced diet. Balance diet means good health and that leads to positive things around us.

In last edition we have mentioned about the importance of effective communication and how we can enhance our communications skills. Effective communication is more than mere writing or speaking. It’s no secret that good leaders are also good communicators. There are ways how we can enhance our communication skill. Here are some of the ways to enhance our communication skills.

Whenever health care comes to our mind the word that comes to our mind is doctor and medicine. If we look at the health sectors then we could find that there are other professions apart from doctors or nurses. In this regard one of the important part of the health care profession is paramedics or paramedical. The paramedic is a healthcare professional who works in emergency medical situations. A paramedic may be more formally defined as a medical professional who provides medical care at an advanced life support level in the pre-hospital environment, usually in an emergency, at the point of illness or injury. They are the key people who help the doctors.

Education is one of the oldest subjects being imparted in Assam. It is one of the common subjects for the student studying in arts stream after secondary level. The subject can be taken as a major subject in graduation and post graduation can be done in education. We should not get confused regarding BA or MA in Education and B Ed or M Ed. These are different courses which are part of the same department in most of the university.

One of the biggest contributions of science and technology is internet. It has become part and partial of most of the people around the world. Uses of internet are more in developed and advanced countries as well as other countries. Though some people are yet to use internet but most of them have heard of it. After the social media boom literate or semi least literate, all are aware of the word called internet. Readers might be wondering why I am telling about this simple things. Well, we must be aware that internet or ICTs (Information Communication Technologies) is a democratic tool which is contributing in social change around the world.

All of us are concerned about health and wellness. Educated people are more aware of health while there is lack of awareness amongst masses in rural areas. Due to lack of awareness the health scenario in the country is not very good in comparison with some other developed countries. In this regard many terms are being used by us and one of such term is ‘public health.’

Malaria is one of the common diseases in many parts of the world. Though it is preventive but still it is affecting millions in present day. Malaria is caused by parasites that are transmitted to people through the bites of infected mosquitoes. It is caused by plasmodium parasites that are spread to people through the bites of infected Anopheles mosquito vectors. Of the 5 parasites species that cause malaria in humans, Plasmodium falciparum is the most deadly.

Many of us love pets. It has been choice for many to keep pets at home. Have we ever thought that there can be some career related to pet or pet grooming. It can be career and entrepreneurial opportunity for them who love pet and are fond of animals. People who specialize in grooming or maintaining pets appearance are called pet groomers. Pet groomers are the beauticians of the animal world. In other words, pet groomer is an individual who works with animals and enhances their hygiene and appearance using a variety of grooming techniques. One can associated with this field of new profession which is very new in the country.

Selecting a good career has been a challenge for many. But with proper planning and necessary information we could choose or select the best career options for us. It’s important to choose our career from an early age and the best to choose the professional courses or regular education comes after we pass senior secondary examination. There are many career options after class XII according to our interest and subject that we take in senior secondary school. For getting admission into different courses or professional we need to appear in some entrance examination.