It’s heartwarming to learn that the state government has come up with its own Anti-Corruption Cell. Some small fish are being caught in the net of the Cell such as peons, lower division clerks and lower level assistants of some government departments. It is a welcome step anyway. But the people are yet to be convinced whether the big fish who amass crores and crores of taxpayers’ money will ever be caught in the net of the Anti-Corruption Cell and brought to book.

Memories of different kinds and hues come hitting inside our heads every now and then, a biological mechanism for us humans. Some memories are sweet, some are better not remembered. The irony is that the bitter memories which we intend to ignore come kicking inside the brain more frequently no matter how hard you try to block it. Bitter memories can easily tear apart your brain’s firewall and pillage your mental balance like a storm trooper equipped with all the gears to give you higher levels of stress, depression and anxiety. For those suffering from Alzheimers’, it’s a different matter.

Persons who create sensations grab the attention of the masses. Likewise citizens of different nations of the world like sensational figures of varying degrees. Experts opined that people of the United States, among all countries of the world tops the chart when it comes to sensation. The Americans are sensation-cravy and anything sensational to them be it matter, time or space is highly welcomed and admired.

It comes to many as a mood swing and a visual coitus-interruptus when their favourite TV show or much awaited movie or a live sport which is being wholeheartedly watched get impeded by “The set top box is unable to receive signal. This could be due to a bad weather or bad cable connection…..” with no hope of re-appearance of the “on-the-watch channel” by itself. For those not so patient, it is a source of “curse & fume” followed by an expletive laden oration. It’s a situation which does not fail to ignite the ire of the short tempered for when such situation prevails they would involuntarily reach the extremity of throwing whatever lies in their hands be it a remote, a junk food pack, a cup half-empty or full, whatever. Some fidgety ones would go outside, look at the dish of the DTH leaning sideways and drooling like a bedridden octogenarian, walk inside the room, pace up and down, go outside again, look up at the dish and repeat the same steps again and again as though being caught in a time warp. Those guys with ISTV and Impact TV connections can skip reading this article albeit they also experience their own score of frustrations. Actually, I had ISTV connections before their introduction of Set Top Box and the picture quality was too low but now, to the relief of many, things have improved to a certain extent. Thanks to ever changing technology. Call me outdated, call me deadbeat for I don’t want a combo connection as my DTH is still functional and I dare not commit the sin of throwing it away and going for a new connection. At least, for the time being.

Firstly, my honest confessions. “Jeans” is not the name of a lady. Please don’t misunderstand me for there are many girlies and ladies by the name of “Jeans”. Actually, the name was derived after the city of Genoa in Italy, a place where cotton corduroy called either Jean or Jeane was manufactured.

Human civilisation is susceptible to change and change could gradually be brought about through human or natural action. The unflinching human propensity to achieve more and more within a short span of time is undeniable and has, so far, proved to be recalcitrant. In order to fulfill such an unsustainable want of stubborn perceptive, humans have made tough demands on the nature. Rapid industrialisation, deforestation, burning of fossil fuels, increasing number of free riders, etc.

Leafing through the pages of history in the world of music, legendary artists lived fast and died unusually young. Most of them at the unripe age of 27. Some mention may be made of Jimi Hendrix(the Guitar God), Janis Joplin(The Queen of Psychedelic Soul), Amy Winehouse(the soulful singer), Jim Morrison(The Lizard King) of the Doors, Ron McKeman of the Grateful Death (also known as “Pigpen”), Dave Alexander(a punk rock pioneer) of the Stooges, Kristen Pfaff(bassist for Courtney Love’s band “Hole”), Brian Jones(former guitarist of the Rolling Stones) etc out of which Kurt Cobain, the frontman of Nirvana is one. Each one of them made enormous contributions to music and were among the most talented minds of their time.

It’s true. Manipur, the small daughter state of India has been decapitated bit by bit, just like an animal in a slaughterhouse. Firstly, the first Prime Minister of India Pt Jawaharlal Nehru gave away the naturally resourceful Kabaw Valley to Burma including the Ningthi Turel, a bountiful river in terms of precious elements such as gold, other metals and varieties of precious stones as a way of negotiating a truce of peaceful-co-existence as a neighbouring country with Indian Union as well as flaunting that India has embraced democracy since its independence from British Colonial Rule. Like an on and off affair or an illegitimate relationship, the valley remained a bone of contention between Manipur and Burma. As per historical facts Kabaw valley, no doubt was a part of Manipur during the 18th century when Manipur was a princely state.

Photography is something that always enchanted and awed me since I was a childhood. During those yonder years there were instances of many urges from my gut to be a photographer. Not having the resources, I deviated my path from it. In fact, I really love photography. It is said that “It’s never too late to learn” but to me, I kinda think that I am old school for photography and I don’t want to foray amongst these herds of youngbloods and young breeds as a newbie for I’d find myself too out of depth.

The poll for the Manipur Legislative Assembly is knocking at the door and newspapers are getting more and more devoid of charms with the two goliath political entities i.e. Congress & BJP splashing political maxims and slogans praising their own party in the mean time criticising the other, that also in the front of all newspapers of the state occupying almost the whole page. I wonder whether it is the right to information or right to misinformation which we are being privileged with.

Teaching is an ever evolving process. Traditional system of education has become old school. Nowadays teaching has become a creative and interactive vocation with many technical aides contributing to the process. As per my opinion, education is “Preparing a learner for a better tomorrow”. Even though, I, being a novice in the podium of education put forward my humble views in the process of education viz-a-viz the teaching-learning process.