When I was young I used to gaze at my reflection on the looking mirror to find out whether I looked good or not. During those times the looking mirror was my best friend. I used to watch my image in the morning as soon as I climbed down from bed, after taking a shower, before going to school or college or whenever I was about to go outside be it an appointment with somebody or any other private work, after returning home and even before going to bed. Sitting in front of a looking mirror, preferably a wide and lengthy one was an inseparable constituent of my very existence during those yonder years.

For those who can’t live without music, those with music in their blood, those who eat, sleep and drink music, those who draw inspiration from music and more particularly those metal heads who like all kinds of rock genre, this piece of writing may come as an embracing one. Those who loathe music have the liberty to skip reading this piece from the very end of this very sentence.

Is happiness of we the mortal human beings withering with human advancement? Two decades or so back, parents forced their children from outdoor to indoor cursing and swearing them for playing too much in the sun or rain. Now-a-days, parents are pulling out their kids from within the house towards outdoor to play, run and do the wild stuff which the present kids stubbornly refuse.

The word ‘Holistic’ according to Webster’s dictionary, is the principle that “Whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. It lays down that the system as a whole should determine how its parts behave. Holistic Education is based on the premise that each person finds his/her identity, meaning and purpose in life through interaction to the community, to the nature and inculcating humanitarian values such as compassion and peace. It is meant to bring a synergetic relationship between developmental areas such as body, mind and soul.

Generally, most of us are right handed since birth. So, higher percentage of works are done more by the right hand for us right handers. That’s why our right hand muscles starting from the arm upto the wrist are usually bigger than our left hands.

If Taylor Swift comes halfway across the world to tell you that she can’t live a second without seeing you, saying that she misses you every single moment, that she wants to marry you, settle together with you, have a dozen kids and lead a happy and merry life with you till the end of time, then what would you do? If I were you, I’d wake up because such a thing doesn’t happen in real life. It happens in dreams only, a sweet dream of course. Likewise when you open your e-mail account and you find that you have become the owner of five crore bucks from a corporate body or an organisation of sort will you buy it? If you do so then you are in fantasy land.

It’s heartwarming to learn that the state government has come up with its own Anti-Corruption Cell. Some small fish are being caught in the net of the Cell such as peons, lower division clerks and lower level assistants of some government departments. It is a welcome step anyway. But the people are yet to be convinced whether the big fish who amass crores and crores of taxpayers’ money will ever be caught in the net of the Anti-Corruption Cell and brought to book.

Memories of different kinds and hues come hitting inside our heads every now and then, a biological mechanism for us humans. Some memories are sweet, some are better not remembered. The irony is that the bitter memories which we intend to ignore come kicking inside the brain more frequently no matter how hard you try to block it. Bitter memories can easily tear apart your brain’s firewall and pillage your mental balance like a storm trooper equipped with all the gears to give you higher levels of stress, depression and anxiety. For those suffering from Alzheimers’, it’s a different matter.

Persons who create sensations grab the attention of the masses. Likewise citizens of different nations of the world like sensational figures of varying degrees. Experts opined that people of the United States, among all countries of the world tops the chart when it comes to sensation. The Americans are sensation-cravy and anything sensational to them be it matter, time or space is highly welcomed and admired.

It comes to many as a mood swing and a visual coitus-interruptus when their favourite TV show or much awaited movie or a live sport which is being wholeheartedly watched get impeded by “The set top box is unable to receive signal. This could be due to a bad weather or bad cable connection…..” with no hope of re-appearance of the “on-the-watch channel” by itself. For those not so patient, it is a source of “curse & fume” followed by an expletive laden oration. It’s a situation which does not fail to ignite the ire of the short tempered for when such situation prevails they would involuntarily reach the extremity of throwing whatever lies in their hands be it a remote, a junk food pack, a cup half-empty or full, whatever. Some fidgety ones would go outside, look at the dish of the DTH leaning sideways and drooling like a bedridden octogenarian, walk inside the room, pace up and down, go outside again, look up at the dish and repeat the same steps again and again as though being caught in a time warp. Those guys with ISTV and Impact TV connections can skip reading this article albeit they also experience their own score of frustrations. Actually, I had ISTV connections before their introduction of Set Top Box and the picture quality was too low but now, to the relief of many, things have improved to a certain extent. Thanks to ever changing technology. Call me outdated, call me deadbeat for I don’t want a combo connection as my DTH is still functional and I dare not commit the sin of throwing it away and going for a new connection. At least, for the time being.

Firstly, my honest confessions. “Jeans” is not the name of a lady. Please don’t misunderstand me for there are many girlies and ladies by the name of “Jeans”. Actually, the name was derived after the city of Genoa in Italy, a place where cotton corduroy called either Jean or Jeane was manufactured.