The Power of Poppy - 36

Rajendra KshetriNever ever underestimateThe Power of PoppyPoppy is dangerousWhen used as a political weaponAs bargaining chip to blackmailPoppy is most lethalWhen used as WMD ...

Bloodstained Masquerade

Dr Asem Tomba MeeteiFaraway wars, a whispered plight,In Hardy’s verse, Tennyson’s might,A phantom charge, a life undone,War’s cruel ballet, on screen began.But then, the stage turned all too real,My homeland burned, a wound that won̵..

The Power of Poppy - 35

Rajendra KshetriNever ever underestimateThe Power of PoppyPoppy has changed the oft-quoted phrase“Politics makes strange bed-fellows”To “Poppy makes strange bed-fellows”Oh! the power of Poppy gone politicalTwins they are Poppy and ..

Stop harming nature

Rahul KhangembamOh, human living in the digital worldTrying to be digital with all kinds of digital gadgets,But laziness and ignorance lead to destruction.It is easy to discuss global warming by wearing mask in AC rooms.It is easy to cut down trees and sa..

The Power of Poppy - 34

Rajendra KshetriNever ever underestimate The Power of Poppy Poppy is for the powerful Poppy is against the powerless Poppy has perfected the artOf kissing the backsides of authorityOf kowtowing to the 'Big Brother '...

The Power of Poppy - 32

Rajendra KshetriNever ever underestimate The Power of Poppy There is no full stop in the hills Where Poppy reigns supreme Only a comma, a semi-colon,a pause In the sectoral part of the hills Where Poppy defies the State Authority...

Lament of the Mourning Choir

Dr Asem Tomba MeeteiMothers weep, a mournful choir,For sons lost ‘neath war’s fierce pyre.A gilded serpent seeks the throne,On promises of dreams unknown.Bribed with trinkets, shadows kneel,Before a king whose heart is steel.Wind whispers tale..

The Power of Poppy - 31

Rajendra KshetriNever ever underestimate The Power of PoppyPoppy has no permanent friends and foes Only permanent interest Poppy plots for a(clandestine) government A government of the druglords by the druglords And for the druglords...

The Bleeding River

Dr Asem Tomba MeeteiEma Sekmai River, once a crystal vein,Now bleeds, a wound that brings us pain.Your bones, your lifeblood, cruelly taken,Since childhood’s dawn, your waters slaked.Mothers drew from you, pure and bright,For cooking, drinking, morn..

The Power of Poppy - 30

Rajendra KshetriNever ever underestimateThe Power of PoppyFrom May Three Twenty Twenty ThreeTo May Three Twenty Twenty FourA complete one year of engineered violenceUnprecedented in the history of post -independent IndiaAn unparalleled sway of Poppy power..

Oh Motherland

YashimaFor the sake of her children,She lives tolerating the many hardships of life.Even when the greater surroundings and the world give her immense pain,she holds no hard feelings and says still from her unblemished heart,“I am living and enduring..

The Power of Poppy - 29

Rajendra KshetriNever ever underestimate The Power of Poppy Poppy propels people into phantasies Poppy plots and ploys with people Poppy pulverises people playfully Poppy paves the path to plutocracy Oh Poppy! Thy name is 'femme fatale' ...

The Power of Poppy - 28

Rajendra KshetriNever ever underestimate The Power of Poppy Poppy plays pantomime games Game of Thrones Game of ethnic cleansing Game of fallacious fabrication Game of concoction distortion falsehood and lies...

Is it Living Alive or Living Death ?

Dr Ranbir LaishramIn the midst of brutal ethnic conflict,Those who were mercilessly slain,And mourned by all for their untimely passing,Find peace in the divine realm,Like bright stars against the dark sky,Freed from earthly burdens,They enter the cycle o..

Election Eclipses: A Ballad of Battle and Loss

Herojit PhilemBallot ballet blocks bulletsGunshot gallops. Widow weeps,Mother mournsBut Battle’s brawl blowsSweet-scented screams. A wounded warrior waitsRecovery, Relief, and RevolutionElection eclipses effigies. Victim’s veinF..

The Power of Poppy - 27

Rajendra KshetriNever ever underestimateThe Power of PoppyPoppy forms (un)holy nexusesNexus between drug cartel and drug lordsNexus between drug lords and politiciansNexus between politicians and police personnel Nexuses known for notoriety...

The Power of Poppy - 25

Rajendra KshetriNever ever underestimateThe Power of PoppyElection is round the cornerPoppy loves election mostElection time Poppy timeA time of election freebiesWhen Poppy fangs out shamelessly..

Our Eternal Kangleipak

Dr Ranbir LaishramGenerations have come, generations have goneLeaders have come, leaders have goneScholars and pandits have come and they have goneCrorepatis have flourished, crorepatis have perished, But our homeland will shine as ever! Devastated Wars h..

The Valor Within

Dr Soubam SophiaraniIn realms where courage reigns supreme,A brave king stood, his noble dream,Yet amidst the gallant and the bold,Lies a tale of treasures untold.Not all hearts beat with strength and might,Some falter in the throng too long.While kings c..

The Power of Poppy - 24

Rajendra Kshetri“Never ever underestimate“The Power of Poppy “P-O-P-P-Y! What an acquisitive acronym!!“If phrased into multiple meanings“Politics of Private Property Yields“Politics of Pauperising People Yearlong“..

Love and Harmony

KN AgarwalThe Sun has risenThe Warmth has descendedThe Flowers have bloomedThe butterflies swim in the airThe birds are chirpingThe earth emits fragranceThe sky has openedThe rivers are singingThe trees are green and swayingThe hills look majesticEverythi..

The Power of Poppy - 23

Rajendra KshetriNever ever underestimateThe Power of PoppyPoppy is not averse to changeEconomic Political and SocialA change to serve parochial interestA change to strangle 'co-existence'A change to 'live and let die'..

Gift of Life

Aditya RajkumarOh the dearest gift,that is what life is.To be born is a gift,in this world of bliss.To this world we come,with nothing to our claim.And all the things to come,is a story waiting for a name.When death comes to greet our ends,greet him like ..

The Power of Poppy - 22

Rajendra KshetriNever ever underestimateThe Power of PoppyPoppy is not afraid of any power on earthPoppy has arms and ammunitionsMen and machinesMoney and musclesPoppy calls the shots ...

The invincible sons of Kangleipak

Dr Ranbir LaishramMiles away from your humble abodes,Miles away from your loved ones,You dwell in the scary thicketsAnd keep a night-long vigilAt the foothill conflict zone of 'Kangleipak'Against the ruthless terroristsTo safeguard our homelandWearing hea..

The Power of Poppy - 21

Rajendra KshetriNever ever underestimateThe Power of PoppyPoppy speaks(only) the language of violencePoppy knows violence paysIn the land of MahatmaIn the land of 'non-violence'Where 'non-violence' has been hit for a Six...

O, Martyrs, Martyrs

Irengbam BijentiSpringtime has returned, nights and days smiling,oh Summer;The laments of the nightingales have became louder;And now the world is made of humiliation, despair and pain;The breeze is like a poem sung by the Loktak Lake;And its beautiful wa..

The Power of Poppy - 20

Rajendra KshetriNever ever underestimateThe Power of PoppyPoppy fabricates and distorts the historicity of historyPoppy perpetuates lies and lies and liesAnd thinks a hundred liesWill make fiction a non- fictionA fake history a genuine history...

Earth Civilization

Thongram Birjit SinghAwake youth of nation civilizationCourageous &  powerful daughters & sons of the soilArise from slumber,Friends have conquered the spaceRace for bliss of development in this mother Earth.Be a victorious Nation striving wi..

The Ethnic Strife - The Cost of Deafening Silence

Dr Ranbir Laishram  They say that silence is golden !But what if it comes at a cost ?The reality of the ethnic strife in 'Kangleipak'The humanitarian crisis,can anybody ignore it?Untold miseries of the displaced persons,Flattened villages,loss of pre..

The Last Smile of our Fallen Comrade

Dr Ranbir LaishramAt the foothills of our crumbling homeland,At the conflict buffer zoneAll through the long day,Bullets are flying in the air,Macabre bombs blown, like play toysWhile villagers were lying lowYou still braved.Like a ferocious lion on the p..

May 3 violence

Rahul KhangembamScentless flowers,Where narco money produce,Where countless refugees cross illegallyThrough porous border.The violence on May 3Where religion was brought into play,Nine months have passed, and now how many more?People’s questions all..

The Power of Poppy - 19

Rajendra KshetriNever ever underestimateThe Power of PoppyPoppy is second to noneWhen it comes toPropagating/Speaking/Telling LiesPoppy is past masterOf falsification...

The Living Song

Shanthalembi Lisam  In these churning daysThe sight of the birdsWhich once used to flockOn these wetlands,  Gently fondles my soulArousing the spirit to lifeEnlivens this fleshCome ye! All yelhoumeeTo sing our beloved songSana leibak Manipur!Let..

Cease the strife

Dr Soubam SophiaraniA place where love once bloomed,A sanctuary of care, now marred,Burdened by conflicts, hope jarred.Leaving despair in a community once groomed.When leaders turn a blind eye,Bullets rain, houses burn, people sigh.Innocents suffer, angui..

As Time Ticks Away

Dr Ranbir LaishramIn life's journey, as time flies by,Closer we come to saying goodbye.Leaving behind our history vast,As our future dims, it's fading fast.Our lives, once filled with memories grand,Now more about the past, less about the present.Sharing ..

To Our Fallen Village Volunteers

Dr Ranbir LaishramOh, Our brave young frontline warriors !Now that you have left all of us halfway,Tears are our only farewell offeringsEven though you are no more,Your sacrifice will live on,You led us to a new dawn,We reaped peace as you faced war,Got b..

The Power of Poppy - 18

Rajendra KshetriNever ever underestimateThe Power of PoppyPoppy has umbilical relationship with politiciansPoppy pampers politiciansPoliticians oppress peoplePoppy tempts politiciansPoliticians put Poppy above People. ..

Ethnic Strife - Where Do We Stand Now ?

Dr Ranbir LaishramWe've lost precious lives, and it's scary to count.We've lost our dear homestead, an indelible anguish!Our houses were demolished and torched.A life-time remuneration pitilessly looted,A multitude of our people  internally displaced..

The Power of Poppy - 17

Rajendra KshetriNever ever underestimateThe Power of Poppy'Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun'So said MaoPolitical power grows out of the Poppy seedsSo says PoppyAll roads lead to Poppy fields...

A New Year, A New Dawn

Dr Ranbir LaishramAmid deserted roads and markets stand,Bandhs and curfews, lifelines blocked at hand.Colossal walls rise between groups,Whose hearts were once aligned in a merry symphony.           &..

The Power of Poppy - 16

Rajendra KshetriNever ever underestimateThe Power of PoppyFor too long Poppy has waitedFor too long Poppy has prepared the groundFor too long Poppy has kept the agenda hiddenFor far too long Poppy has greased the palms of politiciansNow Poppy unleashes an..

Nature's priceless gift

Dr Ranbir LaishramA  precious gift of the Mother NatureExisting since inception of 'Jeweled Land'Survived over myriad generationsBraving all weather conditionsAnd providing shelter from amoeba to humansSanctuary of the migrant birdsA heritage of reno..

The power of poppy - 15

Rajendra KshetriNever ever underestimateThe Power of PoppyPoppy has the best of relationship with 'Government off the people Buy the people And forbid the people 'Oh dear 'Honest Abe'! forgive Poppy...

The bubble of comfort zone !

Dr Ranbir LaishramA sovereign tiny kingdom decades agoPeaceful was our homeland 'Ima ManipurRuled by Monarchs with hearts of goldSelf sufficient and contended massesFestive seasons all around the yearRich cultural heritagePeace and harmony among nativesLi..

Love and Wisdom"An ode to my Grandpa"

Neelofar"An Angel, I lost,The one who meant the world to me,The one who cared, cared like nobody,The one who cherished me like nobody.The one whom I adored solely,The way he embraced me with his love is uniquely profound.The one who cherished me with his ..

The power of poppy - 14

Rajendra KshetriNever ever underestimateThe Power of PoppyPoppy is not an overnight flowerBut Poppy makes billionaires overnightPoppy is not governmentBut Poppy makes and demakes government (s)Poppy loves you for reasons you cannot fathom...

The great sacrifice !

Dr Ranbir LaishramOh, tender budding youths !Beloved sons of the soilSome displaced by ethnic strifeEmbracing love for their motherlandWith a mind to safeguard our homelandDeparted from their cozy homeOn a mission, leaving their loved onesOn way to an ass..

My grandpa’s brew of stories

Depiya ThoudamWinter has arrived bedecked in icy laceFoggy and chilly morns, a placid embraceBy the fire, I and my Grandpa would sitA ritual so true marking the day has begunWith a cup of hot steaming tea in our handsThe swirling aromas of the steaming br..

The Power of Poppy - 13

Rajendra KshetriNever ever underestimateThe Power of PoppyPoppy is a beautiful flowerA flower with a distinct differenceA flower in love with opiumOpium that opaques peopleOpium that depraves people...