That happy childhood playgrounds and hideouts unbounded by commercial now turn to private summer houses and parks...

“Trace Me Not”

Trace me not Thine love smash me not Drought can’t dry the ocean..

Yes, Homecoming!

Yes, homecoming with a difference ! An unprecedented experience. A lifetime memoir for the generation..

Lilliputians’ Travels

Came a few Lilliputians The last remnants Of a fast dwindling tribe...

Deadly Darkness

The brightest sun Started setting Hour by hour Started fading..


Beside a lane at Lamphel,stands a Gulmohar. Footing through the Earth's breast,it's robust and tall. Trunks gnarled and sepia,yet it's cynosure of all eyes..

The Beauty of It

The exotic blooms of the orchid Golden yellow in colour And clad in the morning sunshine –..

Mother - A Deity

In this Heaven on earth, Mother the Angel creates our bodies and soul, The divine woman plays for us an untiring nurturer's role...

A Forbidden Love

On a starry night beneath the moonlit sky, Witnessing the twinkling stars shimmering in the horizon, The streaks of twilight eroded on to her face,..

Verse for Schoolchildren

The history of modern times Our brief period on earth! Will our great-grandchildren have A passing interest ..

We Real Brave

We real brave. We Left home. We roam streets. We Meet friends. We ..

Mother, The Giver!

Undisputed generous name is mother . Foreign is your name to stingy. Sacrifice is your daily bread. Giving is your character...

A Symphony on Spring

The shepherd st the countryside plays his flute, A tune of blooming Spring flows along all route Landscape around with hills beside fields..

The Old Man in the Evening

Do not think This is the story Of the old man next door..

Novel Pandemic Corona

Ignited the spark from Wuhan Spread throughout the world Taken some hundred thousands of lives;..


An old woman with contorted spine, I come across her often times. Neath the Gulmohar tree in a shack she sit intermittently,..

Lonely Days at Home

Man A social animal! Man All alone he cannot live In the world...

Sweet love

Secretly I have loved you. Secretly I still do. Secretly I care for you...

A beatific apocalypse

When he close his eyes he often think of Death, with the rhythm of his breathing; waves of thoughts keep coming embracing the shore of his intellect...


Normally Yellow leaves Flutter and fall In autumn...

The Finest Hour

K RadhakumarCovid-19 and the image of death!A fear of the unknownStalks the streets of this placePlaced under lockdown.Nobody is seen walking along the road –Not one soul.There are no peopleHonking their hornsAs they drive past.Why are people always..

The Temple of Heartbreak

  Akash YanglemTears streaming down his faceBreaths in short, rapid gaspsHands working furiously,Heart beat poundingSlashing awayAngry words in black ink onPure white paper. Sweat beads his foreheadAnguish in his eyesWords on his lipsAnd agony i..

Back to the Nature

 Parthajit Borah A silent symphony prevails Veniceto the throne of England,  where the nature wins in the war of science. Clear rills flow in its own way Phoenix to Cuckow engaged in musical concert at the happiest mood.Haughty laughter besiezed..

A Word To Husbands

   Ogden NashTo keep your marriage brimmingWith love in the loving cup,Whenever you’re wrong, admit it;Whenever you’re right, shut up...

Stay Strong

The path of progress of my land, The chariot of development rolls on, the Earth meets an invisible eclipse,..

On The Banks of The Seine

I found her on the bank of the Seine gazing at the stars, as the days went on she sang and splashed colour all over...

Make Hay While the Sun Shines

It’s winter and freezing cold. In a damp and quiet corner Some flies are already frozen to death,..

Ye Olde God

K Radhakumar    God is dead – NietzscheMy grandfather believed in God,In every sense of the word.He lived to the ripe old age of 99,His passionate belief not at all shakenBy the two World WarsAnd the great upheavals of the last centur..

Coronavirus A friend or Foe?

      Jolie MaisnamOh dear, mother natureThe one whom we made to suffer!Oh dear, those tears you shedNo one was there to wipe them!Then, came a deadly virusCausing infections and deaths,Destroying the mankind,Bringing about quaran..

My Graveyard

       Parthajit BorahBlossom and garland in my graveyard  An unquite stone touches my feet,I become the voyager of unknown sea.Fragrance of soil and symphony of forest Catching me at my dream.Shattered hopes and in..

‘Janata Curfew’ – Need of the hour

  Moirangthem Minashi DeviStrong desires blooming in every heart for ‘Social Distancing’,As looming around infectious mighty ‘Corona’ that resists defeat in medical combating.The growing pandemonium leaves the global hearts fr..

The Awakening of Interest in Life

K RadhakumarThe eastern horizon is all aglow,The dawn chorus has died downAnd the morning is wide awake.Birds are flying in all directions,The tops of garden plants are swayingAnd the scent of the flowers are wafted alongBy the breeze blowing a wind of ch..

Enchanted Riches Land

Chandam Thoisana SinghKnow to love the richness of thy land.Season by season, hears all different sweet volume of singing.The core of human heart much has decline into this.Seen a roof type mountain and many sloping hills lay across.The valleys in nature ..


  Soibam EkendraManipur, the Jewel of the EarthFeels proud of being a ManipuriFrom the early childhood, with a prideBrought-up with head-high as I'm....You, the uncivilised unknown unculturedMixed blood by birth, try to understandWe Manipuris are the..

The New Colossus

    Emma LazarusNot like the brazen giant of Greek fame,With conquering limbs astride from land to land;Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall standA mighty woman with a torch, whose flameIs the imprisoned lightning, and her name Mother..

Beneath all that Darkness

On a cold damp day when the clouds turned grey I met a man holding a crimson rose..

A Panic-Stricken Crowd

Wrong choice wrong decision My past has many wrongs But it’s simply lovely...

A Tale on Yaoshang

Assemblage of holy-folk seen in a March evening; Every lane is swarming, looking so beweldering. The ritual, I witnessed as a child is still new as a newborn..

What is love?

To hold hands To share kisses To give hugs..

The Omnipresent Fear

In the morning, it’s coronavirus, At noon, it’s coronavirus again And the night does not remain silent...

The untameable

Blue as the mighty ocean Calm as the breeze Like a painted picture All fresh and new..

Summer breeze and Autumn leaves

I love it when the warm breeze blows through my messy hair when the hot sun warms me up when I look up and all I can see is the clear blue sky..

The Nymph of Kangleipak

A gay morning, the sun peeps in through the iron-mage of the window, Falls on tender face of the nymph that lay asleep...

A Beautiful Mind

‘What day is it today?’ ‘Friday.’ ‘Ah, there you are!’..

Fresco of Void

My stormy love searching for you engulfed in dark drifting clouds of troubled torment pregnant with torrents of fiery sorrows come blasting down on the innocence of my soul ..

Far away from reality

Reaching out to the darkness A place where I truely belong Lost in the light ..

The Friday Evening Blues

I’m normally a late riser. But today I wake to a clear blue sky The herald of the arrival of spring...

The Ant

Our close and loving neighbour, Tireless and giant worker, Champion and mocker of winter,..

Beauty in the Dark

Why does the sky look pretty when I’m upset ? Why does it sparkle in the darkness all alone ? ..

Birds at Dusk

A boy flies a kite in the afternoon sky. An old man looks at the boy and his kite..

A Morsel of Food

My love is dead. In life, she was beautiful. In death, she is cold..

A Wintery Song

Clumps of snow, on a tree’s bough, It hangs down low, as a freezing air blow, The lakes in the Amazon have tuned into sheets of ice..

The Ant

Our close and loving neighbour, Tireless and giant worker, Champion and mocker of winter,..

Beneath our hearts

Not every roses smells good Not every faces tell the truth ..

The Old Man in the Afternoon

I am in my sixties But says the boy in me, ‘I am not proud of you.’..

From Dawn till Dusk

         K RadhakumarA late riser, I always missThe metamorphosis of dawn into morning.I am getting oldAnd it dawns on me nowI do miss much.There is no excuse for itThere is no excuse for it.The end is not conceived..

The Strange Boy

  Rashmi Elangbam On a bright afternoon before the church bells rang I saw a boy on top of the roof A boy in a black hoodywhose name I know not I saw How he stayed still like a statueHow his eyes looked around the worldas though it was a pictureI saw..

Ethel's Wedding Journey

Unforgettable journey of laughs and tears, Long,but inexhaustible journey. When spring breeds love within every soul,..

Chasing a wonderland

Before the clock strike twelve Before the sun rose bright I woke up to chase the fading stars..

The Chirp of a Sparrow

A bird Hit by a slingshot Fatally wounded And about to die..


The Twelfth Night is long over; Today is 26 January 2020. Can I say I am well into 2020?..

Loving Death

When I die Lay my body in the soft, green grass decorate my hair with all kinds of flower All blue, black and green ..

A Picnic by the Pond

It’s a nice day; We go for a picnic. All my family enjoy picnicking...

The Car Washed Shampoo

Tyranny is mankind to thee! Thou are forced to flow amidst the dirt surface of Car Though thy maker destined thee to flow amidst royal lady's hair...

The lonely Moon

Shining in the lonely sky All alone Nobody by your side..

Where Vultures Dare

No truth can be crucified In this wonderful world...

The City of Darkness

There are many deaths Among the elderly this winter One of the coldest in recent years. The incessant rain,..

City lights

Beyond the road Beyond the highway lies a little sweet place that’s filled with sunshine, love and warmth..

A Wintry Number

In the place where I was born Heavy fogs do not cover the mornings; Here, away from home ..

Voices of the Stars

How beautiful you are in this dark, busy night how beautiful you look ..