Summertime Blues

Today is a very, very hot summer’s day. He thinks it is now high summer And remembers the last spring...

Cry Of A Dying River...77

I am no longer the river I was once There was once a time when Nambul flows with turns and twist An era when Nambul Speaks with gurgles and twirls A certain time in the riverine ecosystem When Nambul sings lullabies A chapter in the riverine story When Nambul produces peals of laughter A lap in the riverine aquatic journey When Nambul soothes shattered souls...

No Escape from the Real World

The headlines remind me of the old adage: The youth of today Are the pillars of society tomorrow. I think I am not a father figure in my locality But one of the many drunken drivers Of the municipal corporation...

Cry Of A Dying River...76

I am no longer the river I was once The river that flows through a tiny valley of The largest democracy on Earth A democracy where elections are the biggest festivals Festivals of 'machine ' 'money ' and 'muscle ' manifestations /powers..


No words can describe How grateful we are For your presence in our lives We don't know the pain That you have endured for us For however hard it was You have always smiled Hiding all the sorrows and hardships...

Cry Of A Dying River…74

I am no longer the river I was once The river that was not too long ago a river of fresh water Freshwater that constitute only three percent of Earth’s water Freshwater that is needed by all landbased life ..

Written in the Month of Phairen

K PadmakumarOne day I was struck with amazement!Nobody was with me – I was all alone.The outskirts of the village looked distant,The local residents Going about their daily businessLooked small like children.I could not take my eyes offThe rotala of ..

Sketches and Notes of Summertime

K Radhakumar (1) It is summer; I suffer from the afternoon heat And try to quench my thirst With a long drink of cold water. Out of my room I come And see the deadening effect of summer On the plants in the flower pots. Suddenly I get the fee..