In the stillness of the night

Dr Ranbir LaishramAs the sun sets at the horizon,And darkness engulfs the green oval valley,In the stillness of the night,When all the world is at its restAnd Mother Nature in tranquil slumber,But, her children are in eerie feelingOf fear and uncertainty...

No matter what

Depiya ThoudamThe coldness of winter ain’t foreverNo spring skips its turn for sureNot every rain is accompaniedBy the loud thunders and stormsSometimes rainbow followsNot all ways are highwaysSome ways are unpaved and rockyNo matter what the weathe..

General election in hard times

Dr Ranbir LaishramOh, Brethren of the 'Jewelled Land'!Amid concern of Omicron Covid surge,Senseless brawl in the field,Echo of cry and grief for loss of loved ones,People's voice for justice and peace,Hope against hope for a free and fair poll,And for a n..

For sons and daughters

Depiya ThoudamJust for some quick money in pocketOh! selfish and foolish human beingsThe numerous holes dug up as trapsFilled with drugs and intoxicantsCamouflaging as gateways to ecstasyLuring thousands innocent childrenWhat could be more sinful than thi..

Lament of love

M Minakshi DeviHe belonged to dusk, she preferred dawn.His existence meant for darkness, she waited for brightness.He was a weapon to chill, her task was to heal.He acted to share fear, her actions were full of care.Looked, they were not meant for each ot..

Justice, Peace and Change—A New Year's Resolution

Dr Ranbir LaishramCan there be any justiceIf we sit, and gossip idly byCàn there be any peace and harmonyIf we continue to brawl each otherCan there be any hope for changeIt we don't endeavour with new ideasCan there be any decision for actionIf we d..

No matter what

Depiya ThoudamThe coldness of winter ain’t foreverNo spring skips its turn for sureNot every rain is accompaniedBy the loud thunders and stormsSometimes rainbow followsNot all ways are highwaysSome ways are unpaved and rockyNo matter what the weathe..

Election Brawl

Dr Ranbir LaishramElection time has comeLeaving behind a spell of political turmoil;Amid Covid -19 pandemic chaos,Struggle for survival,And roar of mighty leaders,And social unrest all around.Faces tested ones, some new,Known to all but masked man in publ..

Carol on Christmas

M Minakshi Devi Love I the sweet smell of ChristmasAlong with all the twinkling lights,Log fires in the fireplace,On those chilling cold winter nights.Serene smell of the Christmas goodiesThat is baked with tender love and care,Carols in the distance, rai..

Annabel Lee

Edgar Allan PoeIt was many and many a year ago,In a kingdom by the sea,That a maiden there lived whom you may knowBy the name of Annabel Lee;And this maiden she lived with no other thoughtThan to love and be loved by me.I was a child and she was a child,I..

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

Robert FrostWhose woods these are I think I know.His house is in the village though;He will not see me stopping hereTo watch his woods fill up with snow.My little horse must think it queerTo stop without a farmhouse nearBetween the woods and frozen lakeTh..

Remembering our great- great grandmothers

Dr Ranbir LaishramOur great - great - grandmas,Who occupied a special status,In the then kingdom of “ kangleipak “.Economic and  political reformers,Warriors for social justice,against mass exploitation and artificial famine,triggered by ..

Hymn on autumn

M Minakshi DeviFor due fall,as the Nature makes its call,Changes in and around commenced for the fall.Unaware sprightly how a comfy spell of seasons fled,Alike a chameleon’s swapping its colour,in need or in glad.How generously dead twigs and leaves..

The journey so far

Dr Ranbir LaishramA nightmare for allInside a cell I was,Caged by the Covid-19 pandemic woesLockdown after lockdown and curfew...The first time I was facing in my generation,And also the first time, I learnt to dwell in my own world,Without realising, wha..

Are we doing justice to our homeland ?

Dr Ranbir Laishram Marvels,Natural and man - madeIn many countries,islands and oceansKnown to all through virtual worldFriends, who were thereDescribed the awesome wondersin their own ways,A feeling of proud of being thereTrue, it is a treasure to travela..

Fading friendship

M Minakshi DeviLetting go of a friendship doesn’t meanIt wasn’t beautiful or worthy.We spoke, uttered clouds of wordsThat were barely understandable , muffled at times.Apparently , it was time that played its part.With years, came adulthood,An..

The enemy of the mightyThe naked truth over the ages

Dr Ranbir Laishram While alive, reputed criticsCelebrated for talking truthful wordsObserved through piercing eyesSmiles from the depth of heartTalked with a clear conscience Their motto "Service of humanity is service to God "Considered enemy of the untr..

Choose wisely

Depiya ThoudamHowwrong we are to think “We are going to die one day”While we are already dying everydayBetter accept the truth, sooner the betterWith each and every passing dayA step is moved closer to our deathNot even a fraction of seco..

Gust of wind

M Minakshi DeviBody and mind mine today feel a punctured audacity,Whilst lead I a confined life amidst global calamity.Lonely, losing control  over my breathing abilityWhen body-hairs stand erect in bristling anxiety.Lay I upset, jaws grip, teeth gri..

The days of yore

Dr Ranbir LaishramThe good and bad old timesAre long since goneSome engraved deeply in my heartThe bittersweet memoriesResurfaced on - and - onIn my subconscious mindA timeless treasure of the heartSafe and simple living,Amid the traditional joint family ..

Pure passion

M Minakshi DeviI intend not to sugarcoat reality.Charmed I rather  by people’s  decreesHurled those upon me hastily to hail or to nail.Challenging life, chaos in my mind in the dusky Space,In which I wish to appear,Alike a ‘Diya̵..

My lovely mother

Depiya ThoudamA comely woman she isShe has seldom frownedDoes not own a pulchritudinous faceBut for sure she owns a caring soulWhile busy caring for us selflesslyHer black hair has started turning greyDespite her aversionIt never ceases turning greyThough..

The worth of my sweat

Dr Ranbir LaishramFrom my mother’s comfortTill this dayToiled years to be the oneWho I am nowIt costs me my youth, a little sweatA little frustration, a little depressionComing out sane and soundDwelled in an arena of my dreamSome sacrifices, some d..

Do you know ?

Depiya ThoudamHonestly I couldn’t call backThe last time I was at schoolSitting together with my classmatesAs close as we could beNo masks, no distancing, no pandemicWhen will normal be, do you know ?These online classes and video lecturesWould neve..

Shattered glance of life

Pravin ThongamDemented delusions of lifeDemoralizing every glance of mine.The acute blues erupting from my eyes -My perpetually sore and laden two natural lenses,Cascading smoothly, oh! gently on my face.Never will it ever adorn my wry faceWith adequate Z..


M Minakshi DeviFine morning, five  friends in a coffee shop,Gossiping in glee sitting around a table-top.Their childhood they have in their headThough their inner child is now dead.All they recite their unique rhyme,As they have met amd chat after a ..

The Bare Truth Everybody Passes Through

Dr Ranbir LaishramEvery individual, before his soul leaves the bodyHis life's events came flashing in front of his eyes...Messages of famous Geniuses -An admittance of the insignificance ofMoney, fame, and honors in lifeAnd a feeling of regret that -One s..


M Minakshi DeviSkipping from the sight of the burning moon,He curved the cresent as he witnessed me unwind and turn.Flich every single smile you tossed my way,Seal my hair on my back as we made it through the melody.Solo hymn wrote by elite poets toured i..

One day I decided

Depiya ThoudamChained and caged by lazinessEach tasks of yours movedTo the next day, to the next daySo forth and so onDreams slipping further awayBut don’t you know thatIt’s never too lateTo work for your dreamsAll your dreamsFrom the smallest..

Dr Ranbir LaishramAt some point of lifeThoughts of disrobing selfcame flashing ...Disrobing of the mindof ego, greedReplacing with generosity, humility...Disrobing of the heartof hatred, mistrustReplacing with love,faith...Disr

Dr Ranbir LaishramAt some point of lifeThoughts of disrobing selfcame flashing ...Disrobing of the mindof ego, greedReplacing with generosity, humility...Disrobing of the heartof hatred, mistrustReplacing with love,faith...Disrobing of the bodyof showy ga..

And then I realised

Seigunlien KhongsaiA visit up to the hill topIn the hilly terrain of an old villageIt’s the climb that tires the bodyBut the view that catches the eyeThe mountains echoed of cries and chirpsOf birds and animals alikeThe wind blew past in great speed..

Fractured life

Pravin ThongamOn the sky of human face there areFlocks of Dark, gloomy clouds of NostalgiaGathered and curled in muddled patternsThat strategically complete a human face.In their own, independently -The flocks long to soar high in the above open sky.Would..

My best Friend

Dr Ranbir LaishramIn life’s journeyStepping out from mother’s comfortFrom childhood innocence and curosityTo fun and fantasy of adolescenceWe make friendships,Friends, inside out, true, virtual friendsThey come and leave ...As I walked through..

Seriously, what are we waiting for?

Depiya Thoudam“There is enough on earth for everybody’s needsBut not for everybody’s greed”.Mahatma Gandhi once quoted.Blinded and deafened by our greedy and thoughtless behavioursAll of us enraged Mother Nature.“OH! WHAT HAV..

Meaning of Life

Irom CalvinLife has no definitionIt is never the same,How it is different,Makes it unique,For every living soul,Renew  us, even if we do not reach it,Into something else, which we hardly sensed,We already are; a gesture waves upon us.My eyes already ..


Minakshi DeviLittle by little, the rumble wears down.The horrendous thunderstorm,Atrocious and restless,Which once felt like it would never break,Promptly switches into its tender form.It’s gloomy.That's the thing with drizzles,They are sombre.Creat..

A divided world

Dr Ranbir LaishramA world we see nowDivided by race, color, religion, mindset, power and continent...Further divided by Covid -19 pandemicExposing glaring inequalities.A catastrophe veiled as an alarm.Is not the one God wishes to be.Between haves and have..

The fog always lifts

Depiya ThoudamAt the crack of dawnMultiple times the rooster crowsShouldn’t it be a lazy dawn?A lingering season, oh winter!The window by her reading deskOpens to a foggy and misty morning viewEven her neighbours’ gardenIs not in the sightBut ..

Story to tell

M Minakshi DeviYou know what's left behind.The storms that you braved,The unceasing disquiet you foundAnd the chances you waved.You are an endless brook of choices,You are the softest murmur of voices.The mystics says, you areAs close as your own breath.S..

I may not be human but...

Irom CalvinI may not be human but I listen to you,Fulfil all your commands and needs.I act according to your wishes and whims,Sometimes your commands are good and bad.I may not be human but at least I’m alive.I breathe like you but artificially.I al..

Why cage ourselves ?

Dr Ranbir LaishramAmid Covid - 19 pandemic woes,Dwelling in a caged life,Inactivity is death, activity is life;Living with fear is no less than death.Feeling like dying everyday,Having seen the daily wagers,Surviving even without mask on,I ponder over .....

In my garden of life

Chinglembi ShagolsemMany famous poets and writers compared the voyagesOf life as the different seasons of nature,Like the autumns and springs.Others analogize the phases of lifeAs the early rising sun that flames the cloudsAnd sinks its beams into the oce..


M Minakshi DeviThe charisma of you lured meTo taste you at once.My conscience then told me,The quest has now begun.Caresses explored such regionsThat I couldn't even explain.Thundered aloud the cloudsAnd drizzling came the rain.A rose-red plumage,Perched ..

Hope heals crisis

Gyanabati KThe path isn’t lining up with the expectations.The tempest tossed soul on the arduous road.Can she manifest equanimity?When things seem enervating,Either doubt or fear thwarts the efforts.A slice of trust beautifies the rough approach.Nei..

Let it go

Depiya ThoudamThe anger that you stackedOne atop the other for so longHas now become a part of you.Why you have clutched itToo close to your chest?This was never meant to beBut it metamorphosed youTo someone you don’t even recognise.Why you feeding ..

The sixth sense manifest

Dr Ranbir LaishramElders paved the way,Intelligent and wise they were.A solution for survival,The same entrance, same passage, same exit.Out from the exit, jubilantOn the vast ocean of life.A means for Self survival and sustenance,From generation to gener..

Three ladies

Chinglembi ShagolsemThree ladies sat on a couch of the hotel.Having delicious breakfast on their fancy dresses.They forget their troubles for a while listeningTo some Manipuri music even though theyWere far away from home.They had endless conversation abo..


Yanglem Arjun SinghI don't hate anyone,But there's nothing left to love as well,Something's dead in me,And I do not know where the extinguisher is.Things just crept over me,No war could ever be more destructive than the one with my mind,It wants to believ..

Lord's echo

M Minakshi DeviI'm the shadow's den, I'm the light's crime.I'm as hard as diamond, I'm as sharp as a fresh blade.I'm as poisonous as Ivy, I'm as sweet as maple.I'm as burning as fire, I'm as bright as the moon.You shall kneel before me,  then I will ..


Gyanabati KEyes close, the breeze is colder;When it touches the skin,drives her back to the old notes;The smell of the smoke reminisces about the stories of logs.Ding ding! At the front yard!Oh! Newspapers! Newspaper!Soon he left for the next destination...

A Day Away

Brian E PardeeSome feelings are shallow, some feelings are deep.Some make us smile, some make us weep.Some we love, some we don't.Some we'll savor, some we won't.Some grounding, some uplifting,Some long-lasting, some constantly shifting.No matter what fee..

Just survival is enough

Dr Ranbir LaishramTo just survive,In the midst of people,With the loved ones,With our companions ,In amity with everybody,It is just ok.To be happy and content ,With what I have ,To be not in animosity with anybody,To be true to my loved ones,To be true w..

Changes that the time brings

Chinglembi ShagolsemIt  was 12 years ago when they drove her to a new accommodation.And she considered it as her second home.That’s where she has been throughout her life.Suddenly, the poetess saw a young boy who used to ride a bicycleNow rides..

Hope heals crisis

Gyanabati KThe path isn’t lining up with the expectations.The tempest tossed soul on the arduous road.Can she manifest the equanimity?When things seem enervating,Either doubt or fear thwarts the efforts.A slice of trust beautifies the rough approach..

What if ?

Yanglem Arjun SinghThe ink on my skin that I scribbled yesterday,Feels like forever but is fading away,As if centuries ago it belonged to me,As if it was the one that defined me.The fading away makes me ponder,Was I ever born before?If I had a life before..

Without you

Minakshi DeviAtop the lofty mountains,Above the clearing view that omnifoldsThe sphere in all its vastnessDivulging before my pupil, but without you.I descend towards the fountain that plummetBelieving it to be sake,only to taste like bitter ashes.The atm..

The Dement Corona Avoids

Dr Ranbir LaishramShe moves around,Merrily all day long,With no mask on,In tattered, raged clothes,Unaware of the Covid -19 pandemic chaos,Everybody is aware of her existance,but,everybody ignores,For, she happens to be a dement.She thrives on leftovers o..

Glimpses of Love

Yanglem Arjun Singh Laying on the lush green,Staring at the starry sky,Dreamt of how much space in this world, Does my heart occupy.Every soul on earth, Virtuous or vicious,Shall perish till the end,No matter how much it took,For the corpses to blend.Unde..

Another Perspective of Life

Chinglembi Shagolsem  In the journey of so called life,  There will be days when you have no idea  What you are doing. And there will be days, when you will feel alive and happy  For your achievements and receive the good news fro..

The Art of Living- Just a Thought...

Dr Ranbir LaishramIf you want to survive,Change with the change of society.Follow the masses.If you want to be happy for a moment,Follow your instict.Try to live in that moment only.If you want to live peacefully,Love your life and your inner self.Live&nb..


Geetanjali GautamThat day dawned brightBut I woke with black tulipsBlooming from my orbsWhich epitomized notMy supremacy but failure,As I levitated in itsFragrance of darknessAnd my memories,Instead of fading away,Became more perceptible;While swallowedTh..


Yanglem Arjun Singh Every time you come to me,I smile and assure you,Little did I know that my assurance,Was fake to you.Friends we said, brothers we were, But just in words,You felt my phrases piercing through, calling them lies.As a friend I kept your u..

Ardent Gardener

M Minakshi DeviA rose I am ,hear tells - symbolize I a love,A pure love that is sacred, solely so golden,Never begets rust and old alike the novel gold.Indeed, my petals of love fondly that I unfold,Thereon my perfumed love is inscribed in pure goldWith i..

Why ? I wonder

Yanglem Arjun SinghOn days I wonder,What new turns my life shall take,where it is leading-this life of mineFrom day to dayDo I even have a say ?On days I wonder,To uncover new roads,Or to do what I am toldWill I innovateOr am I too old ?On days I wonder,I..

Pure lifeblood

Minakshi DeviLife is prized,but,resembles a ball of wind, that gust.One day someone is here, the next departs forever.Freed soul gust far off to lay in a heavenly hut,Hidden in peace afar from mourning human's tearful sight.Numbered are the days of his li..

No lament, but willingness

Pravin Thongam The pitch-black space of mind, The source of all mysteries erupt there. The pitch-black space of mind -Where twinkling moving lights dwell in thousands.And, my mind feels the torture of the passing seconds, Shall I relinquish myself or shal..


Geetanjali GautamWeight of my heartis weighing me down.Existence is exhaustedand time denies to roll the sleeves up.My poetry can become either a graveyard of my pain or a monument of  my love,coated with the reflections of my eyes.I am lost.My map s..

The Wilting Red Rose

M Minakshi DeviThere was once a frisky and fresh deep red rose,That hold pleasing fragrance and high decency.I hold that rose close with the greatest embrace ever,Looking at it merrily forgetting the current global fever.I used to stare deep into its cris..


Yanglem Arjun Singh Slowly it's reaching you,Soon it will.Careless enough,Meant to live,But dead.So less time,But so much crime.You aren't freeBut soon you'll be.Your wings,Cut it down.Your crown,Put it down.Run, just run,Forget the map,And look at the su..

Oh! Mother Nature

Chinglembi ShagolsemOh!  Mother Nature,You are a forgotten world to our generation.But when I absorbed myself into your beauty,I run out of words to describe my feelings.Also, I heal and rejuvenate myself  in your lap.Your breathtaking views, cl..

At the Parting Hour... As I Leave the Halls of Ivy

Dr Ranbir Laishram Sheltering under your cosy home,Dwelled years under your roof,Like a child under its mother's care.Through sun and rain,Through fun and pain,In comfort and harmony.My love for you unbound !At this parting momentI bid you farewellSi..

Traffic Light Inside

M Minakshi DeviMy traffic light inside is evergreen, never turns red.In confinement amidst the current global fever, butMy sensible thoughts, cosy dreams and all my delightTends to speed fast out of my depressed mind.I close eyes often, seek soothing mean..

Little Things

Yanglem Arjun Singh It's just the way I look at myselfwhen the sun goes down and i find myself calling each sunset my absolute favourite.It's just the way I look at the clouds make eye contact with people who play with their colours to bring out the child..

Monsoon Magic

Geetanjali GautamWhen will the drunken clouds start to pour When will the heaviness ceaseIs it when the night rain meets moist Earth,A clandestine meeting behind closed doors?A magic wand to transform the LandWith the first spell of rain, witnessWonderlan..

As My Birthday Arrives - A Pour Out ...

Dr Ranbir  LaishramOne day, in the wee hours of April...I was awakened by my cell phone buzzing,Happy birthday, papa!Thank you my dear...I dozed off again.Another ringtone,Sounds of messages coming,All happy birthday wishes...From my grandchildren to..


Geetanjali Gautam"All the world's a stage!" Or so the line goes many a foolish sage.Few to be prudent jesters.Topsy turvy! In this peaceful facade, Conventional wisdom bequeaths,A wreath of thorns,To one who seeks bountiful golds,Masked by fools.To b..

Oh star !

Dr Okram ShakuntalaThe symbol of loveYou are very farYou come with a facePlay with another faceAnd leave in the day breakWith another faceYou come in the EveningWith sweet words of loveYou fall in love with meI fall in love with youWe both sign a love tre..

Step Outside a Few Moments

Dr Ranbir LaishramOh! Weary soulsStep outside a few moments,From the confines of Lockdown,To your kitchen garden,To pull out some weedsand to water the thirsty flowers and herbs,Wilted by the scorching summar heat.To be with Nature, and the greeneries aro..

The Last Resort

Bahena OkramWhat does darkness look like?A bottomless abyss of gloom haze-like?Or a bleak dungeon where souls’re bound maze-like?Or a pitiless night like this, death and living alike?The old couple walks in the chilly moonlight.Not a word could be h..


M Minakshi DeviYou've curved this shade of living into lullaby,A cradle song with chosen chorus,Revolved around, brought my soul to prominence.This phantom life of mine,blindly romantic.My anger, my rage brought to an end, you mollified.To ye, who is my l..

The contagion we failed to comprehend...

Dr Ranbir LaishramAmid controversies of its origin,The tiny Dictator is in our midst;Unaware  to many,Known to few at the inception,The one who leaked,Butchered for knowing the most.The untra-microb,with ever changing spikes like the 'Ravana',Sagacio..

Flight of the heart

Chandrakant LamabamFilled with hope, ideas, emotions in one moment,A blank white canvass, the next momentCould be filled with whatever in the universe,That’s the way of the heart;Overflowing with nectar of life,Flowing through the river of humanityE..

Peasant's lament

M Minakshi DeviWhere are the lands,where are they?Lands the peasants once nurtured and sowedWith spine and bone that arched,Where their footsteps lightly spun o'er the ground.There isn't any wheat nor any rice wild,No corn fiddler nor reapers to toss the ..

An appeal and a prayer from a care provider(An unpublished poem of 2010)

Dr Ranbir LaishramFrom a mother's warm and cozy womb,Expectant of a life that is eager to bloom,Comes a little child with a humble cry;Ignorant and unaware of what awaits,They are the same like you and me,Just that they are born with the virus.God loves t..


Yanglem Arjun Singh Just when I thought,Sadness would get away and happiness would be more,Someone up there couldn't bear this,And told sadness to knock my door.There might be thousands who would be thinking like me,Some on the ships and some off the shor..

Divine doctors

M Minakshi DeviDivine doctors stretch their caring hands as wings,Seem to fly down from a fairy land to the Earth,To bring off loving health care for the Mankind,Since life sprouts in mother's womb well before birth.How tolerantly they nurture the distres..

The Unforgettable Inland Letter

Dr Ranbir LaishramOh ! My friend,Decades of friendship,Decades of closeness and separation,By time, place and professionI still vividly remember you.You still dwell in my heart.An afternoon, five decades agoComing out of our college exam hall Sitting in f..

A prayer

Geetanjali GautamWhat could I say to youThat would end this chaseless chase?Would it be —That you are enoughThat you are not brokenThat you are already thatAlready peace, Already love, Already forgiveness, Already courage,Already already alreadyAlre..

Self Love

Yanglem Arjun SinghI crave to become the personThe love I’d keep choosingWould want me to be.I’d spend hours at the rooftopReading poems on peopleWho live in glasshouses,The ones that have long forgottenThe deeper shades of sunset.I’d si..

Waking nightmare

Dr Ranbir LaishramAway from home, Away from loved ones, Destined to be isolated in the ICU,Only with gadgets,And sounds of the monitors,Consciousness blurred slowly,Hanging between life and death,Earnestly struggling for life,I am facing a reality in Covi..

Another world

Geetanjali GautamHey me from another worldIs it joggers or ripped jeans you wear?Do you have dreads or wavy hair like mine? Do you prefer brown to colour red?Is it coffee or hot tea?Is it honey or sugar pure?Is it omelet or boiled?Hey me from another worl..

Time’s wrath

Dr Okram ShakuntalaThe time doesn't know How much I love you So it covers me Under a wrapper So that I can not see you But the time doesn't know How powerful my love is It can remove the wrapper It can take me to you Time perhaps does not know our love It..


Dr Ranbir LaishramAmidst the pandemic lockdown,The cry and lament of the weary souls ,Dishonour of the dead,Denied of religious customs and rituals,The corpse - the untouchable,Thrown in barren places, drains and rivers.Amidst the eerie silence,Empty stre..

Road to ruins

Lamabam AyangbaWaking to all the frustration and expectations,Feeling trapped in this cycle called life !Like a rat racing but ending up in circles ?We still find a way to survive !Do you trust in our society, where leaders are stealing,Paving way for cor..

Earth and us

Geetanjali GautamBeing the loudest on earth's playgroundDoesn't make us any more important Than the dirt we crush beneath our feet.We are nothing except Air and fire and water and soil.We are  the people who forget What we are made of .The ..

A cry and an appeal to world leaders

Dr Ranbir LaishramAmid the Covid-19 pandemicAnd Nature's furyThe world family facesEpidemics of  armed conflict for power among its membersThe most vulnerable - Women and children,People with disabilities,The neglected and the displaced, pay the high..

Tormented Mind

Minakshi DeviA tussle within me is quite unsettled, unrelented.It resembles a tempest left unleashed.For its stand against me is a choice, unchosen.I stay fear tainted behind splintered mirror,unspoken.Track too much deviated away from its light ,Drills i..


Sanjeev BistaUnless…Words turn into actionPrinciples give shape to purposeLife gives assurance to the commitmentJoy becomes bliss and ecstasyDestiny is self-writtenLove is all encompassingBattle for truth is wonVictory enlightens the worldMind freed..


Geetanjali GautamOur story is not fully ours,Bits and pieces don't belong to us,Perhaps that book I read a year agoAnd you picked up,While I was trying to outrun my shadowAnd you were chasing a ghost.Before the beginning,Perhaps in poemsOr whispers of nam..

My COVID-19 Experience

Dr Shurmila LoukhamWhen your mother is your only parentAnd when you are your mother's only childYour mother testing positive for CovidIs a huge unfathomable blowStaying in the hospitalAs your mother's caretakerArmed with only an N-95 maskIs akin to enteri..