Hold fast to dreams For if dreams die Life is a broken-winged bird..

Cry Of A Dying River...85

I am no longer the river I was once The river that is showered with flurry of feelings and ferments The river that is accorded with environ actions and attentions Something hitherto unknown unseen unheard of..

Deadly Summer

Barren plants Waiting for a wet summer! This summer is cruel to a childless couple. Still, not a drop of rain..

Cry of a downtrodden State-4

I am crying lonely at night, Crying of seeing the flatter, Crying in search of flotsam Crying hesitantly...

Cry Of A Dying River...84

I am no longer the river I was once The river whose time has come To ask to speak to question "Am I happy to see multitude of Nambul enthusiasts ..

The Naked Smile

It is a cliché to say I come with nothing And with nothing I will go. It takes all these years ..

Cry of a downtrodden State 3

I am crying, Crying in search of love, Crying in search of honesty, Where are you hiding...

Cry Of A Dying River...83

I am no longer the river I was once The river that has been for decades In the silent mode and moody moods ..

Cry Of A Dying River...82

I am no longer the river I was once The river natural made unnatural ..

Forty Winks

The good news is Rain is forecast for tomorrow. What a relief!..

A Shadowy Figure

The divorce Between thought and action! Ah, there it is! An eternal gap. There is no question of Bridging the gap No matter how hard one tries...

Cry Of A Dying River...81

I am no longer the river I was once The river that remembers... The summer of early Nineties A project by the name of 'Nambul Project ' Delivered by 'Delhi Durbar ' "Nambul must be cleaned and saved Nambul must be dredged to prevent increasing siltation and floods " The State 'Experts' whose expertise of/on river(s) deserves a prize Put into work the newly acquired JCVs And thereby hanged a tale of outrageous tales...

On the unseen river

Flowing endlessly as dreams are floating in the hope of spring. Would you be the ripples closer to the banks like perennial love to me. Never did the sun shine before. ..

Cry of a downtrodden State 2

If there is a life, There will be a ray of hope. If there is a kingdom, There will be a king or ruler. If there is a kingship, Kingship knows no kingship...

Schoolchildren in the Park

When a light rain began to fall The afternoon shone with happiness. What a welcome change! The schoolchildren couldn’t stop laughing. They whistled, they jumped, they ran… A thin blouse ..

Cry Of A Dying River...78

I am no longer the river I was once The river that has been an integral element In the historic birth of 'Nupi Keithel ' An inalienable ally of the evolution of 'Ima Keithel ' A unique market of women exclusively run by women The only one of its kind found nowhere else The river that bears testimony to women's power How Nambul loves re-living the memory Of blazing British Bayonets bowing down To the indomitable spirit and 'never-give-up' character of 'Imas' of 'Ima Keithel '...

A constellation of Five

When life gives you lemon And nothing works out Sometimes gaze lingering tirelessly Watching the passing horizon Wishing for that time When everything will be over The flickering lights at the far end Moving back and forth across the street Talks about a never-ending journey Mind seeking for a solace ..

Summertime Blues

Today is a very, very hot summer’s day. He thinks it is now high summer And remembers the last spring...

Cry Of A Dying River...77

I am no longer the river I was once There was once a time when Nambul flows with turns and twist An era when Nambul Speaks with gurgles and twirls A certain time in the riverine ecosystem When Nambul sings lullabies A chapter in the riverine story When Nambul produces peals of laughter A lap in the riverine aquatic journey When Nambul soothes shattered souls...

No Escape from the Real World

The headlines remind me of the old adage: The youth of today Are the pillars of society tomorrow. I think I am not a father figure in my locality But one of the many drunken drivers Of the municipal corporation...

Cry Of A Dying River...76

I am no longer the river I was once The river that flows through a tiny valley of The largest democracy on Earth A democracy where elections are the biggest festivals Festivals of 'machine ' 'money ' and 'muscle ' manifestations /powers..


No words can describe How grateful we are For your presence in our lives We don't know the pain That you have endured for us For however hard it was You have always smiled Hiding all the sorrows and hardships...

Cry Of A Dying River…74

I am no longer the river I was once The river that was not too long ago a river of fresh water Freshwater that constitute only three percent of Earth’s water Freshwater that is needed by all landbased life ..

Written in the Month of Phairen

K PadmakumarOne day I was struck with amazement!Nobody was with me – I was all alone.The outskirts of the village looked distant,The local residents Going about their daily businessLooked small like children.I could not take my eyes offThe rotala of ..

Sketches and Notes of Summertime

K Radhakumar (1) It is summer; I suffer from the afternoon heat And try to quench my thirst With a long drink of cold water. Out of my room I come And see the deadening effect of summer On the plants in the flower pots. Suddenly I get the fee..