As My Birthday Arrives - A Pour Out ...

Dr Ranbir  LaishramOne day, in the wee hours of April...I was awakened by my cell phone buzzing,Happy birthday, papa!Thank you my dear...I dozed off again.Another ringtone,Sounds of messages coming,All happy birthday wishes...From my grandchildren to..


Geetanjali Gautam"All the world's a stage!" Or so the line goes many a foolish sage.Few to be prudent jesters.Topsy turvy! In this peaceful facade, Conventional wisdom bequeaths,A wreath of thorns,To one who seeks bountiful golds,Masked by fools.To b..

Oh star !

Dr Okram ShakuntalaThe symbol of loveYou are very farYou come with a facePlay with another faceAnd leave in the day breakWith another faceYou come in the EveningWith sweet words of loveYou fall in love with meI fall in love with youWe both sign a love tre..

Step Outside a Few Moments

Dr Ranbir LaishramOh! Weary soulsStep outside a few moments,From the confines of Lockdown,To your kitchen garden,To pull out some weedsand to water the thirsty flowers and herbs,Wilted by the scorching summar heat.To be with Nature, and the greeneries aro..

The Last Resort

Bahena OkramWhat does darkness look like?A bottomless abyss of gloom haze-like?Or a bleak dungeon where souls’re bound maze-like?Or a pitiless night like this, death and living alike?The old couple walks in the chilly moonlight.Not a word could be h..


M Minakshi DeviYou've curved this shade of living into lullaby,A cradle song with chosen chorus,Revolved around, brought my soul to prominence.This phantom life of mine,blindly romantic.My anger, my rage brought to an end, you mollified.To ye, who is my l..

The contagion we failed to comprehend...

Dr Ranbir LaishramAmid controversies of its origin,The tiny Dictator is in our midst;Unaware  to many,Known to few at the inception,The one who leaked,Butchered for knowing the most.The untra-microb,with ever changing spikes like the 'Ravana',Sagacio..

Flight of the heart

Chandrakant LamabamFilled with hope, ideas, emotions in one moment,A blank white canvass, the next momentCould be filled with whatever in the universe,That’s the way of the heart;Overflowing with nectar of life,Flowing through the river of humanityE..

Peasant's lament

M Minakshi DeviWhere are the lands,where are they?Lands the peasants once nurtured and sowedWith spine and bone that arched,Where their footsteps lightly spun o'er the ground.There isn't any wheat nor any rice wild,No corn fiddler nor reapers to toss the ..

An appeal and a prayer from a care provider(An unpublished poem of 2010)

Dr Ranbir LaishramFrom a mother's warm and cozy womb,Expectant of a life that is eager to bloom,Comes a little child with a humble cry;Ignorant and unaware of what awaits,They are the same like you and me,Just that they are born with the virus.God loves t..


Yanglem Arjun Singh Just when I thought,Sadness would get away and happiness would be more,Someone up there couldn't bear this,And told sadness to knock my door.There might be thousands who would be thinking like me,Some on the ships and some off the shor..

Divine doctors

M Minakshi DeviDivine doctors stretch their caring hands as wings,Seem to fly down from a fairy land to the Earth,To bring off loving health care for the Mankind,Since life sprouts in mother's womb well before birth.How tolerantly they nurture the distres..

The Unforgettable Inland Letter

Dr Ranbir LaishramOh ! My friend,Decades of friendship,Decades of closeness and separation,By time, place and professionI still vividly remember you.You still dwell in my heart.An afternoon, five decades agoComing out of our college exam hall Sitting in f..

A prayer

Geetanjali GautamWhat could I say to youThat would end this chaseless chase?Would it be —That you are enoughThat you are not brokenThat you are already thatAlready peace, Already love, Already forgiveness, Already courage,Already already alreadyAlre..

Self Love

Yanglem Arjun SinghI crave to become the personThe love I’d keep choosingWould want me to be.I’d spend hours at the rooftopReading poems on peopleWho live in glasshouses,The ones that have long forgottenThe deeper shades of sunset.I’d si..

Waking nightmare

Dr Ranbir LaishramAway from home, Away from loved ones, Destined to be isolated in the ICU,Only with gadgets,And sounds of the monitors,Consciousness blurred slowly,Hanging between life and death,Earnestly struggling for life,I am facing a reality in Covi..

Another world

Geetanjali GautamHey me from another worldIs it joggers or ripped jeans you wear?Do you have dreads or wavy hair like mine? Do you prefer brown to colour red?Is it coffee or hot tea?Is it honey or sugar pure?Is it omelet or boiled?Hey me from another worl..

Time’s wrath

Dr Okram ShakuntalaThe time doesn't know How much I love you So it covers me Under a wrapper So that I can not see you But the time doesn't know How powerful my love is It can remove the wrapper It can take me to you Time perhaps does not know our love It..


Dr Ranbir LaishramAmidst the pandemic lockdown,The cry and lament of the weary souls ,Dishonour of the dead,Denied of religious customs and rituals,The corpse - the untouchable,Thrown in barren places, drains and rivers.Amidst the eerie silence,Empty stre..

Road to ruins

Lamabam AyangbaWaking to all the frustration and expectations,Feeling trapped in this cycle called life !Like a rat racing but ending up in circles ?We still find a way to survive !Do you trust in our society, where leaders are stealing,Paving way for cor..

Earth and us

Geetanjali GautamBeing the loudest on earth's playgroundDoesn't make us any more important Than the dirt we crush beneath our feet.We are nothing except Air and fire and water and soil.We are  the people who forget What we are made of .The ..

A cry and an appeal to world leaders

Dr Ranbir LaishramAmid the Covid-19 pandemicAnd Nature's furyThe world family facesEpidemics of  armed conflict for power among its membersThe most vulnerable - Women and children,People with disabilities,The neglected and the displaced, pay the high..

Tormented Mind

Minakshi DeviA tussle within me is quite unsettled, unrelented.It resembles a tempest left unleashed.For its stand against me is a choice, unchosen.I stay fear tainted behind splintered mirror,unspoken.Track too much deviated away from its light ,Drills i..


Sanjeev BistaUnless…Words turn into actionPrinciples give shape to purposeLife gives assurance to the commitmentJoy becomes bliss and ecstasyDestiny is self-writtenLove is all encompassingBattle for truth is wonVictory enlightens the worldMind freed..


Geetanjali GautamOur story is not fully ours,Bits and pieces don't belong to us,Perhaps that book I read a year agoAnd you picked up,While I was trying to outrun my shadowAnd you were chasing a ghost.Before the beginning,Perhaps in poemsOr whispers of nam..

My COVID-19 Experience

Dr Shurmila LoukhamWhen your mother is your only parentAnd when you are your mother's only childYour mother testing positive for CovidIs a huge unfathomable blowStaying in the hospitalAs your mother's caretakerArmed with only an N-95 maskIs akin to enteri..

The past memory

Dr Ranbir LaishramEvery monk says the past is gone,Don't dwell on it.But the fact is...The past is within you, deep rooted inside  you,Your inner self ,Your outer self.You can't ignore it, you can't sever it.For deep inside you it dwells,In your libr..


Geetanjali GautamLike day, goes the night.Like eve, goes the dawn.As ifLie is peddling the cycle of time and you my friend,are trying hard to commit a crime.What crime, may I please know ?Which way to go, can you show ?Wasting time is all I must warn you ..


Geetanjali GautamWhen the day ends, locked at home.The night is dark and yet forgetful !Warm room with bodies sound asleep,Cozy air breathes through the windows.As the leaves fall somewhere in the future,And a rainy day is on the offering.Carelessly stoki..

Choke not the voice

Dr Ranbir LaishramChoke not the voice of the masses,For, deep inside it,Lies the reality of life,And the panacea for the gruesome pandemic.It seems, there is bedlam inside the chaos;Nay, creeping deep inside the chaos and inquest,The voice therein deliver..

After Rain

M Minakshi DeviDrought turns the crumbling crust into sterile ground.Thirsty cracks on Mother earth's parched mouthSeeks drops of water to quench her thirst.Trying to fly to the clouds,dusty dreams call for the wind.Dry particles soar to the sky with plea..

Every Breathe Matters

Geetanjali GautamTerror took a wrong turn in the dawn of the decadeAlmost bearable for the ones with silver and goldAnd deadly for the ones without it;Bearable, but not quite.With healthcare becoming almost a special niche,For very need at the moment.All ..

Beauty Lies in Everything

M Minakshi DeviWhen the inside becomes a little hollow, a little bland,Let's look for the beauty outside in Nature.In the universe, in others that isn't us,Staring at the shining moon.In the dark starry night, sitting under the oak tree.Under the warmest ..

I Can't Breathe !

Dr Ranbir LaishramI can't breathe!It began with mother Nature,The ocean,the woods, the air, the Earth,The multitude in metropolis,Only one voice, the same words:"I can't breathe"The elixir of lifeNo longer secure.I can't breathe!Also the last word of Geor..


M Minakshi DeviInternal bliss, we only have heard about it.But that lies on our mother's lap.So,I sat next to her on the couch.Had the urge to lay my head on her lapThat instantly brought about fondful memories.The love she pours in is like a sweet amber ..


Soibam EkendraWe are each of us stronger than we thinkYour stoicism encouraged meBrought to a state of stoicsChanged the direction frequentlyCould make a society of selfThat related me to another planetThen ought to be an orphanNo one were for YouHave any..

The Crisis revisited - Who is to blame ?

Dr Ranbir LaishramThe world in Mayhem again,The  crisis has revisited,After an apparent sigh of relief and Hope,The '"contagion" bounces back with a vengeance,Prepared with new weaponry,Triple mutant.A real testing time for the custodian,Short lived ..

A Dream Within a Dream

Edgar Allan Poe Take this kiss upon the brow!And, in parting from you now,Thus much let me avow —You are not wrong, who deemThat my days have been a dream;Yet if hope has flown awayIn a night, or in a day,In a vision, or in none,Is it therefore the ..

She Walks in Beauty

Lord ByronShe walks in beauty, like the nightOf cloudless climes and starry skies;And all that’s best of dark and brightMeet in her aspect and her eyes;Thus mellowed to that tender lightWhich heaven to gaudy day denies.One shade the more, one ray th..

Vanity Fair

Soibam EkendraYell me not muchHave trepidation to expressThe ptolemiac of a success lifeIt is well-nigh impossible to succeedMay thy piognancy of mineSome eulogising my effortsThe reincarnation of suffering life,Have the limitation of sufferingIf so; let ..


M Minakshi DeviAt dawn amid the dreaded pandemic, I woke up apace,Thrilled to listen the melodious tune a cuckoo sing.Its hymn ejected me out of my Covid-traumaTo rove in sky to seek and greet the bird That promises us a good will on arrival of the Spring..

Ageing with Grace

Dr Ranbir LaishramAs we age with a baggage ,Packed with life's realities and woes ,The moans and groans grow louder,Of the God’s gifted body parts ;I feel more for the feeble and vulnerable,For, I failed to fathom them in my heyday,A new tenderness ..

Oh! Sycophant Fear

Joykumar SinghPeople say, what a dreadful sensation you are.Why do they so long for to drift away from every fear?But in truth, a fear may be our friend or a foeThat embraces us in reality or in an illusionEither to pave ways for trips leading to our goal..

How One will be Remembered !

Dr Ranbir LaishramFrom nothingness to existence,One travels the journey of life,Through this illusion càlled "Time".Everyday millions of soulsDawns on this planet with a cry,And leave in silence,With a baggage full of experience and wisdom.The immort..


DorsyHodam The starryNight took me in his embraceClaiming companion on my first sightMy eyes blessed with the power of lightBurned to brighten a part of that night.Those who created me, surroundedMorphing me, helping my passion burnI burn and burn, p..

A Slave or A Master !

Dr Ranbir LaishramPlayed my role as a player,a warrior and a lover,For decades, blinded by ego and pride,I lost touch with my soul withinDrifted in the sea of worldly chaos.Having lived an eventful life,Now, I step back and get disconnectedA silent observ..


Langston HughesHold fast to dreamsFor if dreams dieLife is a broken-winged birdThat cannot fly.Hold fast to dreamsFor when dreams goLife is a barren fieldFrozen with snow...

Moment With My Pen

M Minakshi DeviEach day I feel to stay highly keenTo reunite with my pen and blank paper.It doesn't matter if I am sad or glad,Something I still wish to write down upon the paper.Sometimes it rhymes musically,sometimes totally not.Sometimes it makes real ..

The Last Night

Dorsy HodamLying there, unable to fall asleepEyes closed but mind unrestThe silence suffocating meI slowly rise and sat upMy eyes wandered to the soundOf the rusted clock on the wallIt was almost midnightI left my bed and began walkingAimlessly, looking a..

We are all Human !

Dr Ranbir LaishramHowever greatHe is in life,Be he a king,A man in power,Every human is mortal.He lives only onceThe flame of spirit,Burning insideFlickers eventually And comes to a halt.Every man has three characters.One he exhibits,One he has,And one he..

For One To Faithful

M Minakshi DeviI fell in love with people because it is painless and lovelyTo consume a shroud of dopamineKindling my stomach like lightning.I fell in love with people because it is pleasing and easierThan looking down into the dull soundless dark space o..

Annabel Lee

Edgar Allan PoeIt was many and many a year ago,   In a kingdom by the sea,That a maiden there lived whom you may know   By the name of Annabel Lee;And this maiden she lived with no other thought   Than to love and be loved by..

A Red, Red Rose

Robert BurnsO my Luve is like a red, red rose   That’s newly sprung in June;O my Luve is like the melody   That’s sweetly played in tune.So fair art thou, my bonnie lass,   So deep in luve am I;And I will luve the..

One Midsummer Dream

Dorsy HodamIt was a dream, a midsummer midday dream A wonderful dream, a summer day dreamLike something out of an idyllic Japanese movieSweeping me off away with the summer breezeA dream where I saw myself in that red Bengali sari Like one of those gorgeo..


M Minakshi DeviThe Full Moon, flawlessly orb, stupendous and shimmering,Low on the capital's filthy horizon,Faint and white as a dainty pearl,Wrapped in the softest clothing as thou an undyed silken linen.It is meek it is mild, flooding the city with ligh..

The Night

Prof RK Narendra SinghOh night !Darker the you, brighter the stars.A bright moon always dwells in dark.You’re so alive and purer than the day.Freely asleep in the arms of dreams,Everyone enjoys in another world.Oh night !Deeper the you, better the c..

Whither Homeland...

Dr Ranbir LaishramWhere there is no fair play,We're seeking justice.Where there is no rule of law,We are seeking for Court order.Where there is chaos in society,We are searching for harmony.Where there is  dictatorship, We are looking for democr..

Where Fate Leads

Dorsy HodamLeaning against the archway of the doorStaring blankly across the horizonThe past muddled with the futureUnable to tell dreams from reality.The cracked hands on top of each otherPinned to the ground; passing before her eyesAll that has happened..

Realization in the dark

M Minakshi DeviThey say, life is luminous in a bright active day light.But, when I close my eyes and cogitate twice,I feel more flawed, more moralized as well more wise.In a pitch black darkness of a calm night.To me, a day's busy moments seem  to ge..

Hinges and his beloved

Nongmaithem Priyadarshini                       A heavy trudge... and a left behind trail,Dusty and rustic,Along the sandy shoreOf the vast deser..

The paper once I valued most

Dr Ranbir LaishramToiled day and night ,Through years togetherTo get a piece of paper,A paper with my name on it.How happy I wasWith the paper in my hand,The pride of my family,my natives,My degree certificate.A ticket to my dream.With many more years,Com..


Dorsy HodamOn the blue canvas, the bright yellow sunSpreading rainbow and sunraySmoky snow clouds swayin the airThe whole world seems to be gay.Today I decided, decided to walkOn this very road, through the parkThere is no rush or runAll my work and worry..

Hymn of life

Minakshi DeviWith a musical cry just after birth,Commences a human's tales of  happiness and sorrow.A life is nothing but a cozy burden we have borrowed.Birth by birth,they toil to  live in pursuit of happiness even if it appears perennially too..

As I see the world in one page

Dr Ranbir LaishramWherever I go,Whosoever I meet,Wherever I set my eyes on,I find the same ,A human with a digital mobile phone.An era of digital technology,An irreversible fact of the world today.The whole power in one's fingertips!A powerful teacher, it..

I will rise

M Minakshi DeviHey! My mythological rival,Why are you beset with so much gloom?Does my bloating spirit upset your mood?You may wish to puncture the bloat with your pointed nailBut, just like the Moon and the Sun securing surety of tidesAnd like a flourish..

Walking through the final lap of my life

Dr Ranbir LaishramWhen you see me walking  quietly,Avoiding a hive of activity,Sometimes sitting alone,I know how you feel for meOften you pity on me -An old man with poor insight and strength.But don't show your sympathy on me,For I am still young a..

The Mansion

DorsyHodamAmidst the stirring scent of the forest,Tingling tunes of the earthWhere the riblets run with the beatsStands a Mansion old as time.Walls hardly seen but creepers,Submerged deep into the hard groundBecoming one with natureAs one of her very own...

Dwell in me - Oh ! human

Dr Ranbir LaishramAlways on the run,Never stopping in between,People called me,An illusion, a mystery,A puzzle to ponder,Hard to solve,You called me - Now, the moment.Unlike others,Taking a rest, a nap,I am ever moving,To eternity.You often forget,I am al..

Our room of three years

Dorsy HodamHer eyes, following meObserving every move, I make.I grabbed my jeans and teeRemembering things, I need to pack.Acting ignorant, I hovered aroundMaking sure nothing is left behind.Not a sound came from her,Nor a wobble in that body of hers.Just..

Mysterious dreams

Shongminthang HaokipEvery time I wake up with dreamsmy consciousness stretches beyondthis body and mindYes, I live in two-dimensional paradigmFrom a spiritual realm to this mortal worldThough mysterious than a mycelial networkMy soul guides me through in ..

Coward cold

M Minakshi DeviCold is coward,it bullies the poors.But passes by mansions with AC rooms or furnace heat.And secured with well built windows and doors.Cold is coward,it harasses the child and women in rags,But will grow mild,will retire before  the bo..

The reality of life

Dr Ranbir LaishramLife,an altruistic blessing!A marvellous Gift bestowed by God,To every man,Where we enjoy and rejoice,We strengthen the spirit,To serve the purpose,Of this priceless gift.Yes,we all have dreams...A passion and a hope for our own self,A v..


Dorsy HodamDisaster. A big disaster, spread aroundThe big river in the city brokeRoaring, souring the waves pouredDrowning all the greens underneathFlooding everything eyes can seeAll now standing on a huge lakeEven the beds in the small roomOf the house ..

The land of jewels

Rashmi Buragohain Cradled by the satin hillsListening to the lullabies Of the gliding windDraped in soft green and powdery blue ... The land of jewels glows Under the vast skyWeaving dreams for you and me.....

Nothing gold can stay

Robert FrostNature's first green is gold,Her hardest hue to hold.Her early leaf's a flower;But only so an hour.Then leaf subsides to leaf.So Eden sank to grief,So dawn goes down to day.Nothing gold can stay...

The voice inside me

Dr Ranbir LaishramYou dwell inside me,As inner sense of right and wrong,A guiding force,For my thought, my mindAnd action thereof,To lead on my life,In the right direction.I salute thee,My saviour,My life's constant companion.My wrongdoings,Out of absurdi..

This world

Shongminthang HaokipThough part of my poetic soul findsSerenity in every essence of lifeFrom the fresh air I breatheTo the paradisal natures aroundOr the affections I have for humansAnd the fulfilling lives of other speciesAnd yet despite every reasons to..

Welcoming the new year - A message from mother nature

Dr Ranbir LaishramYes,my children !This past year,I know you had a hard time,Combating the tiny 'Contagion',Your own making.Your perception,Calling the contagion,My revenge is evocative.All through the ages,I embrace you with all humility -Young and old,g..

New Year 2021

M Minakshi DeviAs the sound of midnight bells echoed, a brand new year begin,Let's raise our hope in a confident toast to the golden promise it ushers in.With pace of time and reminiscing of memory,The Guide Year now fades leaving back a bitter but awaken..

Amur Falcon (Akhuaipuina) A thanksgiving!

Oh, Human ! My home is the Mother Nature. Anywhere,I choose to stay, Wherever, it suited me..

Delights of Diwali

The history of Lord Rama's return to Ayodhya led to the onset of Diwali, It's now time of the year to spread some smiles and be someone's ally. An array of light that brings joy as it arrives each year..


On a sandy texture of sea I stood By a sudden gust of wave I feet At a low speed touched on land from air..

A Trip Down the Memory Lane

Sipping my evening tea, I go down the memory lane, Of several decades back..

English Bye

Decades passed by, She waits for an audience. Her lace veil covers her stealthy eyes..

Rural Dreams

Born a city girl, fed on loneliness and hyperactive life, Of all the running,merely catching up on breathe...

I’m busy

I’m busy; but not in the way most people accept...

Keep Going

When failures come – keep going When you feel like giving up – keep going..

Autumn rain

Set free from the bondage of grey clouds, A message from far off nature it brings, drumming over my roof A noisy racket of wide mouthed geese and frogs arouses..

What a life ?

Morning starts, With good morning news: Covid -19 pandemic details,..

My fake aficionado

On the last weekend of Sept; The time when I sprawled on the grass at the time of dusk, Saw stars in the sunset sky; Four-five, countables !..

The Winter of Life

In the journey of life, Between birth and death, While surfing through the tides,..

Depression blues

An eye that weeps, a tranquil mind, sodden and somber, Life once lived isn't same anymore, as she assume. An anxious being in a perplexed macrocosm...


On a sandy texture of sea I stood By a sudden gust of wave one feet At a low speed touched on land from air..

The gordian knot

An epidemic had arrived, I heard I exclaimed “What! Between the pandemic”, Yes, another epidemic between the pandemic...

The price of compassion

A young charismatic, Diligent doctor he was, Full of enthusiasm and life,..

North Eastern Tale

I captured a blissful sight of seven flamboyant hills. It pleased overly my moist naked eyes, A range of seven,known for unison, they say...

Aesthetics of nature

The mountains were perfectly curve For I took inspirations and sketched my art. And the clouds wandering above the hills..


Tears of broken dreams Erupting from the deep corner Of the Mind,..


When the Almighty God sat down to make a woman, He gave her empathy,love and compassion. By the time he finished creating her, He had a little magic left for other...

My trusted friend

In this journey of life, Along the way, I met you. Blooming into a friendship...